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The DU Research Forum ***PRACTICE THREAD*** [List Edits]

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Open Edit Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-10-05 05:37 PM
Original message
The DU Research Forum ***PRACTICE THREAD***
Edited on Tue Nov-29-05 08:59 AM by Catchawave
heh beat ya too it.... unless i screwed this up - fourmorewars

I want to sneak in at the top...mikelgb

I think a lot of people are scared to try out the research forum. Here is a thread where you can practice all you want, and there is no danger of screwing things up. --Skinner

^^ What he said - ComerPerro

Is this how you do it? -- MadisonProgressive
And I would add something to the thread info here.

The problem with a practice thread is that everyone is posting here, so we're constantly over-writing each other. I think with other threads, the editing will be much less common, so we'll be much less likely to overwrite. --Skinner

Go bananas.

Um...bush sucks quite much. That work?

So I would add my info here.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Can I link to a conspiracy site in the practice thread? Just kidding!!!!

Thanks so much for the hard work! This looks like it will be a great addition to the site. I can't wait to see it in action. madeline_con

Thanks. I was going to watch and see how the forum worked..this is a good way to get a feel for it...pinto

There may be confusion about the ongoing thread (above) and the talk box. pinto

You deleted my response with your last post here,'s confusing for sure, isn't it? LOL.
edit: or, of course, someone else edited it out.... :dunce:

testing here to see if I understand the idea. Kenneth ken

This is a practice posting. Please continute to go about your business. Book Lover

just a test? yes, it's just a test

a test to your test...testing, testing, testing...

Ok, I'm up for testing out new stuff. ~teach1st

Is this thing on? Testing 1,2,3...TOhioLiberal here. :)

What an interesting forum - I will be looking forward to seeing it grow. ~salin

oops again - ah. I see why my first post didn't show up where I thought it would. Better now? yes, better now.

OK Now I am understanding it a little better- I think
Du got a research forum

Same talk box or different one for each addition/entry?
maybe the same if I respond to you

different if I want to start a new topic

Confused on the structure. Edging to the end of the board. bounce. Bounce. and Dive!

It seems the secret is that until you get the feel for the html, copy and paste are your friends. Other than that it's incredibly flexible and freeform.

I can post here. I can even talk in bold and italics , and create
talk boxes

Thanks for this excellent upgrade to DU!

Now, the intellectual content can be presented in a dynamic and editable form that ultimately is easier to work with and follow.

I'm trying again, this time, putting the div tags in myself. I hope this works as planned. madeline_con

It worked great, even I get it! Thanks, people. This is going to ROCK when everyone gets the feel for it. madeline_con

to talk
or not to talk, that is the question.
Ok, who left a bold tag open? Ah, there it was. -- Lol. The whole page will be bolded. :D

Hey, this forum is an excellent idea. Thanks, admin! --mutley_r_us

why not

I think we need to research why progressives hate freedom. Just kidding and testing -- HamdenRice

Practice makes perfect - I hope. obietiger

testing - Skinner: maybe the text box where you type can be enlarged? LSK

Sweet. Thanks for the upgrade. This is what we needed. - IA_Seth

And I am talkin' in the gray box, hey, hey
Yeah, I am talkin' in the gray box, every day
So I'll keep talkin' in the gray box, Oh no
Until the Yankees beat the Red Sox, Go, go, go go ...

This has possibilities, doesn't it? Is it polite to :woohoo: here?

How cool is this!? Thanks guys! Great rhyme MamaBear! :) :yourock: Vickiss

Hard to follow THAT box! Okay, this is a talk box, with words in memory of all DUers who have no voice now. Now, what is the purpose of the talk box, aside from having a cool gray interior?

This is a great new tools! Thanks!! -LynzM

did that work?

Yes it did, and it made me instantly dizzy. Nice job! :D

LOL! That was funny. Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is anyone home?

Interesting....I like it! :+

So anyone can edit these threads? I can see why people would be hesitant. Make a booboo and DU hellfire rains down upon thy erroneous head. Cool. But, but, if anyone can edit, anyone can erase. What backups do we have to save valuable infos? - HeeBGBz aka: Chicken Little

Good point, Suppose some freeper gets in here and deletes everything. What do we have as a backup plan? - ComerPerro

There's a permanent record of everything that gets edited - if you go up to the top of the page and click "View all edits" (you might have to click "List edits" first) you can see all the edits that have ever been made to the thread. So if someone messes with a thread, you can just go back to the edit which existed before they screwed it up, click "View Code" at the bottom right corner of that post, grab the code, and just paste it back in to a new edit. If you see someone deliberately disrupting a thread you can click the alert button as you normally would and we can block them from this forum - or, if necessary, the message board. -- EarlG

What other classes are there for the div tag? If any?

Trying it out VaYallaDawg

Talk, talk, talk.

My feet smell. My nose runs. I am up side down.

Help I'm stuck in a talk box. sfexpat2000

How do you post inside someone else's talk box? I'd like to practice that! catchawave
Oh, I figured it out! catchawave

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