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Oregon: 2006 Elections [List Edits]

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Original message
Oregon: 2006 Elections
Edited on Fri Aug-11-06 12:12 PM by Eugene


2006 Elections: Governor, US Senator, Other Statewide Offices, US House, State Senate, State House, Ballot initiatives/Referendums

This page was edited by: Daylin Byak, Eugene

State Politics At-A-Glance

Population (2000 Census): 3,421,399
Electoral Votes: 7

:bluebox: 2004 Presidential: Kerry (D) 51%, Bush (R) 48%
:bluebox: 2000 Presidential: Gore (D) 47%, Bush (R) 47%, Nader (I) 5%
:bluebox: 1996 Presidential: Clinton (D) 47%, Dole (R) 39%, Perot (I) 9%

:bluebox: Governor: Ted Kulongoski (D) Elected: 2002 (Next Election: 2006)
:bluebox: Senior US Senator: Ron Wyden (D) Elected: 1996, 1998, 2004 (Next Election: 2010)
:redbox: Junior US Senator: Gordon Smith (R) Elected: 1996, 2002 (Next Election: 2008)
:bluebox: US House (5 seats): D-4, R-1
:bluebox: State Senate (30 seats): D-18, R-12
:redbox: State House (60 seats): D-27, R-33

Election Information

Primary Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for Primary Election: April 27, 2006
State/Local Primary Date: May 16, 2006

General Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for General Election: October 18, 2006
General Election Date (all states): November 07, 2006

State Office in charge of Elections
Oregon Secretary of State
Election Division
141 State Capitol
Salem, Oregon 97310
Phone: (503) 986-1518
Fax: (503) 373-7414

State Democratic Party
Democratic Party of Oregon
232 NE 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: (503) 224-8200
Fax: (503) 224-5335

State Republican Party
Oregon Republican Party
PO Box 789
Salem, Oregon 97308-0789
Phone: (503) 587-9233

Governor's Race 2006


Ted Kulongoski (D) Incumbent
Campaign Website:

Ron Saxton (R)
Former Portland School Board Member & Attorney
Campaign Website:

Mary Starrett (C)
Retired TV News Anchor & Pro-Life Activist
Campaign Website:

Richard Morley (L)
Retired Accountant
Campaign Website: ?

Joe Keating (Pacific Green)
Environmental Activist & Retired Businessman
Campaign Website:

US Senate Race 2006

No US Senate Race in 2006

Other Statewide Races 2006

Superintendant of Public Instruction

Susan Castillo (D) Incumbent
Superintendant of Public Instruction - Re-elected May 16, 2006
Campaign Website:

State Labor Commissioner

Dan Gardner (D) Incumbent
Labor Commissioner - Re-elected May 16, 2006
Campaign Website: ?

US House of Representatives Races 2006

US House Districts: 5

Key Races: 05 Darlene Hooley (D) (incumbent) v. Mike Erickson (R).

Candidates, by Congressional District

David Wu (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Derrick Kitts (R), Campaign Website:

Carol Voisin (D), Campaign Website:
Greg Walden (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Earl Blumenauer (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Bruce Broussard (R), Campaign Website:

Peter DeFazio (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Jim Feldkamp (R), Campaign Website:

Darlene Hooley (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Mike Erickson (R), Campaign Website:
Paul Aranas (Pacific Green), Campaign Website:

State Senate Races 2006

State Senate Districts: 30

Seats at stake in 2006: 15, Districts 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26

Key Races: ?

State House Races 2006

State House Districts: 60

Seats at stake in 2006: 60

Key Races: ?

Ballot initiatives/Referendums

:graybox: Measure #39
   Prohibits public body from condemning private real property if intends to convey
   to private party.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #40
   Amends Constitution: Requires Oregon Supreme Court judges and Court of Appeals judges
   to be elected by district.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #41
   Allows income tax deduction equal to federal exemptions deduction to substitute
   for state exemption credit.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #42
   Prohibits insurance companies from using credit score or "credit worthiness"
   in calculating rates or premiums.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #43
   Requires 48-hour notice to unemancipated minor's parent before providing abortion;
   authorizes lawsuits, physician discipline.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #44
   Allows any Oregon resident without prescription drug coverage to participate in Oregon
   Prescription Drug Program.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #45
   Amends Constitution: Limits state legislators: six years as representative,
   eight years as senator, fourteen years in legislature.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #46
   Amends Constitution: Allows laws regulating election contributions, expenditures
   adopted by initiative or 3/4 of both legislative houses.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #47
   Revises campaign finance laws: limits or prohibits contributions and expenditures;
   adds disclosure, new reporting requirements.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Measure #48
   Amends Constitution: Limits biennial percentage increase in state spending
   to percentage increase in state population, plus inflation.
   Full Text (pdf)


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