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South Carolina: 2006 Elections [List Edits]

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Original message
South Carolina: 2006 Elections
Edited on Sat Oct-14-06 02:09 AM by Eugene

South Carolina

2006 Elections: Governor, US Senator, Other Statewide Offices, US House, State Senate, State House, Ballot initiatives/Referendums

This page was edited by: Daylin Byak, Eugene

State Politics At-A-Glance

Population (2000 Census): 4,012,012
Electoral Votes: 8

:redbox: 2004 Presidential: Kerry (D) 41%, Bush (R) 58%
:redbox: 2000 Presidential: Gore (D) 41%, Bush (R) 57%, Nader (I) 1%
:redbox: 1996 Presidential: Clinton (D) 44%, Dole (R) 50%, Perot (I) 5%

:redbox: Governor: Mark Sanford (R) Elected: 2002 (Next Election: 2006)
:redbox: Senior US Senator: Lindsay Graham (R) Elected: 2002 (Next Election: 2008)
:redbox: Junior US Senator: Jim DeMint (R) Elected: 2004 (Next Election: 2010)
:redbox: US House (6 seats): D-2, R-4
:redbox: State Senate (46 seats): D-20, R-26
:redbox: State House (124 seats): D-50, R-74

Election Information

Primary Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for Primary Election: May 13, 2006
State/Local Primary Date: June 13, 2006
Primary Run-off Date (if needed): June 27, 2006

General Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for General Election: October 07, 2006
General Election Date (all states): November 07, 2006

State Office in charge of Elections
South Carolina State Election Commission
P.O. Box 5987
Columbia, SC 29250-5987
Phone: (803) 734-9060
Fax: (803) 734-9366

State Democratic Party
South Carolina Democratic Party
P.O. Box 5965
Columbia, SC 29250
Phone: (803) 799-7798
Fax: (803) 765-1692

State Republican Party
South Carolina Republican Party
P.O. Box 12373
Columbia, SC 29211
Phone: (803) 988-8440
Fax: (803) 988-8444

Governor's Race 2006


Tommy Moore (D)
State Senator
Campaign Website:

Mark Sanford (R) Incumbent
Campaign Website:

US Senate Race 2006

No US Senate Race in 2006

Other Statewide Races 2006

Lieutenant Governor

Robert Barber (D)
Former State Representative, Attorney and Restaurant Owner
Campaign Website:

André Bauer (R) Incumbent
Lieutenant Governor
Campaign Website:

Secretary of State

Cheryl Footman (D)
Campaign Website:

Mark Hammond (R) Incumbent
Secretary of State
Campaign Website: ?

State Treasurer

Grady Patterson (D) Incumbent
State Treasurer
Campaign Website:

Thomas Ravenel (R)
Campaign Website:

Attorney General

Henry McMaster (R) Incumbent
Attorney General
Campaign Website:

Comptroller General

Drew Theodore (D)
Insurance Agency Owner
Campaign Website:

Richard Eckstrom (R) Incumbent
Comptroller General
Campaign Website: ?

State Superintendent of Education

Jim Rex (D)
Retired Columbia College President and Educator
Campaign Website:

Karen Floyd (R)
Spartanburg County Council Chair
Campaign Website:

Ralph Lindblad (C)
Campaign Website: ?

Arnold Karr (G)
Correctional System Teacher
Campaign Website: ?

Tony Fayyazi (Independence)
Campaign Website: ?

Tim Moultrie (L)
Teacher and Anti-Tax Activist
Campaign Website:

Commissioner of Agriculture

Emile DeFelice (D)
Farmer and State Food Policy Council Chairman
Campaign Website:

Hugh Weathers (R) Incumbent
Commissioner of Agriculture
Campaign Website:

Adjutant General

Glenn Lindman (D)
Campaign Website:

Stan Spears (R) Incumbent
Adjutant General
Campaign Website:

US House of Representatives Races 2006

US House Districts: 6

Key Races: 05 John Spratt (D) (incumbent) v. Ralph Norman (R)

Candidates, by Congressional District

Randy Maatta (D), Campaign Website:
Henry Brown (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Jim Dunn (G), Campaign Website:
Brian Lee Merrill (Write-in), Campaign Website:

Michael Ray Ellisor (D), Campaign Website:
Joe Wilson (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Lee Ballenger (D), Campaign Website:
Gresham Barrett (R), Incumbent Campaign Website:

William Griffith (D), Campaign Website:
Bob Inglis (R), Incumbent Campaign Website:
Faye Walters (G), Campaign Website:
John Cobin (L), Campaign Website:

John Spratt (D), Incumbent Campaign Website:
Ralph Norman (R), Campaign Website:

Jim Clyburn (D), Incumbent Campaign Website:
Gary McLeod (R), Campaign Website:
Antonio Williams (G), Campaign Website: ?

State Senate Races 2006

State Senate Districts: 46

Seats at stake in 2006: 0

Key Races: No State Senate Races in 2006

State House Races 2006

State House Districts: 124

Seats at stake in 2006: 124

Key Races: ?

Ballot initiatives/Referendums

Constitutional Amendmentments with Explanations at

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 1
   Must Article XVII of the Constitution of this State be amended by adding Section 15 so as
   to provide that in this State and its political subdivisions, a marriage between one man
   and one woman is the only lawful domestic union that shall be valid or recognized;
   that this State and its political subdivisions shall not create, recognize, or give effect
   to a legal status, right, or claim created by another jurisdiction respecting any other
   domestic union, however denominated; that this amendment shall not impair any right or
   benefit extended by the State or its political subdivisions other than a right or benefit
   arising from a domestic union that is not valid or recognized in this State; and that this
   amendment shall not prohibit or limit the ability of parties other than the State or it
   political subdivisions from entering into contracts or other legal instruments?
   Full Text

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 2a
   Shall Article III, Section 9 of the Constitution of this State be amended so as to provide
   that the annual session of the General Assembly shall commence on the second Tuesday in
   January at the State Capitol Building in the City of Columbia, but that each body shall be
   authorized by majority vote to recede for a period of time not to exceed 30 consecutive
   calendar days at a time, or by two-thirds vote to recede for a time period of more than 30
   consecutive calendar days at a time, and to sit in session at the State Capitol Building
   in the City of Columbia, and to provide for meetings as each body shall consider
   appropriate, and to provide for an organizational session for the Senate in those years in
   which the membership of the Senate is elected and to delete obsolete language relating to
   earlier sessions of the General Assembly?
   Full Text

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 2b
   Shall Article III of the Constitution of this State be amended by deleting Section 21
   which provides that neither house of the General Assembly shall, without the consent
   of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other place than that in
   which it shall be at the time sitting?
   Full Text

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 3a
   Must the first sentence of the fourth paragraph of Section 16, Article X of the Constitution
   of this State relating to the equity securities investments allowed for funds of the various
   state-operated retirement systems be amended so as to delete the restrictions limiting
   investments in equity securities to those of American-based corporations registered on an
   American national exchange as provided in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 or any
   successor act, or quoted through the National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic
   Quotations System or similar service?
   Full Text

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 3b
   Must the second through the seventh sentences of the fourth paragraph of Section 16, Article X
   of the Constitution of this State relating to the establishment and membership of the State
   Retirement Systems Investment Panel be amended by deleting these sentences thereby abolishing
   this constitutionally established panel?
   Full Text

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 4
   Must Article III and Article X of the Constitution of this State be amended to authorize
   the General Assembly to establish the method of valuation for real property based on limits
   to increases in taxable value, adjusted for improvements and losses, of no more than
   fifteen percent over a five-year period, unless an assessable transfer of interest occurs;
   to provide that for purposes of calculating the limit on bonded indebtedness of political
   subdivisions and school districts, the assessed values of all taxable property within a
   political subdivision or school district shall not be lower than the assessed values for
   2006; and to provide that the General Assembly, by general law and not through local
   legislation pertaining to a single county or other political subdivision, shall provide
   for the terms, conditions, and procedures to implement the above provisions?
   Full Text

:graybox: Constitutional Amendment 5
   Must Section 13, Article I of the Constitution of this State be amended so as to provide
   that except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, private property shall not be
   condemned by eminent domain for any purpose or benefit, including, but not limited to,
   the purpose or benefit of economic development, unless the condemnation is for public use;
   and to further provide that for the limited purpose of the remedy of blight, the General
   Assembly may provide by law that private property, if it meets certain conditions, may be
   condemned by eminent domain without the consent of the owner and put to a public use or
   private use if just compensation is first made for the property;
   and must Section 17, Article I of the Constitution of this State be amended to delete
   undesignated paragraphs that give slum clearance and redevelopment power to municipalities
   and housing or redevelopment authorities in Sumter and Cherokee Counties; and must the
   Constitution of this State be amended to delete Section 5, Article XIV, which provides slum
   clearance and redevelopment power over blighted properties to municipalities and housing or
   redevelopment authorities in Spartanburg, York, Florence, Greenville, Charleston, Richland,
   and Laurens Counties?
   Full Text


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