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On the Strengths and weaknesses of the american constitution.

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Jubal-Waters Donating Member (20 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-20-10 10:43 AM
Original message
On the Strengths and weaknesses of the american constitution.
The american constitution has three things going for it; Bill of rights, balance of power and the fact that at any time it may be altered to better reflect our changing society. Now what are its down falls... its 100 years out of date.

Now, Im not saying that our constitution is weak; I firmly believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world, because of our constitution and its ideal that all men are created equal. Hell, I enjoy representative government.

I just think that since our constitution in no way deals with nuclear arms, the internet, or electricity, and had to be amended to acknowledge the fact that women and brown peoples deserve the right to vote, its time for a rewrite.

The only problem is... I dont trust the government... or republicans. Years of manipulated neglect, and rampant business collusions have left our government a bloated hollow shell filled by political hot air, signifying compromise. Leaders that show promise, back away from the table, or end up trapped in the same struggles that have ground our nation to near stand still for decades.

That is why I wish to ask a question of the progressives and democrats who frequents DU. If we could rewrite the constitution, what would our government look like?

Because I think its time to change the game up. And what better place than the raunch site that is DU?


Simply an outline of ideas that I think might make this system of ours more perfect, If you've anything constructive to add, please by all means, if you wish to denigrate me or my ideas, hack away. Also, feel free to alter or add to the work as needed to clarify this document until it is correct. The grammar and syntax is more than likely off anyway. -the author. Also I left out a lot of things, like most of the legislatures and executives powers and stipulations.

Article one is a bill of rights with 5 sections: Basic, Social, Economic, Civil and Other.
Article two check out the third chamber of the legislature
Article three check out the court of punishment
Article four and six need a thorough read.

Outline for the New American Constitution. Or the New United States Constitution,

Article One: The First Estate of this government shall always be the people. With recognition of the fundamental freedom and equality of all people this Constitution, and those who swear to uphold it, will recognize and hold the Rights of the Individual above that of any corporate interest, cultural group, or that of the local, state, or federal government.


Violations by a citizen, collective, or government, of another individuals or collectives rights will forever be considered a crime. The level of severity of said violation shall result in jail time, fine, or impeachment, in accordance with laws established by the congress,

Section One Rights; are to be considered a legal protection for individual Basic Rights and Natural freedoms.
1) Freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
2) Freedom of choice.
3) Freedom of speech, thought, belief, expression.
4) Freedom of travel.
5) Right to privacy; personal, property, home, electronic, etc.
6) Right to 1 identity.
7) Right of personal ownership, from genetics to decisions concerning oneself.
8) Right to peace, or freedom from harm.
9) Agents of the government must seek warrants to restrict or infringe upon freedoms if it is deemed necessary
---1) Speech; in cases of State Secrets, or the to be rarely used, Criminally Negligent Rhetoric, or Rhetoric of violence that does result in criminal activity. i.e. A cultural speaker calling for people to take care of a shop owner of a different culture, and the shop is firebombed.
---2) Travel; criminal proceedings, or suspicion of criminal activity, Needed quarantines may obtain warrants after the fact.
---3) Privacy, if probable cause of criminal activity exists.
---4) Freedom from harm, all states must petition the Federal Court of Punishment to seek the death penalty for a convicted citizen who has been found unquestionably guilty of multiple heinous crimes.

Section Two Rights; are to be considered a legal protection for the Social Rights of individuals. Social Rights are defined as a persons rights in relation to other citizens.
1) Right of peaceful assembly.
2) A private citizen shall retain the right to legal redress against another private citizen, or business, or government agency, etc.
3) Right to Legal Union, any two adults may legally marry their assets and lives in the eyes of the federal government. All other arrangements will be considered cultural. Spousal rights shall include.
---1) Right to make life and death decisions if not already specified in an individuals Legal Will.
---2) Special and significant tax breaks.
---3) Special and significant tax penalties for divorce.
---4) Special expectations of privacy.
4) Choose ones sexual partners.
---1) Children and animals can not give consent, and as such would inherently violate their rights.
5) Procreation rights.
---1) A womans right of personal ownership allows her to solely make the decision to terminate a pregnancy.
---2) A man may seek a Legal Stay of Termination for his biological offspring lasting no more than 3 days, to determine in court if termination is both correct and necessary.
---3) A Womans health and life is paramount and Legal Stays may not be used in cases of; non-adults, rape, incest, the health or safety of the mother.
---4) A child will have inherent rights from birth.
---5) Third trimester abortions may only be performed in the event of; non-adults, rape, incest, the health or safety of the mother.
---6) There will be a moratorium on total human cloning for 125 years after the adoption of this constitution.
-------1) Partial cloning for medical research and implementation may be used with strict Government oversight.
6) Parental Rights, and obligations.
---1) Parents have a right to raise a child into their culture.
---2) Parents must educate their progeny in some form.
---3) Parents must see to the welfare of the child.
---4) Parents have the right to reasonable punishment of their progeny.
---5) Parents have the right to make legal decisions for their progeny.
7) Children's Rights.
---1) Most Natural Rights, with the exception of the rights of personal ownership, which shall be obtained with age.
---2) Right to be Free from unreasonable punishment by their Parent or Guardian
---3) Right to help from the state if necessary.
-------1) A Local and state orphanage and child foster care system must be provided for by all members of N.A.C
-------2) A Federal, state and local System of independent child services must also be provided for by all members of N.A.C.
---4) Right to state nutritional services if necessary.
---5) An Entitled Right to a system of Public Schools.
8) Guardianship rights, a person may obtain the right to legally make decisions for another human being. The individuals must fall within the following categories. Infants, children, adolescents, individuals with a debilitating mental illness or handicap, senior citizens who are declared Medically Senile, etc.

Section Three Rights; are a legal protection for a persons Economic Rights.
1) Right to own property, and intellectual property.
2) People can not be considered property. Slavery, forms of coerced work, and unwanted servitude, shall be outlawed.
3) The right of bankruptcy, with the strictest regulations to ensure the non-abuse of the system.
4) Inherited wealth will be taxed at 70 percent for all assets over an initial 1 billion.
---1) Generational Family homes shall be exempt from taxation
5) Land and property that is owned but unmaintained, or empty of personal attachments, for a significant length of time shall be available to Opportunists or squatters for the taking.
---1) Opportunists must inform the local courts of intent one month prior to taking possession of a vacant property.
---2) An Opportunist must then retain residency for a year and a half before property rights are conceded.
---3) An Opportunist must show that they neither own, nor utilize, another residency for that length of time.
---4) An Opportunist may not sell the property for a length of seven years.
---5) Giving up residency for a solid length of time in the seven year period negates any claim to the property.
6) Workers Rights
---1) Unionization
---2) Whistle blower protection for reporting of violations of international, federal, state or local laws or regulations.
---3) Discontinue employment.
---4) Right to a Fair days pay for a fair days work as the free market with government oversight requires.-
---5) Expectation for employers to respect contracts, and financial promises.
7) Employers rights and responsibilities.
---1) Hire and Fire
---2) Protect intellectual Property
---3) An expectation to meet internal safety measures and regulations, as well as, state, local and federal standards of safety, failure may result in Fines or Jail.
---4) Employers have the responsibility to inform the courts of violations of the law by their employees.
---5) An employer does not have the right to ask that a worker violate the law. Legal redress will be made available for workers who are fired for refusal of illegal requests.
---6) A Company or Corporation will be seen as a shared interest of individuals. As such individuals will be held legally responsible for their decisions that violate; local, state, or Federal law.
---7) The share holders of financial firms, as well as owners, management and employees of any business may be held financially responsible for corporate violations of Local, state, or Federal law.
---8) Repeated violations of a grievous nature by a corporations management may be met with partial or total seizure of corporate, and any guilty persons, assets. Which must then be auctioned off, and all proceeds used to restore in whatever way possible the effected violation.
---9) A company must pay all state taxes that are applicable. A You do business here, you pay taxes here approach will be taken so that multi state and national business must pay in full their responsible tax burden. Failure to meet obligation will result in fines and or seizure of property.
---10) The Level of Government regulation on any business should be minimal but aggressive, and reflect the potential impact of any businesses total failure on the rest of society so that no business has the capacity to cripple our economy or society through malfeasance.
---11) Businesses shall have the right to discriminatory practices based on an individuals behavior, not the individuals themselves.
--------1) i.e. A business may declare a no kissing policy for its establishment, but may not declare no inter-racial kissing, or no same-sex kissing, etc.

Section Four Rights; are the legal protection for a persons Civil Rights. Civil Rights are defined as a persons rights in relation to the government and society.
1) The rights of all people to receive fair treatment before and within our laws must be recognized regardless of any perceived difference such as: Gender, Race, Culture, Sexual Orientation, Handicap, Deformity, Birth Place, Nationality, Religion, Impoverishment, Wealth, Political authority, Politicly connected, Those who lack political connection, Weirdness, Etc.
---1) Fairness is a double edged sword, a warning to all.
2) The right to peaceful demonstrations.
3) The right to Vote. The first national holiday to be established and maintained is a two day holiday known collectively as VOTING DAY to be established with the ratification of The New American Constitution and continued annually until this constitution loses meaning.
4) The Right to a free, impartial, and aggressive press.
---1) Only the honest truth can be considered impartial.
---2) Government office holders must make themselves available to a variety of press members, on at least a monthly basis. The right to abstain from comment is still recognized.
---3) The government may not produce propaganda, or knowingly give out misleading or inaccurate information to the press.
---4) The Press has a responsibility to uphold the ideal of The Impartial Watcher of everything for and of history.
---5) Editorialist of the press who wish to present opinion have every right to express their views.
---6) Any call for violence from the press must include a listing of reasons with out factual error. The inclusion of inaccurate information and blatantly violent rhetoric may be met with a lawsuit, fines, and or prison, based on the severity of outcome.
---7) The investigatory nature of the press may not be infringed upon.
---8) The right to anonymity from the press may be granted through the civil courts.-
-------1)Except where public interest may be in conflict, as with criminal cases, and the individuals charged with crimes.
-------2) Those only under investigation, and especially their family members may be granted this right.
-------3) Children shall be granted this right without court intervention, this right may be nullified by the parents or guardian. Cases of criminal juveniles must go to the courts to retain the right.
-------4) Government officials shall have no immunity.
-------5) Businesses, charities and other organizations, and their respective owners, managers and leaders shall have no such immunities.
-------6) Designed specifically to protect singular private citizens from unnecessary or overly intrusive public scrutiny.
-------7) Press investigations may continue with out publication, or dissemination of knowledge.
-------8) The press may go to court to sue for the right to publish.
Right to an education, and access to the collected knowledge of humankind.
6) The right to access and publish to the internet.
7) A limited right to use of electricity and power and access to other human technologies.
8) Any person shall have the Right to petition for a Free Federal Prosecutor, if they believe justice can not be served through the local justice system.
9) Right of entitlement to basic health care.
10) The Right of a Civilian to ask for the name and federal ID number of any agent of the government who has the authority to impose fines or jail-time, will be required of all agents of the government; with the exception of warranted officers of the Secret Service, or established undercover operatives of the FBIC involved in an ongoing criminal investigation.
11) Right to culture.
---1) Intolerance will not be tolerated, and may be met with the full arsenal of tactics to discourage and thwart intolerance if ever codified by unjust law, or encouraged into violence by rhetoric of an identifiable culture against another identifiable culture.
12) Right to practice religious services.
---1) An individuals religious beliefs, or lack there of, shall have no legal bearing before this constitution. Religion shall remain an individuals prerogative.
---2) No religious test will ever be required to hold any public office.
---3) No law may be written to support or harass any religious organization.
---4) No public funds may be distributed to support or harass any religiously affiliated group, including religiously affiliated charities.
---5) The separation of Church and State is sacraoceinct.
-------1) Attempted violations by federal office holders to use their position to support, or promote a particular religion over any other shall be met with impeachment. Attendance of a specific church and personal donations should be done privately.
-------2) Religious organizations shall be subject to fines equal to ten years worth of back taxes, in the event that they actively campaign for a specific candidate, or political party, during any election. Private donations and work away from the pulpit may be scrutinized and deemed acceptable.
---6) Religious organizations may exempt themselves from corporate taxation by spending their documented tax burden on documented secular charity works.
------1) Food Charities, Orphanages, environmental clean up, homeless shelters, etc.
------2) Shall be considered defrauding the government for a citizen to claim any kind of religious status, in the attempt to not pay taxes.

Section Five Rights; are a legal protection for OTHER Rights
1) The right to hand to hand combat in a consensual and reasonably fair fight shall be recognized on a limited and highly scrutinized case by case basis. With the stringent regard that unsolicited, or uneven, violence is a violation of another individuals rights of peace.
---1) The courts should consider: size, gender, build, training, circumstances, and other factors that are relevant such as; were warnings given, were both parties participating in the aggression, who threw the first punch, etc.
2) The right to own arms and weaponry, safely operate them, and to protect oneself.
---1) Openly carrying, or concealing, a firearm in public may be seen as suspicious by any police officer, subjecting any individual to simple questioning.
3) The right of a group to form a local militia to protect a shared interest against violent intrusion. With the stringent regard that violating another persons rights; Basic, Social, Economic, Civil or Other, is a crime, this right shall not be viewed as a protection for criminal activity.
4) The right to drink alcohol, eat meat, smoke tobacco, smoke cannabis, chew coca leafs, drink caffeine, eat peyote, consume mushrooms, etc. and use, ingest or inject other harmful natural substances with respect to any individuals culture, shall be recognized with limitations as needed.
---1) Addiction shall be considered as an individuals, social, cultural, and or medical problem, and should be dealt with as such.
---2) The federal government has a vested interest in the regulation of harmful substances.
---3) The congress may create a prohibition of any definitively deadly chemical, and chemically altered substance only through a 90 percent affirmative vote in both houses of congress.
---4) States will retain the right set their own regulations, without outright prohibitions.
---5) A person reaching twenty years of age shall have the full rights of personal ownership.
---6) Businesses may set there own policy as to the necessary reasonably acceptable behavior of their employees. i.e. No drunk doctors, or pilots.
5) Criminals Rights.
---1) All individuals shall be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
---2) Right to an attorney.
---3) The Right to Mirada Rights
---4) No individual may be forced to testify against themselves.
---5) Right to trial in front of an impartial judge.
---6) Right to trial by a impartial jury of peers and professionals.
---7) Right to a speedy trial.
---8) Right to face ones accusers.
---9) Double jeopardy ban.
---10) An individual may not be held more than 24 hours after arrest without being informed of what specific violations of the law that they are accused of committing and they must be charged with a specific crime or crimes.
------1) Daily extensions may be granted by the courts.
------2) On the 7th day of semi-lawful incarceration a defendant must be released or charged.
---11) Abuse of authority may subject a specific officer or officers to lawsuit.
---12) The right to reflective monetary sentencing. So that the violation of any individuals economic rights shall be met with punishment on a scale that deems a violation valued at a dollar is less important than a violation valued at two dollars, ad infinitum.
---13) An individual may not be subject to any form of Cruel or Unusual Punishment.
-------1) The use of Torture to gain information, elicit a confession, or to punish, shall be strictly outlawed.
-------2) Torture shall be defined as the physical torment and or extreme psychological torment of an individual in government custody, by agents of the government.
-------3) The government may not release custody of an individual into the custody of any other party for the purpose of torture.
-------4) The attempted use of legal semantics to alter the Torture ban to allow for torture, shall be considered an act of treason against this constitution punishable by death or a sentence of 200 years in prison.
-------5) The court of punishment shall define what specific techniques constitutes torture and once defined, said acts, shall always be considered torture.
-------6) A government agent may only break the law to use techniques defined as torture, regardless of the ticking time bomb scenario.
-------7) In the event that torture occurs, the government agent responsible must immediately surrender to the criminal courts, or a warrant for the arrest of the agent must be issued and enforced. If neither of these events occur, the agent and every supervisor above the agent, leading up to and including the president, shall be considered a traitor to the constitution.
-------8) The president may only pardon a government agent found guilty of torturing an individual to gain information, providing there is a joint public address by both the torturer and the president to be televised.
6) The right of an individual to make end of life decisions for themselves.
---1) Must have a doctors and court approval.
7) The right of an individual to make electronic recordings of Public Events, and spaces.
---1) The right to film an officer of the law performing lawful duties.
---2) The right to take pictures and film and record audio where there is no expectation of privacy.
8) N.A.C. does recognizes in a general way the rights of other species, knowing that the Human Species has declared the right of dominion, and responsible stewardship of all earth.
---1) Cruelty for Crueltys sake towards Animals shall be considered a crime worthy of imprisonment.
---2) Willful killing of an endangered species is a crime.
---3) Sever wanton pollution, intentional or not, that results in provable extinction or nearly irreparable degradation of a thriving ecosystem, by any person or company, will be considered a heinous crime against humanity as it directly effects the health of the only planet known to sustain life.

Article 2: The Second Estate, or Legislative Branch shall consist of three chambers. A House of Representatives, The Senate, and The Chamber of States.

1) The Legislative Branchs Regulatory Authority is what the legislature says it is.
---1) Shall have oversight of all government agencies, businesses, and if required the personal misconduct of citizens that effect the wider society.
2) On The intention of bills set before the congress.
---1) Every bill must have a set intention clarified before any vote of amendments may be held in either house.
---2) No bill may have unintended spending, or unspecified associations attached afterwards.
--------1) i.e. A bill designated Interstate Road Construction can not have spending attached that is used for Pig Farming
--------2) i.e. A bill designated Education Spending may not include amendments for Tax Breaks for paper companies
--------3) i.e. A Bill designated Extra Defense Spending may not include amendments regulating the sale of alcohol.
--------4) A bill may be re-designated both Education Spending and Tax Breaks for paper companies with a simple majority vote
3) The House of Representatives shall be made up of no less than 251 no more than 1001 members.
---1) Term of service is three years.
---2) Shall be based on a states and territories population in comparison to all other states with all states receiving at least one representative.
4) The Senate shall be made up of two members from every state, and one for the collected territories.
---1) Term of service is six years.
5) The Chamber of States sole purpose is to unite the two bills passed in the House and Senate which will then be sent back, as a whole and complete document, to the House and Senate for a vote of ratification. The single bill will then be sent to the President to sign into law or veto.
---1) The Chamber may only utilize the existing language of any particular bill, and does not have the authority to alter the bills intention, they may clarify language.
---2) They may omit any amendment from a bill that passes by simple majority vote.
---3) They may not omit any amendment that passes by 65 percent vote, with the exception that they may pick between nearly identical amendments to streamline a bill.
---4) The chamber shall be presided over by the vice president and staffed by 30 representatives of different states
---5) Representatives to the chamber will be selected by the duly elected governors of our states. The term of service will last 31 days on a rotating schedule. Every state must have had a representative in the Chamber before any state may repeat in the cycle.
---6) The Term of service for state representatives will be counted only when both houses of congress are in session.

Article 3: The Third Estate or The Judicial branch.

1) The Federal Judicial System shall be charged with creating and maintaining the most incorruptible court system in the world. The United States judicial systems ultimate goal is to become the world wide standard for Fairness, Rule of Law, and Justice.
---1) Any case of criminality world wide may be brought before the United States Judicial System.
2) A Supreme Court with the Ultimate Authority Of the Judicial Branch.
---1) Each judge shall be appointed for life or retirement.
---2) Shall consist of no less than 11 no more than 21 Justices.
---3) In event that an even number of judges are ever on the bench, the Chief Justice may abstain or vote with the minority
---4) For any issue that the supreme court deems in need of further conclusion, the Justices may call for a vote of all credentialed judges.
---5) This court entire may be impeached, by the senate, if divisions becomes entrenched, and individually if a justices Impartiality comes into question, or for crimes by the justices.
3) A Court of Punishment.
---1) An appeals court for sentencing, and fines, and to ensure and clarify the Cruel and Unusual punishment ban.
---2) This court shall be made up of a total of 35 justices.
---3) Any State that wishes to seek the death penalty must present their case before this court.
---4) An individual who does not recognize the Federal Governments right to end a convicted felons life should not be considered for appointment to this court.
---5) 28 justices of the 35 may sentence a guilty person to death.
---6) States may still appeal to the supreme court.
4) The Supreme Court shall credential Free Federal Prosecutors,
---1) The number shall be set at one per state of the union plus ten.
---2) A FFP May act as the defense for an individual if necessary.
---3) All FFP will have the authority to bring criminal cases before any court necessary to see that justice and the rule of law are upheld.
---4) The president, house members, Justices of the court, foreign dignitaries, other FFP, let alone any other individual, shall have no immunity from investigation, and or prosecution.
---5) All FFP must still obtain warrants to investigate any individual.
---6) Any Judge that denies an FFP warrant must be audited for impartiality.
---7) The seeking of a frivolous warrant will be grounds for dismissal of a FFP

Article 4: The Fourth Estate, or the Taxation & Human Services branch.

1) The fourth estate shall be charged with the creation and management of an agency to be in charge of the collecting of taxes, The levels of taxation, as well as the kinds of moneys that are taxable, shall be set by the Congress.
---1) 25 percent of all revenue taken in by the federal Government through taxes shall be utilized directly by the fourth estate to fulfill its charter.
---2) 5 percent shall be sent to the Executive Branch for expenses and the will of the president.
---3) 2 percent shall be sent to the Judicial Branch
---4) 47 percent shall be sent to the congress.
---5) 20 percent shall be split between the Military and Federal Police.
---6) 1 percent of all taxes shall be set aside for times of war. No money may be spent from the account except in times of war, or federal emergency. The fund may not be used to pay down debts owed.
--------1) If ever the account is equal to the total tax revenue for a given year, the excess money shall be presented to congress.
2) The fourth estate shall manage a universal health care system.
---1) Shall subsidize and have oversight of all hospitals and clinics in N.A.C. territory.
---2) Will be responsible to see that economic issues do not keep a person from basic medical care.
---3) Will be responsible for ethical oversight of every licensed doctor.
---4) Will be responsible to set standards for and ethical oversight of all industries associated with the medical practices.
---5) They may reward individually, or collectively, any person or business that Cures a disease.
3) Shall include a bureau to insure access to clean water and to remove starvation as an economic and social issue.
4) The fourth estate shall be charged with the ecological & biological stability and diversity of the entire planet through the management of local, state, federal and world parks and preserves.
5) Shall include a financially separate, Social Security System to ensure the economic stability of our citizenry.
6) Shall be charged with creating a Bureau of Anti-bureaucrats whose mission is to employ individuals who know the system well enough to help regular private citizens navigate the red tape of the governments, to the individuals benefit.
---1) Must have offices in every state.
7) Shall be charged with creating a Consumer Safety Administration, to ensure the safety of Food, and pharmaceuticals as well as the safety of other commercially available products.
---1) Interdepartmental work between this department and other government agencies will be expected.
8) The Fourth estate is charged with maintaining an aggressive Environmental Protection Agency.
---1) The EPA must set high environmental standards that must be met by all N.A.C. states and territories, all businesses that pay N.A.C. taxes, and all countries that seek to trade with N.A.C. states and territories.
---2) Shall be charged with eliminating new harmful and hazardous pollution, and shall be charged with cleaning up the environment so that life may be sustained 1000 generation down the line.
---3) The EPA shall deploy environmental testers that will have the authority to inspect any place on earth, where ever NAC interests are, with prior notification with respect to any individuals economic rights, and instant inspections with a court obtained warrant.
---4) The EPA shall send annual reports to the Congress, President, and the press.
---5) Violations, and repeated violations, of EPA standards by Incorporated interests will be met with expositional fines, on the company or individual responsible for said violation,
---6) Criminal Charges may be brought before the court for grievous violations, or repeated violations.
---7) Failure Of the EPA to uphold standards may be met with litigation against the EPA.
---8) The EPA may not arrest any individual, though interdepartmental work with the FBIC is encouraged.
9) This branch shall be controlled by a board of 50 respected men and women Administers. Each Original Administer must have had some note worthy praise or award as to their proven care for all people. i.e. a nobel peace prize or nomination, or other humanitarian award of note.
---1) Original Applicants will present their resume to the Vice President who will make recommendations to the House of Representatives, for which a hearing must be held and decided by simple majority vote.
---2) The appointment is for a term of 8 years. Each individual administer may then retire or ask the house of representatives to reaffirm the term of service.
---3) Each individual Administer wishing to retire must present the House of Representatives a list of at least 7 individuals any one of whom would be an effective Administer. Must include two individuals not currently employed by the Fourth Estate.
---4) In the event of an untimely death of an Administer, the Vice president will be charged with taking applications and presenting them to the house of representatives.
10) The Fourth Estate shall have the responsibility of no-confidence.
---1) In the event that the administers believe that the current elected officials are not upholding their responsibilities in service toward humanity, the Board of Administers may claim the no-confidence right with 40 votes.
---2) If No-Confidence is called, all elected officials loose their position and loose the right to hold federal office.
---3) New Election are to be held 90 days after a vote of No-Confidence
---4) Upon the swearing in of a new congress and president, every administer must start looking for replacements, so that every administer must leave office within 1 year of calling No-Confidence.

Article 5: The Fifth Estate, or the Executive branch

1) Will consist of A President, and his selected Vice President,
---1) Term of service is five years.
---2) Two term limit.
2) A Cabinet of Advisors, chosen by the president and ratified by senate.
3) Departments of State.
---1) Department of Agriculture
---2) Department of Justice
---3) Etc.
The military.
---1) The supreme commander of all armed forces will always remain the civilian elected President.
-------1) Army & Corps
-------2) Navy & Coast Guard
-------3) Air & Space Defense
---2) Shall have exclusive rights to Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Nano, weaponry.
---3) The use of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, or Nano, weaponry by the military will be considered a war crime in the eyes of the constitution.
-------1) Except if such armaments are utilized against us,
-------2) Except if threats of such armaments usage are credible and considered imminent, the president alone may authorize last resort weaponry.
---4) The forceful quartering of soldiers in a civilians home will remain a great dishonor to the soldiers and military, and strictly outlawed
5) The federal police forces.
---1) The Federal Corporate Auditors Bureau.
---2) The Central Intelligence Agency.
---3) The Federal Bureau to Investigate Criminality.
---4) The Secret Service.
6) Federal Emergency Management Agency.
---1) Shall be headed by one individual appointed by the president and ratified by the senate. He will then be liable to, and serve at the whim of, the president.
---2) Shall be responsible for the immediate well being of our people in times of unstable distress and overwhelming natural disasters.
---3) May request additional funds from the congress as needed to insure safety and basic needs are met.
---4) Foresight shall be rewarded, hindsight shall meet dismissal

Article 6: On the restrictions and privileges of power for individual government officials.

1) Government officials lose the right to make false statements to the press.
---1) A government official may claim the right to withhold information or declare no comment, but may not make false or misleading statements. Making a blatantly false statement shall result in loss of position and or imprisonment.
---2) A Government employee caught misspeaking, must result in a full discloser of the facts to retain position.
---3) In the event that lying to the press is necessary the individual must first write a statement of truth to be sealed and sent to the supreme court. The supreme court is forced to declare at the end of the year the names of the individuals who presented them with a writ, what specific days, and the number of writs. They may then be sealed away again for as long as the official remains in office, then they must be unsealed and sent to members of the press.
---4) A person under A State Secrets Warrant must declare no comment, or unknowledgeable, or answer negatively, for a given subject without writ.
---5) Anyone with a campaign account is subject to these rules as well.
2) The Campaign Account System
---1) To run for federal office every citizen must petition for a transparent campaign account that will be used for all campaign expenses.
---2) Acceptable campaign expenses will be recognized.
-------1) Traditional campaign advertisements, Media ads, Websites
-------2) Legitimate staff expenses; Travel & Hotel, Food, Offices, Payroll
-------3) Memorabilia and all other respectable expenses that self governing oversight shall prescribe universally to all candidates.
---3) Provable allegations of campaign spending outside of the campaign account, shall be deemed an impeachable or reject-able offense from federal office.
-------1) i.e. Hiring of a private investigator to find information on an opposing candidate, and not using the campaign account.
---4) All donations to a candidate must be deposited into the account.
-------1) Unlimited donations may be made by individuals and corporate interests alike.
-------2) Quid pro quo ban, overly beneficial legislation that can be linked to excessive donations will result in impeachment, and jail time, for all parties.
-------3) Receipt Donations will be recognized.
----------1) i.e. A candidate who goes out of pocket to pay for campaign buttons may add her bill of receipt to the account as a donation.
-------4) Every dime is subject to public scrutiny.
-------5) An unreported donation of a dollar or more will be seen as a bribe and subject a candidate to the full fury of the courts and penal system.
-------6) At the end of the election cycle every account of all candidates, winner or loser, will be emptied and put into the Pork account.
3) The Pork Account shall be an extra government account that shall be collected each year at the end of the campaign cycle into one sum then divided into three equal accounts.
---1) One account is sent to the House of Representatives, one to the Senate, and one that will be added to the next years account.
---2) The pork bill is to be the last bill put before either house before a years session is considered over.
---3) The pork bills intention is spending.
---4) This account is to be used by the members of congress to gain extra federal money for their districts or whatever interest they wish added to the public record.
---5) The House and Senate shall craft individual bills that shall be sent to the Chamber, the Vice President may veto or ratify.
---6) In the event that additional money is needed for either bill, the opposing house of either bill must have a vote approving the additional funds
---7) The Congressperson who added the most to the pork account shall have priority when adding amendments to the pork bill.
4) The Wealth of Power.
---1) All elected congressman shall receive an account that will have a balance payed of one million dollars added every year of service, to be received upon the swearing in of the oath. Let the figure raise with inflation to reflect a prestigious yearly income.
5) On Government, Corporate interactions and transactions.
---1) Government contracts and payment must be based on a corporations quality of services and products.
---2) Government officials must recuse themselves from directly dealing with former employers and businesses in any regulatory position. Advising on a situation will be encouraged.
-------1) A ban on a government employees interconnected corporate conflicts of interest.
---3) Individual Government officials will be barred from ever making any employment contracts with business that they have had direct regulatory oversight of. Regardless if an individual leaves government service.
-------1) A ban on intergovernmental corporate nepotism.

Article 7: Specific Rights, responsibilities and restrictions of the federal government.

1) All powers not specifically granted to the federal government shall be outlawed or fall to the states.
2) The Right to make treaties and hold diplomatic negotiations with foreign nations.
3) Minting and have oversight of cash money
4) Must have a thorough census every ten years.
5) Responsibility to disclose critical information to the american people.
6) The right to rendition and extradite from any country, any person found guilty of a serious rights violation by our judicial system.
7) The Government may not employ mercenaries.
8) Etc.

Article 8: N.A.C. is charged with the creation of these great institutions, to be funded partially by yearly grants, the amounts determined by congress. Which will have more or less oversight by the Congress as needed.

1) A Federal Treasury
2) A World Bank: To ease the financial burdens from and for all people.
3) An Institute for the Advancement of Scientific Understanding and Engineering of High Technology.
4) An Independent Institute for the Scientific Exploration of Earths Solar System.
---1) This institute has exclusive rights to manned Exploration of Earths Solar System, other governments will be encouraged to pool resources and join.
---2) These rights will last 100 years, from initial manned contact of any planet moon, asteroid, or comet on a case by case basis.
-------1) Earths moon will be considered a natural treasure.
---3) Shall have exclusive mineral rights to extra terrestrial material in our solar system.
---4) Mineral rights to all Extraterrestrial material in the solar system may be purchased from this institute exclusively.
5) An Institute for the Advancement of Creative Arts and Craftsmanship.
6) A System of World Museums of Human Achievements.
7) A Natural World History Museum .
8) An Institute to preserve World Wide Cultural Heritages.
9) A federal library system, to preserve and collect human knowledge.
10) A Postal Service.
11) The Road and Transportation Department.
---1) Any customs required between states must also have Federal involvement.
12) The only religious affiliation the federal government is allowed to maintain is a single yet massive center for worship that any religious organization may utilize while maintaining respect for every other religion.
---1) To be used for state funerals.
---2) The Schedule of regular services will be made with respect to the number of individuals who claim a recognized religion on the census.
---3) Two months worth of days, will be set aside for unrecognized religions to ask for the rights of usage.
---4) Denigrating any other religion in the federal center for worship will result in loss of privilege to hold services in the federal center for worship.
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   Replies to this thread
  - WOW MEGO n/t  Xipe Totec   Jun-20-10 10:45 AM   #1 
  - Let it go! You've posted this several times and the only  shraby   Jun-20-10 10:50 AM   #2 
  - every day  Jubal-Waters   Jun-20-10 11:00 AM   #3 
  - There is no need for a rewrite.  beevul   Jun-20-10 11:22 AM   #4 
  - Locking  cbayer   Jun-20-10 11:33 AM   #5 
Xipe Totec Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-20-10 10:45 AM
Response to Original message
1. WOW MEGO n/t
Wall Of Words

My Eyes Glazed Over.
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shraby Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-20-10 10:50 AM
Response to Original message
2. Let it go! You've posted this several times and the only
constitution for the most of us is written on that parchment that's stored in Washington D.C. Enough is enough.
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Jubal-Waters Donating Member (20 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-20-10 11:00 AM
Response to Reply #2
3. every day
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beevul Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-20-10 11:22 AM
Response to Original message
4. There is no need for a rewrite.
The main and glaring weakness where the constitution and bill of rights are concerned, doesn't lie in the documents themself.

It lies in people not being educated in its meaning, purpose, and function.

That applies to the layman on the street, clear on up to the SCOTUS and POTUS.

Perhaps if we had held people who take an oath to defend it as treasonous when they attempt to sidestep or end-run it, problematic would no longer describe the situation.

"I just think that since our constitution in no way deals with nuclear arms, the internet, or electricity..."

The constitution and bill of rights generally deal with principal, rather than specifics.

If you rewrote it to specify every right that belongs to the people, it would be so long and so wordy that an entire year of civics in highschool would not be able to cover it all.

ALL rights belong to the people.

Certain rights have been protected, by thier removal from simple majority (government) interference.

"Congress shall make no law..." for example.

Over the years, that principal has been forgotten or glossed over by those that intend to do or have done - things that are proscribed.

As with all things, education and knowledge are they key.

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cbayer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-20-10 11:33 AM
Response to Original message
5. Locking
Member was banned from site for spamming.

DU Moderaotr
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