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Louisiana: 2006 Elections [List Edits]

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Original message
Louisiana: 2006 Elections
Edited on Sat Oct-21-06 11:20 PM by Eugene


2006 Elections: Governor, US Senator, Other Statewide Offices, US House, State Senate, State House, Ballot initiatives/Referendums

This page was edited by: Daylin Byak, Eugene

State Politics At-A-Glance

Population (2000 Census): 4,468,976
Electoral Votes: 9

:redbox: 2004 Presidential: Kerry (D) 42%, Bush (R) 57%
:redbox: 2000 Presidential: Gore (D) 45%, Bush (R) 53%, Nader (I) 1%
:bluebox: 1996 Presidential: Clinton (D) 52%, Dole (R) 40%, Perot (I) 7%

:bluebox: Governor: Kathleen Blanco (D) Elected: 2003 (Next Election: 2007)
:bluebox: Senior US Senator: Mary Landrieu (D) Elected: 1996, 2002 (Next Election: 2008)
:redbox: Junior US Senator: David Vitter (R) Elected: 2004 (Next Election: 2010)
:redbox: US House (7 seats): D-2, R-5
:bluebox: State Senate (39 seats): D-24, R-15
:bluebox: State House (105 seats): D-64, R-40, I-1

Election Information

Open Primary Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for Primary Election: August 30, 2006
Open Primary Date: September 30, 2006

Congressional Primary Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for Primary Election: October 09, 2006
Congressional Primary Date: November 07, 2006

Congressional Run-Off Election Dates (if needed)
Voter Registration Deadline for Run-Off Election: November 08, 2006
Run-Off Election Date: December 09, 2006

State Office in charge of Elections
Louisiana Secretary of State
Elections Division
P. O. Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125
Phone: (225) 922-0900

State Democratic Party
Louisiana Democratic Party
701 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 336-4155
Fax: (225) 336-0046

State Republican Party
Republican Party of Louisiana
11440 N. Lake Sherwood
Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone: (225) 928-2998 (office)
Fax: (225) 408-2798

Governor's Race 2006

No Governor's Race in 2006

US Senate Race 2006

No US Senate Race in 2006

Other Statewide Races 2006

Secretary of State

Special Run-off November 7, 2006

Jay Dardenne (R)
State Senator and Attorney
Campaign Website:

Note: Run-off opponent withdrew from race.

Commissioner of Insurance

Special Election September 30, 2006

Jim Donelon (R) Incumbent
Commissioner of Insurance - Re-elected September 30, 2006
Campaign Website:

US House of Representatives Races 2006

US House Districts: 7

Key Races: 03 Charlie Melancon (D) (incumbent) v. Craig Romero (R)

Candidates, by Congressional District

David Gereighty (D), Campaign Website:
Stacey Tallitsch (D), Campaign Website:
Bobby Jindal (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Peter Beary (L), Campaign Website:

Scott Barron (D), Campaign Website: ?
Regina Bartholomew (D), Campaign Website:
Karen Carter (D), Campaign Website:
Troy "C" Carter (D), Campaign Website:
Deven "D. C." Collins (D), Campaign Website: ?
John Edwards (D), Campaign Website:
Bill Jefferson (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Vinny Mendoza (D), Campaign Website:
Derrick Sheperd (D), Campaign Website:
Eric Bradley (R), Campaign Website: ?
Joe Lavigne (R), Campaign Website:
L.W. "Lance" von Uhde III (R), Campaign Website: ?
Gregory "Rhumbline" Kahn (L), Campaign Website:

Olangee "O.J." Breech (D), Campaign Website:
Charlie Melancon (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Craig Romero (R), Campaign Website:
James Lee Blake Jr. (L), Campaign Website:

Artis Cash (D), Campaign Website:
Patti Cox (D), Campaign Website:
Chester Kelley (R), Campaign Website:
Jim McCreary (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website: ?

Gloria Hearn (D), Campaign Website:
Rodney Alexander (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Brent Sanders (L), Campaign Website:
John Watts (I), Campaign Website: ?

Richard Baker (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Richard Fontanesi (L), Campaign Website: ?

Mike Stagg (D), Campaign Website:
Charles Boustany Jr. (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

State Senate Races 2006

State Senate Districts: 39

Seats at stake in 2006: 0

Key Races: No State Senate Races in 2006

State House Races 2006

State House Districts: 105

Seats at stake in 2006: 1

Key Races: 22 - Special Election April 29, 2006

Ballot initiatives/Referendums

September 30, 2006 Open Primary Election

Constitutional Amendments

:graybox: No. 1 - Act No. 69
   To change the name from the Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Fund to the Coastal
   Protection and Restoration Fund; to provide that the eligible federal revenues received
   by the state generated from Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas activity shall be
   credited to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund and used only for purposes of
   coastal wetlands conservation, coastal restoration, hurricane protection, and
   infrastructure directly impacted by coastal wetland losses.
   (Amends Article VII, Sections 10(D)(2)(e), 10.2, and 10.5(B) and (C))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 525,683 (83%) No 117,289 (18%)

:graybox: No. 2 - Act No. 854
   Requires twenty percent of the proceeds of tobacco securitization to be deposited
   in the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund, with a portion to be used for barrier
   island stabilization and preservation, and repeals the Louisiana Coastal Restoration
   (Adds Article VII, Section 10.2(F); Repeals Article VII, Section 10.11)
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 505,653 (79%) No 132,385 (21%)

:graybox: No. 3 - Act No. 43
   To authorize the legislature to establish regional flood protection authorities and
   provide for its governing authority, powers, duties, and functions, for the governing
   authority of levee districts within the territorial jurisdiction of the regional
   authority, and authorizing ad valorem taxes subject to voter approval.
   (Amends Article VI, Sections 38(A)(1) and 39 and adds Article VI, Section 38.1)
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 513,139 (81%) No 122,152 (19%)

:graybox: No. 4 - Act No. 853
   To provide that compensation paid for the taking of, or loss or damage to, property
   rights affected by the construction, enlargement, improvement, or modification
   of hurricane protection projects, including mitigation related thereto, shall be
   limited to the compensation required by the Fifth Amendment of the United States
   Constitution; to provide an exception for the taking of buildings or structures
   destroyed or damaged by an event for which a presidential declaration of major
   disaster or emergency was issued, if the taking occurs within three years of such
   event; and to authorize the legislature by law to provide procedures and definitions
   for these requirements.
   (Amends Article VI, Section 42(A); Adds Article I, Section 4(G))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 380,559 (61%) No 245,581 (39%)

:graybox: No. 5 - Act No. 851
   To prohibit the expropriation of property by the state or a political subdivision
   of the state for predominant use by or transfer to a private person or entity under
   certain circumstances; to define "public purposes" relative to the expropriation
   of property; to provide exceptions for the operation of public ports and airports and
   for the expropriation of property for industrial development purposes; and to provide
   for items included in just compensation to be paid to the owner of the expropriated
   (Amends Article I, Section 4(B) and Article VI, Section 21(A); Adds Article VI,
   Section 21(D))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 333,581 (55%) No 275,327 (45%)

:graybox: No. 6 - Act No. 859
   To prohibit, except in limited instances, the transfer or lease of property
   expropriated by the state or its political subdivisions to any person without first
   offering the property to the original owner; to provide that unused expropriated
   property be declared surplus property to be first offered to the original owner prior
   to sale to the general public by competitive bid.
   (Adds Article I, Section 4(G))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 302,149 (50%) No 298,717 (50%)

:graybox: No. 7 - Act No. 857
   To authorize the investment in equities of up to thirty-five percent of the Medicaid
   Trust Fund for the Elderly.
   (Amends Article VII, Section 14(B))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 386,604 (63%) No 225,466 (37%)

:graybox: No. 8 - Act No. 70
   To authorize the continuation of the homestead exemption and the special assessment
   level where the homestead has been destroyed or is uninhabitable due to a declared
   disaster or emergency.
   (Adds Article VII, Sections 18(G)(5) and 20(A)(10))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 482,921 (79%) No 130,139 (21%)

:graybox: No. 9 - Act No. 855
   To provide that no law, unless enacted by two-thirds of the elected members of each
   house of the legislature, requiring increased expenditures for any purpose shall be
   applicable to any city, parish, or other local public school board until approved
   by school board resolution or until, and as long as, the legislature appropriates funds
   to the school board for the purpose and only to the extent and amount of such funds or
   until a law provides for a local source of revenue to the school board for the purpose
   and the school board is authorized to levy and collect such revenue and only to the
   extent and amount of such revenue; and to provide for exceptions to such prohibition
   on increasing the financial burden of city, parish, and other local public school boards.
   (Amends Article VI, Section 14)
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 305,188 (51%) No 298,529 (49%)

:graybox: No. 10 - Act No. 856
   To authorize the investment in stocks of up to thirty-five percent of the state-funded
   permanently endowed funds of public or private colleges and universities.
   (Amends Article VII, Section 14(B))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 352,724 (59%) No 245,719 (41%)

:graybox: No. 11 - Act No. 852
   To extend the homestead exemption to property owned by a revocable trust, in addition
   to the existing application to property owned by an irrevocable trust.
   (Amends Article VII, Section 20(A)(3) and (5))
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 402,733 (66%) No 205,627 (34%)

:graybox: No. 12 - Act No. 858
   To provide for the filling of vacancies in the lieutenant governor's office and other
   statewide elective offices; to provide that if more than one year remains in the term,
   the person nominated by the governor and confirmed by the legislature to serve as
   lieutenant governor or the first assistant in other statewide elected offices,
   shall fill the vacancy only until the office can be filled at the next regular
   statewide or congressional election or until the governor is required to call a special
   (Amends Article IV, Sections 15 and 16)
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 412,654 (69%) No 189,199 (31%)

:graybox: No. 13 - Act No. 860
   To provide that a person shall have been admitted to the practice of law for ten years
   preceding election to the supreme court or a court of appeals and for eight years
   preceding election to a district court, family court, parish court, or court having
   solely juvenile jurisdiction; and to decrease the requirement that a person be
   domiciled in the respective district, circuit, or parish from two years to one year
   preceding election. Effective January 1, 2008, and applicable to any person who is
   elected to the office of judge on and after January 1, 2008.
   (Amends Article V, Section 24)
   Full Text (pdf)
   Results: Passed; Yes 423,811 (70%) No 178,638 (30%)

November 7, 2006 Congressional Primary Election

Constitutional Amendments

:graybox: No. 1 - Act No. 511
   To extend the special assessment level to homesteads owned and occupied by any person
   with a service-connected disability rating of fifty percent or more and by certain members
   of the armed forces of the United States or members of the Louisiana National Guard killed
   or missing in action or who were prisoners of war, and to any person designated as
   permanently totally disabled, subject to other conditions and requirements provided under
   the present constitution, and to require annual certification of eligibility by persons
   under sixty-five years of age who have qualified and received the special assessment level.
   (Amends Article VII, Section 18(G)(1)(a)(i) and (iii) and (2)(a); adds Article VII, Section 18(G)(1)(a)(iv))
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 2 - Act No. 864
   To increase the maximum amount of the severance tax imposed and collected by the state
   on natural resources, other than sulphur, lignite, and timber, which is remitted to the
   parish governing authority where the severance occurs from seven hundred fifty thousand
   dollars to eight hundred fifty thousand dollars effective July 1, 2007, and provides
   that this maximum amount be increased to reflect the increase in the Consumer Price Index
   beginning July 1, 2008.
   (Amends Article VII, Section 4(D))
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 3 - Act No. 510
   To exempt from ad valorem property tax medical equipment leased for a term exceeding five
   years to a nonprofit corporation or association which owns or operates a small, rural
   hospital and if the equipment is used solely for health care purposes at the hospital;
   to provide that "small, rural hospital" shall mean a hospital which meets all of the
   following criteria:
      1. It has less than fifty Medicare-licensed acute care beds.
      2. It is located in a municipality with a population of less than ten thousand which has
          been classified as an area with a shortage of health manpower by the United States
          Health Service.
   (Article VII, Section 21(B)(1)(a))
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 4 - Act No. 512
   Exempts motor vehicles from municipal ad valorem taxes and removes language that authorizes
   a municipal governing authority or a district thereof to impose ad valorem taxes on motor
   (Amends Article VII, Section 21(E))
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 5 - Act No. 509
   To exempt consigned art from ad valorem property tax; that is, all artworks such as
   sculptures, glass works, paintings, drawings, signed and numbered posters, photographs,
   mixed media, collages, or any other item which would be considered as the material result
   of a creative endeavor. (Effective January 1, 2007)
   (Adds Const. Art. VII, Sec. 21(C)(19))
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 6 - Act No. 862
   To authorize the legislature to enact laws establishing new judgeships of district courts
   as new divisions having limited or specialized jurisdiction within the territorial
   jurisdiction of the district court and subject matter jurisdiction over family or juvenile
   matters as provided by law. (Effective January 1, 2007)
   (Amends Article V, Section 15(A))
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 7 - Act No. 863
   To provide for a single tax assessor in Orleans Parish to be elected at the same time
   as the municipal officers of New Orleans.
   (Amends Article VII, Section 24)
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: No. 8 - Act No. 861
   To grant the Central community school system in East Baton Rouge Parish the same authority
   granted parishes for purposes of Article VIII, Section 13 of the Constitution of Louisiana,
   including purposes related to the minimum foundation program, funding for certain school
   books and instructional materials, and the raising of certain local revenues for the support
   of elementary and secondary schools.
   (Amends Article VIII, Section 13(D)(1))
   Full Text (pdf)


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