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2006 US Senate races [List Edits]

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Original message
2006 US Senate races
Edited on Wed Sep-24-08 08:39 AM by dhpgetsit

Attention: this is old information from 2006.

Midterm elections for the Senate will be held on November 7, 2006 for 33 of 100 seats. 15 Republicans are retiring or running for reelection; 17 Democrats are retiring or running for reelection; and 1 independent is retiring. Senators elected in this election will serve until January 3, 2013.

Current Senate: 55 Republicans - 44 Democrats - 1 Independent.
Wins Needed for a Majority: 6

Retiring Senators: Mark Dayton (D-MN), Bill Frist (R-TN), Jim Jeffords (I-VT), Paul Sarbanes (D-MD)


"Competitive" Races

All bios link to Wikipedia listings unless otherwise noted.


Sen. Jon Kyl (R) (bio - official website) v. former state party chair Jim Pederson (D)(bio - campaign website)

1/25/06 Zogby}: Kyl up 10, 51.9 to42.3
1/22/06 Behavior Research Center of Phoenix (non-partisan)poll: Kyl up 29, 55-26-19
Behavior Research Center poll 5/9/06: Kyl (R) 40% Pederson (D) 33%
Rasmussen poll 5/24/06: Kyl (R) 52% Pederson (D) 35%


Ned Lamont (D) Businessman (bio) - campaign website v. Alan Schlesinger (R) Former State Representative & Attorney (bio - campaign website) v. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) (bio - official website)


Sen. Bill Nelson (D) (bio - official website) v. Rep. Katharine Harris (R) (bio - campaign website)

NEWS: A January 2006 poll by Rasmussen Reports gave Nelson a 23% lead over Harris.
Strategic Vision poll 5/25/06: Nelson (D) 56% Harris (R) 26%


- Open Seat - Democratic Primary: Rep. Ben Cardin (bio - websites official/campaign), Prof. Allan Lichtman (bio - campaign website), or former Rep. Kweisi Mfume (bio - campaign website) v. Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) (bio -official website)

NEWS: Rasmussen Reports poll 4/18/06: Cardin (D) 45% Steele (R) 35%


- Open Seat - Democratic Primary: Hennepin Co. Attorney Amy Klobuchar (D) (bio - campaign website) or Ford Bell (D) (campaign website) v. Rep. Mark Kennedy (R) (bio websites: campaign /official)

NEWS: Recent polls have given Klobuchar small leads over Kennedy. Patty Wetterling recently backed out of the race.
Resmussen Reports poll 4/27/06: Klobuchar (D) 45% Kennedy (R) 43%


Sen. Jim Talent (R) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. Auditor Claire McCaskill (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign)

NEWS: According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports, 47% of voters preferred McCaskill, 45% preferred Talent.
Rasmussen Reports poll 5/8/06: Talent (R) 43% McCaskill (D) 40%


Sen. Conrad Burns (R) (bio - websites: official/campaign v. Democratic Primary: State Senate President Jon Tester (bio - websites: official/campaign) or State Auditor John Morrison (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign)

NEWS:In a November 23, 2005, poll by Montana State University, Burns only received about a 48 percent approval rating. About 31 percent disapproved. The same survey reported approval ratings of 68% and 66%, respectively, for Governor Brian Schweitzer and Senator Max Baucus, who are both Democrats.

A Mason-Dixon poll conducted from 13-15 December found 58% of voters very or somewhat concerned with Burns' dealings with Jack Abramoff. Burns leads Morrison 46% to 40%, and Burns leads Tester 49% to 34%. Both Democrats have gained significantly since Mason-Dixon last polled in May.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released on 11 January finds that Burns is tied with Tester 45-45, and barely leads Morrison 46-43.
Rasmussen Reports poll 5/11/06: Burns (R) 44% Tester (D) 48%. Democrat pickup


Sen. Ben Nelson (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. Republican Primary: Former Ameritrade COO Pete Ricketts (bio - websites: official/campaign), former state party chair David Kramer (bio - websites: official/campaign), or Former Attorney General Don Stenberg (bio - websites: official/campaign) (R)

NEWS: Rasmussen Reports poll 5/10/06: Nelson (D) 54% Ricketts (R) 35%


Sen. John Ensign (bio - websites: official/campaign) (R) vs. Jack Carter (bio - campaign website (D)

NEWS: Although Goodman did better against Ensign in a March 30 WSJ poll, he has decided not to run. Jack Carter will be the Democratic challenger against Ensign. Carter polled 37.6% against Ensign's 51.6% in the WSJ poll.

New Jersey:

Sen. Bob Menendez (bio - websites: official/campaign) (D) vs. State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. (bio - websites: official/campaign)(R)

NEWS: Rasmussen poll 5/16/06: Menendez (D) 37% Kean (R) 40%.
Strategic Vision poll 5/18/06: Menendez (D) 35% Kean (R) 35%.
Quinnipiac University poll 6/15/06: Menendez (D) 43% Kean (R) 36%.


Sen. Mike DeWine (R) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. Democratic Primary: Rep. Sherrod Brown (bio - websites: official/campaign)

NEWS: Rasmussen Reports poll 5/8/06: DeWine (R) 41% Brown (D) 44%.
SurveyUSA poll 6/13/06: DeWine (R) 39% Brown (D) 48%. Democrat pickup


Sen. Rick Santorum (bio - websites: official/campaign) vs. Democratic Primary: State Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. (bio - websites: official/campaign) or Chuck Pennacchio (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign)

NEWS: Polls by the Philadelphia Daily News and Rasmussen give Casey leads of 16 and 20 points, respectively.
Quinnipiac University poll 5/11/06: Santorum (R) 36% Casey (D) 49%.
Rasmussen poll 5/22/06: Santorum (R) 33% Casey (D) 56%.
Strategic Vision poll 6/15/06: Santorum (R) 40% Casey (D) 49% Democrat pickup

Rhode Island:

Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. Democratic Primary: Sheldon Whitehouse, former Attorney General of Rhode Island or Carl Sheeler DU Member, Marine Veteran

NEWS: Polls in early August now show Whitehouse with a narrow lead in this race.
Rasmussen Reports Poll 8/09/2006: Lincoln Chafee (R) 38% Sheldon Whitehouse (D) 44% Democrat Pickup


- Open Seat - Democratic Primary: Rep. Harold Ford (bio - websites: official/campaign) or State Sen. Rosalind Kurita (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v Republican Primary: Former Rep. Ed Bryant (bio - websites: official/campaign) or Former Rep. Van Hilleary (bio - websites: official/campaign)

NEWS: An October poll gave Ford the slight advantage over Bryant, Corker, and Hilleary.
Rasmussen Reports poll 5/1/06: Hilleary (R) 47% Ford (D) 38%
Zogby poll 6/13/06: Corker (R) 46% Ford (D) 42%


Sen. George F. Allen (R) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. former Secretary of the Navy James H. Webb Jr. (bio - campaign website

NEWS: Rasmussen poll 4/11/06: Allen (R) 50% Webb (D) 30%
Rasmussen poll 6/17/06: Allen (R) 51% Webb (D) 41%


- Open Seat - Rep. Bernie Sanders (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. State Senator Mark Shepard (bio) (R) or software firm founder Richard Tarrent (R)

NEWS: Research 2000 poll 5/6/06: Sanders (I) 61% Tarrent (R) 24%
Rasmussen poll 6/13/06: Sanders (I) 67% Tarrent (R) 29%


Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign) v. businessman Mike McGavick (R) (bio - websites: official/campaign)

1/24/06: Rasmussen: Cantwell leads 50-36
A December poll gave Cantwell an eleven-point lead over McGavick.
Stragegic Vision poll 5/24/06: Cantwell (D) 47% McGavick (R) 42%


Sen. Herbert H. Kohl (D) (bio - websites: official/campaign v. attorney Robert Gerald Lorge (R) campaign website

NEWS: As of 6/10/06 Thompson had not committed to a run for this Senate seat against Democratic incumbent Kohl. He is, however, the strongest of potential Republican challengers. In a 6/8/06 Strategic Vision poll, Thompson got 46% against Kohl's 42%. Kohl did better in that same poll against potential Republican challenger Tim Michels, with 53% going to Kohl and 38% to Michels. It went downhill from there in the survey for other candidates who are seeking the GOP nomination.

NEWS UPDATE: Tommy Thompson announced on 6/19/06 that he will not seek the Republican nomination. Former senate candidate Tim Michaels also says he's not interested.

Strategic Vision poll 5/3/06: Kohl (D) 41% Thompson (R) 45%.
Strategic Vision poll 6/8/06: Kohl (D) 65% Lorge (R) 25%.

Useful Links / /,_2006

Right now this only includes races expected to be competitive. Feel free to add news about each race. - ih8thegop

I just want to point out that there are enough Republican Senate seats up for election to tip the balance back to the Democrats in the Senate in 2006. It is very important to get that message out. thanks - The Judged

I am going to add some general links after each name (bio - website)-expatriot

I added a Useful Links segment at the bottom, hope that's OK. This is my second attempt. Think I got tangled up with expatriot the first try. - Lasher

I think this is a great idea. I'll help out when I get a moment. --Skinner

Well, Skinner, have you had a moment? Juist kidding, you do a fine job for DU. Anyway, back on topic, I added a link to Wikipedia and added some poll numbers from Missouri and Pennsylvania. Remember, however, 'news' doesn't have to involve polls. It can be about Jeanine Pirro's latest screw-up, an update on Katharine Harris's make-up controversy, etc. - ih8thegop

Should the graphic show New Jersey as an open seat? Jon Corzine will get to appoint his (presumably Democrat) replacement, who will then be an incumbent at the time of the 2006 election. - deadmessengers

Jon Tester is the President of the Montana State Senate. You had both Tester and Morrison listed as the State Auditor. Also added a September 2005 poll for Montana. - DinoBoy

Should we have links to noncompetitive races? I don't see a need to. - Michigander4Dean

"In my mind 2006 is the year to end all years for anything whatever it's politics, sports etc. 2006 will change our lives forever and 2006 is to the democrats as 1994 is to the republicans, the public has shown there dislikes for a republican controlled congress and it is our job as democrats to rise up and start a revolution in Washington". -Daylin Byak

I think that it is too early to take Nevada out of the competative column. With Jimmy Carter's son in the race, I think that we may have a chance at this one. Also, next week Trent Lott will be announcing whether or not he plans to seek re-election. Should he choose not to, Former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore (D) will likely run and he will go into the race with a lead over any Republican. So I think we should get ready to put Mississippi in the competative column if Lott decides to retire. - HippoTron

I have made a few changes. The list now includes all Senate races that are competitive (and some that are not but I see no reason to remove them). I have been using the news sections to depict the latest polling information I can find, and will continue the practice until the midterms are over. I'm separately tracking every Senate race, and if another one becomes competitive I will add it to the list here. Hope everybody approves.
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