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Commonalities in How America's Big "Terror" Events Seem to Have Been Staged To Provoke More War

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CrunchMaster Donating Member (308 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 04:19 AM
Original message
Commonalities in How America's Big "Terror" Events Seem to Have Been Staged To Provoke More War
Edited on Wed Nov-11-09 04:24 AM by CrunchMaster
Anyone beginning to notice the pattern of how the american "Terror Event To War" pump has been primed over the years?

"SOMETHING" in America, somewhere buried deep in some American bunker somewhere or maybe in Pakistan, seems to have a coherent method of execution for creating Terrorism and the corresponding knee jerk response for war in the USA.

#1. FIND A SUITABLE PROVOCATEUR : First they find a Suitable Provocateur/Informant to Lure Patsies to play their roles.

#2. FIND SUITABLE PATSIES : They next find criminals, usually a racially stereotyped criminal to attract racist anger, or an exile from a country we are opposed to, someone in debt, with a criminal record, a foreigner who speaks little English so when he is framed he cannot argue his case. In general find a slightly compromised idiot willing to play along and take the blame or unable to defend himself. The more racially stereotypical the better to stoke the fires of racist American war hounds

#3. SETUP PROVOCATEUR'S BASE IN SAFE ZONE : Set him up in some right wing Hotspot protected by an underground network of right wing crooked Intelligence, Muslim Brotherhood, Neo-Nazis or hardcore Zionists. Keepers of Deep Black Secrets, racist groups, secretive religious/cult front groups(The Family), ex-CIA, ex-FBI, groups dirtied by things such as Iran-Contra, Aghan wars, assassination programs, drugs and arms smuggling, human trafficking, organ trafficking, prostitution networks, BCCI, mafia, money laundering.

#4. BRING PATSIES INTO SAFE ZONE : Gather the patsies and bring them to a safe zone by a Provocatuer for the purpose of entrapping Patsies(Elohim City, Mosques, Flight Schools) in locations controlled primarily of Elements from #3(Oklahoma, South Florida, Minnesota, San Diego, CA., Texas, Colorado, Falls Church, Virginia, Culpepper VA)

#5. SURVEIL PATSIES & CREATE MYTHOLOGY : Using the Provocatuer to watch and guide patsies into desired activity, the Masterminds then surveil Patsies for months and years to build up a convincing terror mythology around them but take no action to stop them in any way. They allow patsies into the USA if this hasn't been done already, escort them around with FBI informants, tail them with Able Danger, Mossad, train them to fly planes, make and plant bombs, target buildings, leave evidence trails. Follow patsies, record and watch everything they do and say, just don't ever stop them before the terror event goes down

#6. MANIPULATE PATSIES TO LATER INCRIMINATE THEMSELVES AS TERRORISTS : the Patsies are lured to Mosques/Compounds run by a Provocatuer who is on FBI,CIA,Saudi,German,Mossad payroll who escorts the patsies around and helps them prepare for their terror attack. The provocateur will later be allowed to leave the country by 5th Column elements in American agencies. Bring Arabs to flight schools run by Neo-Nazis and Anti-Communists. Keep logs of all internet sites they have visited and posted on so you can weave a convincing terrorist theory out of it. Keep notes of whenever the patsy has been angry or kicked a puppy, visited with a Muslim, visited a strip club, or bought a Hustler magazine so you can have evidence ready to go against him that he is a sexmad angry heathen terrorist

#7. HAVE PROVOCATEUR ROUND UP PATSIES : Have Target round up some more Patsies to make this whole operation looks like some legit coordinated attack from a "real" terrorist organization which strangely enough just happens to be embedded within and seemingly controlled by a country that is in alliance with us in the war on terror

#8. PROVIDE ASSISTANCE FOR COMING FALSE FLAG OP : The masterminds provide assistance to the Provocateur in carrying out his attack (convert the sting operation into the real deal by subsituting fake bombs for real ones as in the case of Pan Am 103 and World Trade Center 1993, Setup what seemed to be Controlled Demolition of the WTC to insure those towers actually fell on 9/11 when planes have never knocked buildings down before, use Multiple Snipers/Shooters but blame everything on the Lone Gunmen nut, plan to run war games to confuse defenses, plan to send American fighters away from the areas that will be attacked, block FBI and CIA paeons from stopping the bad guys before they execute their attack)

#9. WEAVE A BIG FAT LIE : Weave a Story to tie Targets into attack(Passports that magically appear to ID bad guys, briefcases full of IDs, flight training manuals, Malcolm X photos, I Love Allah books, etc.

#10. PACT OF SILENCE BEFORE EVENT : Use Blackmail(sexual or otherwise) or a make a very public show or release of some state secrets, or crackdowns on crimes and crime networks immediately before the big terror event to keep compromised Co-conspirators and others quiet and in line with the plan

#11. RUN THE ACTUAL FALSE FLAG OPERATION : Use team of Gladio Style ex-military, contractors, security, compromised or dirty agents and other "pros" to pull off actual false flag terror event while stupid Patsies walk through the motions and draw all of the attention and blame.

#12. BUST PATSIES, BUT ALLOW PROVOCATEURS TO ESCAPE : bust Patsies while allowing the Agent Provocatuers, Masterminds, and other "pros" and high level 5th column collaborators to go Scott Free back to the foreign countries that spawned them or back into hiding in domestic Stay Behind style domestic networks, intel groups, or cult group compounds.

#13 DISPOSE OF PATSY IF POSSIBLE : then either kill the patsy, execute him, suicide him or lock him up in the Supermax Prison in Colorado, or Guantanmo where he will never be heard from again. They don't want the patsy to talk and reveal the official story to be a sham obviously

#14 TORTURE PATSIES : If the Patsies are left alive for some reason, then torture them so that their minds can be broken and they cannot be tried in a court because A. They are Crazy and B. They were Tortured. Or torture them to force a confession. Or torture their family to force a confession.

#15 HAVE MEDIA DESIGNATE THE LONE GUNMAN AND PUSH "OFFICIAL THEORY" : Have major media networks who are "in the pocket" and run by compromised and blackmailed dirtbags from the start taint the evidence by declaring the culprit, pushing buttons to stoke fear, racism and anger. And condition the public for more war while covering up the subversion of the country occuring within by a domestic 5th Column

#16 CREATE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO'S SO THE PUBLIC WILL WANT TO BELIEVE THE "OFFICIAL STORY" : Create a Pat Tillman, or Jessica Lynch, Mark Bingham or Todd Beamer so the American people are invested in the story and more resistant to questioning the "official story." After all, who wants to deny American Heroes their place in the sun by asking if Flight 93 was shot really down and that is why there was no plane on the ground in Shanksville, PA. The American public has already been conditioned to prefer the lie. It is more convenient.

#17 HAVE YOUR DIRTY OPERATIVES SPEW REAMS OF DISINFORMATION : Call on a network of blackmailed, and compromised felons, mafiosos, assassins, politicians, drug dealers, war criminals, self-loathing homosexuals, pedophiles, iran-contra operatives, toe-suckers, dirty MK-Ultra types, anti-communists, KKK, neo-nazis, rabid Christian bloggers and radio talkshow hosts, foreign run but USA based news outlets(Washington Times) to spew an unending streams of lies and disinformation and incitement to race war, class war, religious war, oil war, and war, war, WAR. Typical things they might say regarding the Patsies to condition an image in the public mind : "They yelled Allah Akbar." "They drove a white van." "The Jews did it." "They were Mossad." "They worked for Clinton or Obama", "They were angry, violent, sexmad", "They hated America", "They hated Christians." Take elements that are true and mix with false or easily discredited information; theories of Aliens, Bigfoot, UFOs, Elvis, Pods, Pod People, Space Beams, Etc. Limit discussion to topics that do not get too close to the truth or that are simply nonsensical. Discourage topics that hit too close to answering questions about how seemingly impossible events were made possible(multiple shooters, controlled demolition, remote controlled planes, inside jobs, foreign spies in government, domestic 5th columns, transnational stay behind networks, blackmailed politicians)

Many of these events below fit the pattern above. If I get some time I will lay out some evidence for how some of these events correspond to the pattern above. If anyone else wants to give it a try, please feel free.

2009 Fort Hood Plot
2008 Mumbai Attacks
2007 Fort Dix "Terror" Plot
2007 Virgina Tech Massacre
2006 Miami 7 Sea of David "Terror" cell
2006 Toronto 18 "Terror" cell
2006 Mumbai Train Bombings
2005 London Attacks
2001 9/11 Attacks
1999 Columbine Shooting
1999 Millenium Plot
1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
1993 World Trade Center Bombing
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tmyers09 Donating Member (706 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 04:30 AM
Response to Original message
1. A little out there, but nothing's impossible in this fucked up world.
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Ohio Joe Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 09:13 AM
Response to Original message
2. I see...
An all powerful, world wide evil empire that controls everything... and they manage to do it without leaving any evidence of their existence or their mis-deeds and everyone they control stays completely silent about them. Unbelieveable... Inconcievable... ummmm, yeah.

"Therefore a wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him."

Niccolo Machiavelli, "The Prince"
Snatched from Sid Meier's Alpha Centuari
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spooked911 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-02-10 10:47 PM
Response to Reply #2
112. they leave plenty of evidence
it's typically reported once and then just conveniently ignored by the intel-controlled media
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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-28-10 05:57 PM
Response to Reply #112
218. PLUS, the cover-up is essential in most of these events . . .!!!
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Echo In Light Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 11:36 AM
Response to Original message
3. Thanks for posting
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Theobald Donating Member (411 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 12:40 PM
Response to Original message
4. Some people have delusions of grandeur
You just have delusions.
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Name removed Donating Member (0 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 02:43 PM
Response to Reply #4
5. Deleted message
Message removed by moderator. Click here to review the message board rules.
SDuderstadt Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-11-09 03:01 PM
Response to Reply #5
6. Not one of us here...
believed Saddam was behind 9/11, believed the yellowcake "evidence" for a moment and I cannot think of a single person here that was not deadset against the invasion of Iraq, dude. Your smears are despicable.
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NYMdaveNYI Donating Member (497 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-08-10 12:18 PM
Response to Reply #6
235. this guy is full of it.....
the attacks" hes cited, 9/11 aside, are irrelevant. Al Queda admitted to the 93 bombing,(but on 9/12/01 Bin Laden said it wasnt his doing, so we know they are honest). The VT Shooting has no possible government motive behind it (just some idiot hopped up on prozac), as well as Fort Hood shooting and Columbine, and Timothy McVeigh, and the rest. those claims are idiotic. The only instance that his list of traits/steps of attacks is plausible is in the case of 9/11. THATS ALL.

And yes, to reiterate what you said, we were not phased by the Iraq claims.

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CrunchMaster Donating Member (308 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-12-09 03:13 PM
Response to Reply #4
10. My comment got deleted for reversing what someone else said about me???
What did I say mods? I just got called delusional by Theobald but you mod MY comment? Unbelievable. Let me reword what I said because it certainly wasn't any more offensive than being called delusional! I'll leave out the word "you" this time since apparently you can say someone else has delusions but you can't say "You are Delusional".

It is delusionals that believed the government never tells lies that got the U.S. stuck in Iraq.

That's basically what I wrote. Not sure how that is more offensive than what I responded too.
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Theobald Donating Member (411 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-13-09 10:52 AM
Response to Reply #10
13. Words have meaning
You can have delusions and not be delusional. Delusion - fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact. It is similar to calling someone ignorant about a subject which is not the same as calling him stupid. One connotes a lack of education about a particular subject, the other connotes an inablilty to learn.

So no I did not call you delusional, but I do think you have delusions. I myself have suffered from the very same malady (not a sickness, but an inner ability to block the truth because of an stubbornly held belief) and it took me a long time to realize that I was wrong.

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reinvestigate911 Donating Member (548 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-18-09 04:38 PM
Response to Reply #13
23. the mitchell effect
Edited on Wed Nov-18-09 05:00 PM by reinvestigate911
John Mitchell was the Attorney-General during the Nixon administration.

His wife - Martha Mitchell - told her psychologist that top White House officials were engaged in illegal activities. Her psychologist labeled these claims as caused by mental illness.

Ultimately, however, the relevant facts of the Watergate scandal vindicated her.

In fact, psychologists have now given a label - the "Martha Mitchell Effect" - to "the process by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health clinician mistakes the patient's perception of real events as delusional and misdiagnoses accordingly".

The authors of a paper on this phenomenon ( Bell, V., Halligan, P.W., Ellis, H.D. (2003) Beliefs About Delusions. The Psychologist, 6 (8), 418-422) conclude:

Sometimes, improbable reports are erroneously assumed to be symptoms of mental illness failure or inability to verify whether the events have actually taken place, no matter how improbable intuitively they might appear to the busy clinician.

In other words, psychologists who haven't taken the time to examine for themselves the claims of their patients will tend to label as delusional anything which they "intuitively" feel is improbable.

... read more at the link below...
source: Washington's Blog: Psychologists and the Mitchell Effect
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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-28-10 06:01 PM
Response to Reply #23
219. Hey -- thanks for the info . . . had no idea that happened and LOVED Martha . . .!!
She gave us great insight into what was really going on in Nixon's Nazi bunker --

And, actually, John Mitchell also told us that ...

"This nation is going to go so far to the right that it will make your head spin!" --

Only one way he could have been sure of that happening --

political violence, political deception, dirty dealing, faked elections/computers --

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thepeopleunited Donating Member (82 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-12-09 01:09 AM
Response to Original message
7. Good list.
I think it goes back much further though, to before there was even a CIA (1947) and LONG before there was an MI5 in Britain. In fact Brits have been pulling this crap since the days of Cromwell in the seventeenth century.
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RedSock Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-12-09 10:25 AM
Response to Original message
8. rolling stone article/investigation
In Buffalo, the FBI spent eighteen months tracking the "Lackawanna Six" a half-dozen men from the city's large Muslim population who had been recruited by an Al Qaeda operative in early 2001 to undergo training in Afghanistan. Only two lasted the six-week course; the rest pretended to be hurt or left early. Despite extensive surveillance, the FBI found no evidence that the men ever discussed, let alone planned, an attack but that didn't stop federal agents from arresting the suspects with great fanfare and accusing them of operating an "Al Qaeda-trained terrorist cell on American soil." Fearing they would be designated as "enemy combatants" and disappeared into the legal void created by the Patriot Act, all six pleaded guilty to aiding Al Qaeda and were sentenced to at least seven years in prison.

In other cases, the use of informants has led the government to flirt with outright entrapment. ...

Just about every single alleged plot that has been "disrupted" since 9/11 has signs of FBI infiltration and manipulation.
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CrunchMaster Donating Member (308 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-16-09 05:09 AM
Response to Reply #8
16. American Faux Terror seems to have started with U.S./Canada surveillance of radical Black Muslims
Edited on Mon Nov-16-09 05:16 AM by CrunchMaster
When trying to trace back where this systemic system of hiring agent provocateurs to guide around patsies came from, you come up on the name of Bilal Philips. He was a Jamaican born black Muslim who grew up in Toronto, Canada. where he converted to Islam in 1972.

It seems that in the late 70s and into the 80s there was a cross borders attempt by the U.S. government and Canadian government to spy on and infiltrate radical Black muslim terrorists in a group called al-Fuqra.

"One law-enforcement official said yesterday that an "overlap" of New York militant Islamic groups with a case in Canada involving accused Muslim militants would eventually be developed later this summer in the Canadian courts. Canadian officials declined all comment, citing court strictures against pretrail publicity. The trial involves six men from Brooklyn who were arrested at the United States border two years ago on charges of plotting to blow up a theater and a Hindu temple.

The Canadian report underscored the disparate, often murky lines of investigation proceeding from the New York arrests. The Canadian suspects are believed to be members of a radical black Muslim group known as al-Fuqra, which is believed to be responsible for more than a dozen bombings and assassinations in the United States since 1979, said Bruce Hoffman, a specialist on domestic terrorism."

By the 90s these attempts at infiltration had apparently become all out false flag maneuvering of patsies by agent provocateurs to create terror incidents. It seems that after the Gulf War in 1991 the Saudi and Egyptian governments in cooperation with certain friendly factions within the U.S. played the major roles in creating terror patsies to attack the USA and as a end result keep the the USA on a war footing,

"Shortly after the end of fighting in the US-led Persian Gulf war against Iraq, the US allows the Saudi government to conduct a massive program to convert US soldiers still stationed in Saudi Arabia (see March 1991) to Islam. Huge tents are erected near the barracks of US troops and Saudi imams lecture the soldiers about Islam and attempt to convert them. Within months, about 1,000 soldiers, and perhaps as many as 3,000, convert to Islam. Some US officials express concern about the aggressive conversion effort and the long term implications it may have, but the program is not stopped. Radical imam Bilal Philips helps lead the conversion effort. He will later explain that a special team of fluent English speakers, some trained in psychology, was amply paid by the Saudi government to convert the soldiers. Converts had their pilgrimages to Islamic holy cities paid for and Muslim imams were assigned to follow up with them when they returned to the US. Philips is openly hostile to the US, saying such things as, Western culture led by the United States is an enemy of Islam. He will later note that some of his converts went to fight in Bosnia and others were the subject of terrorism probes in the US. Philips will work with the Saudi government and one of the Landmarks bombers to send 14 Muslim ex-US soldiers to fight in Bosnia in 1992 (see December 1992). Listed as an unindicted coconspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing, he will be deported from the US in 2004. "

"In the mid-90s, Bilal Philips was teaching at an Islamic school in Cotabato, the Philippines - home territory to the deadly Abu Sayyaf terrorist group and an al Qa'ida recruiting ground for the Pacific (see Investigate, Feb 05).... "In May, 1993," continues the Intelwire story, "Bilal Philips sent for Hampton-El, who was flown first to Saudi Arabia for a week, then to the Philippines for a week. "In Manila, Hampton-El testified, he met with Philips at an Islamic conference. sponsored by wealthy Saudis and the Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines..."Bilal Philips, Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Jamal Khalifa were all named by the government as unindicted co-conspirators in the Day of Terror trial,"

The circle around Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols, like Bilal Philips had also traveled to the Philippines. So this guy Bilal Philips acts as an agent provocateur on behalf of the Saudi government sending a guy named Clement Rodney Hampton-El, aka Dr. Rashid to Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Austria and all of these places getting his hands dirtied playing the role of patsy.

In the U.S. Hampton-El and the other terrorists patsies come under the guidance of Ali Mohamed and Karl Dexter.

Ali Mohammed
Mohammed is an Egyptian double agent who works for the CIA, FBI and was a Sergeant At Fort Bragg North Carolina all throughout the 80s and 90s. In 1981 he was taking part in a special program for foreign officers at the US Army Special Forces school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, while soldiers with radical Islamic beliefs from his Egyptian army unit assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. In 1984 Mohamed offered his services to the CIA in Cairo station and was stationed in Hamburg Germany. There he "entered a mosque associated with Hezbollah and immediately told the Iranian cleric in charge that he was an American spy assigned to infiltrate the community."The mosque had already been penetrated and his announcement was passed on to the CIA, which, according to Lawrence Wright, "terminated Mohamed" and "sent out cables labeling him highly untrustworthy." In 1986 he returns to Fort Bragg North Carolina where Mohamed will steal numerous top secret documents and pass them to al-Qaeda.

"Mohamed was charged with the August 7, 1998 bombings of the United States' embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. A member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), he is reported to have been given the task of penetrating American intelligence by EIJ leader Ayman Zawahiri. In October 2000, he pleaded guilty to five counts of conspiracy to kill nationals of the United States and officers or employees of the U.S. government on account of their official duties, to murder and kidnap, and to destroy U.S. property."

After Bilal Philips gives Hampton-El a list of ex-US soldiers(patsies) who have recently converted to Islam, Ali Mohammed takes some of these converted US soldiers to fight in Bosnia.
"Philips gives Hampton-El a list of likely candidates who are ex-US soldiers that Philips recently helped convert to Islam. That same month, 14 ex-US soldiers go to Bosnia to fight and train there (see December 1992-June 1993). They are led by double agent Ali Mohamed, who, like Hampton-El, is closely tied to the Al-Kifah Refugee Center in New York."

Ok, a guy said to be untrusty worthy and working for Al-Qaeda his whole career and involved with attacking the U.S. and charged for these crimes, somehow keeps to get working out of Fort Bragg and to this day remains free, hidden somewhere at some undisclosed location. Never caught or charged with anything. But he has served his masters well in creating terrorist patsies to keep the U.S. military bogged down in war for all of these years. Which part of the U.S. government let this guy go?

Abu Ubaidah Yahya AKA Karl Dexter
Hampton-El and the rest of the patsies are also manipulated by a guy named Karl Dexter. He is an American ex-marine who converted to Islam and changed his name(good idea so that you can make it look like the Provocateur was an arab and not an American. See how this works?) He lives in the same apartment complex as Hampton-El.

Yahya buys a bunch of assault weapons at a Virginia gun show in November 1992 and then later distributed them to a group of militants he was training at a training camp near New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania.

"Abu Ubaidah Yahya, an ex-US marine tied to many of the Landmarks bombers, is arrested and charged with gun running. According to charges, Yahya bought at least six assault weapons at a Virginia gun show in November 1992 and then later distributed them to a group of militants he was training a training camp near New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania (see Late 1992-Early 1993). A number of the Landmarks bombers trained there and prosecutors claim the training was part of the overall Landmarks conspiracy, but strangely, Yahya is only charged with the gun running and not the training, even though the FBI actually briefly monitored him running the training camp (see January 16-17, 1993). Yahya, a US citizen who changed his name from Karl Dexter Taylor, runs a martial arts school in Brooklyn. Yahya apparently fought in Bosnia for the Bosnian Muslims while the US government was secretly supporting the Bosnian Muslim cause (see Spring 1993). He was security chief for the Al-Kifah Refugee Center, a charity front linked to both al-Qaeda and the CIA (see 1986-1993). He also transported money for the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA) charity front (see Early April 1993) while the US government was deliberately turning a blind eye to the actions of the TWRA (see 1993). What happens next to Yahya is unclear. While the Lexis Nexus database reveals a number of articles about his arrest, there are no articles mentioning any subsequent trial or imprisonment."

Again, the guy training the patsies gets to go scott free. If he had never trained them and taken them to the camp there would have been no terrorists in the first place. Interestingly enough, Yahya claims that the training camp in Harrisburg, PA. is a camp which the KKK also visits according to the New York Times.

""Mr. Yahya, who was not arrested, said he knew some of the eight suspects and was especially close to Mr. Siddig Ali and Mr. Hampton, whom he calls "Rashid." All three were members of a "loose-knit" group of Muslims who enjoyed weekend visits to a combat training camp in Harrisburg, Pa., where other extermist groups, "like the Ku Klux Klan" go, Mr. Yahya said, without elaborating."

"In Pennsylvania a guy named Garrett Wilson gets a call from Abdul Wali Zindani wanting him to train about ten men. Abdul Wali Zindani is head of the Al-Kifah Refugee Center in Brooklyn. Al-Kifah is a charity front linked to both al-Qaeda and the CIA (see 1986-1993). Garrett Wilson is a burly ex-US Army Ranger and military police officer at a naval base in Philadelphia who also runs his own security business. He is also a trusted FBI informant, helping to monitor militant black Muslims who come to him to for paramilitary training and to buy surplus military equipment.

Here we are full circle. Bilal Phillips, the Canadian radical black Muslim is part of the chain of events that will lead to a group of Muslim patsies being led by ex-military agent provocateurs to a camp in Pennsylvania to be trained by a guy(Wilson) who is working with the FBI to spy on and monitor radical black Muslims. Convenient!

Pennsylvania attracts terror apparently. It's where these terror patsies went to a KKK infested training camp to train. And it's where Flight 93 dissapeared into the ground leaving no wreckage. Alot of this explainable by the Iran-Contra dirtbags in that state that were dealing under the table with Iran for Raygun. Rick Santorum being one of the biggest of those dirtbags.
"...Santorum profited from the International Signals and Controls scandal, where the Pennsylvania company shipped missiles and component parts to Iran and Iraq during the Iran-Contra days, Martin writes. At least one official from that company ended up in prison, but obviously not Santorum."

Yahya/Karl Dexter(American), Ali Mohammed(Egyptian), and Bilal Philips(Canadian) seem to be protected and don't seem to have ever done any time for the role they played in these terrorist plots(because obviously they are government agents) and as is clearly shown above, they seem to be the major players in creating and training these terrorists who actually went to jail for the crimes the provocateurs masterminded. That's how it works. It's like a game. Frame up and jail the patsies. Let the provocateurs go. Keep dollars rolling to defense contractors and the wars and blood flowing.
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icee2 Donating Member (261 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-16-09 10:26 AM
Response to Reply #16
17. You left out some, didn't you?

The two Oswalds.
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CrunchMaster Donating Member (308 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-20-09 03:50 AM
Response to Reply #16
24. The Pennsylvania/Oklahoma white supremacist and Muslim Bro. connections
Edited on Fri Nov-20-09 04:47 AM by CrunchMaster
The origins of the white supremacist networks in Pennsylvania arose out of the destruction of jobs in PA during the 80s. By the mid 90s Pennsylvania had more neo-Nazi groups than any other eastern state and probably more than anywhere else in the country.

"The state's dominant industries -- coal mining, steel production, heavy equipment manufacturing -- collapsed in the 1980's, Ms. Van Dyke explained, throwing thousands of blue-collar workers out of work. The new high-tech engineering, medical and information industries, based mainly in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, demand a different set of skills and education."

"The neo-Nazi skinhead culture, which glorifies violence, made its way to the United States from England in the early 1980's, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights group in Alabama. Sixty-four white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups are active in Pennsylvania, according to the state, more than any state in the East and perhaps the largest number in the country."

That article was from 1995. In 1995 PA had already become known as a breeding ground for KKK, Neo-Nazis and Aryan nations. In the last post I mentioned how an FBI informant watching black Muslims named Garret Wilson of PA was working with Muslim brotherhood Ali Mohammed of Egypt, and Muslim poser convert Karl Dexter of Queens New York to manuever a bunch of patsies to PA in the early 90s to give them the appearance of being a terror cell. In PA these Muslim brotherhood types would be training at the same camps used by white supremacists in Pennsylvania. In 1995, Pennsylvania white supremacists will then go to Elohim City in Oklahoma where plans are being made to bomb the Murrah Federal building.

In 1995 Pennsylvanian ARA and KKK leader Mark Thomas was in Oklahoma in the Elohim City compound along with other Aryan Republican Army bank robbers, and German Andreas Strassmeier in the days before the Oklahoma City bombing. Thomas and some of the ARA bank robbers had traveled back and forth between Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

"``It is hard to overstate just how trusted and respected Thomas is in the white-supremacist world,'' Levin said, asserting that Thomas has been especially effective at recruiting young people into the movement.

Thomas, 46, whose Berks County farm has long been a meeting place for neo-Nazis, Skinheads and other white right-wing groups, has been involved with such organizations as the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation and the Aryan Republican Army over the last 25 years."

And once again we even have another black Muslim convert named Melvin Lattimore(Mujahid Abdulqaadir Menepta) that has some how been dragged into the mix with all of these white supremacists.

As usual the FBI and the Service Service played the usual role of hiring informants and then letting them go to blow things up:
"According to a confidential source who was involved, the FBI was initially very active in pursuing the bombing angle but then dropped all mention of it once the two witnesses entered the government protection programme. One can only speculate exactly why the feds made that decision, but embarrassment must have played some role. Embarrassment to admit they had some idea about McVeigh's possible accomplices after all. Embarrassment, too, over the fact that in 1992 the Secret Service let Langan out of prison following a Pizza Hut robbery in Georgia and paid for him to go home to Cincinnati on the understanding he would lead the authorities to Guthrie, who had been overheard threatening to assassinate President Bush. Langan strung the government along for six weeks before vanishing, with Guthrie, to begin a new underground life of anti-government subversion."

Timeline of the travels back and forth between Oklahoma and Pennsylvania of the conspirators. Mark Thomas and Michael William Brescia are both from Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania and Oklahoma and the same networks within will later go on to star in the 2001 terror attacks on the USA

In Pennsylvania local officials will try to convince us a plane has disappeared into the ground

And in Oklahoma, CIA agents(Berlin embassy station chief David Edger), FBI agents, Nick Berg(A Jewish man from Pennsylvania) and Muslim Brotherhood agents will converge to watch(but not touch) provocateurs like Mohammad Atta take patsies like Marwan Alshehhi to flight schools so that they can supposedly learn how to fly planes.

"Several 9/11 Links to Oklahoma - Numerous 9/11 figures have connections to Oklahoma, and specifically to OUs campus in Norman, including Zacarias Moussaoui (see Between February 23, 2001 and June 2001, February 23-June 2001, and July 29, 2001-August 3, 2001), his associate Hussein al-Attas (see August 10-11, 2001), Nick Berg (see Autumn 1999), and lead hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi who reportedly sought flight training at the nearby Airman Flight School (see July 2-3, 2000 and August 1, 2001)."

Jewish Pennsylvanian Nick Berg in Oklahoma trailing Moussaoui?
"On May 14, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during the U.S. government's investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui. Berg's email address had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks. According to Berg's father, Nick Berg had a chance encounter with an acquaintance of Moussaoui on a bus in Norman, Oklahoma. This person had asked to borrow Berg's laptop computer to send an email. Berg gave the details of his own email account and password, which were later used by Moussaoui. The FBI found that Berg had no direct terrorism connections or direct link with Moussaoui.<7>"

Same shit. Just a different day and year. Germans, American White Supremacists, Muslim Brotherhood, Jewish agents, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Hamburg Germany, all over again and again.

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124. JihadJane, Muslim Convert Recruiters, Texas + Pennsylvania + Netherlands
Colleen LaRose(aka JihadJane) is another Muslim convert and is accused of trying to recruit Jihadists for To Kill a Swedish cartoonist
"The suburban Philadelphia woman, Colleen R. LaRose, was accused in Tuesday's indictment of trying to recruit jihadist fighters, and pledging to murder the artist, marry a terrorism suspect so he could move to Europe and martyr herself if necessary."

LaRose is a convert to Islam who actively recruited others, including at least one unidentified American, and her online messages expressed her willingness to become a martyr and her impatience to take action, according to the indictment and the U.S. official.

She is accused of recruiting women online to travel to Europe "in support of violent jihad," the indictment says.

ABC makes the distinction that LaRose was reportedly involved with recruiting white American women in order to get their passports and blend in with targeted western countries
"In addition to targeting the cartoonists the Feds say Larose was also involved in fundraising and recruiting other white American women."
Qoute from this video

Texas/Pennsylvania Ties:
"LaRose, 46, of Pennsburg but with close ties to south Texas, has been held without bail since her Oct. 15 arrest in Philadelphia."

Her boyfriend who moved with her to PA from Texas said she was not religious
Her boyfriend of five years said LaRose had never hinted at Muslim leanings or attended religious services of any kind. Kurt Gorman, 47, of Pennsburg, said that he met LaRose in Texas and that nothing seemed amiss until she moved out of their apartment without warning in August.

One of Group's Leaders busted in Ireland:
LaRose had targeted Vilks and had online discussions about her plans with at least one of several suspects apprehended over that plot Tuesday in Ireland, according to the U.S. official.

The Irish Times reported that American investigators believe that the leader of the group was an Algerian who has been living in Ireland for the past 10 years.

'Jihad Jane' indictment shows terror's evolution
Irish police said Wednesday those arrested were two Algerians, two Libyans, a Palestinian, a Croatian and an American woman married to one of the Algerian suspects. They were not identified by name.

The government is claiming she was given orders by unnamed individuals overseas
The indictment charges that LaRose, who also used the name Fatima LaRose online, agreed to try killing the target on orders from the unnamed terrorists she met online, and traveled to Europein August to do so.

Her incarceration has been kept secret since October 2009
Prosecutors accused Colleen R. LaRose, 46, of emailing terrorists sympathizers and offering to use her American looks and identity to carry out an attack. She was arrested last October but her incarceration was kept secret until today.

American and foreign governments used the time to sweep up a terrorist network in Ireland, according to news media in that country. The Irish Times said seven men, most from other nations, were arrested as part of a plot to murder a Swedish artist who drew a controversial image of the Prophet Muhammad.

FBI has been watching her but decides to arrest her AFTER she goes to Europe for her assassination attempt
LaRose was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport when she stepped off a plane from Europe in October. Her internet postings sympathetic to radical jihad attracted the FBI's attention.

In 2007 the threat against Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks allegedly originated with "Al-Qaeda" in Iraq:
"An Internet audio message said to be from al-Qaida in Iraq offered a $100,000 reward for killing a Swedish artist who caricatured the Prophet Mohammed.

The speaker, who said he was Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the head of the terrorist group, promised to increase the reward to $150,000 if Lars Vilks is slaughtered like a lamb, the BBC reported.

Recently threats to the U.S.A. have been coming from Yemen where the Underwear bomber was in contact with Yemen based provocateur Anwar al-Awlaki, who also was in contact with the Ft. Hood Texas shooter. See this thread for more on Yemen and Awlaki:

The Yemen/Somali links to attacks on European cartoonists seemed to have started back around Jan. of 2010 at the same time we were learning of the Underwear Bomber's links to Yemen:

Jan. 2nd 2010 : Attempt on Cartoonist in Denmark
A man linked to al-Shabaab tried to kill Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard at his home in Aarhus, Denmark. Westergaard was not hurt and the assailant was shot, wounded, and arrested.

Harakat al-Shabaab Mujahideen is a Somalia terrorist group:

Yemen again
Two police officers close to the investigation said those arrested were foreign-born Irish residents, mostly from Yemen and Morocco. The officers said the suspects had been under surveillance since November and were identified based on intelligence intercepts of e-mails and telephone calls monitored with help from anti-terrorist officials in the United States, Interpol and Sweden.

Somali man attacks cartoonist in Denmark
Vilks said in a telephone interview he received those threats shortly after Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard - who also faced extremist Muslim death threats for his 2005 depictions of Muhammad - was threatened when a Somali man wielding an ax broke into his home in Denmark on Jan. 1. Westergaard locked himself in a room and called police, who shot and wounded the attacker.

JihadJane was asked to send money to agents in Somalia
29. On or about September 25, 2009, CC #1 sent an electronic communication
to defendant COLLEEN R. LAROSE, a/k/a Fatima LaRose, a/k/a JihadJane, saying the
brothers are ready, and asking LAROSE to send money to Somalia.

Vilks said his telephone threats came from "a Swedish-speaking Somali.

JihadJanes video posting activity has been monitored by the FBI
Her video which was posted on YouTube was picked up by the FBI and her phone and emails intercepted and secretly monitored.

By March 2009 it is said she is ready to act on a plot to kill cartoonist Vilks
By March 2009, LaRose was allegedly ready to act on a plot to kill Vilks, The Post reported, based on the text of the federal indictment. /

She says she will provide financial help to her co-consipirators
LaRose also agreed to provide financial help to her coconspirators in Asia and Europe, the indictment charged.

There is still some ambiguity about her role as recruiter vs. recruited in news reports. Some sites downplay her recruiting role while some make more of it:
We're learning more this morning about LaRose, of Pennsburg, Pa., who with five unindicted co-conspirators stands accused of recruiting men on the Internet "to wage violent jihad in South Asia and Europe," and recruiting women "who had passports and the ability to travel to and around Europe in support of violent jihad."

Her online activity in support of Muslim groups is sad to have begun in June 2008. Her myspace cache is here:

In March 2009 she is making plans to kill the Swedish cartoonist
The indictment refers to e-mail messages in which a conspirator, citing how Ms. LaRoses appearance and American passport would make it easier for her to operate undetected, allegedly directed her in March 2009 to go to Sweden to help carry out a murder. She agreed to do so, writing, I will make this my goal till I achieve it or die trying, the indictment says. She and another unnamed American later posted online solicitations for money for that project, the document said.

In July 2009 a group tracking her activity reports her to the FBI
When she finally made an account which she actively solicited funds for the Pakistan Mujaheddin, which at this point I knew she had acquired the contacts for, I knew she had become a real threat for our safety and had officially violated U.S. Federal Law. It was time to report her. This being in July 2009 I formally called the FBI in Philadelphia to report her.

July 17, 2009 she is questioned by the FBI
Ms. LaRose had attracted the governments attention by then. She was questioned by F.B.I. agents on July 17, 2009, and falsely told them that she had never solicited money online for terrorism, had never used the alias JihadJane and had never made postings on a terrorist Web site, the court papers say.

After being question by the FBI and despite her March emails claiming intent to kill the Swedish cartoonist, she is allowed to leave the USA to Europe
Despite drawing the F.B.I.s attention, the indictment says Ms. LaRose traveled to Europe in August, joined an online community hosted by the intended Swedish victim in September and performed online searches to track him. She apparently never attempted to carry out the killing.

She is said to have no known source of income
Divorced with no known occupation, she lived in Texas before moving to the Philadelphia area in 2004.


LaRose had a difficult time finding money for the trip, however. In July, an accomplice posted an online appeal for money.

In August 2009 she moves to Europe
She moved to Europe in August with her boyfriend's stolen passport and intended to give it to one of her "brothers," the indictment said. She hoped to "live and train with jihadists and to find and kill" the targeted artist, it said.

Evidence that JihadJane was only pretending to be a Muslim

Her boyfriend although he is living with her, says he has no idea that she has a secret Muslim double life online
Her boyfriend, Kurt Gorman, told the Philadelphia Daily News that the two met in Ennis, Texas, several years ago and that nothing seemed amiss until she packed up her clothes and moved out of their apartment in Pennsburg without warning in August, the day after his father's funeral.

Two weeks after she leaves, the FBI visits the boyfriend. He says she didn't talk about Muslims
A few weeks later, two FBI agents visited him, and in November or December he was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury to testify, Gorman said.

"She never talked about international events, about Muslims, anything," he told the newspaper. "It's very strange. I still can't believe it."

Supposedly the FBI waited to arrest her so they could round up oher suspects
The FBI had kept the case secret while it looked for more suspects in the United States and abroad. The case was made public after seven men were arrested in Ireland this week, suspected of plotting to kill the Swedish cartoonist.

The Mainstream Media drift on this story is that she was being manipulated by the terrorists(as opposed to what we have seen before where American converts were actually the ones manipulating the patsies. At this point there doesn't seem to be enough info to come down on one side or the other)
The detention and identification of Colleen Renee LaRose, 46, a petite, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Pennsylvania women who goes by the nickname Jihad Jane, as an alleged terrorist has sparked fears in the US of a different kind of terrorist threat: A woman whose Western looks and American passport can give her access to places that most terrorists cant go. /

Her websites have all been scrubbed, she has been very busy online: /

Did she ever even go out in public dressed as a Muslim? Her boyfriend and neighbors don't seem to know anything about her Muslim beliefs
"You don't expect to see that in this kind of town," Michael Allem, a neighbor, said of the alleged murder plot. "But I've never really seen this person. I don't think I've ever seen someone even dressed like a Muslim in this town."

A soccer mom?

LaRose could easily fit the part of a soccer mom. She was described by neighbors as an average housewife.

It seems her Muslim life was covert and not made public
"To most people she is known as Colleen Larose, looking the part of a soccer mom. But the FBI claims her covert online name was JihadJane."
Qoute from Video here:

Is her boyfriend telling the truth? How does he live with her for 5 years and not notice she is dressing up and video taping herself on the internet roleplaying as a Muslim???
"A boyfriend of the American woman charged in a foreign terrorism plot says she never showed any Muslim or other religious leanings.

Kurt Gorman of suburban Philadelphia says Colleen LaRose mostly spent her days at their Pennsburg apartment.


Gorman says he spent five years with LaRose and saw no violent tendencies. He says he came home one day last summer and found her gone."

They met in Texas and then moved to Pennsburg Pennsylvania where they shared an apartment
Gorman met LaRose while working in Texas. They spent the next five years together. During that time, Gorman said LaRose spent most of her days inside their Pennsburg, Pennsylvania apartment.

In her online Muslim pictures she does seem to be making an effort to keep her face disquised. The youtube videos have all been pulled. I wonder if her face was fully visible in them when she was role playing as a Muslim?

Agent Provocateur?

As far back as 2008 it was noted by one website that she had a habit on Youtube of favoriting the most violent Al-Qaeda promoting clips on the site:
But in the last few days it seems Youtube has removed some of the most flagrant and famous pro al-Qaeda videos and accounts. Removing Jihad Jane is high profile. But Jane never uploaded any videos. She just favorited them. So removing her actually hurts a bit, she was good source for finding the users uploading the propaganda.

"We started sharing information since Colleen became their main source for finding terrorist videos on youtube since she was the main source for favoriting them."

"I noted this woman's dedication to Osama Bin Laden and her extreme hatred to the U.S. and all those who were not muslim wishing death upon us as well as favoriting and commenting on every terrorist video on youtube posting comments such as "you are doing a good job".

Government indictment documents on the LaRose case can be found here:

More details about who she was here mixed with attempts by the right to make her into an Obama supporter:

A list of some of her Youtube videos listed here: /

Netherlands Ties : JihadJane is apparently radicalized by a Muslim from the Netherlands
She claimed her conversion to Islam was related to meeting a Muslim while on vacation in Holland who somehow made her feel special which became her quest to find a much younger wealthy Muslim husband as evident by her other website accounts with photos of possible husbands including one with stashes of cash piled around his body. Many of her comments revealed a possible husband, much younger than her, and her typical excited giggles plus questions on visa websites asking how to get this possible husband to her. All of this later revealed in searches on the web after she became radicalized.

Jihad Jane in the Netherlands in front of voc ship

Another picture of JihadJane in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

From here:

Also, here's another American Muslim convert recently in the news for promoting Al-Qaeda terror to the world:

For more on Pennsylvania area Muslim Converts and agent provocateurs used to round up patsy Muslims see this thread:
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156.  Pennsylvania + Pakistan + Cartoonist Assassination Plots + Mumbai Terror Attack
David Coleman Headley (aka Daood Sayed Gilani) ties to Danish Cartoonist Assassination plot and Mumbai Terror attack
"CHICAGO -- The charming Pakistani-American man accused of scouting out the deadly 2008 Mumbai siege and plotting to kill a Danish cartoonist pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in a Chicago court Thursday.

David Coleman Headley, 49, admitted to using a friend's immigration company as a cover for surveillance activities in India and Denmark on behalf of two different Pakistan-based terrorist groups.


India and Washington blamed the deadly rampage on Pakistan's banned militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). The attacks stalled a fragile four-year peace process between the two nuclear-armed south Asian rivals.


Mr. Headley began working with an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Pakistan called Harakat-ul-Jihad-Islami on the Danish plot after LeT became distracted with the final planning for the Mumbai attack, charging documents said.

Mr. Headley began working with an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Pakistan called Harakat-ul-Jihad-Islami on the Danish plot after LeT became distracted with the final planning for the Mumbai attack, charging documents said.

David Coleman Headley's Pakistan + Pennsylvania Ties
Gilani was born in Washington, D. C., where his father, Sayed Salim Gilani, worked for the Voice of America, and his mother, Serrill Headley, was a secretary. Danyal Gilani, spokesman for the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gillani, is Headley's half brother.<4> When his parents broke up their marriage, Sayed Gilani went back to Pakistan, taking Daood and his sister with him. There Daood attended the Cadet College Hasan Abdal, a preparatory boys' high school for the military. In 1977 his mother traveled to Pakistan and brought him to live with her in the United States, where he grew up.<5> Serril Headley owned Khyber Pass, a pub in Philadelphia, and died in 2008.<6> In 1985 he married a Pennsylvania State University student, but they divorced in 1987 due to cultural conflicts.<7>

Gilani ran a video store in Philadelphia. In 1998 he was convicted of conspiring to smuggle heroin into the country from Pakistan.<8> After his arrest, he provided much information about his Pakistani drug contacts and got less than two years in jail. He later went to Pakistan to conduct undercover surveillance operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration.<5> In 2002 and three times in 2003, he attended Lashkar-e-Taiba training camps in Pakistan.<7>

Pennsylvanian JihadJane aka Colleen LaRose's involvement in plot to kill Swedish Cartoonist
A Pennsylvania woman who called herself JihadJane was tied Tuesday to an alleged assassination plot against a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the prophet Muhammad atop the body of a dog. ...

JihadJane aka Colleen Larose's ties to Pakistan
When she finally made an account which she actively solicited funds for the Pakistan Mujaheddin, which at this point I knew she had acquired the contacts for, I knew she had become a real threat for our safety and had officially violated U.S. Federal Law. It was time to report her. This being in July 2009 I formally called the FBI in Philadelphia to report her.
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173. New York Times Square Bomb Scare + New York + Texas + North Carolina + Pennsylvania
Edited on Mon May-03-10 06:30 AM by CrunchMaster
New York Police identify Texas owner of SUV in failed Times Square bombing
NEW York Police today confirmed the owner of the SUV involved in Saturday's failed Times Square bombing had been identified.

However, a spokeswoman told NewsCore they did not have the Nissan Pathfinder's owner in custody "as far as I know".

Earlier in the afternoon (local time), a law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity told The Wall Street Journal that the Nissan Pathfinder had been traced back to Texas, where it had been recorded as scrapped.

New York City police chief Raymond Kelly, at an afternoon press conference, said that the vehicle was not reported stolen.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted that investigators believed the car's actual owner had nothing to do with the bomb and that the vehicle's Connecticut licence plates didn't match the make of the car.

There seems to be some confusion on where the car originally came from
"Initially, investigators believed the last owner was in Texas and had donated the car to a charity in North Carolina, one official said. But that information proved to be incorrect.

The license plate on the S.U.V. was connected to a different vehicle that was awaiting repairs in Stratford, Conn., where F.B.I. agents and the local police awoke the owner of the repair shop at 3 a.m. Sunday.

The shop owner, Wayne LeBlanc, who runs Kramers Used Auto Parts, said that the authorities had seized a black Ford F-150 pickup truck. Were trying to help them identify who took the plates, he said.

Currently police are saying the Connecticut plates did not belong to this SUV
Police had already identified the registered owner of the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder which didn't have an easily visible vehicle identification number and had license plates from another car and were looking to interview him. Police also were searching more video, believed to be in the possession of a Pennsylvania tourist, of a person spotted near the car.

And they currently claim the Texas link is valid although the North Carolina link is now downplayed or ignored. The Texas owner is said to be uninvolved
Kelly said that investigators had identified the Pathfinder's owner but had not yet interviewed the person. Initially, they believed the last owner was in Texas and had donated the car to a charity in North Carolina, one official said. But they later learned that the owner was in Connecticut.

The SUV was taken to Queens where it would undergo testing
The Pathfinder was brought to a forensics center in Jamaica, Queens, where investigators were scouring it for DNA evidence and hairs, fibers and fingerprints. No fingerprints have yet been found, officials said, but analysis was in its early stages.

UK Telegraph attempts to tie this into South Park threat which also coincidently has a New York/North Carolina/Pennsylvania undercurrent. See this thread :

The Telegraph mentions the proximity of the Car bomb SUV to Viacom offices which owns the South Park series. UK Telegraph mentions which has members with ties to Queens New York, Fairfax area Virginia and North Carolina. Again, see the link right above.

But the UK Telegraph(like American media) fails to mention that is run by a bunch of American Muslim convert phonies (with ties to Anti-Muslim Israeli settlers) and seems to have little to do with any REAL Muslims.
"The device, which failed to detonate, was left near the offices of Viacom, which owns the irreverent cartoon series.

Last month postings on an Islamic website warned the creators of South Park - Matt Stone and Trey Parker - that they could face violent reprisals after an episode of the show featured Mohammed in a bear suit.

A posting on the website of a US-based group called Revolution Muslim warned Stone and Parker that they would probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker who was murdered in 2004 by a Muslim angered by his film about Muslim women."

The SITE Intelligence group(a spinoff of Rita Katz' original SITE Institute) says that it has evidence that a Pakistan claim for the Times Square attack is legit. Those involved with the SITE group have been known for repeatedly bringing Bin Laden videos to public attention and making the claims that the videos are legit videos from Bin Laden himself although others have challenged these claims.

The SITE group somehow has been in the privileged position to receive Al-Qaeda videos before the rest of the media and intelligence community.(Who's wagging Who?)
A small private intelligence company that monitors Islamic terrorist groups obtained a new Osama bin Laden video ahead of its official release last month, and around 10 a.m. on Sept. 7, it notified the Bush administration of its secret acquisition. It gave two senior officials access on the condition that the officials not reveal they had it until the al-Qaeda release.

The founder of the company, the SITE Intelligence Group, says this premature disclosure tipped al-Qaeda to a security breach and destroyed a years-long surveillance operation that the company has used to intercept and pass along secret messages, videos and advance warnings of suicide bombings from the terrorist group's communications network.

"Techniques that took years to develop are now ineffective and worthless," said Rita Katz, the firm's 44-year-old founder, who has garnered wide attention by publicizing statements and videos from extremist chat rooms and Web sites, while attracting controversy over the secrecy of SITE's methodology. Her firm provides intelligence about terrorist groups to a wide range of paying clients, including private firms and military and intelligence agencies from the United States and several other countries.


SITE -- an acronym for the Search for International Terrorist Entities -- was established in 2002 with the stated goal of tracking and exposing terrorist groups, according to the company's Web site. Katz, an Iraqi-born Israeli citizen whose father was executed by Saddam Hussein in the 1960s, has made the investigation of terrorist groups a passionate quest.

The SITE group has been endorsed by Black Water
Listed under "Security for the Professional", sponsored by Blackwater Security Consultants, Blackwater USA cites SITE Institute as "An Invaluable Resource" in its May 9, 2005, Blackwater Tactical Weekly newsletter.<13>

Some of SITE's Greatest Hits
A video from a guy named FluorideinWater that has a relevant news report on SITE. Not supporting any claims made by this guy. He just happens to have the only news clip i could find with this clip 1:12 seconds into the video

The coincidental or not so coincidental Pennsylvania connections in this Times Squares failed car bombing:
"Most of the ingredients of the explosive device could have been bought at a home-supply store. The canisters of propane were similar to those used for barbecue grills. The firecrackers were consumer-grade M-88s sold legally in some states, including Pennsylvania.


The authorities said they are studying hundreds of hours of surveillance footage from more than 80 cameras, including images of the man leaving the scene of the S.U.V. that were shot by a tourist in Times Square. Detectives flew by helicopter to Pennsylvania to interview the tourist."

SITE'S Pennsylvania Ties : The Co-founder of the original SITE Institute was Josh Devon who attended university in Pennsylvania.
Devon "has a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his Master's Degree in International Relations, concentrating in Middle East Studies," at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University.<1>

Other Pennsylvania Players involved with Wagging the American Dog Into War(Iraqi exile Aziz al-Taee, American rightwing prostitute/Blackmailer Jeff Gannon, Jewish businessman Nick Berg). Aziz al-Taee and Jeff Gannon in particular played a huge role in the disinformation campaign that led the U.S. into Iraq.

Coincidently, this Times Square Texas originated SUV car bomb(May 1st) has had the effect of drowning out news of Texas run Halliburton's acknowledgement the day before on Friday Apr. 30th that Halliburton had cemented the oil well 20 hours before the blow out on the British BP run rig
Investigators delving into the possible cause of the massive gulf oil spill are focusing on the role of Houston-based Halliburton Co., the giant energy services company, which was responsible for cementing the drill into place below the water. The company acknowledged Friday that it had completed the final cementing of the oil well and pipe just 20 hours before the blowout last week.

Halliburton should have been smashed to bits years ago for its crimes against the USA. You can thank blackmailed and compromised toesucking D.C. politicians for the fact that we are still getting fucked and ripped off by Halliburton after a long history of crimes and fuck ups: rape, shower electrocutions of U.S. soldiers, fraud, theft and now this obscene bullshit in the Mexican Gulf.

Halliburton apparently did the same thing last year off the coast of Australia
Last year, Halliburton was also implicated for its cementing work prior to a massive blowout off the coast of Australia, where a rig caught on fire and spewed hundreds of thousands of gallons into the sea for ten weeks.

In that incident, workers apparently failed to properly pump cement into the well, according to Elmer Danenberger, former head of regulatory affairs for the U.S. Minerals Management Service, who testified to an Australian commission probing that accident.

"The problem with the cementing job was one of the root causes in the Australian blowout," Danenberger told Huffington Post, adding that the rig crew didn't pick up on indications of an influx of fluids coming back in after they cemented the casing. "The crew didn't pick up on them and didn't take action."

Halliburton faulty shower wirings lead to electrocutions: /

Halliburton Rapes:

Halliburton Ripping off Taxpayers:

Halliburton giving dirty poisonous water to American Troops:

And now Halliburton destroys the entire goddamn south eastern U.S. coast.

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Response to Reply #173
174. Dude, do you just post everything you read?
How about some editing?
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175. THE JOKE ROLLS ON : The seller of SUV is from Connecticut and the bomber from Pakistan... again
Edited on Tue May-04-10 06:00 PM by CrunchMaster
Something about this still stinks to me but for the record, the news is no longer reporting any Texas and North Carolina ties to this SUV. Instead we have another attempted terrorist from Pakistan, video taped by a guy from Pennsylvania who winds up failing to bomb New York. The Craigslist seller is now said to be a teenage girl from Connecticut. I still find it odd that we have similarly themed Pakistan/Pennsylvania/Cartoon plot ties in this story just like we had in the Colleen LaRose AKA Jihad Jane story and also in the David Coleman Headley (aka Daood Sayed Gilani) terror plot story.

Those other Pakistan/Pennsylvania/Cartoon plots:

It is also interesting that "Al-Qaeda" which pulled off 9/11 no sweat... a feat many believe was too complicated for a bunch of amateurs living in the caves of Pakistan and Afghanistan... can't seem to be able to blow up cars or planes. They bomb and bring down to the ground two skyscrapers with planes. But they can't build reliable car bombs and hire kids who don't know how to detonate their underwear bomb??? The entire U.S. military is bombing people to bits in the Middle East to fight this enemy? Any fool could find a dozens ways to blow up a car. This is all a joke... but I am not sure yet what the joke is supposed to mean and what exactly the purpose behind the joke is.

Another joke... SITE reminds us all once again that Terrorists want to kill us
Here's another recent joke courtesy of Pakistan and brought to us by SITE that occurred at the same time as the Times Square failed bombing. Actually it occurred the day after. The day after the Times Square Bombing failed bombing, the SITE Intelligence group reminded Americans that we are a bunch of suckers that have been had. SITE, who as you remember has played a major part since 2002 in promoting whatever videos they can get their hands on that promote American War Hysteria(the founder of SITE is an Anti-Saddam Iraqi-Exile, think about it), released a video by some asshole named Hakimullah Mehsud, leader of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan or TTP in which this asshole says American cities are gonna get it.

SITE, if you have any more of these fucking terrorist PROPAGANDA videos with no specifics that can actually save anyone's lives, and that Americans really don't give a shit about seeing, how about you spare us all the nauseating boredom and simply pass this useless GARBAGE on directly to the FBI and CIA?!?

In the video, the "Al-Qaeda" Asshole reminds us that the U.S. Government lied when it said they had killed him in a drone strike. See, he's still alive America. See how you are being fucked with? As a bonus, Asshole also promises more attacks against the U.S.A. Of course, there is no real evidence Asshole had anything to do with this Times Square attack all. Like most of these videos he didn't mention specifics or any hint at all that he is actually masterminding these attacks. He simply takes credit for it and links it all back to "Al-Qaeda" so the U.S.A. can be sure to keep dry humping this long dead horse called "The War on Terror" that benefits NO ONE except western defense contractors and a few lame countries in the middle east in bed with those defense contractors and that want free American defense of their borders.

"Islamabad, Pakistan (AHN) - A videotape showing the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan warning of attacks in the U.S. appeared over the weekend indicating he was not killed in a drone attack in January.

The videotape of Hakimullah Mehsud, leader of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan or TTP, delivering the warning appeared a day after a car bomb was discovered in Times Square, New York City. The videotape believed to be recorded on April 19 was released by SITE, a US-based group monitoring Taliban media.

Pakistani intelligence officials said last week Mehsud survived a January drone attack targeting him and is still alive. U.S. Defense Department spokesman Geoff Morrell also admitted last week that they are not sure if Mehsud was dead or alive.

Here's Asshole Terrorist Mastermind Hakimullah Mehsud pretending to be a terrorist. Look at his face. Or maybe he is pretending to be pretending?

Back in February, Pakistan had promised us Asshole was dead and buried.
"Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud is dead, three Taliban sources and a government official said Tuesday.

There were conflicting reports about where Mehsud died. The government official told CNN Mehsud died as a result of the January 14 attack in North Waziristan. He was seriously injured, and was moved to the Orakzai region, where he died and was buried more than a week ago, the official said, citing information from local pro-government militias." /

And now the most recent spin is that the Times Square bombing is part of a larger terror plot from overseas based in Pakistan and of course what this means is that the USA will have to step up the bombing of Afghanistan and other regional patsy countries being used as flypaper for muslim patsies.

Times Square bomber part of overseas network based in Pakistan
"Faisal Shahzad gave the impression of a quiet family man, raising two small children with his wife in Shelton, Conn. and telling neighbors he worked on Wall Street. Now the Pakistani-American is accused of trying to detonate a homemade car bomb in New York City's bustling Times Square.

Shahzad was on board a Dubai-bound flight at Kennedy Airport when FBI agents and New York Police Department detectives took him into custody late Monday, law enforcement officials said."
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Response to Reply #175
176. I think you forgot to tell us about what you had for breakfast this morning and...
how that ties in to everything.

Really, dude...what is the point of this OP?
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Response to Reply #176
177. if you must know
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Response to Reply #177
178. So, where are you going with all of this?
Does this OP have a point? How many hours do you spend of these monologues?
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Response to Reply #178
179. way, way less time then you spend here on DU...
Duderstadt Dude, it took me minutes to write that post after reading the news. And it really doesn't matter when I post something. I can count on you to write a one line response to it within minutes asking me the same question for the billionth time "where are you going with all of this? Does this OP have a point?" I answered the question and promised not to do it again. Yet you keep asking. Do I really need to remind you about what they say about doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome?

Duderstadt, get out and get some sun. Get a hobby or something. Posting dozens and dozens of 1 liners all day is really, really, really lame. Admit it.

I just posted that and you responded to it in what? 5 minutes? Sad.
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Response to Reply #179
180. "dozens and dozens of 1 liners all day"

Look at my profile. You'll find that I average about five posts a day and that's being generous.

On the other hand, read your long, meandering, incoherent posts and calculate who spends more time, dude. Tu quo?

Again, your OP's are not immune from criticism and it's clear that numerous others have leveled the same criticism. Where the fuck are you going with all this?
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Response to Reply #173
181. Times Square Bomber + Pakistan + Pennsylvania + Army Intelligence (Remember Curt Weldon/Able Danger)
Edited on Wed May-05-10 03:10 PM by CrunchMaster
What would an American terror attack be without some type of mysterious Pennsylvania ties?

Times Square FAIL Bomber bought fireworks at Pennsylvania Store
Associated Press Writers= NEW YORK (AP) A man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square was videotaped buying consumer-grade fireworks at a Pennsylvania store that a company official said were not nearly strong enough to make a powerful bomb.

Bruce Zoldan, president of Ohio-based Phantom Fireworks, said Faisal Shahzad, 30, was captured on surveillance video buying fireworks from his company's Matamoras, Pa., showroom, within the last two months.

"The M-88 he used wouldn't damage a watermelon," Zoldan said. "Thank goodness he used that."

Isn't it just a bit odd, that a guy from Pennsylvania just happened to be the one who caught the failed car bombing on tape???

Emirates Airlines allows guy on watch list to board plane
Emirates airlines also didn't initially notice when Shahzad purchased a ticket that he had been placed on the government's no-fly list, according to a law enforcement official. Emirates said in a statement Wednesday that it is in "full compliance" with U.S. passenger check-in procedures and works closely with the government to regularly update security watch lists.

Another revelation that is being largely scrubbed from the news...

It was Army Intelligence that led to the capture of the Times Square FAIL Bomber. Below is a screenshot from a story where the following quote has been scrubbed:

"In the end, it was secret Army intelligence planes that did him in. Armed with his cell phone number, they circled the skies over the New York area, intercepting a call to Emirates Airlines reservations, before scrambling to catch him at John F. Kennedy International Airport."

A new version can be read here without the references to Army Intelligence:

Gawker is talking about these Army spy planes here:

Jeremy Scahill is talking about it here:
UPDATED: Were US Special Forces Involved in the Arrest of Faisal Shahzad?

Of course all of that starts to sound familiar(9/11). Before 9/11, Army Intelligence was running the Able Danger program which Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania was all over.

Able Danger was a a Data Mining program run out of MacDill AFB, Florida and at one time a Garland Texas Raytheon facility. Able Danger's data mining technique was being used to predict where terror attacks were about to occur. They predicted the USS Cole bombing in Yemen and 9/11(everyone was predicting 9/11, only no one chose to do anything about it).

A lot can be written about what all of this implies and where it is leading. A lot has been written that points to what it means. It is simply being ignored by the American media.

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Response to Reply #181
182. So Pennsylvania is in on it?
But in on what?
You do realize your posts make absolutely no sense, right?
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Response to Reply #173
206. Red State Oil-Leak-A-Palooza NC+UT+PA
Edited on Sun Jun-13-10 02:30 PM by CrunchMaster
Oil and gas disasters are all the rage these days since BP has taken over the media's attention and showed the world Oil Leaks are the new In Thing.

Since this post that i am responding to was me noting the "coincidence" of the New York terror bombing threat with UK BP and Texas Halliburton's destruction of the gulf I thought I would post about all of the recent and coincidental "accidental" oil leaks occurring in states that are familiar to those watching this thread. (Utah not so much. I don't even think I have mentioned Utah in this thread)

Pennsylvania - 6/3/2010
Emergency crews contain Pa. gas well leak

North Carolina - 6/13/2010
Massive fire burns at gas company in North Carolina

North Carolina - 6/09/2009
Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally?) about 1 year ago on June 9th 2009 a major explosion blew up a ConAgra plant in North Carolina: /

Utah - 6/12/2010
Residents to Chevron: Clean up the mess

"A leak from Chevron's underground oil pipeline may have gone undetected for hours as it spilled 50 gallons of crude a minute Saturday into Salt Lake City's Red Butte Creek."

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Response to Reply #16
25. Duplicate post
Edited on Fri Nov-20-09 04:43 AM by CrunchMaster
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Response to Reply #16
47. 1979 : Pakistan ISI backed Al-Fuqra begins terror attacks in USA
Edited on Tue Jan-05-10 06:02 AM by CrunchMaster
From this thread

you will notice that in the summer of 1979 the CIA, Saudis and Pakistan had setup and began funding Islamist mujahidin forces inside Afghanistan. This was done in an attempt to draw the Soviets into a war in Afghanistan. The soviets did end up going to war in Afghanistan on December 24th 1979.

Coincidently or not so coincidently in the summer of 1979 a Pakistan based black muslim terrorist group called Jamaat al-Fuqra was formed and began a terror campaign in the USA. In the beginning their attacks were mostly targeted towards Indians living within the USA. The attacks as is the pattern, seem to occur mostly in the same terrorist "safe zone" states that come up so often in American terror cases: Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, San Diego, CA. Al-Fuqra was formed by Pakistani cleric Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani. Gilani is said to have also had connections to shoebomber Richard Reid. Pakistani directed Al-Fuqra members will be involved in the Landmarks bombing case in 1993. For more on al-Fuqra and U.S./Saudi surveillance and frameups of black muslim terror patsies see this thread:

A Violent History: Reported Incidents Linked to Al-Fuqra

August 31, 1979: San Diego, California - Attack at a Hare Krishna temple.

November 21, 1979: Queens, New York - Attack on an Iranian (Shi'ite) mosque.

September 1, 1982: Tempe, Arizona - Attack on the Islamic Cultural Center.

July, 1983: Portland, Oregon - A hotel owned by the Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, an Indian guru, was firebombed by a member of Al-Fuqra. Three pipe bombs were placed in a room on the fourth floor of the hotel by Stephen Paster, who is said to be one of the organizers of Al-Fuqra in the United States.

August 8, 1983: Canton, Michigan - A leader of the Muslim Ahmadiyya sect, Dr. Mozaffar Ahmad, is shot to death. The Ahmadiyya Center of Detroit is set on fire shortly afterward. William Cain, an Al-Fuqra follower from Akron, Ohio was identified as Ahmad's murderer. Both he and an accomplice, Calvin Jones were killed in the fire.

June 16, 1984: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - The Hare Krishna Temple of Philadelphia is firebombed.

June 17, 1984: Seattle, Washington - The Integral Yoga Society, a Hindu religious institution, and the Vendanta Society, a Sikh religious institution, are bombed. Stephen Paster of Englewood, Colorado was later arrested in connection to the bombing. After searching his car, police found a .12 gauge firing device and a "shopping list" of the materials required to build a radio-controlled explosive device.

June-July, 1984: Kansas City, Missouri - A defective bomb is found at the Vedanta Society.

August 1, 1984: Seattle, Washington - A member of the Seattle Vedanta Society, John Liczwinko, is attacked.

August 1, 1984: Denver - A Hare Krishna temple is firebombed, causing $150,000 in damage. James Williams and Edward Flinton, two members of the Al-Fuqra sect, were charged with conspiracy-to commit murder in March of 1993 in relation to the incident.

August 1, 1984: Overland Park, Kansas - Srinivasu Dasari, a Hindu physician, is kidnapped and presumed dead.

August 1, 1984: Tacoma, Washington - Three East Indians are shot to death in a suburb of that city.

February 1, 1985: Leetsdale, Colorado - Fire breaks out at a power station.

June 22, 1985: Houston, Texas - Attack on a local mosque.

June 26, 1985: Englewood, Colorado - A member of Al-Fuqra named Stephen Paster is arrested for the second time after having jumped bail subsequent to his arrest in 1983 for allegedly bombing the Rajneeesh Hotel in Portland, Oregon. He was arrested on charges of arson, "type-2 bombings, possession of a type-2 bombing device, and flight from prosecution." Paster was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison in Oregon. He served just four years and then moved to Pakistan. There, he reportedly trained jihadis in bombmaking in cooperation with the ISI.

July 5, 1985: Rockford, Illinois - Attack on the Vat Thothikalam Lao.

December 1, 1985: Rockford Illinois - Attack on a Laotian temple.

May 28, 1986: Bethany, West Virginia - Attack on Randall Gorby, who is linked to the Hare Krishna temple in Philadelphia.

September 17, 1988: Augusta, Georgia - A doctor is shot to death in front of Humana Hospital.

September 16, 1989: Colorado Springs - Law enforcement officials discover a cache of bombs and ammunition in a storage locker. Among the items found were an assault rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, a "bag full" of revolvers, silencers, a footlocker "filled to the top" with ammunition," a crate of black powder, three pipe bombs "fused and ready to blow," homemade hand grenades and mines, home-cooked plastic explosive, bags of electric wiring, fuses, mercury switches and timing devices. Also found in the storage locker were "Fuqra-type" documents and photographs, of the Jewish Community Center and the Hare Krishna Temple in Denver. Other items included documents for creating false identifications, a large photo of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, and target silouettes labeled FBI Anti-Terrorist Team, Zionist Pig, Delta Team, and SAS (British Special Air Service), as well as surveillance information on various infrastructure and military targets.

January 31, 1990: Tucson, Arizona: Imam Rashid Khalifa, leader of an area mosque is stabbed to death by members of the al-Fuqra sect. In February of 1993, conspiracy charges are filed against Edward Flinton and James Williams of Colorado for having plotted the murder. The actual perpetrators of the murder have yet to be found.

March 30, 1990: Quincy, Massachusetts - Attack on the Islamic Center of Quincy.

December 31, 1990: Colorado - Five members of Al-Fuqra are reported to have illegally collected and cashed $355,000 in checks from a Colorado state workers' compensation insurance fund. Four of them, Vicente Rafael Pierre, James Williams, James Upshur, and Edward McGhee were arrested in October of 1992. A fifth member, James Childs, is still at large.

January 11, 1991: San Diego, California - Attack on the Islamic Cultural Center of San Diego.

October, 1991 - Toronto, Canada and Brooklyn, New York - Five members of Al-Fuqra are arrested at Niagara Falls at the Canadian border and charged with conspiracy to commit murder by plotting to bomb a Hindu temple and an Indian theater in Toronto. Two of the arrested men, Khidr Ali and Glenn Neville Ford are from Toronto, Canada and Caba Jose Harris, Robert Junior Wesley and Tyron Junior Cole are from Texas. Among the documents in the possession of the men were "detailed aerial photographs and floor plans of the two sites," and included assignments for a "recon team," a "hit team" and a "guard team." One part of the overall plan was to enter one of the buildings through a men's restroom window, and another part of the plan suggested that a woman member of the group should plant a bomb in the women's restroom of the building. Videotapes of the interiors of the buildings were also found in the possession of the men.

In Brooklyn, the FBI and local police discovered weapons in an apartment inhabited by an alleged leader of the group, Wilfred Savary, a.k.a. Mustafa Muhammad Abd al-Rashid - "Abdu Rashid." Savary was the owner of the Chevy Suburban that the five men were using to cross the Canadian border into the United States. Nine loaded semi-automatic assault weapons and a "large quantity" of ammunition was found in Savary's apartment, the most notable of which was a rifle with a scope. In October of 1993, the trial of the five alleged Al-Fuqra members began in Saint Catharines in Ontario, Canada amid heavy security.

March 4, 1992 - The New York City Department of Investigation issues a memorandum condemning an unauthorized, covert investigation carried out by law enforcement officers near an Islamic compound. The memo says the officers' actions were based on "irrational fears". We now know this location to be the US headquarters of Jamaat ul-Fuqra. One year after this report, the World Trade Center was attacked. Several members of Fuqra were caught mixing explosives in a related plot and charged in the conspiracy. They had been reportedly been trained at the compound in question.

October 8, 1992: Al-Fuqra Compound, near Buena Vista, Colorado - An arsenal of attack weapons is discovered in a search of a remote compound run by members of the Al-Fuqra sect. Hidden in an old mine shaft were 30 semi-automatic weapons and "several thousand rounds of ammunition" discovered by law enforcement officials in a raid on the compound. The assault weapons included AK-47, M-16 and M-14 rifles. Four members of the sect were charged with fraud: Edward Ivan McGhee, James L. Upshur, James D. Williams, and Vicente Rafael Pierre. A fifth member, Chris Childs, is still at large. Documents discovered at the compound revealed the group's intended targets in Denver, Tucson, and Los Angeles. Thirty members of the Al-Fuqra sect were at the compound at the time of the raid - one man, "three or four women," and the rest children.

February, 1993: Pennsylvania - FBI officials search for weapons at a shooting range suspected of being used by Al-Fuqra members. Two Al-Fuqra members from Colorado were arrested in 1992 near the site.

June 24, 1993: New York - Eight men are arrested in connection with a plot to bomb four sites in New York City, including the United Nations, FBI headquarters, and the Holland and Lincoln tunnels. Among those arrested is Clement Rodney Hampton-El (a.k.a. "Rashid" or "Dr. Rashid"), who is reported to be a member of Al-Fuqra.

August 3, 1993: New York - A gang of ten gun and explosives dealers are arrested in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island for allegedly selling illegal weapons. The gang was led by a group of African-American Muslims who claimed inspiration from Sheikh'Umar Abd al Rahman. A member of the group, a private security guard named Lamont Holder (a.k.a. Masoud Shaheed) reportedly offered to obtain pipe bombs from a person he described as "a friend of 'Rashid"' (i.e., Clement Rodney Hampton-El). After Hampton-El's arrest in June, Holder lost hope of obtaining the pipe bombs, saying that "Rashid's" arrest cancelled the possibility of securing them.
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Response to Reply #47
273. U.S. Funds Pakistan Gov + Pakistan Funds Taliban + Taliban attacks U.S. and NATO + $BILLIONS$ GONE
Edited on Mon Oct-04-10 09:17 PM by CrunchMaster
On November 11th, 2009, there was an article by Aram Roston titled "How the US Funds the Taliban."

It exposes the root of why this war will never be won. Our criminals are in bed with their criminals. Together they create a Love Child called the Taliban and Al-Qaeda which we will be fighting forever. The corrupt Pakistan and Afghan government which the U.S. pays and protects with our corrupt Defense Contractors is never going to stop funding the terrorists we are fighting. It is never going to end.

The original threat if there really ever was one is gone
In 2001, Al-Qaida only numbered 300 members. Most have since been killed. A handful escaped to Pakistan. Only a few remain in Afghanistan. Yet President Obama insists 68,000 or more US troops must stay in Afghanistan to fight al-Qaida and prevent extremists from re-acquiring `terrorist training camps.

Remember this statement by Leon Panetta???
Panetta: 'Maybe 50 to 100' al Qaeda left in Afghanistan
CIA Director Leon Panetta said Sunday morning that Al Qaeda's presence in Afghanistan has become weakened to the point where it is now "relatively small," with perhaps even fewer than 100 members now in the country.

"I think at most, we're looking at maybe 50 to 100, maybe less," Panetta told ABC's Jake Tapper, adding that "there's no question that the main location of Al Qaeda is in tribal areas of Pakistan."


The troop presence in Afghanistan currently stands at about 100,000 U.S. troops and 40,000 from other countries. There have been 1,124 American military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001.


ANSWER: BECAUSE THE "WAR ON TERROR" IS A PIPING HOT LOAD OF HORSE SHIT designed to suck your dollars out of your pocket just like NAFTA and the Wall Street bailout were a piping hot load of horse shit. The ONLY enemy that was ever there, was the enemy we created when we invaded Iraq and Aghanistan to go after a handle of Saudis that had their home base in Germany and Florida and that were followed around by German intelligence, the Israelis and then Able Danger and the FBI before EVERYONE DROPPED THE FUCKING BALL AND ALLOWED THEM TO TAKE DOWN THE TOWERS.

9/11 from what I see is work of a bunch of transnationals who collaborated on a little war venture along that hotly contested mid-East oil pipeline route. And the reasons used as cover for this joint venture of phoney war in the Middle East just keeps changing:

1. 1st It was to Get Iraq because it had WMD and was Tied to Al-Qaeda
2. Then it was to protect Iraqi Freedoms ie. (O)peration (I)raqi (L)iberation
3. Then it was all about getting Osama Bin Laden and his network of Terror
4. Then it was about Afghanistan's Freedom
5. Then it was about bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the border regions
6. Now it's the Taliban that we stirred up like a hornet's nest


How the US Funds the Taliban
But Popal was more than just a former mujahedeen. In 1988, a year before the Soviets fled Afghanistan, Popal had been charged in the United States with conspiring to import more than a kilo of heroin. Court records show he was released from prison in 1997.

Flash forward to 2009, and Afghanistan is ruled by Popal's cousin President Hamid Karzai. Popal has cut his huge beard down to a neatly trimmed one and has become an immensely wealthy businessman, along with his brother Rashid Popal, who in a separate case pleaded guilty to a heroin charge in 1996 in Brooklyn. The Popal brothers control the huge Watan Group in Afghanistan, a consortium engaged in telecommunications, logistics and, most important, security. Watan Risk Management, the Popals' private military arm, is one of the few dozen private security companies in Afghanistan. One of Watan's enterprises, key to the war effort, is protecting convoys of Afghan trucks heading from Kabul to Kandahar, carrying American supplies.

Welcome to the wartime contracting bazaar in Afghanistan. It is a virtual carnival of improbable characters and shady connections, with former CIA officials and ex-military officers joining hands with former Taliban and mujahedeen to collect US government funds in the name of the war effort.

Taliban takes U.S. funds, report says
WASHINGTON Taliban and Afghan warlords are extorting some of the $2.16 billion the Defense Department has paid to local contractors who transport food, water, ammunition and fuel to U.S. military forces in Afghanistan, according to a House investigation to be released Tuesday.

Trucking contractors say they pay as much as $150,000 a month to warlords in "protection" money, and investigators concluded that payments for safe passage are a significant source of Taliban funding, according to a report by the staff of Rep. John Tierney, D-Mass., who heads the House national security and foreign affairs subcommittee.

In a letter to subcommittee members, Tierney criticized the Pentagon for a contract "that put responsibility for the security of vital U.S. supplies on contractors and their unaccountable security providers."

He wrote, "This arrangement has fueled a vast protection racket run by a shadowy network of warlords, strongmen, commanders and corrupt Afghan officials, and perhaps others." He said the payoffs violate the law and appear "to risk undermining the U.S. strategy for achieving its goals in Afghanistan."


In this grotesque carnival, the US military's contractors are forced to pay suspected insurgents to protect American supply routes. It is an accepted fact of the military logistics operation in Afghanistan that the US government funds the very forces American troops are fighting. And it is a deadly irony, because these funds add up to a huge amount of money for the Taliban. "It's a big part of their income," one of the top Afghan government security officials told The Nation in an interview. In fact, US military officials in Kabul estimate that a minimum of 10 percent of the Pentagon's logistics contracts--hundreds of millions of dollars--consists of payments to insurgents.

And when that relationship goes sour, our "friends" in the war on terror start allowing attacks on the U.S. and NATO:

Taliban claim deadly NATO tanker blaze in Pakistan
MIRANSHAH, Pakistan (AFP) Pakistani Taliban militants Monday claimed two fiery attacks on Afghanistan-bound NATO supply convoys in which nearly 60 trucks have been torched in three days -- and vowed more to come.

At least three people were killed when 20 NATO oil tankers were set ablaze by attackers armed with Molotov cocktails near the Pakistani capital, as a separate blockade of a main land route for NATO supplies continued for a fifth day.

Television pictures showed towers of flame springing from the trucks, which were filling up just outside Islamabad en route to Afghanistan early in the morning.

In a similar incident on Friday in the south, heavily armed gunmen set ablaze more than two dozen trucks and tankers carrying fuel for the 152,000-strong foreign forces fighting the Taliban-led insurgency. /

Hillary Clinton lures Pakistan with $500m new aid package

Afghanistan war: How USAID loses hearts and minds
One battle in the other Afghanistan war: How a mismanaged $60 million USAID project alienated those it aimed to help.

Pakistan floods: US announces extra $60m in aid

American Tax Dollars, Stolen, Going, Going, GONE!
Corruption Suspected in Airlift of Billions in Cash From Kabul
KABULMore than $3 billion in cash has been openly flown out of Kabul International Airport in the past three years, a sum so large that U.S. investigators believe top Afghan officials and their associates are sending billions of diverted U.S. aid and logistics dollars and drug money to financial safe havens abroad.

The cashpacked into suitcases, piled onto pallets and loaded into airplanesis declared and legal to move. But U.S. and Afghan officials say they are targeting the flows in major anticorruption and drug trafficking investigations because of their size relative to Afghanistan's small economy and the murkiness of their origins.

Officials believe some of the cash, if not most, is siphoned from Western aid projects and U.S., European and NATO contracts to provide security, supplies and reconstruction work for coalition forces in Afghanistan.

"It's not like they grow money on trees here," said a U.S. official investigating corruption and Taliban financing.

"A lot of this looks like our tax dollars being stolen. And opium, of course."


The officials believe hawala customers who have sent millions of dollars of their money abroad include high-ranking officials and their associates in President Hamid Karzai's administration, including Vice President Mohammed Fahim, and one of the president's brothers, Mahmood Karzai, an influential businessmen.

What is really going on. The U.S. and its Allies are rolling through the Middle East creating enemies where it had none in order to justify the global destabilization and looting project that western and middle eastern fascist elite put into operation on 9/11 2001.

Below a snippet from article by Eric Margolis on how the Afghanistan war is bullshit:

- October 12, 2009

President Barack Obama and Congress are wrestling with widening the war in Afghanistan. After eight years of military operations costing US $236 billion, the US commander in Afghanistan just warned of the threat of `failure, aka defeat.

Truth is wars first casualty. The Afghan Wars biggest untruth is, `weve got to fight terrorists over there so we dont have to fight them at home. Politicians and generals keep using this canard to justify a war they cant otherwise explain or justify.

Many North Americans still buy this lie because they believe the 9/11 attacks came directly from the Afghanistan-based al-Qaida and Taliban movements.

Not true. The 9/11 attacks were planned in Germany and Spain, and conducted mainly by US-based Saudis to punish America for supporting Israels repression of the Palestinians.

Taliban, a militant religious, anti-Communist movement of Pashtun tribesmen, was totally surprised by 9/11. Osama bin Laden, on whom 9/11 is blamed, was in Afghanistan as a guest because he was a national hero for fighting the Soviets in the 1980s and was aiding Talibans struggle against the Afghan Communist-dominated Northern Alliance afterwards.

Taliban received US aid until May, 2001. The CIA was planning to use Osama bin Ladens al-Qaida to stir up Muslim Uighurs against Chinese rule, and to employ Taliban against Russias Central Asian allies. Most of the so-called `terrorist training camps in Afghanistan were being run by Pakistani intelligence to prepare mujahidin fighters for combat in Indian-held Kashmir.

In 2001, Al-Qaida only numbered 300 members. Most have since been killed. A handful escaped to Pakistan. Only a few remain in Afghanistan. Yet President Obama insists 68,000 or more US troops must stay in Afghanistan to fight al-Qaida and prevent extremists from re-acquiring `terrorist training camps.

This claim, like Saddams non-existent weapons of mass destruction, is a handy slogan to market war to the public. Today, half of Afghanistan is under Taliban control. Anti-American militants could more easily use Somalia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, North and West Africa, or Sudan. They dont need remote Afghanistan. The 9/11 attacks were planned in apartments, not camps.

However backwards and oafish its Pashtun tribesmen, they have no desire or interest in attacking America. Taliban are the sons of the US-backed mujahidin who defeated the Soviets in the 1980s. Taliban never was Americas enemy. Instead of invading Afghanistan in 2001, the US should have paid Taliban to uproot al-Qaida as I wrote in the Los Angeles Times in 2001.

The Pashtun tribes want to end foreign occupation and drive out the Afghan Communists and drug lords, who now dominate the US-installed Kabul regime. But the US has blundered into a full-scale war not just with Taliban, but with most of Afghanistans fierce Pashtun tribes, who comprise over half the population.

This conflict is now spreading into Pashtun regions of Pakistan. Last week, the US Ambassador in Islamabad actually called for US air and missile attacks on the Pakistans city of Quetta, where some senior Taliban figures are said to be located.

The US is sinking ever deeper into the South Asian morass. Washington is trying to arm-twist Pakistan into being more obedient and widening the war against its own independent-minded Pashtun tribes - wrongly called `Taliban.

Washingtons incredibly ham-handed efforts to use US $7.5 billion to bribe Pakistans feeble, corrupt government and army, take control of military promotions, and get some sort of control over Pakistans nuclear arsenal, sparked a firestorm of anger. Pakistans soldiers are on the verge of revolt.

So, too, Washingtons plans to build a 1,000-person fortress embassy in Islamabad, a consulate in Peshawar that will clearly serve as an intelligence base, and the deployment of growing numbers of US mercenaries in Pakistan.

Its all a neat circle. Washington says it will need more personnel and a bigger embassy to supervise the distribution of the increased aid to Pakistan, and more mercenaries (aka `contractors) to protect them.

President Obama has been under intense pressure to expand the war from flag-waving Republicans, much of the media, and the hawkish national security establishment. Israels supporters, including many Congressional Democrats, want to see the US seize Pakistans nuclear arms and expand the Afghan war into Iran. Israels hawkish foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, recently identified Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran as the main threats to Israel.

President Obama should admit Taliban is not and never was a threat to the west; that the wildly exaggerated al-Qaida has been mostly eradicated; and that the US-led war in Afghanistan is causing more damage to US interests in the Muslim world now 25% of all humanity than Bin Laden and his few rag-tag allies. The bombing in Madrid and London, and conspiracy in Toronto, were all horribly wrongheaded protests by young Muslims against the Afghan War.

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Response to Original message
9. Excellent summary. nt
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Response to Original message
11. Left out was point eighteen:
Edited on Thu Nov-12-09 03:21 PM by truedelphi
Paper passports shall always be left behind in strategic yet easy to find positions. Such that the "Terrorists" may be identified.

These paper passports will always be able to withstand anything - even the heat and shock forces that vaporize the black boxes.
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Response to Original message
12. Columbine Shooting, Oklahoma City Bombing, Virgina Tech Massacre...
Get a grip. What you have here is an incoherent WOT that shows only delusional paranoia. You have no facts to back up your assertions especially with respect to the above incidents.

The entire OP is a joke.
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Response to Original message
14. Gov. busts up Iranian network in New York, Maryland, California, Texas; Virginia;
Edited on Fri Nov-13-09 09:54 PM by CrunchMaster
See #4 in OP. Now lets see if the Feds go after the dirty Iran-Contra operatives on the American side who knew they were operating here for all of these years and took no action.
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Response to Reply #14
18. Link to story on alleged Iranian network in U.S.
"The assets include bank accounts; Islamic centers consisting of schools and mosques in New York, Maryland, California and Houston; more than 100 acres in Virginia; and a 36-story Manhattan office tower. Confiscating the properties would be a sharp blow against Iran, which the U.S. government has accused of bankrolling terrorism and trying to build a nuclear bomb."
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Response to Original message
15. k
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Response to Original message
19. You left out "Publish a nearly complete blueprint of their plans a year ahead of the event."
PNAC - Rebuilding America's Defenses: "absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor"
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Response to Reply #19
20. I left out a quite a few things
Going to need to do a ver. 2.0 at some point. Looking at so many alleged terror cases over the years you have to wonder why the guys planning and leading the attacks always seem to get away or are protected by the same governments they are attacking.
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Response to Reply #19
21. You might consider reading Rebuilding America's Defenses before
Edited on Wed Nov-18-09 06:23 AM by LARED
describing it as a blue print for 9/11.
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Response to Reply #21
22. Oh, I've read it. My post was somewhat hyperbolic.
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Response to Original message
26. Amen brother
This one is a keeper. Now, how do we spread the word to the masses? The masses are actually hysterical that the Gitmo farmers and taxi drivers are going to be held in prisons in their states. The Official Story is such a massive evil, criminal fraud.
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Response to Reply #26
27. The masses already know...
Edited on Sat Nov-21-09 11:02 PM by CrunchMaster
They just cannot admit it yet. People in the media know but can't talk about it because they are held in check by dirtbags at the top of the media organizations who are in turn held in check by other dirtbags with even more power in D.C. and Virginia. Everyone is keeping a polite forward face but we all know who the convicted rapist in the room is. Except for the really hardcore Republican types, people already mostly understand how what and who is behind 9/11 and what the network is that brought the hijackers here was and who has been protecting them(it's underground, rightwing, fascist, and international). Although the media doesn't discuss it, people already know because the information is basically all out there. Movies and books are written that point in the direction of the culprits. We know. Yet we are still expected to keep the polite forward face as a matter of being "civil" and polite at the dinner table.

People get that there are a handful of guys in certain right wing parts of the country in particular(though not exclusively) and in the U.S. government and agencies that are out there free today that actually conspired with their counterparts in foreign governments to allow the terrorists into the United States for geopolitical and strategic reasons in the middle east and also to achieve their own selfish political goals here at home(like trashing the federal government, clamping down on dissent, and pushing tax dollars into their pork barrel defense projects). These guys are now feverishly trying to cover their tracks and spread disinformation and scapegoat arabs, jews, blacks, liberals and to some extent even southern whites for something we all know damn well was created, controlled and protected by intelligence and security agencies and their dirtbag lackeys both foreign and domestic working behind the scenes together to export terror and keep the world at war... the dam on all of this is really beyond ready to burst.. the economy is bad, people are tired of war, even the ones who voted for it. If these guys were to create another government protected "accident" in the name of keeping us in Afghanistan and Iraq I imagine you will see a frog march in this country the likes of which the world hasn't seen since Nuremberg
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Response to Original message
28. UPDATE #1 : American Faux Terror started with U.S./Canada surveillance and frameups of Muslims
About to post another long post, thought I'd tidy up the way I update this thread before starting the new ones
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Response to Original message
29. UPDATE #2 : The Pennsylvania/Oklahoma white supremacist and Muslim Bro. connections
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Response to Original message
30. UPDATE #2.5 : DC Sniper Shootings in Runup to Iraq War Authorization
Edited on Sat Dec-05-09 10:46 PM by CrunchMaster
Going to post this in a new thread with a few more calories and cleaned up, and with a link here on this thread... but here's a looksie...

With all of the mass shootings that took place recently in the run up to the Aghanistan deployment I thought it would be interesting to see how the DC Beltway sniper attacks played a role in the run up to the authorization for war in Iraq after 9/11. I don't believe John Allen Mohammed and Lee Malvo were guiltless patsies. Evidence seems to show them to be involved with various crimes. But I have a real hard time believing that they did everything they are said to have done unaided. I suspect they may have been profiled, lured to certain locations, manipulated into committing terrorists acts, and then possibly assisted by an unseen network of shooters who remain unknown. I draw these conclusions from some similarities and connections of the DC Sniper shootings to the Ft. Hood shootings and Virginia Tech shootings. But I am also opened minded to the possibility that they indeed did everything that was claimed. What I am doing is just laying out some of what is known about these shootings and how some of it may point to something deeper going on.

As in the prior post I did, in the case of the DC Snipers we again have another case of radical black muslims playing the part of lone gunman said to be unaided by any type of network.

"Born John Allen Williams in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Muhammad enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard in 1978 and, after seven years of service, volunteered for active duty in 1985. In 1987 he joined the Nation of Islam.<6> While in the Army, Muhammad was trained as a mechanic, truck driver and specialist metalworker. He qualified with the Army's standard infantry rifle the M16, earning the Expert Rifleman's Badge. This rating is the Army's highest of three levels of marksmanship for a basic soldier. He was discharged from military service following the Gulf War, as a sergeant, in 1994.<1>"

Like all good American Terror Patsies of recent memory, John Allen Mohammad was a veteran of the 1991 Gulf War and a convert to Islam. He volunteered for active duty in the army in 1985. And in 1987 joined Nation of Islam.

In 2001 John Allen Williams changed his name to John Allen Mohammad:

"Muhammad spent 15 years in the U.S. Army, plowing down antitank berms with the Dragoons of the 2nd Armored Cavalry in America's push to drive Iraq from Kuwait. He was honorably discharged in April 1994"

Lee Boyd Malvo was originally a seventh day adventist in Jamaica before converting Islam.

Muhammad had been in and out of the military and trained in Washington state at Fort Lewis(not too far from the recent shootings of 4 police officers at the Forza coffee shop):
"Muhammad had been in and out of the military since he graduated from high school in Louisiana and entered the National Guard. A convert to Islam, John Allen Williams would later change his name to Muhammad.

He joined the Army in 1985 and trained in Washington state as a combat engineer. He did not take special sniper training but earned an expert rating in the M-16 rifle - the military cousin of the .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle used in the sniper shootings. "

Like some of the Landmark Bombing and World Trade Center 1993 Bombing patsies John Muhammad was also involved with Black Muslim groups.
In 1995 John Allen Mohammad was involved with Louis Farrakhan's million man march.
"As a member of the Nation of Islam, Muhammad helped provide security for the "Million Man March" in 1995,

Your first suspicion that something might not be all it seems with the DC Sniper case is that these DC Sniper events all occured in the D.C. area and in areas surrounding secretive and intel heavy Falls Church Virginia. Virginia being right next to the U.S. nerve center in Washington D.C., is a nest of various foreign and domestic intelligence groups who have taken root in places like Falls Church, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and Culpeper. Korean Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times is based in Washington D.C. And Moon's Unification Church has offices in Falls Church at 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. The Muslim group WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth) has a location at 5613 Leesburg Pike. The secretive Christian YWAM (Youth With A Mission) owned building where the secretive cult called "The Fellowship" has a location is located about 14 miles east of 7777 Leesburg Pike on 133 C Street SE, Washington, DC. (Not actually sure if these addresses are current as of today's date)

It was the Christian YWAM group that was behind the 9/11 movie "Path to 9/11" which made a sorry attempt at blaming 9/11 on rightwing whipping boy Bill Clinton:

"Before The Path to 9/11 entered the production stage, Disney/ABC contracted David Cunningham as the film's director. Cunningham is no ordinary Hollywood journeyman. He is in fact the son of Loren Cunningham, founder of the right-wing evangelical group Youth With A Mission (YWAM). ... As part of TFI's long-term strategy, Cunningham helped place interns from Youth With A Mission's in film industry jobs "so that they can begin to impact and transform Hollywood from the inside out," according to a YWAM report."

"Early on, Cunningham had recruited a young Iranian-American screenwriter named Cyrus Nowrasteh to write the script of his secretive "Untitled" film. Not only is Nowrasteh an outspoken conservative, he is also a fervent member of the emerging network of right-wing people burrowing into the film industry with ulterior sectarian political and religious agendas, like Cunningham."

These secretive religious youth groups are involved with a lot of strange things.

"True Father" Reverend Moon, like the 9/11 hijackers of flight 77 also seems to have a fondness for the number 77 and Leesburg Pike addresses:
"Father came to Jefferson House in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC yesterday, July 6, at about 2 pm and stayed until about 5:30 pm, speaking to the members gathered there. Then he went to the 7777 building at 7777 Leesburg Pike (Route 7), Falls Church, VA 22043 and dedicated the church offices there as the FFWPU headquarters. It may be significant that it was at about 6 pm which would be 7 am on July 7, 1999 in Korea (7/7) and the headquarters is at number 7777 on Route 7."

"5913 Leesburg Pike, Apartment #08, Falls Church, Virginia 22041-2210
This address appeared on MOQED's Virginia Driver's License, which was recovered (in two pieces) from the Pentagon North Parking Lot rubble pile on 09/16/2001. This address was also provided by SALEM AL-HAZMI to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on 08/02/2001 when SALEM AL-HAZMI applied for and received his Virginia identification card. Investigation has revealed that LUIS MARTINEZ-FLORES assisted HANI HANJOUR and KHALID AL-MIHDHAR with the completion of paperwork for their Virginia identification cards and MARTINEZ indicated this address on forms submitted to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV)."

The Reverend Moon has ties to the Bush Family, and American right and to Christian figures such a Jerry Falwell(now deceased) of Lynchburg Virginia and has spent a lot of money buying them off.

Jerry Falwell also has ties to some of the Florida flight schools where 9/11 terrorists came to Florida to train:

Coincidently, Jerry Fallwell died on May 15th 2007, a month after the Virginia Tech shootings on April 16th 2007.

5613 Leesburg Pike is the location of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth:
"Washington field office special agents were investigating ABL - because of it's relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, WAMY - a suspected terrorist organisation. ABL is Abdullah Bin Laden, president and treasurer of WAMY. This is the sleepy Washington suburb of Falls Church, Virginia where almost every home displays the Stars and Stripes. On this unremarkable street, at 3411 Silver Maple Place, we located the former home of Abdullah and another brother, Omar, also an FBI suspect. It's conveniently close to WAMY. The World Assembly of Muslim Youth is in this building, in a little room in the basement at 5613 Leesburg Pike. And here, just a couple blocks down the road at 5913 Leesburg, is where four of the hijackers that attacked New York and Washington are listed as having lived. The US Treasury has not frozen WAMY's assets, and when we talked to them, they insisted they are a charity. Yet, just weeks ago, Pakistan expelled WAMY operatives. And India claimed that WAMY was funding an organisation linked to bombings in Kashmir. And the Philippines military has accused WAMY of funding Muslim insurgency. The FBI did look into WAMY, but, for some reason, agents were pulled off the trail." /

The DC Snipers shootings at a Falls Church mall, the alleged addresses of some of the 9/11 hijacker's apartments and the Unification church location listed above are all within a distance of about 10 miles apart.

Ft. Hood Texas shooter Nidal Malik Hasan had been in Falls Church Virginia "Safe Zone" where he attended the Dar al-Hijrah mosque and also Virgnia Tech where mass shooter Seung-Hui Cho also attended classes.

Hasan and his mother had attended the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia where agent provocateur Anwar al-Awlaki was imam. During 2001, he was there along side some of the 9/11 patsies, namely, some of the hijackers said to be aboard flight 77 which struck the Pentagon. Was Hasan maneuvered into these associations by provocateurs like Anwar al-Awlaki based in the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center? And by superiors in the U.S. Army?

Like all good patsies, Hasan is watched by U.S. intelligence, promoted and moved to Fort Hood although he is under suspicion(Can't have wars abroad without patsies to get the American public pissed off):
Army brass promoted Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan even after attempt to contact Al Qaeda:


Places where terrorists like to play. Do you notice where things are weighted?

Like all good War On Terror Provocateurs Anwar al-Awlaki has ties to American "Safe Zones" where provocateurs are protected by elements of U.S. intelligence and the far right and patsies are manuevered into being terrorists. Al-Awlaki had been in Minnesota, Ft. Collins Colorado(of balloon boy fame), San Diego, CA, Falls Church, VA and Washington D.C. Anwar will bring alleged 9/11 flight 77 hijackers Nawaf al Hamzi and Khalid al Midhar to Falls Church VA from San Diego, CA.

Al-Awlaki is credited with inspiring patsies and terror wannabees in the USA, UK, and Ontario, Canada to get angry, radicalized, surveiled, tied to extremists and then snared in terror plots and busted:

"In nearly a dozen recent terrorism cases in the United States, Britain and Canada, investigators discovered the suspects had something in common: a devotion to the message of Anwar al-Awlaki, an eloquent Muslim cleric who has turned the Web into a tool for extremist indoctrination." /

Like all good Terror Provocateurs, Al-Awlaki although being watched by U.S. intelligence while corresponding with the Ft. Hood shooter is allowed to flee the USA unmolested and his current whereabouts are unknown:

"In addition, US intelligence intercepted at least 18 emails between Hasan and al-Awlaki from December 2008 to June 2009,"

"Al-Awlaki is currently being sought by authorities in Yemen with regard to a new investigation into his possible Al-Qaeda ties. The authorities have not been able to locate him since approximately March 2009."

Awlaki then proceeds to grease the wheels for more war and deployment of troops by stoking American anger and Warlust by praising Hasan:
"Mr. Awlaki praised Major Hasan on his Web site, saying that he did the right thing in attacking soldiers preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq."

This mechanical device to press the U.S. to war has been used again and again. Saudi Osama Bin Laden is designated the King of all Terror Pimps as he interjects himself into U.S. election cycles in an attempt to tilt the vote towards the American War and Fearmongerers Party. Agents like Obama and Al-Awlaki are simultaneously doing the bidding of deranged American war nuts and foreign countries that are attempting to bust the USA's nuts as the U.S. did to the Soviets in Afghanistan.There seems to be a collusion of interests going on among Americans and foreigners to allow terrorist patsies into the U.S.A. in order to maintain the machinery of the War on Terror scam:
"SPRINGMAN: What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets. The attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 did not shake the State Department's faith in the Saudis, nor did the attack on American barracks at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia three years later, in which 19 Americans died. FBI agents began to feel their investigation was being obstructed. Would you be surprised to find out that FBI agents are a bit frustrated that they can't be looking into some Saudi connections?" /

Like the DC Sniper, Ft. Hood and Columbine Colorado shootings, the Virginia Tech shootings are allegedly done by a "lone nut" Seung-Hui Cho who seems due to his proximity to the Ft. Hood Shooter by way of Virginia Tech and to the DC Sniper shootings by way of being in Virginia, seems like he may have been the product of an effort by some unseen network to frame up a patsy.

As mentioned above provocateur Awlaki had travelled between Minnesota, Colorado, San Diego, CA, and Falls Church, VA. All of these places have been the epicenters of strange happenings in America, everything from Balloon boy, to Heaven's Gate(operated in a House owned by an Iranian) to Columbine, and haunts of the 9/11 hijackers, Iran-Contra perps and noisy conspiring crazy far right Republicans.

Like Seung-Hui Cho, Nidal Malik Hasan had attended Virginia Tech. Both went on to do mass shootings. Virginia Tech is also where a Chinese woman was allegedly beheaded by another Chinese student in January of 2009.

Coincidently or not so coincidently, the day after the Virginia Tech shooting two secret services agents are involving in an "accidental" shooting.

And six days after the Fort Hood shootings the VP's Secret Service vehicles hit and kill a man on Nov. 12 2009.
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Response to Original message
31. UPDATE #3 : Hamburg Germany, Egypt, Nazi, Muslim Brotherhood Connections
Edited on Sun Dec-06-09 01:14 PM by CrunchMaster
Another cog in the Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi connections that have been attacking the U.S. for years

Why do America's big Terror Incidents All Pass Thru Hamburg Germany first?

The Hijackers were watched and protected by American and German and Euro goverments

Hamburg Germany, Muslim Brotherhood and Terror in USA, World Trade Center Basement
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Response to Reply #31
51. North Carolina based Xe sent to Hamburg Germany to assassinate Al-Qaeda suspect
Edited on Tue Jan-05-10 05:58 PM by CrunchMaster
"In 2004, the CIA sent a team from the private security firm Blackwater, now Xe, to Hamburg to kill an alleged al Qaeda financier who was investigated for years by German authorities on suspicion of links to al Qaeda, according to a little-highlighted element in a Vanity Fair article to be published this month.

The report cited a source familiar with the program as saying the mission had been kept secret from the German government.

"Among the team's targets, according to a source familiar with the program, was Mamoun Darkazanli, an al Qaeda financier living in Hamburg who had been on the agency's radar for years because of his ties to three of the 9/11 hijackers and to operatives convicted of the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa," writes Vanity Fair's Adam Ciralsky." /

For more on North Carolina + Hamburg, Germany ties see:
Ali Mohamed :
Andreas Strassmeier :
Khalid Shaik Mohammed :
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Response to Reply #51
58. Betty Ong Flight 11 Call to NC American Airlines Reservations agent
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 04:35 AM by CrunchMaster
Here is 911 phone call audio from hijacked planes. Notice there is very little fear in the voices and essentially no background noise(no babies crying, people moaning, hijackers shouting) in either of these tapes. Was this tape a real hijacking or from an exercise or something else????

Emotionless call from Betty Ong on Flight 11 to North Carolina American Airlines reservations agent:
"Flight 11 attendant Betty Ong calls Vanessa Minter, an American Airlines reservations agent at its Southeastern Reservations Office in Cary, North Carolina, using a seatback Airfone from the back of the plane."

8 min Betty Ong call from Flight 11(the Betty Ong call is supposedly 20 minutes long, but it seems the long version has not been released)
notice at 0:15, and 1:25 she says someone has been stabbed.

Conveniently you will notice that the audio from the last part of the call where the crash occurs has not been recorded(or is being withheld like that Pentagon video). What happens during the part leading up to the crash is never again heard from Betty Ong. It is described by a woman taking Betty's call. CONVENIENT.

Nearly emotionless Floridian CeeCee Lyles' chatty flight 93 call. Audio seems to have someone saying "You did great" at end. : CeeCee Lyles clip with some interesting onscreen theorizing and commentary : CeeCee call with no explanation and no music track : audio sounded so fake i had to confirm it was legit. This non youtube cbc site has the same audio clips. Apparently the clip is the real deal. So what is this weird thing at the end that sounds like "You did great"

And where is the commotion of distressed passengers in the background in these calls?

How do we even know CeeCee was really on flight 93? Because her ID and other papers survived the Flight 93 crash(even though it seems little of anything else was left in that big empty hole in Pennsylvania).

Here's what happens to paper when burned by a tiny firecracker explosion let alone an exploding and then burning plane(The paper turns black and burns up):

Remember when the calls are made people have been killed already and the planes hijacked. Now compare to other disturbances on planes/buses and what that sounds like. :

What frightened people sound like making calls during deadly emergencies

More on diverted 9/11 Flight 11 twin Delta 1989 and other oddities. I haven't really looked into this theory and can't comment on it. But I found it when looking up info on plane hijacking exercises.:

It all makes you wonder if we are hearing either training audio? Or faking or something else? Although no two people respond to fearful situations the same way, no one in either of these calls seems afraid. No one is crying. No one is breathing heavily. Nothing. The calls just don't seem right to me but i remain open minded to what all of this means.

Coincidently on Sept. 6th,2001 NORAD simulated planes hijacked and headed for San Francisco and New York among other places. Betty Ong was from San Francisco and on Flight 11 going from Newark NJ, to San Francisco CA before crashing in Pennsylvania.

Coincidently or not so coincidently Pennsylvania was running a simulated terrorist attack called "Mall Strike" in Pennsylvania right before 9/11 in June of 2001.
June 16, 2001: Major Simulated Terrorist Attack Exercise is Held in Pennsylvania
A major training exercise based upon a simulated terrorist attack is held in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, which neighbors Somerset County where Flight 93 crashes on 9/11. The exercise, called Mall Strike 2001, is conducted in Greengate Mall, Hempfield, and involves over 600 emergency first responders and emergency managers responding to the simulated release of a toxic chemical agent and the simulated release of radiation and radiological contamination. Mall Strike is organized by the Pennsylvania Region 13 Working Group: a 13-county organization that began preparing for terrorist attacks in 1998. When Flight 93 crashes on September 11, the Region 13 Working Groups chair immediately contacts other members of the group and emergency teams are quickly deployed to the crash site. The groups four years of preparing and working together allowed them to develop and train teams that could work efficiently together during an event of this magnitude.

A timeline of Terror exercises BEFORE 9/11. Notice in the list how often you see DC, New York, Florida, California,Oklahoma. All of the same places that got attacked on 9/11, were planned to be attacked or were associated with the attackers.

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Response to Reply #58
59. It takes a special kind of person to listen to the last moments of a person's life
a person about to die a horrible death, a person in full knowledge of just how horrible that death would be, and judge her emotion or lack thereof.

Goodbye, Crunchmaster. You are unredeemable.
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Response to Reply #59
61. I'm not judging, I'm not saying I KNOW, I'm asking questions
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 05:25 AM by CrunchMaster
Something we need to do more of. Maybe if people had asked a few questions early on, we wouldn't be in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and Yemen, and Somalia, and Iran and Venezuela trying to fight all of these goddamn wars instead of working to fix our own country which is falling apart

Remember this story?

Or this one?

How about this load of horse shit:


This one?

How about this one?

Maybe you're not tired of having your chain jerked over and over with all of these lies but some of us are. If you don't like asking questions about what we know about 9/11, no one is forcing you to be here. Yes, GOODBYE.
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Response to Reply #58
63. Disclaimer on the first CeeCee Lyles video I posted + Cell Phone Calls during Flight
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 04:19 PM by CrunchMaster
I watched the beginning of that video and found it interesting but originally did not watch it to the end. There is this quote in the video regarding Flight 93:

"If they hadn't shot down the fourth plane it would've hit the dome," Stone, a Navy officer, said in his opening remarks."

The author of the video says the Navy prosecutor in the gitmo case says Flight 93 was shot down. But the video doesn't mention that the U.S. government attributes that quote to an Al-Qaeda agent. Of course the government may be lying.

"But prosecutor Timothy Stone, in an attempt to draw a link between Hamdan and the al Qaeda leadership in the first Guantanamo war crimes trial, told the six-member jury of U.S. military officers who will decide Hamdan's guilt or innocence that Hamdan had inside knowledge of the 2001 attacks on the United States because he overheard a conversation between bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

"If they hadn't shot down the fourth plane it would've hit the dome," Stone, a Navy officer, said in his opening remarks.

The tribunal's chief prosecutor, Col. Lawrence Morris, later explained that Stone was quoting Hamdan in evidence that will be presented at trial. Morris declined to say if the "dome" was a reference to the U.S. Capitol.

"Virtually no one knew the intended target, but the accused knew," Stone said.

Col. Lawrence says the quote was attributed to an Al-Qaeda agent but then in the very next breath says that "Virtually no one knew the intended target, but the accused knew," although in June 2001 the military was running it's Mall Strike training exercise not to far from the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania. So either that was another convenient coincidence or evidence of foreknowledge.

That video also thinks Flight 93 was empty and the passengers unloaded somehow(I guess the Ohio airport theory) before the planes crashed and the passengers shot. I suppose anything is possible but since I see no evidence for it at the moment I'm not going to go there.

I do believe flight 93 was shot down. There is a lot of evidence for that conclusion. No wreckage in the hole and the reports of a small plane flying(fighter?) in the area of the Flight 93 crash. And the reports of wreckage found over such a large area.

Monumental 9/11 Slip up? Odds of cell phones working during flight said to be highly unlikely:

Have you ever been on a plane recently and then when the plane lands you realize people left their phones on during the flight because all of the sudden phones start chirping from messages being received now that the plane has landed? I unfortunately left my cell phone on once during a flight because it was in my bag above in storage and I forgot to check it. To my embarrassment, the moment the plane touched down and came to a stop the phone started connecting to the cell towers and chirping because it had gotten text messages and phone calls.

The odds of a cell phone working during flight are very very low
"Any analysis of the cellphone and airfone calls from Flight 93 must begin with some basic, high-altitude cellphone facts. According to AT&T spokesperson Alexa Graf, cellphones are not designed for calls from the high altitudes at which most airliners normally operate. It was, in her opinion, a fluke that so many calls reached their destinations. In the opinion of a colleague of mine who has worked in the cellphone industry, it was a miracle that any of the calls got through from altitude. (See the recent proposal to install equipment to make cellphone calls possible from aircraft.) An aircraft, having a metal skin and fuselage, acts like a Faraday cage, tending to block or attenuate electromagnetic radiation. One can make a cellphone call from inside an aircraft while on the ground because the weakened signal is still close enough to the nearest cellsite (relay tower) to get picked up. Once above 10,000 feet, however, calls rarely get through, if ever."

Some tests by a Canadian physicist involving cell phones on planes(FYI: The plane hijacking exercises run on 9/11 were a joint U.S./Canadian exercise because NORAD is a joint U.S./Canadian organization.):

More evidence that cell phones do not work on planes during flight also from a Canadian source:

To be fair, here is a site that says that it is indeed possible at times to make phone calls from high altitudes:

"According to industry experts, it is possible to use cell phones with varying success during the ascent and descent of commercial airline flights, although the difficulty of maintaining a signal appears to increase as planes gain altitude. Some older phones, which have stronger transmitters and operate on analog networks, can be used at a maximum altitude of 10 miles, while phones on newer digital systems can work at altitudes of 5 to 6 miles. A typical airline cruising altitude would be 35,000 feet, or about 6.6 miles.
Source: /"

May be useful to have a closer look sometime at what altitude some of these 9/11 calls were made and whether or not the stronger transmitters on older phones really allowed the phones to connect.

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Response to Reply #51
92. "Blackwater Director Let 9/11 Hijackers into US, then Killed, Tortured the Remaining Witnesses"
From DUer leveymg's post which just got kicked. Alot of good stuff there on provocateuring of patsies. Thought I'd link to it.

Blackwater Director Let 9/11 Hijackers into US, then Killed, Tortured the Remaining Witnesses

"The problem here is that Blackwater is run by the same guys who let the 9/11 hijackers into the US

Former CIA Counter-terrorism Center (CTC) Director Cofer Black also directed the assassination targeting, along with rendition and torture programs that silenced the surviving al-Qaeda conspirators. Some targets, like Derwish, were done away with permanently, while others like KSM and Abu Zubyadeh - figures with long ties to US intelligence - were allowed to run around for a while before capture. The Al-Qaeda figures subjected to brainwahing and waterboarding that turned them into near-vegetables all had ties with the CIA during the 1990s in Bosnia and Chechnya.

Cofer Black was the Chief of CIA station in Khartoum when bin Laden and Abu Zubaydeh were there, running CIA-ISI-Saudi Jihadist operations against the Russians in Bosnia and Chechnya. Black admitted in testimony before Congress that he had contact with bin Laden in Sudan.

Basically, Cofer Black and some others got away with allowing the Flt. 77 hijackers (one of whom was also intimately involved with the Cole attack) into the country and these same CIA/CTC managers then were put in charge of the mopping-up operation."
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Response to Reply #92
242. do you believe that there were hijackers?
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Response to Reply #242
243. i tend to believe the planes were remote controlled with patsy hijackers onboard
Edited on Fri Aug-13-10 02:58 AM by CrunchMaster
The short answer I will give is this... i believe the hijackers may have simply been drug mules that were manipulated onto those planes and then labeled "hijackers" after the fact by guys running data mining and monitoring projects(Abel Danger & Blackwater) that allowed them to weave together the "cave dwelling terrorist hijackers with box cutters outsmarted American intelligence" fairy tale.

It is the same game going on in Iraq and Afghanistan... there are no real terrorists there other than the ones we are creating by running around in peoples backyards bombing the shit out of everything. The real source of terrorism in the middle east is pakistan. Everyone knows that. Yet, what is the U.S.A. doing? Teaming up with 9/11 connected Pakistan ISI to blow up tribal areas to create a new hornets nest of terrorists they can spend billions of dollars fighting. Go back and reread this whole thread. The only terrorists we have ever been fighting in these Mid East wars are the ones we have been creating to the great profit of those involved with this game. It should be crystal clear at this point that this is indeed a sick game not based on real threats or real enemies. The War on Terror is a transnational fiction and has been one ever since the beginning.

I just don't really see a lot of evidence that there were hijackers hijacking the planes. We are told we have real audio of this occurring on Flight 93. But I am not so sure about what we hear on those tapes. You have to remember that in the days before 9/11 and on the very day of 9/11, there were simulations of plane hijackings occurring in different parts of the country with cooperation from the FBI and the Canadian RCMP. (You may also have noticed how often over the years since, that both the FBI and RCMP have basically created fake terror threats by manipulating patsies using agent provocateurs... much more can be said about what is going on here.) In fact Betty Ong who was allegedly on Flight 93 flew the same route that one of these simulated hijackings took place on. I believe one of the Simulated hijackings was a Boston to San Fran route which Betty flew also. Don't have all of the facts on this one so don't quote. But if I get a chance I will try to make a post on that at some point. Regardless, I am very skeptical of the audio on the tape. Why have we not heard the end of the flight 93 tape? And why do the voices on the flight 93 tape seem totally devoid of fear? Like they were on a training exercise?

It is similar situation to the London 7/7 bombings in which we have guys labeled as bombers but no real evidence they really did anything. No video, or audio or anything other than video of them just walking around on the street.

Who do I think did 9/11? Security & Intelligence Services run by Psychotics(like the Joint Chiefs of Staff psychotics who planned up the Northwoods documents and false flag terror on the USA to get a war going in Cuba).

How do they keep secrets? By blackmailing people caught on tape or wiretap with their pants down. Kind of like how the FBI is all over Obama-Connected-Blago but not all over Republicans for defrauding America by lying to us about Iraq where Americans are dying for a fucking lie cooked up by the Cowboy and Big Dick Cheney. I don't give a flying shit about Blago(did I even spell his name right?) But which is the bigger crime here? Why is the FBI sniffing the panties of Democrats but not going after the much greater lies, theft and murder of Republicans? Why did the FBI allow Russian(by way of Canada) spies to wander around the U.S.A. since 9/11 2001 and then wait until 2010 to bust them? Because the FBI also is compromised. What else can be the answer? Remember the Turkish mole in the FBI that the Turkish Iranian Sibel Edmonds told us about? Remember how the The Mole and her American Air Force husband fled to Belgium, HQ of NATO, to work for NATO unpunished? From an American point of view does that make any sense? Why did the FBI allows these guys to fly the coop? Again, who and what really runs this country anymore???

America is not sovereign nation at this point. In this high tech age, it has been totally compromised from without and within, and is being looted and drained. Dumbed down Americans (especially its racist Treasonbagger contingent) are told by compromised politicians, media personalities and others on the take NOT TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THINGS LIKE 9/11 or WHY WE ARE KILLING PEOPLE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN WHEN THEY WERE NOT THE COUNTRIES BEHIND 9/11??? Instead we have been divided straight down the middle by entities like Australian and Saudi owned Fox News and are continuously set off to attack one another until the entire fucking country has been destroyed.

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Response to Reply #243
244. Does anyone need any further evidence of....
how unhinged this entire thread is???
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Response to Reply #243
245. LOL
God, you're serious?
what an embarrassment you are to the democratic party as well as to yourself.
the troofers on this site are as much as an embarrassment to this site as the birthers are to republican sites.
remote controlled planes...what kind of fantasy world do you inhabit?
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Response to Reply #245
279. Deleted message
Message removed by moderator. Click here to review the message board rules.
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Response to Reply #243
246. people only believe what they hear and read
I think it is unlikely that we will hear what actually happened.
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Response to Reply #246
247. people only believe what they see
Edited on Fri Aug-13-10 11:19 AM by zappaman
and what they can logically conclude from evidence.
I think it is unlikely that some people will ever seek the psychological help they so desperately need.
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Response to Reply #51
234. Two of USA's biggest banks HQ'd out of Charlotte NC, laundering money for Mexican Drug Cartels
Wachovia is just one of the U.S. and European banks that have been used for drug- money laundering. For the past two decades, Latin American drug traffickers have gone to U.S. banks to cleanse their dirty cash, says Paul Campo, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's financial crimes unit.

American Express Bank paid fines in 1994 and 2007 after admitting it had failed to spot and report drug dealers laundering money through its accounts. Drug traffickers used accounts at Bank of America in Oklahoma City to buy three planes that carried 10 tons of cocaine, according to Mexican court filings.

Federal agents caught people who work for Mexican cartels depositing illicit funds in Bank of America accounts in Atlanta, Chicago and Brownsville, Texas, from 2002 to 2009. Mexican drug dealers used shell companies to open accounts at London-based HSBC Holdings, an investigation by the Mexican Finance Ministry found.
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Response to Reply #234
302. Remember "Operation Casablanca"
Edited on Thu Dec-30-10 01:37 AM by deconstruct911
According to Gately, if the allegations could be proven, U.S. Customs may have been able to catch one of the really big fish in Mexico's drug trade. But it never followed up on a covert video showing a corrupt Mexican banker alleging thatMexico's secretary of defense wanted to launder $1 billion in drug money.

"It is the only time that law enforcement had an opportunity to deal directly with that kind of money and those people who protect the mafia and the financial institutions of Mexico," says Gately. "They blew their big chance."

I remember hearing most if not all the arrests ended up being bankers of little significance and they didn't provide much information of major significance leading to more arrests.
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Response to Reply #51
261. Task Force 373, Special Forces assassinations, Fort Bragg North Carolina, German Army Ties
Edited on Thu Sep-02-10 03:23 AM by CrunchMaster
The wikileaks documents has shed light on Pentagon assassinations of Taliban and Al-Qaeda by the secretive special forces unit called Task Force 373. U.S. Task Force 373 is headquartered on a German run base. TF 373 has also killed civilians(accidentally they say) and many say this is creating anti-American resentment in the middle east. (see /)

A Sensitive Subject for Leaders in Berlin

Even though the revelations in the leaked war logs involve an American unit, the new information about the secret commando missions could also prove embarrassing for the German government. Roughly 300 men with TF 373 have been stationed on the grounds of Camp Marmal, the German field base in Mazar-e-Sharif, since the summer of 2009. The special unit has chosen a strategically advantageous and shielded location at the airfield, where it operates from the Regional Command North, which is under the command of Germany's armed forces, the Bundeswehr.

The stationing of the unit was a sensitive issue from the very beginning, and officials in Berlin persistently sought to prevent much discussion of the issue. Current German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has also avoided the topic. Only during a visit to the troops in November 2009 did Guttenberg vaguely mention that the Germans were "grateful to the US Army for any assistance." Questions about TF 373 were discouraged.


So far, the government in Berlin has not commented on the expansion of the combat zone in the German sector. As recently as the fall of 2009, members of Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet were still telling the German parliament, which controls the Bundeswehr's mandate during foreign deployments like Afghanistan, that the "core mission" of Task Force 373 was merely to "conduct reconnaissance and identify individuals who are part of al-Qaida or the Taliban leadership.",1518,7084...

There has been a Fort Bragg, Special Forces + German Army connection since at least the Oklahoma City bombing when KKK Lawyer Kirk Lyons and Special Forces Dave Holloway whisked Elohim City agent provocateur and German Bundeswehr officer Andreas Strassmeier out of the U.S. back to Germany after hiding him first in North Carolina.

FTR #520 Update on Neo-Nazis & White Supremacists
The broadcast concludes with discussion of a former Green Beret who appears to have played a critical role in the Oklahoma City bombing. In addition, Dave Holloway has been very active with other domestic white supremacist groups. The standard conspiracist interpretation of this would be that Holloway was a government agent out to betray the white supremacist movement. Another possibility (one advocated by Mr. Emory) is that Holloway may well be working for the Underground Reich in order to facilitate the takeover of the United States by Nazi cadre. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the racist right turned on the United States. The racist elements who have done so include elements associated with the National Security Establishment. Exemplifying this dynamic is the late Dr. Larry Ford, who viewed The Turner Diaries as his operational blueprint. (For more about Ford, seeamong other programsFTR#s 317, 456.) (For more about the Oklahoma City bombing, seeamong other programsFTR#s 88, 97, 109, 228, 373, 380, 386, 405, 443, 450. For more about the links between the Oklahoma City attack and the first World Trade Center attack, see, among other programs, FTR#s 330, 354, 357, 386, 443. For more about the Oklahoma City bombing and its links to 9/11, see FTR#s 443, 456, 457.) An FBI report of investigation (FD 302) obtained by this newspaper contains never-before-published information and allegations regarding links between a former member of the Armys elite special forces, Timothy McVeigh, and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The man at the center of these revelations is David Michael Alexander Hollaway, an individual whose life experiences appear to be as unusual as they are conflicted. Referred to as Dave by his friends and business associates, the 48-year-old man who is the focus of the report served an 8-year stint in the U.S. Army where Hollaway earned the right to wear the elite Green Berets.Also included in that same report of investigation are references to Hollaways lengthy service to Kirk Lyons, a Black Mountain, N.C., lawyer with a long history of representing members of the Ku Klux Klan, the Branch Davidians and other fringe elements. And then there is Hollaways alleged role as a pilot for the CIA and his well-established relationship with the FBI. However, the most remarkable allegations contained in the Feb. 25, 1997, FBI report, are those regarding Hollaways eerie admissions that McVeigh failed to park the bomb truck in the best location in front of the Oklahoma City federal building that fateful April morning in 1995. /

More on the Oklahoma City Bombing, Holloway, Strassmeir, KKK Lawyer Kirk Lyons, Louis Freeh and the FBI blocked investigations into neo-nazi involvement in the Murrah building bombing:

Is there some type of New Nazi movement spreading around the globe that plays a part in wrecking Democratic nations by destabilizing them with terror campaigns and disasters(economic and natural)? Did something like that begin in 1992-1995 with the first World Trade Center bombing and Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing by some type of underground collaboration between Neo-Nazis and Muslim Brotherhood? Certainly seems that way sometimes.
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Response to Reply #261
262. "Certainly seems that way sometimes"
Yes, Crunchie....anything is possible when you don't know what you're talking about.
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Response to Reply #261
263. Special Forces, MLK Jr. Assassination, Tennessee and the FBI
Who really murdered Martin Luther King?
Wednesday, June 11, 2003 - 10:00

An Act of State: the Execution of Martin Luther King
By William F. Pepper
Jowers testified that Liberto had arranged for him and the two MPD officers to wait in the bushes and for one of the MPD officers to shoot King. Pepper also exposed the Mafia's role as being designed to provide the US government with "plausible denial" in the plot.

The jury found that a conspiracy to assassinate King had indeed been carried out by bit players like Jowers and the Mafia, under orders from a task force of "national security" agencies including the FBI, the MPD, military intelligence and the US Army's special forces. The latter had tried to assassinate King earlier in 1965, at a civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, as part of their covert operations against domestic political dissidents (which included assassinations of black community leaders).

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Response to Reply #263
272. Commies, Jean Dixon Right Wing Whacko, Prophesier of Dem Assassinations and FBI Stooge
This one meanders a bit I freely admit...

I find all of the following very interesting although I don't really have any main stream links to news sources at the moment...

Newspaper columnist Jeane Dixon claimed to be a psychic and became famous after predicting the assassination of President Kennedy. Soothsayer Jeane Dixon helped the FBI fight leftist campus agitators during the 1960s by secretly serving as the bureau's mouthpiece, according to her FBI file, which was obtained by Dixon -- who vaulted to fame when credited with foretelling President John F. Kennedy's death in office -- was one of the nation's highest profile psychics when she died of a heart attack in 1997. Her FBI file, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, also documents a brazen extortion attempt against her, a cozy relationship with J. Edgar

Jeane Dixons FBI file chronicles the Dixons long relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

James and Jeane knew J Edgar Hoover socially, and the Bureaus Washington Field Office had liaison with the James L Dixon Company, which rented property to Soviet-bloc personnel. In 1966, however, Jeane asked to be furnished material by the Bureau on an extremely confidential basis, which she might utilise in her speeches to combat the influence that left-wing agitators are seeking to exert on the youth of the US. Dixon did not want to be accused of being a mouthpiece for the agency, so the material would be presented in such a manner that it cannot be attributed to the FBI. <1> Hoover approved the request and provided public source background information about groups involved in campus disturbances. <2> Four years later, she wrote to the FBI about a tenant who was operating some sort of Communistic Press <3> then phoned a few days after that, fearing for her safety.

Jeane was scheduled to speak in Greenwood, Mississippi, on 22 January 1970, when a telegram arrived from the Greenwood movement informing her that the audience would be segregated and asking for verification of delivery of the message. She interpreted the request as an implied threat from a militant and asked the FBI for protection, but they suggested she contact the Greenwood police department. <4>

The file also contains information about an attempt at blackmailing Dixon, <5> newspaper clippings of her predictions with discussion and comments by agents, material from the Children to Children Foundation, and suggestions that the FBI investigate Dixon (this gal should be checked on). <6> Theres a letter to Louisianas Senator Hale Boggs that explains how the Gideon Bibles daily bible reading calendar links together the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, the Rosicrucians, the Ku Klux Klan, the Masons, the Mafia, and Charlie Brown (Snoopys owner). Dixon is mentioned repeatedly since she has marked all of our Democrat Leaders for murder or bodily harm. And there are references to a manuscript, PREMEDITATED MURDER BY PROPHECY, ANd Jeane L. Dixon, an alleged divine prophetess plays a major role, <7> which is not included.

A year later, Senator Boggss plane vanished over Alaska. Coincidence?

In a 1971 letter to Hoover and Sen. Hale Boggs, one disgruntled conspiracy theorist claims that Dixon, through partisan bloodlust, "has been permitted to mark all of our Democrat Leaders sic for bodily harm. She has marked Ted Kennedy for murder over and over again ... and has everybody thinking kill, kill, kill." "I am requesting an official investigation into the actions of Mrs. Jeane L. Dixon," the letter concludes. In 1971, after Dixon revealed that there was a spy highly placed in the U.S. government who reported directly to Russia, several government informants sent the article directly to Hoover. "Why don't you ask her who it is?" one alert citizen wrote Hoover. There is, in Dixon's file, no record of what action the FBI director took.

FBI Psychic blames the societal problems of the 60s on a friend of Hoover, No Surprise there
And she touched off a flurry of internal memos at the FBI with a 1969 National Enquirer article claiming that four Soviet leaders "instigated, financed, and controlled" student uprisings and race riots in the United States. "While we have no information as that referred to by Jeane Dixon," reads a bureau memo by C.D. Brennan, "we felt it necessary to note Communist participation in international peace groups including those from the Soviet Union, the U.S. and other nations." But in a handwritten note at the bottom of Brennan's memo, Hoover defends Dixon's basic conclusions."

More of Jeane's predictions of deaths of Democrats, Hollywood Liberals and Commies here:

This line from above interests me:
"James and Jeane knew J Edgar Hoover socially, and the Bureaus Washington Field Office had liaison with the James L Dixon Company, which rented property to Soviet-bloc personnel."

Jeane Dixon's husband was renting in Washington D.C. to Soviet-Bloc personnel??? What does that mean? Was she and her husband tied in with Russians in the nations political capitol?

As back then under Hoover, as today.... FBI targetting ANTIWAR MAINSTREET AMERICA instead of CRIMINALS
In other news, the FBI is going apeshit on Antiwar protestors of all people. How about cracking that 9/11 case FBI? Or finding out what those Turkish spies were doing in the FBI before they skipped town to Europe???? Or maybe telling us all why you followed RUSSIANS SPIES AROUND THE USA FOR 10 YEARS SINCE 2001 WITHOUT BUSTING THEM?!?!? Don't hold your breath waiting for answers from the FBI... the FBI like the rest of the fucking U.S. government is not working to protect "AMERICANS" anymore. It is part of the elite protectorate working for THE RICH, be they foreign or domestic... to hell with the American people or the regular citizens of any other country for that matter.

The FBI has executed several search warrants (aka breaking down peoples doors) in Minneapolis and Chicago as part of an investigation into a handful of anti-war protest organizers on allegations of, we kid you not, activities connected to the material support of terrorism.

The searches, which critics claim were politically motivated, occurred Friday morning. Agents seized electronics, photographs, address books and letters. /




GOP blocks Democrats' jobs outsourcing bill
Republicans call it nothing more than a pre-election political ploy.

The Democratic bill would have ended certain tax breaks for companies expanding overseas while giving new tax incentives to businesses bringing jobs home. /

Total Intelligence and TRC also provided intelligence assessments on China to Deutsche Bank. "The Chinese technical counterintelligence threat is one of the highest in the world," a TRC analyst wrote, adding, "Many four and five star hotel rooms and restaurants are live-monitored with both audio and video" by Chinese intelligence. He also said that computers, PDAs and other electronic devices left unattended in hotel rooms could be cloned. Cellphones using the Chinese networks, the analyst wrote, could have their microphones remotely activated, meaning they could operate as permanent listening devices. He concluded that Deutsche Bank reps should "bring no electronic equipment into China." Warning of the use of female Chinese agents, the analyst wrote, "If you don't have women coming onto you all the time at home, then you should be suspicious if they start coming onto you when you arrive in China." For these and other services, the bank paid Total Intelligence $70,000 in 2009.

Wonder how many years THAT has been going on...



This should probably be it owns thread....and take, the following with a grain of salt because i can't find mainstream sources any where for these, but there is a China thread here I found interesting:

Pettie's Washington D.C. based "Blackmail" Intelligence group, the "Finders" and China links:
Under Varga's instructions, Pettie recruited a network of agents in Europe,
including Dr. Keith Arnold (recruited in Paris in 1958) who he accompanied to
Moscow in 1959 or 1960. Arnold, currently based in Hong Kong with the Roche
Foundation, has made over 40 trips to mainland China and has stayed in contact
with Pettie.

Several telex messages were also found in the warehouse. One such telex ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy. There was a file called "Pentagon Break-in," and references to activities in Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, London, Germany, "Europe" and the Bahamas. Other documents identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement. The warehouse also had a video room, apparently used for indoctrination.

Pentagon Ignores Those Among it's Staff Buying Child Porn from Foreign Countries... CAN YOU SAY NATIONAL SECURITY BREACH?
WASHINGTON A major federal investigation has found that dozens of military officials and defense contractors, including some with top-level security clearances, allegedly bought and downloaded child pornography on private or government computers.

The Pentagon on Friday released investigative reports spanning almost a decade that implicated individuals working with agencies handling some of the nation's most closely guarded secrets, including the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, which operates U.S. spy satellites.

Defense workers who purchased child porn put the Department of Defense, "the military and national security at risk by compromising computer systems, military installations and security clearances," a 2007 investigative report said.


The suspects also put the Defense Department "at risk of blackmail, bribery, and threats," one report added. The reports, however, do not point to any specific security breaches.

A DECADE? No shit. So that would be about the year 2000 or 2001 when the PENTAGON DID NOTHING ON 9/11 EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE WARNED FOR MONTHS SOMETHING WAS COMING.

TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobiography
of a victim of government mind control Cathy OBrien is the only vocal and
recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agencys MK-Ultra Project
Monarch mind control operation.


My name is Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillips, born May 17, 1943 in
Nashville, Tennessee, I have no criminal record and I have never been
adjudged insane, I am not a scholar, professional writer, or mental health


As tbe employee of a DOD subcontractor with
exposure to mind-control research, I was required to sign an oath of secrecy.

To this day I am restricted by law from revealing certain specific information
that directly pertained to my employment as, among other sensitive
exposures, a U.S. DOD subcontractor in mind-control research.


Months later, with business and marketing plans in ray briefcase and a
demonstration model of the proposed product in hand,Houston and I boarded
an airplane to Hong Kong. We were met upon arrival by a tall, well-dressed,
Korean gentleman who introduced himself as William Yoon. He owned an
international shipping company. His ships carried practically everything from
scrap metal to Chinese silkworm missiles all over the world,

Mr. Yoon, as he preferred to be called, in keeping with Far Eastern
protocol, was interested in negotiating a joint venture company with his friends
in the most populated nation on Earth, The Peoples Republic of China.
arrangements had been made by Mr. Yoons staff for Houston, myself, and him
to fly to Beijing the following day to begin negotiations with the Mining
After several days of exhausting discussions through an interpreter
almost entirely between myself and the deputy director of the Chinese Mining
Ministry, it appeared as though we had a workable deal.
An elegant banquet was ordered by our gracious Chinese hosts, and it was
there I learned that the Mining Ministry was a part of the Chinese Ministry of
Feelings of patriotism welled up in me for the first time in my life. I
was aware that China was engaged in supplying missiles to Libya, a Middle
Eastern country with whom the U.S. was in conflict.
The Chinese were
swapping missiles and other weapons for cheap Libyan light crude oil. The
Chinese were about the only country in the world who dared defy the Reagan
Administrations trade embargo. These fleeting thoughts of being involved with
the Chinese military felt treasonous to me.
Although uncomfortable with the
idea of a business venture with such potential for political disaster, I reminded
myself that hundreds of other U.S. companies were already in China. Houston
refused to discuss the subject.
During the return flight from Beijing to Hong Kong, I confided my patriotic
concerns to Mr. Yoon knowing that he would soon become my business
partner. He eloquently relieved my fears of potential disaster with a
complicated explanation that made sense at the time. This man politely
informed me that we could not lose money as he and I would have interim
control over all product sales revenue generated outside of China, By Chinese
law for joint venture companies, 60% of all manufactured product must go
outside China.
Houston and I returned to Tennessee and I briefly met his wife, Cathy, for
the first time when she greeted us at the gate. She appeared to me to be young,
beautiful, very dumb, and dressed like a prostitute.
I paced my walk to be
several steps away from her as we headed to the baggage claim area.
Within a few weeks of this visit, a delegation of Chinese electrical engineers
and finance experts were flown to our Tennessee office for more negotiations

and to collect technical production data (we held) for future manufacturing
Soon after the delegation departed for China, I received a mysterious phone
call from someone at the U.S. Department of State, aka the State Department.
It seems someone in my Chinese delegation had earlier been refused entry into
this country due to his being identified as an international weapons supplier for
This telephone voice assured me that there were no problems that
would arise and that this information was not to be publicized. I thanked him
and assured him the information was secure.
A couple of months later, my new Hong Kong partner, Mr. Yoon, invited
me, my wife, Houston and his wife, Cathy, to come to China for the official
signing of the Chinese joint venture agreement. When I asked Houston if he
and his wife would attend, he flatly replied, No. He had already booked his
act and could not cancel. I then offered to escort his wife and mine to China.
He responded no again, that it was too far and too expensive for a pleasure
trip. I was relieved because I had already learned enough of the Chinese language
to know our partners did not like or respect him, and Cathys demeanor
embarrassed me. I later learned that Houstons gig was to trancesport/
transport Cathy and little Kelly to the infamous Bohemian Grove for

My trip to China with all the pomp and circumstance went well as expected,
even though my wife and I were in the process of separating for a divorce.
However, just before I was prepared to return to the U.S., I received some
extraordinary information from a man who showed me Chinese Ministry of
Defense credentials that gained my full and complete attention.
This man was
in possession of a file on me that could have only been gained through a
thorough investigation of my past professional associations. His English skills
were only strong enough to roughly, nervously translate some of the files content.
This man had photographic proof of a U.S. Department of Defense
security clearance I once held. He acknowledged that the Chinese knew all
about me. Thoughts of blackmail raced across my mind.
These thoughts
instantly disappeared when he began to voice his governments true concerns.
Their concerns were about Alex Houston and his involvement with the CIA,
drugs, money laundering, child prostitution, and the big one he saved for last,
No mention of mind control was offered, although he did comment
that Houston was a very bad man and his crimes were of the White House.
Disbelief was in order but not possible, due to the wide array of Eyes Only
stamped and initialed (official) CIA letterhead and U.S. Government documents
he slowly flashed before my eyes.
My first response to this officer was that Houston was too stupid and
crooked to be connected to U.S. intelligence. This comment was quickly
countered with a gut wrenching photograph of Houston. He was smiling a
demonic grin while apparently having anal sex with a small, very young,
frightened Black boy. Later he was identified to me as being Haitian.

When confronted with this horrific information and the apparent validity of
it, I asked, What do you (your government) want me to do?
He replied, Get rid of him, distance yourself from him and all of his
I responded by asking him how he thought I could accomplish this task. He
stated, Any way you choose. I told him that regardless of what he had seen
of American television concerning violence, the only way I knew was to force
him out by purchasing his company stock, and I needed money to do it. He
said, Give us the figure and make the arrangements. It is done.
I had returned to Tennessee with a Chinese government contract for
products valued at thirty-one million dollars. Stapled to it was a telex letter of
credit made out to me and the company from Houstons bank connection the
New York branch of the now infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce
International (B.C.C.I.). The amount was one million dollars in U.S. funds.
The contract was worth approximately ten million dollars in gross profit for Mr.
Yoon and me.
Given the charge by the Chinese to immediately discharge Houston of his
duties, I knew exactly what my plan of action would have to be. Any other
approach to resolving this problem could backfire and all would be lost. And
since a former, indirect employer of mine (when I worked for Capital
International Airways), the CIA, was implicated, I knew one mistake and it
could cost me my life. A comforting thought prevailed and I reminded myself
Houston was not only corrupt, but stupid. The CIA must not have respected
him either. Otherwise why would he have had to go outside his circle of
powerful perverts to recruit me for an international business deal.
I drove to my office to begin the process of discovering something Houston
must have done that would breach the performance contract he and I had
signed when we started the company. Houston was out of town supposedly
doing one of his entertainment gigs, so I had complete, unobstructed access to
all files, his included. As I had mentally predicted during the long flight from
Hong Kong, the entire ferreting process took about fifteen minutes. It seemed
that Houston and the old acquaintance who had introduced him to me were, as
they say, selling out the back door. I collected the shipping bills and,
ironically enough, the bank deposit slip Houston had retained when he cashed
and deposited the customers check. There was even a letter copy where
Houston had specifically instructed the customer not to discuss his account with
anyone at our company other than Houston himself or bis pervert friend, Ray
Myers. Upon this discovery, I phoned the local Korean lawyer (whose business
card I had been given by Mr. Yoon while in Hong Kong) to begin the stock
transfer process. With pleasure, 1 wrote Houstons letter of resignation.
With this problem in the process of being resolved, I left the office to visit
an old, dear friend (now deceased) who had maintained powerful U.S. and
foreign intelligence connections. I needed answers 1 could trust with my life.
This retired Air Force General from the Intelligence division would be my
The word slavery delivered in broken English by the Chinese Intelligence
officer shouted in my ears during the short drive to a local hotel lobby, a
comfortable place my spook pal selected for us to talk in private.
In the few
short minutes of the drive, I had my questions (for him) mentally noted. I
wanted so much to gain the most from our meeting. The slavery word had
triggered a dark question in my mind, blocking other constructive thought, as I
was not comfortable with introducing the term mind control into my
presentation. I knew 1 could speak freely about anything to this trusted friend.
I wanted desperately to avoid the words mind control, not for reasons of
comdemnation, but because they represented a secret I had patriotically maintained
for twenty years.
After my arrival and the light chit chat of social niceties had been exchanged
between us, the air changed to one of seriousness. I briefed him on my business
involvement, and began a methodical line of questions concerning the file the
Chinese Intelligence officer had presented on me and, especially, on Houston:
shortly, my friend interrupted me in mid-sentence, smiled a toothy grin, and
said, Flash, youre still the same, and you know damn well what I mean.
Yes, I replied.
The spook was referring to a 70s rock ballad titled Still the Same by
singer Bob Segar that was assigned to me years earlier by mutual poker-playing
buddies who identified with my passion for successful risk-taking. I despised
gambling. My passion was risk management and poker gave me a
recreational outlet for it.
Although my friends each paid dearly, they soon
learned my poker strategy was not so much card counting as it was my ability
to read their body language. This included the micromuscle spasm responses
around their eyes, Houston also lost to me at cards. The message the General
was implying, roughly translated, was that I was once again lucky as hell to
have survived my brief business relationship with Alex Houston.
The discussion went down hill from that point directly into the dreaded
arena of mind control. After several minutes of listening to details concerning a
huge, invisible CIA slave trade going on world wide, the talk became more
regionalized to Tennessee
. I learned that Cathy and her little girl were victims
of trauma-based mind control.
They were slaves and the soul property of my
Uncle Sam. I learned that everything 1 knew in theory and application about
external control of the mind was fully operational and encroaching on the
private sector of society.
I was growing numb. The first words out of my dry mouth were, How
would you spring these people out of it?
He smiled and said, I wouldnt! What are you going to do with them if
you did get them out? Before I could answer, he interrupted and said, Look,
youre still the same, but nothing else is with Uncle. Now most of the CIA,
FBI, and the MOB (Mafia) are the same, and theyre making their moves on the
I responded, I already know that, but how do I save these two people?
He said, OK. Get the mother on the phone while her handler is gone. Use
the usual hang up code of dial and ring twice, hang up call back, ring once,
hang up and call back. Tell her youre God, Give her a biblical passage.
Theyre all Christian based programmed around here.
Understanding that this procedure would gain Cathys full attention, the
General continued, Shell do anything, and I mean anythingexcept toast
Houstonthat you command her to do. Remember, God commands. Find
yourself a preacher who knows the Bible and get a double-bind verse. You
know what to dofor Gods sake. And, listen, if you do this, youre on your
Mark, this is nuts, he pleaded. Go to China and take them with you,
Forget about this Red, While and Blue cesspool. Itll clean up. Theres lots of
good guys in the inside busting their asses to stop this mess, but youre not
going to save the world.
I injected, No, just my ass and a couple of people who Uncle considers
something other than human, Then we briefly chatted about some fine points
of the rescue and how to legally stop Houston from taking her back. I never
saw this friend again.
Walking back to my car, I listened again in my mind to his haunting words.
and my own life suddenly seemed like a scratched phonograph record with the
needle following the same groove over and over again. The thoughts in my
head were suddenly very unpatriotic a far cry from the feelings I had expressed
in China concerning Mr. Yoons involvement in shipping Chinese missiles to
Now I felt pure rage for what my country had become during the years after
I had bowed out of doing defense work
. For once my own mind seemed to be
my worst enemy. Hatred for everything consumed me,
I loved what my country had once represented to me, but now I was
ashamed to be an American. And unbeknownst to me at the moment, soon I
would be ashamed of being a male, based on Cathy and Kellys memories.
During the long, usually boring drive to my secluded house in the
wilderness southwest of Nashville, I distinctly recall considering the inherent
risks in the formula I was given for stealing two slaves from under the cokefilled
noses of the CIA. My concerns were not of whether I could do it, but
related to my friends question of, What are you going to do with them?
My thoughts went blank as I muttered to myself, Life is getting complicated
again, I then consoled myself with the old adage of first things
Within a few days, I had played God and coordinated the move of Cathy
and her 8-year-old daughter, Kelly, out of Houstons house into a nearby
apartment. All of this was totally unbeknownst to Houston. As instructed, I
had deliberately placed the powerful coded suggestions into Cathys mind.
These commands partially bridged her own amnestic true perceptions that Alex
was going to kill her. Little did I know that the message I was provided to
block Houstons former control of her was true.
Cathy and Kelly seemed to me to be very disoriented and somewhat
disconnected from reality. In their new, sparsely furnished kitchen, I listened
quietly to Caihy excitedly explain that God had sent me to her. She knew
this was true because her hands seemed to automatically open her King James
version of the Holy Bible to Psalm, Chapter 37, verse 37, which proclaims for
the literal minded, Mark, the perfect man.
Not only had I placed this biblical reference by a covert suggestion in her
mind while playing God on the phone, but just now in her home moments
earlier, I had broken the spine on her Bible so that it would magically open to
that page. She said, See, God did it again for you to see.
Using a deprogrammers language trick, I replied in a reversed response,
Well, Ill be damned. You are right. Thats the only explanation leftthat
could explain all this, I was anxious to change the subject so as not to risk
alerting any one of her observant personalities to my well contained laughter.

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264. Florida Church + Germany + 2001 + Special Forces +Terror + Provocations & Destabilization
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Just interesting connections.. not saying this necessarily means anything. Some things are organized conspiracy by a group of conspirators.. other things are events that cluster around like minded assholes. The following may be more of the latter.

This post is about asshole Terry Jones and his Koran burning provocation intended for 9/11. This Terry Jones guy is a provocateur. Maybe not a provocateur in the conspiracy sense but he is definitely stirring up the Muslims with this controversy. He is doing exactly what Australian Rupert Murdoch is doing and Glen Beck. Agitating and provocateuring the Muslims... ginning up the Arab vs. Christian war. DESTABILIZING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA This has been going on for decades. It started in the early 90s with the World Trade Center basement bombing and the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing. And for decades many have understood the purpose of these things: to destabilize the USA(see below).

I found some of Jones' connections to 9/11/2001, Florida, and Germany very interesting.

First, some recent news as Germany responds to this sewer of hate in its midst(Neo-Nazis). They just had a massive crackdown on their largest neo-nazi group. Meanwhile the alternative media is reporting(and mainstream mostly ignoring) Terry Jones ties to Germany. Here are a few news stories that have simultaneously popped up from Germany the last few days:

Sept. 4, 2010 : German Associate of Mohamed Atta planning Attacks?
German held by U.S. troops planned Europe attacks - report

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German Islamist held by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and interrogated since July has revealed details of planned attacks on targets in Germany and Europe, a news weekly reported Saturday.

Without naming its sources, Der Spiegel said U.S. troops had identified Ahmad S. as a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan who had worked on recruiting new members in Germany.

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry would not confirm details of the report, saying only that the government was trying to contact a citizen held by U.S. forces. German media have said he is from the northern city of Hamburg.

Der Spiegel said Ahmad S. had travelled with his wife, brother, and another couple to the Afghan-Pakistani border area in March 2009 to train in extremist camps.

The magazine said the man moved in circles linked to the Taiba Mosque in Hamburg, previously known as the Al-Quds Mosque, which was frequented by Mohammed Atta -- the leader of the group that carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

German police shut down the mosque last month, saying it had links with armed Islamist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Sept. 8, 2010 : Germany's Largest Neo-Nazi Group Raided
Neo-Nazi group raided by German authorities as fears grow that nursery schools are being infiltrated by the far-right
Germany's largest neo-Nazi group has been raided by police in a bid to crackdown on increasing levels of far-right activity.

Officers flooded the headquarters of a support organisation for right wing extremists to look for evidence it was acting in breach of Germany's constitution.

It came as evidence emerged of a number of attempts by neo-Nazis to infiltrate Germany's nursery schools.

The raid on the Help Organisation for National Political Prisoners and their Families' (HNG) was part of a large-scale operation across nine states beginning in the early hours of the morning.

1979: Germany's Largest Neo-Nazi Group Founded In 1979
"Authorities said the group was founded in 1979 and has some 600 members. The interior ministry suspects it of trying to create a closer network within the often fragmented far right.

That is an interesting year.
It was 1979 that Pakistan ISI backed Al-Fuqra began provocations and terror attacks in the USA. (To Push U.S. to war against Commies?)
In January 1979 the U.S.A.'s problems with Iran accelerate as the western backed Shah is forced to flee Iran.
And it was December 1979 that the Soviets were drawn into Afghanistan.
And it was the year that the German Neo Nazi group mentioned above (HNG) was formed

Some stuff I posted before on 1979:
1979 : Pakistan ISI backed Al-Fuqra begins terror attacks in USA(attempts to destabilize U.S.?)

1979 : Beginnings of the U.S. and Saudi creation of Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets

Back to this asshole Terry Jones' past in Florida and Germany:

Terry Jones, 9/11, Florida and Germany

Islamophobe's Past in Germany
Terry Jones Accused of 'Spiritual Abuse' at Cologne Church

US fundamentalist pastor Terry Jones, who wants to burn copies of the Koran on Sept. 11, ran a church in the western German city of Cologne until last year when members of the congregation expelled him. Former members have spoken of his hate-filled sermons and insistence on "blind obedience."

The world is holding its breath -- and it's all down to a tiny Christian fundamentalist church in Florida.,1518,716409...

Jones sent to Germany to found a Church
The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville was founded by Don Northrup in 1986 at its current northwest Gainesville location.

However, before the church was founded, Northrup sent Terry Jones to found a church in Germany.

Emma Jones grew up hearing that, after arriving in Germany in 1981, her father traveled to Cologne and received a message from God to found a church.

Founded a Church in Germany in 1981
Former church members who have worshiped under senior pastors Terry and Sylvia Jones are speaking out about what they describe as financial abuses at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville and its sister church in Cologne, Germany, founded by Terry Jones in 1981 and closed in 2008.

Germany to Florida Ties
The Jones maintained their connection to Gainesville while in Germany and, after a dispute over financial and theological issues, Jones was removed from the church and moved back to Gainesville for good in 2008.

Terry Jones officially took the head pastor position in Gainesville in 2001, and between 2001 and 2008 apparently divided his time living in Gainesville and in Cologne.


For several years, Terry Jones operated as the senior pastor of the churches in Gainesville and Cologne and a fledgling charity and church in New Orleans.

Emma Jones and Heinz Koop - a former church elder in Germany - say church members confronted Terry and Sylvia Jones with an itemized list of alleged abuses such as a car purchased by the church for their son, salaries paid by the church for TS and Company employees and donated furniture that was sold for profit.

After the accusations, Terry and Sylvia Jones - who from 2001 to 2008 had divided their time between living in Gainesville and living in Cologne - left Cologne permanently in 2008.

Jones has Special Forces Ties?
"Just yesterday we got a phone call from a retired special forces Green Beret... it was his opinion that the people that are on the field, the special forces, he told us are 100 percent behind us," Jones said.

He then recounted a somewhat rambling tale of a retired United States Army Special Forces member who said he'd witnessed church burnings by "radical Muslims" while fighting in Yugoslavia, presumably in the early 1990s.

Wikileaks on Germany And American Special Forces Ties
Task Force 373 is a clandestine military commando unit active in the War in Afghanistan.

The unit became prominent when the covert operations of the unit were brought into the public domain by the release of the Afghan War Diary on Wikileaks on 25 July 2010<1>. It has been claimed that the unit is stationed at Camp Marmal, the German field base in Mazar-e-Sharif.<2>


However, The New York Times reported, also on 25 July a much lower number of total targets, stating "Secret commando units like Task Force 373 a classified group of Army Special Forces (Green Beret) soldiers work from a capture/kill list of about 70 top insurgent commanders. These missions, which have been stepped up under the Obama administration, claim notable successes, but have sometimes gone wrong, killing civilians and stoking Afghan resentment."<4>

A Sensitive Subject for Leaders in Berlin

Even though the revelations in the leaked war logs involve an American unit, the new information about the secret commando missions could also prove embarrassing for the German government. Roughly 300 men with TF 373 have been stationed on the grounds of Camp Marmal, the German field base in Mazar-e-Sharif, since the summer of 2009. The special unit has chosen a strategically advantageous and shielded location at the airfield, where it operates from the Regional Command North, which is under the command of Germany's armed forces, the Bundeswehr.

The stationing of the unit was a sensitive issue from the very beginning, and officials in Berlin persistently sought to prevent much discussion of the issue.,1518,7084...

Identity Christianity, Neo-Nazis, Germany, Oklahoma, North Carolina, USA, KKK, Special Forces and 20 Years of American Terror
It is also likely that Mahon, who traveled to Germany to recruit young skinheads for the KKK, may have met up with Michael Khnen. A prominent neo-Nazi, Khnen formed the Anti-Zionist League, which preached hatred of Jews, and sought to form a common bond between Nazis and their Arab brethren. Khnen also negotiated with the Iraqis, providing them with 200 German, American and British skinheads to fight alongside Iraqi troops. There is reportedly a videotape of these storm troopers in S.S. uniforms being greeted by Iraqi Information Minister Abdel Lateef Jassem.<408>

Khnen's successor, a name named Hubner, has connections to Kirk Lyons, Andreas Strassmeir's North Carolina-based attorney. Lyons also spoke with Hubner at meetings of the group "Deutsche Alternative." Like Mahon, Lyons traveled the German white supremacist circuit. Strassmeir and Mahon were close friends, until Mahon and his brother Dennis reportedly called Germany with orders to kill Strassmeir.

A bit of History on why Neo-Nazis and Extremist Muslims are Collaborating in Terrorism and Provocations : to Destabilize the West
It therefore comes as no surprise that Libya funded the NOI to the tune of $5 million dollars. The motive behind Arab funding of Western racist and dissident groups was and is to forment revolution and destabilize the "Great Satan." Just as Libyan President Muammar al-Qaddafi serves as the inspiration behind many militant Black Muslims, so the IRA served as the spiritual inspiration behind the Aryan Republican Army, the group founded by Richard Guthrie and Peter Langan, which included Michael Brescia.

Australian Rupert Murdoch and Saudi billionaire Prince Al Waleed bin Talal meet to plan ways to Destabilize America using a mix of Lies, Racism and Teabagger buffoonery

Oklahoma City Bombing Agent Provocateur Andreas Strassmeier was in German Army
Andreas served as a lieutenant in the German Panzer Grenadiers (the equivalent of our Special Forces), had formal military intelligence training, and did a stint as a liaison officer with the Welsh Guards. He told the London Sunday Telegraph that part of his work was to detect infiltration by Warsaw Pact agents, and then feed them disinformation. "If we caught a guy, we'd offer him amnesty. We'd turn him and use him to feed false information back to the Warsaw Pact."<394> While Strassmeir would not admit it, it is reported that he is an agent for the German national anti-terrorist police, the GSG-9.<395>

Dave Holloway(Special Forces) and Oklahoma City Terror Bombing
An FBI report of investigation (FD 302) obtained by this newspaper contains never-before-published information and allegations regarding links between a former member of the Armys elite special forces, Timothy McVeigh, and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The man at the center of these revelations is David Michael Alexander Hollaway, an individual whose life experiences appear to be as unusual as they are conflicted. Referred to as Dave by his friends and business associates, the 48-year-old man who is the focus of the report served an 8-year stint in the U.S. Army where Hollaway earned the right to wear the elite Green Berets. Also included in that same report of investigation are references to Hollaways lengthy service to Kirk Lyons, a Black Mountain, N.C., lawyer with a long history of representing members of the Ku Klux Klan, the Branch Davidians and other fringe elements. And then there is Hollaways alleged role as a pilot for the CIA and his well-established relationship with the FBI. However, the most remarkable allegations contained in the Feb. 25, 1997, FBI report, are those regarding Hollaways eerie admissions that McVeigh failed to park the bomb truck in the best location in front of the Oklahoma City federal building that fateful April morning in 1995.

Special Forces Holloway's Ties to German Army member and Oklahoma City Bombing Provocateur Andreas Strassmeier
22. Hollaway also worked very closely with Andreas Strassmeir, the son of Helmur Kohls former chief of staff, Gunther. Gunther was the architecht of German reunification and the son of one of the charter members of the Nazi party under Hitler. For more about Andreas Strassmeir, alleged to be the mastermind of the Oklahoma City bombing, see the program numbers cited above, in addition to using the Spitfire search function. Strassmeir is almost certainly a member of the Underground Reich. No stranger to OKBOMB saga, Hollaway has been a peripheral figure whose name has come up a number of times in news accounts focusing on the Oklahoma City bombing and some of the leading figures associated with the investigation. This newspaper first reported in early 1996 that Hollaway was the man who spirited former paramilitary instructor at Elohim City, Andreas Carl Strassmeir, also known as Andy the German, out of the United States to Berlin after the newspaper revealed Strassmeirs links to McVeigh. (Idem) /

Special Forces Holloway and German Army Strassmeier share an Apartment in Texas
25. Strassmeir and Hollaway shared an apartment in Texas in the late-1980s. While Hollaway was involved in the computer business in Austin with Beam, Strassmeir an illegal overstay on his visa joined an outfit in Austin, Texas, called the Texas Light Infantry (TLI). The TLI was a paramilitary group set up originally by Lyons and Hollaway. The press was told TLI members were civil war rein-actors. The man in the shadows of the group was Klansman Beam. /

KKK Lyons and Special Forces Holloway position German Army Strassmeier at Elohim City prior to OKC Terror Bombing
27. With Strassmeir ordered to leave the TLI by the harried remnants of the TLI, in August of 1992 the Bundeswehr officer with extensive training from a German military academy was relocated to Elohim City by his American benefactors Lyons and Hollaway. Lyons had lived at Elohim City during the Fort Smith sedition trials. Hollaway had married one of the groups young girls. /

9/11 Hijacker Mohamed Atta's German Connections
(November 2005): Man with Suspected Links to Mohamed Atta Tries to Set Up a Flight School on Remote Island
A German citizen suspected by the FBI of having had links with alleged 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta arrives in the remote South Pacific archipelago of Kiribati, one of the worlds smallest nations. Wolfgang Bohringer wants to set up a tourist resort and flight school on the isolated outpost of Fanning Island, which is only 13 square miles in size, has no phones or a functioning airstrip, and is home to just 600 people.


the FBI will confirm that Bohringer is considered a person of interest, and had close ties with a US flight school attended by Mohamed Atta. (This is presumably Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida (see July 6-December 19, 2000).) But by this time, Bohringer will have fled Kiribati, with his whereabouts unknown.

NBC News reports on Mohamed Atta's German Ties
And here's an interesting find: One week after the attack, Brian Ross of NBC News reported a curious discovery with possible significance to the story of Mohamed Attas supposed German associates:

And yet more evidence of the overseas money trail has been found at a flying school in Punta Gorda. The owner says FBI agents seized records relating to at least 12 foreign students whose tuition was paid with foreign wire transfers.

"They were very interested in the German transfers, and they were very interested in the Middle Eastern transfers, Byers told Ross.

But... the FBI says the hijackers received "no outside help." So why were they interested in the German transfers?

The American/German Congress-Bundestag Program that Brought Mohamed Atta to Germany /

Atta and his German Associates
This program takes a longer look at the German milieu to which 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta belonged. In addition to the fact that Attas predominantly German set of associations apparently followed him to Florida (from Germany), Attas entre into German (and quite possibly American) society came courtesy of a joint US and German government program. This programthe Congress-Bundestag programalso sponsored a fellowship for John P. Schmitz, one of the formidable Schmitz brothers discussed in FTR#476. As veteran listeners may well deduce, the $64,000 question concerns whether or not Atta and associates were functioning as agents of the Underground Reich.

Program Highlights Include: The criminal backgrounds of many of Attas German and European associates; the fact that these individuals criminal backgrounds did not prevent them from piloting in the United States; the Chicago Tribunes curious omission of the name of the German couple who sponsored Atta during the time he was in Germany; the close relationship between the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (that sponsored Atta) and the Robert Bosch Foundation (that sponsored John P. Schmitz).

1. Supplementing information presented in FTR#405, the program highlights Daniel Hopsickers excellent research on 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Attas German friends. To all appearances, Atta continued his predominantly German associations long after he came to the U.S. According to his former girlfriend Amanda Keller, many of his German, Swiss and Austrian friends followed Atta to Florida. /

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265. Dick Cheney + Special Forces + JSOC + Assassinations + Rogue Agencies
Replied Hersh:

Yuh. After 9/11, I havent written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They havent been called on it yet. That does happen.

"Right now, today, there was a story in the New York Times that if you read it carefully mentioned something known as the Joint Special Operations Command -- JSOC its called. It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. They did not report to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff or to Mr. Gates, the secretary of defense. They reported directly to him. ...

"Congress has no oversight of it. Its an executive assassination ring essentially, and its been going on and on and on. Just today in the Times there was a story that its leaders, a three star admiral named McRaven, ordered a stop to it because there were so many collateral deaths.

"Under President Bushs authority, theyve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. Thats been going on, in the name of all of us.

"Its complicated because the guys doing it are not murderers, and yet they are committing what we would normally call murder. Its a very complicated issue. Because they are young men that went into the Special Forces. The Delta Forces youve heard about. Navy Seal teams. Highly specialized.

Why do we have a branch of the military running around the world killing people that is not responsible to anyone?

JSOC located at Fort Bragg, NC:
It is located at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA.

Who does JSOC report to?
<4><5> So far, only three SMUs have been publicly disclosed: The Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta (Delta Force), the Navy's SEAL Team 6 or Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and the Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron. Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) which often operates under various cover names such as Royal Cape, Granite Rock, Powder Keg, Centra Spike and Torn Victor. However, its most recent known cover name was Gray Fox. The army once maintained the Activity, but after September 11 attacks the Pentagon shifted direct control to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) at Fort Bragg, NC.<6> If needed, Army Rangers and Night Stalkers can be transferred under the JSOC command. JSOCs primary mission is believed to be identifying and destroying terrorists and terror cells worldwide.<7>

JSOC + Blackwater Collaborations
According to a recent report in The Nation, JSOC, in tandem with Blackwater/Xe has an ongoing drone program, along with snatch/grab/assassination operations, based in Karachi and conducted both in and outside of Pakistan.<14>

JSOC and Blackwater determine who the terrorists are that the USA fights???

Blackwater and JSOC go Terrorist Huntin'
While JSOC technically runs the operations in Karachi, he said, it is largely staffed by former US special operations soldiers working for a division of Blackwater, once known as Blackwater SELECT, and intelligence analysts working for a Blackwater affiliate, Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS), which is owned by Erik Prince. The military source said that the name Blackwater SELECT may have been changed recently. Total Intelligence, which is run out of an office on the ninth floor of a building in the Ballston area of Arlington, Virginia, is staffed by former analysts and operatives from the CIA, DIA, FBI and other agencies. It is modeled after the CIA's counterterrorism center. In Karachi, TIS runs a "media-scouring/open-source network," according to the source. Until recently, Total Intelligence was run by two former top CIA officials, Cofer Black and Robert Richer, both of whom have left the company. In Pakistan, Blackwater is not using either its original name or its new moniker, Xe Services, according to the former Blackwater executive. "They are running most of their work through TIS because the other two have such a stain on them," he said. Corallo, the Blackwater spokesperson, denied that TIS or any other division or affiliate of Blackwater has any personnel in Pakistan.

The US military intelligence source said that Blackwater's classified contracts keep getting renewed at the request of JSOC. Blackwater, he said, is already so deeply entrenched that it has become a staple of the US military operations in Pakistan. According to the former Blackwater executive, "The politics that go with the brand of BW is somewhat set aside because what you're doing is really one military guy to another." Blackwater's first known contract with the CIA for operations in Afghanistan was awarded in 2002 and was for work along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Blackwater, JSOC and Special Forces
Blackwater, according to the military intelligence source, is not doing the actual killing as part of its work in Pakistan. "The SELECT personnel are not going into places with private aircraft and going after targets," he said. "It's not like Blackwater SELECT people are running around assassinating people." Instead, US Special Forces teams carry out the plans developed in part by Blackwater. The military intelligence source drew a distinction between the Blackwater operatives who work for the State Department, which he calls "Blackwater Vanilla," and the seasoned Special Forces veterans who work on the JSOC program.

Blackwater works for the U.S. government and Pakistan government at the same time?!?!?
The former Blackwater executive, when asked for confirmation that Blackwater forces were not actively killing people in Pakistan, said, "that's not entirely accurate." While he concurred with the military intelligence source's description of the JSOC and CIA programs, he pointed to another role Blackwater is allegedly playing in Pakistan, not for the US government but for Islamabad. According to the executive, Blackwater works on a subcontract for Kestral Logistics, a powerful Pakistani firm, which specializes in military logistical support, private security and intelligence consulting. It is staffed with former high-ranking Pakistani army and government officials. While Kestral's main offices are in Pakistan, it also has branches in several other countries.

JSOC running the drones that cause all of those high civilian causualties?
The military intelligence source says that the drone strike that reportedly killed Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, his wife and his bodyguards in Waziristan in August was a CIA strike, but that many others attributed in media reports to the CIA are actually JSOC strikes. "Some of these strikes are attributed to OGA , but in reality it's JSOC and their parallel program of UAVs because they also have access to UAVs. So when you see some of these hits, especially the ones with high civilian casualties, those are almost always JSOC strikes." The Pentagon has stated bluntly, "There are no US military strike operations being conducted in Pakistan."

The military intelligence source also confirmed that Blackwater continues to work for the CIA on its drone bombing program in Pakistan, as previously reported in the New York Times, but added that Blackwater is working on JSOC's drone bombings as well. "It's Blackwater running the program for both CIA and JSOC," said the source. When civilians are killed, "people go, 'Oh, it's the CIA doing crazy shit again unchecked.' Well, at least 50 percent of the time, that's JSOC somebody they've identified through HUMINT or they've culled the intelligence themselves or it's been shared with them and they take that person out and that's how it works."

JSOC is not overseen by congress
The military intelligence source says that the CIA operations are subject to Congressional oversight, unlike the parallel JSOC bombings. "Targeted killings are not the most popular thing in town right now and the CIA knows that," he says. "Contractors and especially JSOC personnel working under a classified mandate are not , so they just don't care. If there's one person they're going after and there's thirty-four people in the building, thirty-five people are going to die. That's the mentality." He added, "They're not accountable to anybody and they know that. It's an open secret, but what are you going to do, shut down JSOC?"

Now we get to the good stuff... JSOC + Cheney + Rumsfeld + Secret Operations

JSOC: Rumsfeld and Cheney's Extra Special Force
Colonel Wilkerson said that he is concerned that with General McChrystal's elevation as the military commander of the Afghan war--which is increasingly seeping into Pakistan--there is a concomitant rise in JSOC's power and influence within the military structure. "I don't see how you can escape that; it's just a matter of the way the authority flows and the power flows, and it's inevitable, I think," Wilkerson told The Nation. He added, "I'm alarmed when I see execute orders and combat orders that go out saying that the supporting force is Central Command and the supported force is Special Operations Command," under which JSOC operates. "That's backward. But that's essentially what we have today."

From 2003 to 2008 McChrystal headed JSOC, which is headquartered at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where Blackwater's 7,000-acre operating base is also situated. JSOC controls the Army's Delta Force, the Navy's SEAL Team 6, as well as the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and the Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron. JSOC performs strike operations, reconnaissance in denied areas and special intelligence missions. Blackwater, which was founded by former Navy SEALs, employs scores of veteran Special Forces operators--which several former military officials pointed to as the basis for Blackwater's alleged contracts with JSOC.

Cheney, Rumsfeld and McChrystal were running Rogue operations outside of any chain of command
While JSOC has long played a central role in US counterterrorism and covert operations, military and civilian officials who worked at the Defense and State Departments during the Bush administration described in interviews with The Nation an extremely cozy relationship that developed between the executive branch (primarily through Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld) and JSOC. During the Bush era, Special Forces turned into a virtual stand-alone operation that acted outside the military chain of command and in direct coordination with the White House. Throughout the Bush years, it was largely General McChrystal who ran JSOC. "What I was seeing was the development of what I would later see in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Special Operations forces would operate in both theaters without the conventional commander even knowing what they were doing," said Colonel Wilkerson. "That's dangerous, that's very dangerous. You have all kinds of mess when you don't tell the theater commander what you're doing."

Rumsfeld, Cheney go straight to JSOC bypassing normal chains of command
He saw this begin, he said, after his first Delta Force briefing at Fort Bragg. "I think Cheney and Rumsfeld went directly into JSOC. I think they went into JSOC at times, perhaps most frequently, without the SOCOM commander at the time even knowing it. The receptivity in JSOC was quite good," says Wilkerson. "I think Cheney was actually giving McChrystal instructions, and McChrystal was asking him for instructions." He said the relationship between JSOC and Cheney and Rumsfeld "built up initially because Rumsfeld didn't get the responsiveness. He didn't get the can-do kind of attitude out of the SOCOM commander, and so as Rumsfeld was wont to do, he cut him out and went straight to the horse's mouth. At that point you had JSOC operating as an extension of the doing things the executive branch--read: Cheney and Rumsfeld--wanted it to do. This would be more or less carte blanche. You need to do it, do it. It was very alarming for me as a conventional soldier."

Cheney and Rumsfeld unilaterally send JSOC teams around world killing people and blowing shit up
Wilkerson said the JSOC teams caused diplomatic problems for the United States across the globe. "When these teams started hitting capital cities and other places all around the world, didn't tell the State Department either. The only way we found out about it is our ambassadors started to call us and say, 'Who the hell are these six-foot-four white males with eighteen-inch biceps walking around our capital cities?' So we discovered this, we discovered one in South America, for example, because he actually murdered a taxi driver, and we had to get him out of there real quick. We rendered him--we rendered him home."

JSOC under Rumsfeld committed "Dark Acts" - like killing Iraq Weapons Inspectors???
The military intelligence source said that when Rumsfeld was defense secretary, JSOC was deployed to commit some of the "darkest acts" in part to keep them concealed from Congress. "Everything can be justified as a military operation versus a clandestine intelligence performed by the CIA, which has to be informed to Congress," said the source. "They were aware of that and they knew that, and they would exploit it at every turn and they took full advantage of it. They knew they could act extra-legally and nothing would happen because A, it was sanctioned by DoD at the highest levels, and B, who was going to stop them? They were preparing the battlefield, which was on all of the PowerPoints: 'Preparing the Battlefield.'"

Blackwater cozy with Pakistan Officials which are cozy with the Taliban we claim to be fighting
On November 20 the Washington Times, citing three current and former US intelligence officials, reported that Mullah Mohammed Omar, the leader of the Afghan Taliban, has "found refuge from potential U.S. attacks" in Karachi "with the assistance of Pakistan's intelligence service."

In September, the Pakistani press covered a report on Blackwater allegedly submitted by Pakistan's intelligence agencies to the federal interior ministry. In the report, the intelligence agencies reportedly allege that Blackwater was provided houses by a federal minister who is also helping them clear shipments of weapons and vehicles through Karachi's Port Qasim on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The military intelligence source did not confirm this but did say, "The port jives because they have a lot of SEALs and they would revert to what they know: the ocean, instead of flying stuff in."

The Nation cannot independently confirm these allegations and has not seen the Pakistani intelligence report. But according to Pakistani press coverage, the intelligence report also said Blackwater has acquired "bungalows" in the Defense Housing Authority in the city. According to the DHA website, it is a large residential estate originally established "for the welfare of the serving and retired officers of the Armed Forces of Pakistan." Its motto is: "Home for Defenders." The report alleges Blackwater is receiving help from local government officials in Karachi and is using vehicles with license plates traditionally assigned to members of the national and provincial assemblies, meaning local law enforcement will not stop them.

Seeing Connections?

Landmarks Bomb Plot, WTC 1993 + Agent Provocateur Ali Mohammad + Fort Bragg, NC + Special Forces + Hamburg, Germany
OK City Federal Bombing + Agent Provocateur Andreas Strassmeir + Dave Holloway + Special Forces + KKK + North Carolina + Germany
9/11/2001 + Khalid Sheikh Mohammed + North Carolina Christian School + Hamburg Germany
9/11/2001 + Mohammad Atta + German Associates + Hamburg Germany
War on Terror + Eric Prince + Blackwater/XE + North Carolina + Hamburg Germany + Special Forces
War on Terror + JSOC + Special Forces + North Carolina + Blackwater/XE
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268. Ground Zero Mosque DISTRACTION + Special Forces + Glen Beck + Muslim Converts + FBI + CIA ties
Edited on Tue Sep-14-10 02:17 AM by CrunchMaster
A few interesting facts exposed in a Sept. 10th 2010 New York Observer article. I am going to do like I do and takes snips from it. But please read the whole thing here:

Mosque Hoax funded by Muslim Convert with ties to Pentagon, and CIA and Defense Contractors
Untangling the Bizarre CIA Links to the Ground Zero Mosque
For instance, one of the earliest backers of the nonprofit group, the Cordoba Initiative, that is spearheading the Ground Zero mosque, is a 52-year-old Scarsdale, New York, native named R. Leslie Deak. In addition to serving on the group's board of advisors since its founding in 2004 by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Deak was its principal funder, donating $98,000 to the nonprofit between 2006 and 2008. This figure appears to represent organization's total operating budgetthough, oddly, the group reported receipts of just a third of that total during the same time period.

Deak describes himself as a "Practicing Muslim with background in Christianity and Judaism, in-depth personal and business experiences in the Middle East, living and working six months per year in Egypt." Born into a Christian home, Deak became an Orthodox Jew and married a Jewish woman before converting to Islam when he married his current wife, Moshira Soliman, with whom he now lives in Rye.

Leslie Deak's resume also notes his role as "business consultant" for Patriot Defense Group, LLC, a private defense contractor with offices in Winter Park, Florida, and in Tucson. The only names listed on the firm's website are those of its three "strategic advisers." These include retired four-star General Bryan "Doug" Brown, commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command until 2007, where he headed "all special operations forces, both active duty and reserve, leading the Global War On Terrorism," and James Pavitt, former deputy director for operations at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he "managed the CIA's globally deployed personnel and nearly half of its multi-billion dollar budget" and "served as head of America's Clandestine Service, the CIA's operational response to the attacks of September 11, 2001."

Besides Pavitt, Brown and a third advisor, banker Alexander Cappello, the Patriot Defense Group is so secretive it doesn't even name its management team, instead describing its anonymous CEO as a former Special Forces and State Department veteran, the group's managing director as a former CIA officer experienced in counter-terrorism in hostile environments and the group's corporate intelligence head as a "23-year veteran of the U.S. Secret Service who worked on the personal security details of former Presidents Bush and Clinton."


So, to recap: From 2006 to 2008, R. Leslie Deak worked as a "business consultant" to this super-secretive security contractor with ties to the CIA and counterterrorism forces, and in those same three years he also donated nearly $100,000 in seed money to the foundation now advocating the construction of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque.

Muslim Convert Guy's Ties to NY Mosque, CIA and Pentagon
Interestingly, during the same three-year period during which the Deak Family Foundation was financing the Cordoba Initiative, Deak also donated a total of $101,247 to something called the National Defense University Foundation. The National Defense University is a network of war and strategy colleges and research centers (including the National War College) funded by the Pentagon, designed to train specialists in military strategy. The organization recently announced a November 5 dinner gala in honor of Defense Secretary and former CIA chief Robert Gates. Sponsors include Northrup Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and...the Patriot Defense Group.

Wachovia Bank HQ North Carolina + Mexican Drug Money
Deak also sits on the NDUF's board of directors, the chairman of which is Mark Treanor, the former general counsel for Wachovia bank from 1998 through its collapse in 2008 and a major bundler of campaign donations for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008. Wachovia, now owned by Wells Fargo, was recently fined $160 million for laundering "at least $110 million" in Mexican drug money between 2003 and 2008, while Treanor was Wachovia's general counsel, though the figure is likely higher since Wachovia admitted it didn't put any controls on at least $420 billionthat's billionin cash moved through its network of Mexico currency exchanges.

More Distractions : Glen Beck, the Imam FBI Informant/Provocateur, The CIA and the Pentagon
But add to this array of unexpected connections the work of Imam Rauf on behalf of the U.S. governmentwhich includes serving as an FBI "consultant" and being recruited as a spokesperson by longtime George W. Bush confidante Karen Hughes, who headed up the administration's propaganda efforts in the Muslim worldand a compelling picture begins to emerge. Bush's favorite Imam, with backing from a funder with connections to the CIA, the Pentagon and the currency trading company that now sponsors rightwing firebrand Glenn Beck, proposes to build a mosque around the corner from the site of the most devastating terrorist attack ever visited on America. In the name of " understanding among all religions and cultures," he puts forth a project that offends a majority of Americans and deals a significant setback to the broader acceptance of Muslim-Americans. It's a little like Billy "White Shoes" Johnson claiming the only reason he moonwalks after scoring a touchdown is to lower tensions on the football field and raise the other team's spirits.

The United States of America is Being Gamed... from Without and Within

The truth is coming out... hold on to your asses...cornered animals ahead.
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325. Glenn Beck makes another Crypto-Assassination Threat Against Obama on FOKKKS NEWS
Beck really plays it up this time. He makes an assassination threat against Obama(black) and Sunstein(Jewish):

Beck Asks, "Why Would You Get A Gun?" -- Then Points To Pictures Of Obama, Sunstein

Austrailian Rupert Murdoch's Fox Television network was oddly enough the one network that predicted the 9/11 attacks including the wargames and the planes flying into the World Trade Center. This aired in March 2001:
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317. JSOC + Pope Air Force Base, NC + Fort Brag,NC + Catholic Knights of Malta
Edited on Thu Jan-20-11 04:20 AM by CrunchMaster
So I guess we understand now why Pope AFB is called Pope?

Seymour Hersch says that JSOC was run by a Catholic Knights Malta Klan:
"That's the attitude," he continued. "We're gonna change mosques into cathedrals. That's an attitude that pervades, I'm here to say, a large percentage of the Joint Special Operations Command."

He then alleged that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who headed JSOC before briefly becoming the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, and his successor, Vice Adm. William McRaven, as well as many within JSOC, "are all members of, or at least supporters of, Knights of Malta."

Hersh may have been referring to the Sovereign Order of Malta, a Roman Catholic organization commited to "defence of the Faith and assistance to the poor and the suffering," according to its website.

"Many of them are members of Opus Dei," Hersh continued. "They do see what they're doing -- and this is not an atypical attitude among some military -- it's a crusade, literally. They see themselves as the protectors of the Christians. They're protecting them from the Muslims the 13th century. And this is their function."

"They have little insignias, these coins they pass among each other, which are crusader coins," he continued. "They have insignia that reflect the whole notion that this is a culture war. Right now, theres a tremendous, tremendous amount of anti-Muslim feeling in the military community."

Hersh relayed that he had recently spoken with "a man in the intelligence community... somebody in the joint special operations business" about the downfall of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia. "He said, Oh my God, he was such a good ally.'"

"Tunisia's going to change the game," Hersh added later. "It's going to scare the hell out of a lot of people."

Blackwater + Knights of Malta?
It has also been claimed that Cofer Black, Erik Prince and Joseph Schmitz... all tied to North Carolina Blackwater/XE were Knights Malta.It is also claimed Joseph Schmnitz had some Nazi ties.

Those are the claims, and other than some Wiki links and conspiracy sites I don't have much mainstream proof of that at the moment. If I find it I will post it.

In other news : Catholic Church and Vatican is Full of Child Molestors:
VATICAN CITY (AP) - In a new round of damage control, the Vatican insisted Wednesday that a 1997 letter warning Irish bishops against reporting priests suspected of sex abuse to police had been "deeply misunderstood."

The Associated Press on Tuesday reported the contents of the letter, in which the Vatican's top diplomat in Ireland told bishops that their policy of mandatory reporting such cases to police "gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature."

The newly revealed letter, obtained originally by Irish broadcaster RTE from an Irish bishop, has undermined persistent Vatican claims, particularly when seeking to defend itself in U.S. lawsuits, that Rome never told bishops not to cooperate with police.

An Irish government-ordered investigation into decades of abuse cover-ups in the Dublin Archdiocese concluded that Irish bishops understood the letter to mean they shouldn't report suspected crimes.

And victims groups say it's a "smoking gun" that shows that the church enforced a worldwide culture of concealing crimes by pedophile priests of which Rome bears ultimate - and legal - responsibility.

"The letter confirms that the cover-up goes as far as the Vatican, that Vatican officials knew exactly what was going on, and that they proactively sought to deter Irish bishops from cooperating with civil authorities in Ireland," said Andrew Madden, a former Dublin altar boy who was raped repeatedly by a priest, Ivan Payne, in the 1980s.

Of course the Catholic Church is full of Child Molestors. WHO FUCKING LOOKS LIKE THAT EXCEPT FOR SOMEONE UP TO HIS NECK IN EVIL???

In other, other news. More from Italy.... Silvio Berlusconi's Underage Prostitute Scandal
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267. D.C. Sniper + Special Forces + More War & Why Terrorists Set up Camp Next to U.S. Mil. Intelligence
The D.C. Sniper Shootings occurred in October of 2002
* October 2nd 2002, D.C. Sniper Shootings begin as Iraq War Authorization introduced in Congress
* The last shooting was Oct. 22nd 2002
* The "D.C. Snipers" were caught Oct. 24th 2002

The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002
* Introduced in Congress on October 2, 2002
* Was passed on October 16th 2002 right in the middle of the D.C. Sniper shootings

The D.C. Sniper's weapon came from gun store run by a Ranger and military sniper instructor(Rangers are a part of Special Operations as are Special Forces):
Borgelt, 40, a former Army ranger and military sniper instructor, told The News Tribune of Tacoma he had been conducting his own internal investigation for two years. He sold Bull's Eye last year but still operates a shooting range at the store near the Tacoma Dome.

The Rangers are one of three U.S. Special Operations Forces under the U.S. Army that include Special Forces:
United States Army

* Special Forces ("Green Berets")
* 75th Ranger Regiment ("Rangers")
* 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) ("Night Stalkers")

John Allen Muhammad claims to have been in Special Forces
But Mr Strozier could also recall a man who did not like to be crossed, who claimed falsely to have been in the US special forces (the equivalent of Britain's SAS) and whose fuse was short. The two fell out over the running of the now defunct school. "I can remember him being bitter about life," Mr Strozier said.

Pentagon confirms John Muhammad had served in the U.S. Army but not in Special Forces
The Pentagon confirmed Mr Muhammad had served in the army but said he had not been trained as a sniper, nor had he been a member of the special forces, as he appears to have told friends. He fought in the Gulf war and left the army under apparently bitter circumstances about 10 years ago.

These Special Operations Forces are Organized under U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM)
When in the Continental United States (CONUS), most special operations forces (SOF) answer to the administration of their assigned branch of the military, but, organizationally, are under the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Operational control of units deployed overseas falls under the respective SOCOM, and its command structure. Yet, at any time, the Secretary of Defense can place all SOFs under the direct control of the SOCOM, usually during active hostilities.

As I posted yesterday, it is claimed that Cheney and Rumsfeld, would bypass SOCOM and go straight to JSOC(Joint Special Operations Command):
He saw this begin, he said, after his first Delta Force briefing at Fort Bragg. "I think Cheney and Rumsfeld went directly into JSOC. I think they went into JSOC at times, perhaps most frequently, without the SOCOM commander at the time even knowing it. The receptivity in JSOC was quite good," says Wilkerson. "I think Cheney was actually giving McChrystal instructions, and McChrystal was asking him for instructions." He said the relationship between JSOC and Cheney and Rumsfeld "built up initially because Rumsfeld didn't get the responsiveness. He didn't get the can-do kind of attitude out of the SOCOM commander, and so as Rumsfeld was wont to do, he cut him out and went straight to the horse's mouth. At that point you had JSOC operating as an extension of the doing things the executive branch--read: Cheney and Rumsfeld--wanted it to do. This would be more or less carte blanche. You need to do it, do it. It was very alarming for me as a conventional soldier."

JSOC is a component of USSOCOM and is HQ'd out of Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg, North Carolina
The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a component command of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques to ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, and develop Joint Special Operations Tactics. It was established in 1980 on recommendation of Col. Charlie Beckwith, in the aftermath of the failure of Operation Eagle Claw.<1> It is located at Pope Air Force Base and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA.

Army, Air Force, & Navy SOCOM when operating jointly are overseen by USSOCOM which is HQ'd out of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.
United States Special Operations Command
Each branch has a Special Operations Command that is unique and capable of running its own operations, but when the different Special Operations Forces need to work together for an operation, USSOCOM becomes the joint component command of the operation, instead of a SOC of a specific branch.<5>

Florida and North Carolina... two key states in America's Terror Provocations Over the Years Going Back to Special Forces Alumni Ali Mohamed and the 1992 World Trade Center Basement Bombing and Landmarks Bomb Plots...

A number of terrorists since 1992 came from those states, trained in those states, or had friendly ties in those states... which begs the obvious question..

Why would Terrorists decide to set up camp right next to USSOCOM and JSOC to plan and train for their terror events??? Who on the inside is assisting them? Who is turning a blind eye? And why are no American collaborators ever punished???

U.S. Military(DoD and SOC) Ignored Early Reports of Racist Infiltrators & "Special Forces Underground"
In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, the Defense Department failed to investigate a nationally televised appearance by a Special Forces sergeant who claimed an extremist movement had infiltrated the U.S. military.

Just days after former soldiers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were arrested for conspiring to blow up the Alfred E. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Special Forces Sgt. Steven Barry appeared on "60 Minutes" claiming to lead an army of military trained extremists. Barry appeared anonymously, with his face and voice electronically obscured.

On May 4, 1995, U.S. Rep. Patricia Schroeder wrote to Defense Secretary William Perry requesting a formal investigation into the appearance.

Documents obtained by INTELWIRE through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that, although the request was treated as a political priority, the Defense Department and the Special Operations Command did not specifically investigate the case in any way.


The Department ignored the 60 Minutes report, as well as separate reports indicating that Barry had been publishing classified and sensitive material in an extremist newsletter known as "The Resister."

The documents obtained by INTELWIRE state that no investigation was launched into the specific problem of the Special Forces Underground and the Resister.

The Defense Department, Army, Air Force, Navy, FBI and Special Operations Command were all sent FOIA requests by INTELWIRE for documents dealing with the Special Forces Underground.

Only the Defense Department Office of the Inspector General and SOCOM provided or even confirmed the existence documents in response to these requests, despite the fact that other sources clearly indicate such documents exist.

"Special Forces Underground" and the Coming Race War
The failure to investigate or disclose information about the Special Forces Underground was thrown into sharp relief earlier this month when the New York Times reported that Barry was behind a recent surge in white supremacist enrollment in the U.S. Army. The white power movement is exploiting U.S. military recruiting shortfalls to enroll rank and file members to receive military training from the government.

The Times quoted a recent issue of The Resister written by Barry:

''Light infantry is your branch of choice because the coming race war and the ethnic cleansing to follow will be very much an infantryman's war. It will be house-to-house, neighborhood-by-neighborhood until your town or city is cleared and the alien races are driven into the countryside where they can be hunted down and 'cleansed.' ... As a professional soldier, my goal is to fill the ranks of the United States Army with skinheads. As street brawlers, you will be useless in the coming race war. As trained infantrymen, you will join the ranks of the Aryan warrior brotherhood.''

Provocations and Rogue actions abroad by Special Forces
Here is the untold story of Steven Barry, drawn from this author's role in an Army investigation and from numerous other sources. It shows that confidential Army information has been published in The Resister, a periodical once read by Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh; that Barry received a career-ending reprimand as a result of his activities and, at one point, was a target of both federal and military criminal investigations; and that The Resister boasted of Special Forces members illegally defying orders in Haiti by helping to arm anti-democratic forces. It describes how U.S. military officials sidelined Congress and allowed Barry to remain in the military despite clear evidence of his extremism.

You may remember Eric Prince of Blackwater was a Navy Seal in Haiti in 1995(Navy Seals are the Navy Equivalent of the Army's Special Forces)

And "coincidently" Blackwater is tied to weapons that wind up getting in the hands of Terrorists... could that be by design?

Blackwater Took Hundreds of Guns From U.S. Military, Afghan Police
Senate Inquiry Shows Contractor Signed for Rifles Using 'South Park' Alias

This is not the first time Blackwater has faced allegations of diverted weapons. In 2007, company employees came under federal investigation for improperly shipping hundreds of weapons to Iraq, some of which are believed to have been sold on the black market and acquired by a Kurdish terrorist group.

Feds probe Blackwater links to arms smuggling
Reports: Weapons linked to employees may have gone to terrorist groups
BAGHDAD Federal prosecutors are investigating whether employees of the private security firm Blackwater USA illegally smuggled into Iraq weapons that may have been sold on the black market and ended up in the hands of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, officials said Friday. /

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Response to Reply #261
275. Joint Chiefs Of Staff + Hugh Shelton + North Carolina + Special Forces + USSOCOM + Blames Rummy
Hugh Shelton, Chairman Joint Chiefs Of Staff blames Rumsfeld and "lies" for Iraq war. Thanks for coming to the party 10 years too fucking late and thousands dead with this new criticism of Rumsfeld:
Rumsfeld had 'worst style of leadership I witnessed in 38 years of service'

The US had no reason to invade Iraq in 2003, and only did so because of "a series of lies" told to the American people by the Bush administration, says Gen. Hugh Shelton, who served for four years as the US's top military officer.

Shelton, who was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001, makes the comment in Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior, a soon-to-be-published memoir reviewed at Foreign Policy by Thomas E. Ricks.

"President Bush and his team got us enmeshed in Iraq based on extraordinarily poor intelligence and a series of lies purporting that we had to protect Americans from Saddam's evil empire because it posed such a threat to our national security," Shelton writes in his memoir.

According to Ricks, Shelton states that, in order to get the war going, then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "elbowed aside Gen. Richard Myers and the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and also intimidated and flattered Gen. Tommy R. Franks while working directly with him, and so basically went to war without getting the advice of his top military advisors." /

General Henry Hugh Shelton (born January 2, 1942) is a retired American career military officer of the United States Army. He served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001.

Early life, family and education

Born in Tarboro, North Carolina, Shelton was raised just outside the small town of Speed, North Carolina. North Carolina Highway 122, which runs through Speed to Hobgood, North Carolina (right past the homestead he was raised on), was later named "General Henry Hugh Shelton Hwy" in his honor.<1> Shelton attended North Carolina State University and was a member of Pershing Rifles. He earned a degree in textiles while earning his Army commission through ROTC training. Shelton's further education includes a master's degree from Auburn University in 1973 as well as studies at the Air Command and Staff College and the National War College.

Shelton married Carolyn L. Johnson in 1963.
Military service

Shelton served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group, followed by a series of command and staff assignments. Following the Gulf War, Shelton commanded the 82nd Airborne Division in his home state of North Carolina. In 1993, he was given command of XVIII Airborne Corps. Shelton led the Joint Task Force responsible for Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti in 1994. In 1996, Shelton, a Special Forces soldier, was promoted to the rank of General and the position of Commander in Chief of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Upon the retirement of John M. Shalikashvili, Shelton was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on October 1, 1997. In his time in that office he coined the phrase "Dover test," testing the support for a war based on the reaction of the people after seeing American casualties returning at the Dover Air Force Base. During the events of September 11, 2001, Shelton was on a plane to London, England. Then-Vice Chairman Air Force General Richard Myers took charge and on October 1, 2001 became his successor.
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Response to Reply #275
321. JSOC Fort Bragg, NC guy was in charge of FAA Hijack Security on 9/11...
...but unfortunately he was off in Puerto Rico on 9/11 and unable to fulfill his duty. Sound familiar? Remember SOCOM commander and JCS chairman Hugh Shelton was on a plane to the UK on 9/11.

Here is an interesting snippet from an article on that goes into some of the JSOC and special operations connections to 9/11:

Michael Canavan

The hijack coordinator at FAA headquarters, Lt. Gen. Michael A. Canavan, had been in his position for only nine months and would leave the job within a month of 9/11. Surprisingly, although Mike Canavan was mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report, he was not cited for his role as the FAAs hijack coordinator, a role that was at the center of the failure to intercept the planes on 9/11.

Instead of being mentioned as the hijack coordinator, Canavan was in the report because he had been the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which ran the militarys counterterrorism operations and covert missions. The report described Canavans part in the the failure to follow-through on a carefully laid-out 1998 CIA plan to capture Osama bin Laden (OBL) in Afghanistan. Canavan was quoted as saying that the plan put tribal Afghanis at too much risk and that the operation was too complicated for the CIA.<16>

Nearly the entirety of Canavans career was in military special operations. He was a Special Forces soldier for many years and before he was JSOC Commander he was Special Operations Commander for the US European Command (SOCEUR), which included operations throughout Africa as well. Canavan was SOCEUR from 1994 to 1996 and JSOC Commander from 1996 to 1998.

JSOC is a successor organization to the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), which was a secret government-funded organization authorized by the National Security Council in 1948. The OPC was led by CIA director Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner, a State Department official who wielded unprecedented power due to his position in New York law and financial circles. The JSOC was created in 1980 by the Pentagon and run by Ted Shackleys OPC colleague, Richard Stillwell. According to author Joseph Trento, JSOC quickly became one of the most secret operations of the US government.<17>

Creation of the JSOC was, ostensibly, a response to the failed 1980 hostage rescue attempt in Iran called Operation Eagle Claw. JSOC immediately went on to engage in an array of highly covert activities by way of black budgets.<18> This included operations in Honduras and El Salvador which supported the illegal wars associated with the Nicaraguan rebels called the Contras.

In 1987, JSOC was assigned to a new military command called the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) that came about through the work of Senator William S. Cohen. Senator Cohen went on to become the Secretary of Defense from 1997 to 2001 and it was he who led the Quadrennial Defense Review of 1997 that reduced the number of fighters actively protecting the continental US from 100 to 14.<19> Cohen is now chairman of The Cohen group, where he works with his Vice Chairman, Marc Grossman, whom FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds says figures prominently in the information she has been trying to provide.

Interestingly, Hugh Shelton was the commander of SOCOM during the same years that Canavan was the commander of JSOC. Shelton went on to become the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), which is the highest position in the US military. He was in that position on September 11th and was, like Canavan, curiously absent for just the morning hours on that day.<20>

In any case, it seems odd that Michael Canavan occupied what turned out to be the most important position relative to the failure to intercept the hijacked planes on 9/11 and was also involved in evaluating plans to capture OBL just three years earlier. Apart from the coincidence that he was selected as the most qualified person for both of those very different positions, he was also a central figure in these two different reasons why the 9/11 attacks were said to have succeeded.

When he first started the job as FAAs hijack coordinator, just nine months before the attacks, Canavan was in charge of running training exercises that were pretty damn close to 9/11 plot, according to John Hawley, an employee in the FAAs intelligence division.<21> In his comments to the 9/11 Commission, Canavan denied having participated in any such exercises and the Commission apparently didnt think to reconcile the conflicting comments it had received from Hawley and Canavan on this important issue.


Read the whole article here at :

Did you happen to see the new report from some of the Joint Chiefs of Staff guys? LOLZ. :rofl: "Spend less on Military, more on education". /

10 years too fucking late morons. Didn't you read the news?

IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end
For the first time, the international organization has set a date for the moment when the Age of America will end and the U.S. economy will be overtaken by that of China.

And its a lot closer than you may think.

According to the latest IMF official forecasts, Chinas economy will surpass that of America in real terms in 2016 just five years from now.


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Response to Reply #321
323. Special Forces Get Osama... of Course You Are Just Going to Have To Believe This is So
Sure. Why not?
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Response to Reply #261
318. 1988 Lockerbie Pan AM 103 Bombing had its Origins in Germany not Libya? FBI & CIA
Edited on Fri Jan-21-11 05:33 AM by CrunchMaster
Noticing some interesting connections again...

Scottish media has been all over the Pan Am 103 bombing case over the past two years. It is being said that the bombing traces back to a Palestinian group in Germany, not to Libya


Fragments of a Samsonite suitcase believed to have contained the bomb were recovered, together with parts and pieces of circuit board identified as part of a Toshiba Bombeat radio cassette player, similar to that used to conceal a Semtex bomb seized by West German police from the Palestinian militant group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command two months earlier. Items of baby clothing, which were subsequently proven to have been made in Malta, were also thought to have come from the same suitcase.

The clothes were traced to a Maltese merchant, Tony Gauci, who became a key prosecution witness, testifying that he sold the clothes to a man of Libyan appearance. Gauci was interviewed 23 times giving contradictory evidence about who had bought the clothes, that person's age, appearance and the date of purchase but later identified Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. As Megrahi had only been in Malta on 7 December that date was assumed to be the purchase date. An official report providing information not made available to the defense during the original trial stated that four days before identifying al-Megrahi for the first time, Gauci had seen a picture of al-Megrahi in a magazine which connected him to the bombing, a fact which could have distorted his judgment.<31> The date is also in doubt as Gauci had testified that Malta's Christmas lights had not been on when the clothes had been purchased, it has since been found they had in fact been switched on 6 December. Scottish police had also failed to inform the defense that another witness had testified seeing Libyan men making a similar purchase on a different day.<32>


More from The Scotsman:

Truth revealed on Lockerbie bomb timer
Published Date: 01 June 2008
By Marcello Mega

How the CIA and FBI Allegedly paid people to frame up the Libyan as the Bomber
A Shocking Trail of Witnesses Paid Millions for Misinformation
July 25 2010


Payments to Mr. Gauci, and to his brother Paul, who assisted somehow behind the scenes, are covered in detail elsewhere, but Megrahis appeal documents note the earliest American mention of money is from September 28, 1989, just weeks after the brothers were first approached. The FBI discussed with the Scottish Police an offer of unlimited money to Tony Gauci, with $10,000 being available immediately." It's not clear if any of this ever came through, but as Giaka was being put up for a reward in 1992, the Scottish police lobbied for Tony to get the same. "I also clarified with him about the Gauci reward and the response was only if he gave evidence."

Tony had his chance to give evidence in mid-2000 and he performed well, considering, fudging everything possible. Under 6 feet, under 60, I don't know, raining a little, not really, no, maybe. Mysteriously, the Judges bought it and Megrahis fate was sealed.


Revealed: CIA offered $2m to Lockerbie witness and brother


Exclusive: The CIA offered $2m (1m) to the Crown's key witness in the Lockerbie trial and his brother, sources close to the case have told The Herald.

The CIA offered $2m (1m) to the Crown's key witness in the Lockerbie trial and his brother, sources close to the case have told The Herald.

Recently discovered papers show Scottish police officers investigating the 1988 bombing were aware the US intelligence service had discussed financial terms and witness protection schemes with Tony Gauci and his brother, Paul.

They documented the talks and it would have been standard practice for such information to have been relayed to the prosecution team before the trial of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the Libyan serving 27 years for the bombing.

However, his defence team was never told of the CIA offer, in what critics say is another example of non-disclosure that undermines the credibility of Mr Gauci and, in turn, the Crown's case against Megrahi.


More On How the Libyan Megrahi was Apparently Framed Up in Malta

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Response to Reply #31
155. How FBI head Louis Freeh blocked investigation of Neo-Nazis in OKC bombing
Louis Freeh's January 1996 memo also has strategic words redacted, and it appears the redactions were made specifically to obscure the name of Andreas "Andi" Strassmeir. The memo notes that the individual in question "allegedly has had a lengthy relationship with Timothy McVeigh," is living (at that time) in North Carolina, "and plans to leave the U.S. via Mexico, in the near future." At the time the memo was written, Strassmeir had fled Elohim City and was living with radical attorney Kirk Lyons in North Carolina. Lyons helped Strassmeir "leave the U.S. via Mexico" shortly thereafter.

After fleeing back to Germany, Strassmeir admitted in several interviews--one with THE NEW AMERICAN--to having met McVeigh, but insisted his connection to McVeigh was simply a onetime, chance meeting at a Tulsa gun show. He also acknowledged that McVeigh had called for him at Elohim City before the OKC bombing, but claimed that he had not been around to receive the call. The FBI memo acknowledges what the phone records also show: McVeigh called Elohim City at least twice, on April 5 and April 17. The April 5 call was especially noteworthy in that McVeigh made the call only two minutes after having called Ryder Truck Rental for his initial inquiry about the vehicle he would use for the ammonium nitrate truck bomb. So, the very first person McVeigh calls immediately after initiating plans for the truck bomb is Strassmeir. Surely anyone who has been through "Police Detective 101" would recognize this as a clue and see Strassmeir as a prime suspect. But even though Louis Freeh notes in his memo Strassmeir's location and his intention to flee the country, he dispatches no agents to arrest Strassmeir.

Even more telling, as reported by this magazine nine years ago, Strassmeir's pal and attorney, Kirk Lyons, admitted that McVeigh had called his law office in Black Mountain, North Carolina, on April 17, 1995, two days before the bombing, and had talked for 20 minutes!

What was discussed? Incredibly, federal authorities pretended to be completely disinterested in learning the answer to that question. Mr. Lyons was notorious for representing violent and virulently racist organizations, from the Aryan Nations to the KKK. His law office received one of McVeigh's last and most lengthy phone calls before the bombing, and he was representing and housing a foreign fugitive (i.e., Strassmeir) who was tied to McVeigh, the FBI's lead suspect. Instead of swarming all over Lyons and his associates, Louis Freeh and Attorney General Janet Reno gave them a pass while sending hundreds of FBI agents on dead-end "leads" to produce mountains of paper, which would later be cited as evidence of a thorough investigation. Clinton, Reno, Freeh, and their faithful minions insisted there was nothing worthy of investigation at Elohim City.

However, a recently discovered FBI document dated February 24-25, 1997, proves there was plenty to investigate. The three-page document is a "302" (FBI report) on Kirk Lyons' assistant, David Hollaway. In it, Hollaway confirms to an FBI source, whose name is redacted, what we had learned years ago from other sources: it was he--David Hollaway--with whom McVeigh had talked in the 20-minute mystery call less than 48 hours before the bombing.

The 302 notes that Hollaway spent eight years in the U.S. Army Special Forces and was a pilot for the CIA for two years. More ominously, it reports that Hollaway "was able to provide technical details concerning truck bomb and ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil) ... with an alarming degree of specificity." (Emphasis added.) The FBI source reported that Hollaway's information and cagey demeanor "provided the indication that Hollaway was attempting to communicate an involvement on his part in that bombing without verbally acknowledging participation." The FBI source in the 302 was clearly alarmed by Hollaway's knowledge and behavior and believed him to be involved in the OKC bombing.

The FB1302 also reports that "Hollaway did admit to currently being in possession of an M-203 granade launcher ... and an extensive array of other weapons which he keeps in his home" But, curiously, the top FBI and Department of Justice brass seemed indifferent. Imagine how many minutes it would take before the whole alphabet soup of federal SWAT teams landed on your or my roof if we happened to mention to a federal agent that we had a grenade launcher under the bed! But Hollaway, Lyons, Strassmeir, and the rest of the Elohim City gang led charmed lives.

It gets worse. Mr. Hollaway was the one who transported Andreas Strassmeir to the Mexican border, smuggled him across into Mexico, and then accompanied him to Germany. Was he doing this on assignment for the CIA, the FBI, or a secret joint CIA/ FBI operation? That is an obvious question that the lapdogs of the "mainstream" media seem to be incapable of asking.

Why won't they go there? After all, as we reported in 1996, Strassmeir admitted to first coming to the U.S. with the help of an old "family friend," Vincent Petruskie, reportedly a "retired" CIA operative. Petruskie and Strassmeir were putting together deals to buy Boeing 747 jetliners.


What's clear is that Strassmeir and Hollaway were working together and that McVeigh called both of them on the same day--less than 48 hours before the bombing. It's also clear that powers within the federal government have taken extreme measures to protect Strassmeir, Hollaway, Lyons, and many other individuals connected to the OKC bombing, keeping them from exposure.


Defying rationality, the FBI sent agents all over the U.S. and around the world to arrest and/or question suspects, but refused to question the most obvious suspects in their own backyard. It was much like scenes from Casablanca, in which the police inspector played by actor Claude Rains tells his men to "round up the usual suspects," to give the appearance of a rigorous investigation--while intentionally letting the guilty escape. For the past decade, the FBI and Department of Justice have insisted that there never was any connection between Strassmeir, the Elohim bank robbers, and McVeigh. However, the FBI memos show that the FBI definitely were aware of connections between McVeigh and Strassmeir and that they also were aware that Strassmeir was preparing to flee back to Germany. Yet, while THE NEW AMERICAN and other private investigators were zeroing in on Strassmeir, the FBI did nothing and allowed him to exit the country secretly through Mexico.


Resolving the Oklahoma City bombing is vitally important not only in order to obtain justice for the victims of that decade-old terrorist attack, but to safeguard our national security in the war on terror. As we have noted in previous articles, the three major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil--the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 OKC bombing, and the 2001 9/11 attacks--are all directly connected, both in terms of the terrorist perpetrators involved and the government officials who have "fumbled" intelligence and informants alerting them to the attacks beforehand. And in each case they have allowed perpetrators to escape and have covered up evidence of government duplicity and/or complicity. /

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Response to Reply #155
330. Had no idea of that ... interesting ---
Meanwhile, evidently the CIA has taken money from any rw source -- including KKK

and Nazis --

and seems they've also used the money to finance careers of RW members of Congress --

two that were mentioned are Sen. Strom Thurmond and Rep. Jesse Helms.

Others who got money from the CIA were Pat Buchanan and Sen. Jesse Helms.

Seems there others they helped keep in office -- but they are the only names I've read


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Response to Original message
32. UPDATE #4 : The Blackmailing of America : UK and Colorado Ties
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Response to Original message
33. 'Tis the Season for Terror + Dutch/India connections
Edited on Tue Dec-29-09 08:52 AM by CrunchMaster
Another holiday terror event designed to scare American's into giving it up in the neverending pursuit of "MO SECURITEE"

Around Christmas, Dec. 22, 2001 shoe bomber "Al-Qaeda" patsy Richard Reid is busted for trying to blow up flight coming to Miami from France. /

Thanksgiving of 2008 we had the Mumbai terror attacks in India: /

This year 2009, we get another Christmas plot with a bomber from Nigeria(remember: another oil war country) who came to the U.S. on a flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands(another Oil country... HQ of Royal Dutch Shell of the Netherlands)
"On December 16 the suspect purchased a flight at the KLM office at the airport in Accra, Ghana with nearly $3,000 in cash. He boarded a flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Amsterdam on December 24 and then connected on his flight to Detroit. He checked in no luggage."

More on KLM(Royal Dutch Airlines)
For an interesting history on how Royal Dutch Airlines helped Nazis flee Europe to south America after WWII see:

Magic Dutch Boy Rudi Dekkers and the 9/11 Terrorists who gave U.S. Impetus for Oil War in Iraq
For a bit of background on "Magic Dutch Boy" Rudi Dekker's involvement with 9/11 terrorist flights schools in Florida see:

For more on Nigeria, Cheney, Halliburton, Bribery and Oil see:

Now in addition to dark Muslim guys in Turbans you can be afraid of dark black guys in white t-shirts:

Attempted Underwear Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Like all good patsies this guy is radicalized first in known terrorist staging zones(UK and Yemen):
"He said police and MI5 were examining whether the deeply-religious son of one of Africa's richest men had been radicalised during three years studying engineering at University College London.

He also hinted at the involvement of others, adding: 'We don't know yet whether it was a single-handed plot or there were other people behind it - I suspect it's the latter rather than the former.'

Mr Johnson did not elaborate on his belief that Abdulmutallab had received help, but Scotland Yard detectives and MI5 have both been focused on the importance of his London links."

He converts from Western attire to radical Islam attire IN LONDON
"Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who is believed to have been radicalised during his time at University College London, swapped western clothing for a skull cap and Islamic robes during his final year of an engineering degree in 2007/8."

WHO radicalized him in London? And are we going now to war against London???

In addition this "Yemeni Terror Plot" comes just after a recent escalation by the U.S. in Yemen to get Ft. Hood (MASTERMIND?) Anwar al-Awlaki. Another pump for war? This time in Yemen:
"Yemen's air strike Thursday targeting Al Qaeda hideouts and perhaps Anwar al-Awlaki, the cleric linked to the Fort Hood shooter, was the second conducted with US assistance in a week."

For more on UK and Yemen pattern see Anwar al-Awlaki:

Report: Dutch police investigating report of accomplice in Northwest Flight 253 terror plot

"Well-Dressed" accomplice said to be Indian(So are we going to war with India?)
Kurt Haskell, who was standing in line with his wife Lori on Christmas morning, said the Nigerian was with a man aged about 50 of Indian appearance in an expensive suit talking with the ticket agent.

"An Indian man in a nicely dressed suit around age 50 approached the check in counter with the terrorist and said This man needs to get on this flight and he has no passport. The two of them were an odd pair as the terrorist is a short, black man that looked like he was very poor and looks around age 17(Although I think he is 23 he doesnt look it). It did not cross my mind that they were terrorists, only that the two looked weird together. The ticket taker said you cant board without a passport. The Indian man then replied, He is from Sudan, we do this all the time.. I can only take from this to mean that it is difficult to get passports from Sudan and this was some sort of sympathy ploy. The ticket taker then said You will have to talk to my manager, and sent the two down a hallway. I never saw the Indian man again as he wasnt on the flight. It was also weird that the terrorist never said a word in this exchange. Anyway, somehow, the terrorist still made it onto the plane. I am not sure if it was a bribe or just sympathy from the security manager."

So the Dutch let the guy on the flight anyways even though he had no passport???

Other recent Indian themed shennanigans

Indications the bomber was a patsy:
"Mr Schuringa, who had burns to one of his hands, added: "A fire started under his seat. I was calling for water, water. But then the fire was getting a little worse. So I grabbed the suspect out of the seat, because, if there was any more explosives on him, that would have been very dangerous. And then the flight attendants came. We took him to first class and stripped him to make sure he had no more weapons on him. "It was very quick. Everyone was panicking," he said of the scene on the descending aircraft.

Mr Schuringa, who was due to connect in Detroit to a Miami flight for a Christmas holiday, said of the suspect: "He was shaking. He didn't resist anything. It's just hard to believe that he was trying to blow up this plane. He was in a trance. He was very afraid."

More Fucking things you CAN'T Do On a Airplane Because of All of these Terror Shennanigans
"WASHINGTON Some airlines were telling passengers today that new government security regulations prohibit them from leaving their seats beginning an hour before landing

The regulations are a response to a suspected terrorism incident on Christmas Day.

Air Canada said in a statement that new rules imposed by the Transportation Security Administration limit on-board activities by passengers and crew in U.S. airspace. The airline said that during the final hour of flight passengers must remain seated. They won't be allowed access to carry-on baggage or to have any items on their laps."

Like airports aren't bad enough Pete Hoekstra Wants Government to Sniff Your Panties for explosives
Dutch Netherlands born Pete Hoekstra of Michigan says the Nigeria bomber getting on the plane from Dutch Amsterdam was all Obama's fault and that only if America was a total fascist big brother police state allowed to get into your business and rifle through your underwear before getting on a plane then we would all be more safe:

Dutch, German and Euro Ties to 9/11

The Hijackers were watched and protected by American and German and Euro goverments

Obama promises to go after a never ending supply of 3rd world PATSIES..says nothing about MASTERMINDS
"'We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable. We will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us, whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, or anywhere.'


Since we've have so many terrorists passing thru London and Hamburg are we going to send predator drones to the UK and Germany??? Of course not. We only kill poor people and patsies and destroy their countries. We don't attack wealthy MASTERMINDS or RESOURCE THIEVES(RUSSIA/UK/EUROPE/USA) that angered these third world countries in the first place and manuevered them into the roles of scapegoats and patsies. If we took out the MASTERMINDS who would continue to create all of these patsies that keep the WAR ON TERROR charade going?

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben Franklin

Terror Pimp
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Response to Reply #33
34. Keeping America at War Forever: The American Far Right, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and Israel
Edited on Sat Jan-02-10 07:44 AM by CrunchMaster
A quick glance at a map of the middle east explains what the game is.

Saudi Arabia, Israel, and India are in an alliance with the USA against Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and hostile elements in Pakistan. These countries represent an interruption in the flow of oil that must pass between Europe, India and Africa. A nearly straight line east to west.

Whenever the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel and India need to make a new push into enemy held land, conveniently a group from within the ranks of the "Allies" first goes into that land and creates an "Al-Qaeda" offshot that creates the Casus Belli for America to drop more troops and money into a new war front(The Russians must be laughing it up). It was Saudi/Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood that was allowed into GERMANY before being allowed into FLORIDA in the U.S.A. that brought us 9/11 which got the USA behind war in Iraq with some help from the forged NIGER documents passed to the USA from the UK.

And it is again Saudis infiltrating Yemen causing a "need" by the USA to open a new front in its war and to continue spending billions of dollars to fight terrorists created by our allies:

"As a prisoner at Guantnamo, Said Ali al-Shihri said he wanted to go home to Saudi Arabia and work at his family's furniture store."
"Still, three other Saudis released from Guantnamo under the Bush administration surfaced with AQAP over the last year. They include field commander Abu al Hareth Muhammad al Oufi, who later surrendered and was handed over to Saudis, and two fighters who were killed by security forces: Youssef al Shihri and Fahd Jutayli. All five men passed through a Saudi rehabilitation program praised by U.S. authorities before crossing the southern border into Yemen."

So now Time magazine tells us the new Al-Qaeda staging ground is Yemen,8599,1950345,0...

The Saudis probably moved these guys directly to Yemen all expenses paid. Now American far right wingnuts can sing in chorus with Saudi princes and demand the USA send troops to Yemen to fight another fucking war front. American wingnuts get more wars that push the U.S. further right and Saudi princes get the U.S. to protect the Saudi southern border. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND SOLDIERS CONTINUE TO GET SCREWED.

The question might be asked, why not attack Saudi Arabia and put and end to one of the origin points of all of these terrorists??? I guess our American upper crust has too many ties to the Saudis to be upsetting them:

Evidence the Saudis perpetuate Al-Qaeda
However, the legal papers tell a different story. Based on sworn testimony from a Taliban intelligence chief called Mullah Kakshar, they allege that Turki had two meetings in 1998 with al-Qaeda. They say that Turki helped seal a deal whereby al-Qaeda would not attack Saudi targets. In return, Saudi Arabia would make no demands for extradition or the closure of bin Laden's network of training camps. Turki also promised financial assistance to Mullah Omar. A few weeks after the meetings, 400 new pick-up vehicles arrived in Kandahar, the papers say.

Kakshar's statement also says that Turki arranged for donations to be made directly to al-Qaeda and bin Laden by a group of wealthy Saudi businessmen. 'Mullah Kakshar's sworn statement implicates Prince Turki as the facilitator of these money transfers in support of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and international terrorism,' the papers said."

"Of the 19 hijackers, 15 came from Saudi Arabia.

Officials said that Princess al-Faisal wife of Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and daughter of the late King Faisal sent checks for tens of thousands of dollars to the wife of a man named Osama Basnan.

But Saudi officials say the money was transferred to help Basnan's wife with her medical expenses.

Basnan's wife however endorsed some checks over to Omar al-Bayoumi, who Newsweek reports may have given money to Khalid Almidhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, two of the hijackers that crashed into the Pentagon."

For more on Saudi/Egyptian pimping of Domestic Terror to USA & Canada to tear down democracy see:

Saudi/Israeli/India pimping of Domestic Terror to protect their own regional interests using U.S. force?
It is no coincidence that in many of America's terror incidents you keep finding the same, American far right, Israeli, Arab and Pakistani and Indian ties. The alliances are geostrategic. The terror shennanigans occur in the U.S. in far right voting districts like South Florida, Minnesota, San Diego, CA, Oklahoma, Fort Bragg, NC, Pennsylvania, Colorado because it is these areas that pre-Al-Qaeda anti-soviet fighters were brought to the USA in the 80s and where they have been used and tolerated by the military and CIA for their own purposes and that have probably looked the other way or even facilitated terror on the USA in order to get their reasons to go to war.

So if most terrorism has come from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt? Then why has the USA never attacked these countries?

Because Terrorism using Saudi, Egyptian and Pakistani proxies is the METHOD by which the allied elements within USA, Saudia Arabia, Israel, India, Pakistan can sell their democracies on new wars(all countries including Russia and China seem to be doing it). Though the enemy leaders we claim we are fighting are all mostly agents that have come from within the countries we support instead of the countries we fight(Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan).

Osama bin Laden : SAUDI Terror Provocatuer and supposed Al-Qaeda head honcho. Whereabouts unknown. (ie. Protected)

Anwar al-Awlaki : born in New Mexico USA(Yemeni parents), went to school San Diego, Colorado, Wash. DC. Supposed ties to Ft. Hood Shooter and Yemeni underwear bomber. whereabouts unknown(ie. protected)

Ali Mohamed : Agent Provocateur from EGYPT involved with terrorism against USA. Was Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian Army officer stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, Hamburg Germany. Whereabouts unknown(ie. protected)

Ayman al-Zawahiri : Al-Qaeda leader from EGYPT. Muslim Brotherhood. Whereabouts unknown (ie. protected)

Mohamed Atta : 9/11. EGYPTIAN. Schooled in Hamburg Germany before coming to Florida. Dead so we are told.

All of our top enemies are from within our own allied ranks.

And to defend the sovereign borders of countries that serve as defenders of the oil pipelines in the middle east(Those countries being SAUDI ARABIA, ISRAEL, Jordan, Turkey, INDIA, and to some degree Pakistan) while the squeeze has been put on Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And to keep the world addicted to oil and oilmen rich.


Exxon Mobil(Texas), Royal Dutch Shell(Netherlands/UK), BP(UK), Conoco Phillips(TX),Chevron(California), Total S.A.(France)

Canada, Mexico, SAUDIA ARABIA, Venezuela, NIGERIA, Iraq

Niger is in a major partnership supplying the USA with oil. So is it any real surprise that the guy on the plane to Detroit with explosives is a Nigerian? And his father was a Nigerian banker? Nigeria's entire economy is oil. 95 Percent of it. Nigeria like Saudi Arabia, Israel and India also has a stake in seeing the USA army fighting its enemies and protecting its economic interests(oil).

"The Nigerian economy is heavily dependent on the oil sector which, according to the World Bank, accounts for over 95 percent of export earnings and about 85 percent of government revenues."

Coincidently it is a Nigerian presiding as IMF Chairman of Joint Board of Governors. A perk in exchange for the War on Terror pimping role Nigeria is currently playing?
"On October 7, 2009, a Nigerian, Dr Mansur Muhtar, was selected to be the Chairman of the Joint Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Muhtar, Nigerias current Minister of Finance, is the first African to hold the exalted position in the 65-year history of the Bretton Woods institutions."

Yemen sits on Saudi Arabia's southern border. Trouble in Yemen is therefore trouble for Saudi Arabia. Thanks to another terror scare from Nigeria with an assist from the Netherlands(HQ of Texas oil aligned Royal Dutch Shell) the U.S. gets to open another war front in Yemen ontop of the war fronts in Iraq, Aghanistan and Pakistan tribal areas.

At the same time 5th column patsy slimeballs like Joe Lieberman(hand picked by his far right war obssessed masters to play Jewish scapegoat) are more interested in bankrupting America with more war:

Lieberman: Yemen will be 'tomorrow's war' if pre-emptive action not taken

Than they are in actually helping AMERICANS:

Lieberman Willing To Sink Health Care Reform... But He Would Really Hate To Do It

How did we get to this point?
Seems to have all started about 60 years ago when a decision was made by U.S. and British intelligence to overthrow a democratically elected Iranian ruler so the U.S. and U.K. could get at Iranian oil.

U.S. and UK kick off a half-century of terrorism by turning other countries into dictatorships to get at their resources
"By spring of 1953, incoming U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to organize a coup against the Mossadeq government with support from the British government.<10> On 19 August 1953, Mossadeq was forced from office by the CIA conspiracy, involving the Shah and the Iranian military, and known by its codename, Operation Ajax.<10>

Mossadeq was replaced by pro-Western general Fazlollah Zahedi,<11> and the Shah, who had left the country briefly to await the outcome of the coup, returned to Iran. He abolished the democratic Constitution and assumed autocratic powers.

After the coup, the NIOC became an international consortium, and AIOC resumed operations in Iran as a member of it.<8> The consortium agreed to share profits on a 5050 basis with Iran, "but not to open its books to Iranian auditors or to allow Iranians onto its board of directors."<12> AIOC, as a part of the Anglo-American coup d'tat deal, was not allowed to monopolize Iranian oil as before. It was limited to a 40% share in a new international consortium. For the rest, 40% went to the five major American companies and 20% went to Royal Dutch Shell and Compagnie Franaise des Ptroles, now Total S.A..<13>

The AIOC became the British Petroleum Company in 1954. BP continued to operate in Iran until the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The new regime of Ayatollah Khomeini confiscated all of BP's assets in Iran without compensation, finally closing BP's 70-year presence in Iran."

9/11, the Iraq the War and War on Terror and everything after seems to have been the creation and product from within the USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Germany, UK, Egypt, Netherlands and Nigeria using stooges from Aghanistan, Yemen, Nigeria and elsewhere. Although it is said Aghanistan was one of the major 9/11 terror origin points you could make the case that much of the real 9/11 training for the 15 Saudis was done in the USA and that linking it all to Afghanistan using the Taliban and Bin Laden was simply a way to create the Casus Belli for what the USA and its allies were planning to do anyways... attack Iraq and Afghanistan. As far back as March 2001 there was a push to war in Afghanistan. 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis NOT Afghanis.

Cheney's Plans in March 2001 to go after Iraq Oil fields

"The common sense question is this: How could Cheney include Iraqs oil resources as part of our energy policy if we had no diplomatic or business relationship with them? Iraq was under sanctions. What business did Cheney have with Iraqs energy infrastructure? No dealings with Iraq were possible unless something drastic were to happen, like an invasion and occupation. How could he have anticipated such a change when only an event like 9/11 would have made that possible?"

Afghanistan is where Anti-soviet fighters go to fight the soviets and then get framed up as terrorists to be used in the War on Terror
As far as I can tell the only thing Aghanistan has ever been is a place where Soviet and Anti-Soviet arab fighters have gone to train to fight against each other. A good timeline of 9/11 and Afghanistan can be found here. But you don't really see much evidence of any 9/11 related activity going on in afghanistan.

The training for 9/11 took place at flight schools in Germany, Florida, Minnesota and Oklahoma. NOT afghanistan. Afghanistan is a catch all used to tie fighters involved with the U.S/Soviet wars into terrorism. The fighters go to Afghanistan to train to fight in Bosnia, Chechynea, Afghanistan or wherever and this itself becomes evidence they were training for terror plots(instead of training as Soviet/Anti-Soviet fighters.)

The manipulation of anti-soviet fighters into terrorists by agent provocatuers has a long history and is detailed somewhat here:

Before 9/11 even occurred the geostrategic plans for war in the middle east were already in motion in March 2001. India was onboard with the USA, Russia, and Iran to fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan in March 2001. And as mentioned above Cheney was already drawing up plans with Energy companies on what to do with Iraqi oil. (I have to also wonder if the USA was setup by Russia and Iran? Then again I see no evidence of Russian or Iranian involvement in 9/11)
"India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA and Iran in a concerted front against Afghanistan's Taliban regime."

Geostrategically the plan for war in the Middle East was already a done deal. Now the only thing left was to give Americans a reason to commit to war.

Everything about 9/11 and what came after seems to have come from within. I would like to believe otherwise but I don't see the evidence. The countries directly involved with 9/11 were either heavily involved with oil interests or allied countries surrounding those mideast oil pipelines and oil producing countries encircling Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan.

USA : Ignored warnings and allowed it to occur, trained hijackers in Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma
SAUDI ARABIA : 15 of the hijackers were Saudi
PAKISTAN : Wired money to alleged lead hijacker Mohammad Atta
ISRAEL : Like USA, watched hijackers and followed but did not stop
GERMANY : Brought Mohammad Atta to Germany from Egypt
NETHERLANDS : Florida 9/11 flight school instructors Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof were from the Netherlands( )

Iraq War:
USA : Provided the war machine and bought the lies pushed externally and from within
UK : Pass Niger Doc Forgeries to USA
GERMANY : Provided USA with Curveball and his mobile WMD lab false stories

So where are Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea in this equation? Other than the LIES TOLD BY DICK CHENEY, where are the links?

The answer seems obvious... The only enemy we are fighting is the enemies our allies keep creating in order to keep us at war.
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Response to Reply #34
35. So we know... then what?
Outlets for thinkers such this site allow for the flow of information and expression of free "opinions". However they also contribute to support the belief that true information exists (in this case information about the motivations for war) and perpetuate the illusion of "transparency"... the irony!!
Events are not facts anymore, they have become opinions. And this capacity of "selecting the truth" is the ultimate mechanism by which some people characterize certain events as conspiracy theories. On the other hand a large segment of the population is blessed by ignorance, they are absolutely happy knowing that they don't know much. And giving their voting power, the capacity for "self-cleaning" is, for the time being, a moot point.

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Response to Reply #35
36. The ability for people to"know" some of the facts allows them to see how they are being manipulated
Edited on Sat Jan-02-10 08:02 PM by CrunchMaster
And maybe avoid more manipulation down the road. Whether or not anyone does anything useful with this type of knowledge I can't say. I don't post this stuff with the expectation that the U.S. government is going to see the wrong in what it is doing in the world to other people. The U.S.A. is in Empire mode now which means it's behavior is to mindlessly devour everything(which is the behavior of most countries right now). I only post this stuff as an exercise for me to piece together a somewhat objective picture of what is going on in the world and so some of you can also read it and piece together some of this for yourselves if you're inclined and get a better idea of where the world is really heading instead of all of the lies told by world governments and media so they can steal and manipulate us into wars.

As for the "Then what" part? The world has been under the rule of different Empires for thousands of years. They rise, go apeshit on the world, and then fall in exhaustion. Never changes. Spread some of the truth around, live your life as you want to live it. We've seen all of this before and it will all be seen again. Life goes on.
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Response to Reply #35
37. This postmodernist approach
that the right has encouraged - that everything is just opinion with equal validity - annoys me. When a jury reaches a verdict - that's just an opinion, but it could mean life or death. When a doctor diagnoses an illness - that's just an opinion, but you usually listen to it.

Not all opinions are equally valid; look at all of the facts available and weigh the evidence.
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Response to Reply #37
38. 9/11 + CIA + Netherlands + Pakistan + Egypt + Israel : Drugs and Covert Operations, Faked Iraq Intel
Edited on Mon Jan-04-10 12:06 PM by CrunchMaster
Although I don't know the precise details of exactly who did 9/11... it seems you can get a rough approximation of the guilty parties by doing a bit of triangulating and guess work. This is the reason why the right wing doesn't want anyone to think there are any facts at the bottom of this.

The major players behind 9/11:

A) Americans that for years have allowed the terrorists to play and train in the USA in order to fight commies and looked the other way when then were warned an attack was coming
B) Egypt (Most of America's Terror Events seem to have involved Egyptians)
C) Saudis (15 of the Hijackers were said to be Saudis, they are led by an Egyptian)
D) Germany (There were Hamburg Germany ties to the Oklahoma City bombing, World Trade '93 bombing and on 9/11)
E) Netherlands (Florida, flight school instructors Rudi Dekkers and Arni Kruitoff both from Netherlands)
F) Pakistan (Wired money to Atta, home of AQ Khan Nuclear Smuggling Network, "safe zone" for terrorists)
G) Afghanistan (A land where Arabs are used and abused by Americans and Soviets in proxy wars)

For more on Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Nazis and Muslim Brotherhood see:

Framing Up Iraq
The terrorists we fight were created in Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan... but mainly manipulated by Egyptians, Saudis and Pakistan ISI with an assist from USA, Netherlands, Germany and Israel. Elements in the USA allowed these agents into the country and then essentially ignored them. After 9/11, when the original plan to frameup Iraq fell apart for 9/11, the USA created the WMD and "Iraqi Freedom" excuses and went to war against Iraq anyways.

Going back to the time right after the 1991 Gulf War, there has a been a long running aim of the American Right and foreign countries in the Mid East to get the USA back in Iraq by attempting to frame up Iraq for the terrorism Egyptians, Saudis and Pakistan were manufacturing:

Was Iraq Behind the Oklahoma City Bombing?,2933,153966,00.html

Report: Secret Post-9/11 Mission Debunked Ramzi Yousef-Iraq Link

The 9/11-Iraq Connection:How the Bush Administration's Rhetoric in the Iraq Conflict Shifted Public Opinion

The Iraqi Connection
President Bush must win the war his father started.

Saddam-Qaeda Conspiracy Theorist Surfaces Writing Iraq Reports For The Pentagon

Lorie Mylroie : major tool of Pentagon in framing up Iraq for 9/11
Lorie Mylorie(along with Judith Miller) has been one of the major tools used by the American right, the Pentagon and others since after the Gulf War to create the mythology that would get the USA back into Iraq.
"In October 1990, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gave a speech publicizing Mylroie's trips to Baghdad and Israel, which she later denied. Isikoff and Corn, however, interviewed five of her former associates (including Judith Miller) who all "confirmed that she had been a secret go-between between Baghdad and Jerusalem."<9>"

In 1990 she writes a book on Saddam along with fellow hoaxer Judith Miller pimping the first Iraq War:

And in January 2001 Mylroie writes another book framing up Saddam for the World Trade Center 1993 bombing(nice timing!)

October 2001 right after 9/11, she is all over the media pushing the "Iraq Did It" theory
"MYLROIE: You can demonstrate to the high legal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, which is used for criminal conviction, that Iraq was behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, by showing that Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of that bomb, was an Iraqi intelligence agent. I do that in "Study of Revenge." That bomb, in 1993, aimed to topple the north tower onto the south tower. Eight years later, someone came back and finished the job. Since Iraq was behind the first attack, it is suggestive of the point that Iraq was behind the second attack." /

Yousef was really Kuwait born and like all good terror patsies became a terrorist in Pakistan. Kuwait BTW is another country that wanted the USA to fight its wars and helped lie the U.S. into its first Iraq war under GHW Bush:

Evidence Pointing to Lone Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Falling Apart
And just now in the last few days the mainstream media is beginning to admit(what we all knew) that Khalid Sheik Mohammad and others were tortured and waterboared to get connections to tie together Iraq and Al-Qaeda to justify war in Iraq:

KSM, the "Swiss Army Knife" of terrorists has basically had every terrorist plot in the world dumped on his head so he can be the "LONE MASTERMIND". This way no one will have to wonder why guys like Egyptian Ali Mohammad were allowed to attack the U.S. multiple times while working out of Fort Bragg North Carolina and then U.S. just let him get away or is actively protecting him. But now, the truth that KSM was tortured until he confessed to being the "Lone Mastermind" is beginning to seep out into the mainstream. And so eventually people are going to ask, "If this KSM guy didn't do it, then who did????"


Drug money is apparently part of what has been holding up the world economies.

And it seems drug trafficking and other forms of smuggling play a large part in the origins of 9/11.

Drug Trafficking + Pakistani Nukes + Netherlands + Huffman Aviation
The Netherlands is a major location for drug trafficking due to its liberal drug policies and much of the rest of the world's anti-drug policies. Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof are both from the Netherlands and running flight schools in Venice Florida. Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard purchase Huffman aviation in 1999 and then bring the 9/11 hijackers there from Germany and elsewhere.

AQ Khan of Pakistan and his nuclear operations in the Netherlands:

Before 9/11 Pakistani ISI agent Raja Abbas seeking nuclear triggers in New Jersey warns FBI informant Randy Glass(Jewish) that the World Trade Center is coming down"

After 9/11, Michael Chertoff(Jewish), one time protector and facilitator of New Jersey terror cells flies to Netherlands, France and Belgium to beg them to help cut off terrorism money flow:

*** Why do I mention Chertoff and Randy Glass are Jewish? Only for the same reason I mention Mohammad Atta and Ali Mohammad and so many terrorists are Egyptian. Their actions may be related to underlying political connections and dual motivations or usage as scapegoats. ***

Wally Hilliard Pakistan ties
"Wally Hilliard created Air Florida Express LLC with Pakistani Pervez Khan who held a certificate via wife Saulat to fly to Cuba, about the Caribbean, and to Central and South America."

Huffman Aviation had been set up designed to "lure" in foreign pilots:
"The school was composed of more than 80% foreign nationals, following a marketing campaign designed to lure overseas students.<4> It also suffered from a poor local reputation, as the Venice Gondolier ran continuing stories about the flight school's troubles. On May 12 2001 it reported the school as having paid 3 months of past-due rent, was threatened with eviction by the city on June 9."

Huffman Aviation + Drugs + "Hijackers" + Lynchburg, VA
And Huffman Aviation had ties to Lynchburg Virginia. Mormon Wally Hilliard being the other owner in Huffman is apparently another CIA tied spook dabbling in Anti Castro Cuba operations and Heroin trafficking(similar to Iran/Contra operations). The same month that two of the hijackers begin training at Huffman, one of Wally Hilliard's planes is busted for heroin trafficking. So some might wonder whether or not these terrorist hijackers were really hijackers training to crash planes into buildings or were they patsies training to be drug mules and then got tangled up in a terrorist conspiracy to smash planes into buildings.

Mormon/CIA Connection

Hilliard's Ties to Lynchburg Virginia's Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell, Reverend Moon, Anti-Communists and Iran-Contra

Israel, Iran-Contra, Arms Smuggling

Netherlands + Drug Trafficking + Israelis + Airport Security
The Netherlands is a major hub for drug trafficking of cannabis and ecstasy:
Netherlands Cannabis Trafficking :
Israeli + Netherlands Ecstasy Trafficking : /
Israel & Netherlands Airport Security :

Which may help to explain Israeli airport security in the Netherlands since the Israeli criminal underworld is such a big part in Ecstasy trafficking:
"In 2001, the DEA estimated that 80 percent of the U.S. ecstasy supply originated in the Netherlands, with Israeli organized crime playing a key role in the smuggling process." /

Which goes a long ways to explaining why Israelis play a role in 9/11 by trailing the hijackers at Dutch drug connected flight schools in south Florida and stalking the American DEA in the days before 9/11:

So who is the MASTERMIND of 9/11?
I don't believe Israel is the mastermind behind 9/11. Just like I don't believe Israel was the mastermind of Iran-Contra. Israel in Iran-Contra was a middle man and in 9/11 they seem to be playing the part of patsy and scapegoat when needed. Being the small guy they are not the hegemon in this game. The power center of the world remains the U.S., UK, and European NATO alliance. That is where strings are being pulled. Not Israel. Israel is and always has been a tool of western imperial powers. A scapegoat and patsy to help Western Empire get what it wants in the middle east. Israel is given power and influence so it can deflect blame from the real source of power based in the U.S., UK and Europe. Israel is doing the bidding of the Imperial west because it has to, in order to survive in the middle east among hostile nations where the west has intentionally placed it.

Egypt and Israel receive more foreign aid from the U.S. than any other country( ). And both countries played a role in 9/11. An Egyptian agent provacateur went to Germany and then south Florida where he is said to have led an attack on 9/11. The Israelis followed Atta around Florida and watched the hijackers but did not interfere with the plot. (The U.S.A. and Europe also ignored the plot)

Israel would not have the control over the American military and intelligence needed to guarantee that 9/11 could occur.

The only groups that could insure that would be Americans on the inside who shut down all defenses and investigations. Israel didn't tell the FBI to not bust the hijackers or tell the U.S. Air Force to run wargames that included simulated plane hijackings that confused U.S. defenses, and that sent its planes to Canada and out over the ocean. And the Israelis didn't bring the hijackers into the U.S. and train them. Americans, Germans and Dutch manuevered the hijackers to south Florida. And the mostly likely Americans that would want to do that were the same ones that wanted a New Pearl Harbor so they could finish what they started in Iraq in 1990. (The Russians would also like to see the U.S. get bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. But I don't see any Russian involvement in 9/11)

Israel seems to have allowed itself to be complicit in 9/11 thru a combination of blackmail and because of their involvement in the drug trade, and the understanding that they were being set up as 9/11 Masterminds and double agents(mainly by Fox News).

They seem to have kept quiet with the understanding that a war in Iraq and Afghanistan would be good for them anyways and they might as well not rock the boat. The CIA, Saudis(Khashoggi), Iran and Israelis after all were the major players in the Iran/Contra scandal. The CIA(and the UK before them) has been using Israel as a patsy for a long time in its goals of furthering "The Western Empire."

I see two main possible culprits for 9/11
1. That Western governments colluding with Mid East allies manuevered drug mule patsies into doing 9/11 and blocked them from being stopped
2. Or the hijackers were a trojan horse involved with U.S. protected drug running, covert operations, and anti-communist operations that went rogue and attacked the USA

The main reason I believe 1 and not 2 is this:

The 9/11 hijackers were on no fly lists, had lived with FBI informants, had phone calls tapped and recorded by NSA and FBI, conversations recorded on which airlines to hijack, were tailed by Able Danger and Israelis, French, Germans... all of this but none of these creeps ever pulled the plug on these plans?!?!

And there were many,many, MANY pre-9/11 warnings of what the hijackers were up to and still no one did anything:

So is it really any surprise that the only real culprits to 9/11 seem to be elements within the USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Pakistan, Europe and Israel? The principal participants and beneficiaries of 9/11 are getting exactly what they wanted: War in the Middle East.

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Response to Reply #38
39. I agree with your analysis...
and I'm sure this kind of thing has been going on for decades, if not centuries. The difference with 9/11 is that it occured in the internet age when normal guys like you and me can spend our spare time reading information from all over the world and piece things together that probably most politicians aren't even aware of.
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Response to Reply #39
48. true
I imagine it is tough for politicians to keep up with all of this so sometimes citizens have to help them out. I don't think Obama for example has the time to know all of these things, and the people around him probably aren't inclined to tell him. So people need to try and get the word out there somehow and maybe overtime the word will spread and it will sink in
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Response to Reply #38
40. Dutch Hero was on way to Miami to Visit Israeli friends : Florida + Netherlands + Israel
"Once the Post and CNN got through to Jasper, he handed over all negotiations to his friend who lives in Miami who he came to the U.S. to visit. His name is Shai Ben-Ami. He's an Israeli guy who's in the restaurant business, as a Google search would turn up. He owns some kind of Pick Up Stix imitator. Though their Orange Chicken sounds good about now.

Schurnga sold the "TV Rights" of the first of his two photos to CNN for $10K.

The "print rights" went to the Post for $5K.

Later, Schuringa was paid upwards of $3K by ABC News for a second photo, which Schuringa tried to sell to other local news outlets for $5K, unsuccessfully.

Jasper Schuringa made at least $18,000 from two shitty, blurry photos."

The Shady Mainstream Media Payday of Flight 253 Hero Jasper Schuringa

Dutch guys from the Netherlands, Israelis, Florida and terrorists. Where have we heard that story before?

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Response to Reply #40
41. What difference does it make that he was on his way to see Israeli friends?
Edited on Mon Jan-04-10 08:17 PM by Bolo Boffin
Does that cause you to question this event? Really?

Is the state of Israel so irredeemably evil to you that anyone with friends from Israel must be in on a plot to make Muslims look bad? Really?
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Response to Reply #41
42. Calling out connections.. same way I've been calling out the Egyptians, Dutch and Muslims n/t
Edited on Mon Jan-04-10 08:26 PM by CrunchMaster
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Bolo Boffin Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-05-10 03:05 PM
Response to Reply #42
49. How exactly is it an important connection that he was on his way to see Israeli friends? n/t
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Response to Reply #49
52. i'm not making judgement calls on whether it is important... but it's interesting
Edited on Wed Jan-06-10 08:25 AM by CrunchMaster
I'm simply being balanced because in this thread I am calling out U.S. involvement, Egyptians, Saudis, Muslim Brotherhood, Mormons, Indians, Evangelicals, and making note to show they're connections. The fact that the guy from the Netherlands went to go see a friend in Florida who is Israeli could mean something or it could mean nothing at all.

It's interesting because if you have read some of the stuff I posted, there is an Israeli/Netherlands/Florida/Drugs/Terror connection here that was also present in 9/11. Could be that Israel is being framed, could be they are actively helping to hype terror or it could be a coincidence that means nothing.

I already mentioned at the end of this link below that I believe that the Israeli role in 9/11 has mainly been as facilitators who would benefit from a war against Iraq. :

I believe that, at this point because to me it makes no sense that Israel would attack the USA. I can see the American extreme right and Muslim nations attacking the USA(they've been doing it since the late 60s)... but I can't see Israel doing it. Actually, the JDL was very active in terror wars in the U.S. in the 70s but i believe that was pretty much entirely directed at Muslims. It is alot easier though to see Israel standing by and watching the USA attack itself knowing that this might get them a war against their enemy Iraq if they keep silent and play along. I can see that happening because regardless of who did 9/11 that is exactly what Israel did. They spied on the hijackers and then sat back and watched like everyone else.

To be more accurate I believe something multinational with roots in the west masterminded 9/11. Not a country. But something probably Anti-Communist, Extremist Religious that planned 9/11 and that amounts to a secret society controlled by a blackmailed membership from multiple countries. This "mastermind" is multinational. Not one nation. But it seems to be primarily heavily centered around parts of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Germany, Egypt, Pakistan, UK, Netherlands, Belgium. What that grouping looks like to me is Anti-Communist and Fascist. If Commies or Iraqis are the 9/11 masterminds then I would love to see the Russian, Chinese, Iraqi, or North Korean hijackers and terrorists. Or at least evidence they manuevered them. But that evidence doesn't seem to exist.

The other clue would be that all of the 9/11 truth obstruction, distraction and disinfo is coming mainly from within the U.S., Germany, Saudi Arabia and Netherlands. At least as i see things currently. If we did not do 9/11 then it must mean that our politicians are being heavily blackmailed about something and are being threatened to keep whatever it is underwraps.

Where is the video of the plane hitting the Pentagon? If we didn't do 9/11 then why are we still covering it up? If it wasn't a plane that hit, then why can't they show us the video??? If it was a plane that hit the Pentagon, then why not show it?! It makes no sense to hide all of this unless someone is guilty.

My best guess is the reason they refuse to disclose the full truth is because obviously AMERICANS are involved with planning or collaborating in 9/11 and instead of just telling us who these Americans are, they are going to suck it up and tell us all a bunch of noble lies so we don't have to remember forever those TV images of well known Americans who turned out to be 9/11 collaborators.

The evidence is all over the web that the Israelis, like the U.S. and other countries knew 9/11 was coming and didn't warn anyone other than other intelligence agencies to cover their own asses. They did exactly what the rest of western intelligence was doing.

It could be that this Underwear Bomber Hero guy went to meet with his Israeli "friend" to frame Israel. Or it could be that this is another Netherlands/Israeli assist to the U.S. wingnut effort to keep everyone scared and behind the Mid East war. There are a ton of hard right Israelis who have been working with American evangelicals for exactly that purpose. Or the connection could mean nothing.

I'm not making judgement calls on this. Not going to say I know why the connections are there. Just pointing out the connection.

9/11 and what came after has many odd Dutch/Netherlands connections. And I am trying to understand what that means. Not going to say the Dutch did 9/11. The Dutch didn't... Israel didn't. It's multinational... but all of this squirming around and fidgeting coming from the Netherlands, Dutch areas, and American wingnuts is very interesting. It's individuals within sovereign countries that are running around behind their own nations laws and political structures collaborating in terror schemes to keep the wars going. And so far they have been lucky not to catch everyone's direct gaze on their activities. Luck for them may be running out because frankly people are pretty tired of this shit.

I just mentioned in another post the coincidence that Dutch born Pete Hoekstra in Michigan would be trying to hype fear about this bomber on the plane from Dutch Netherlands. I also realized today that Erik Prince of Xe is from Michigan and part Dutch and went to apparently the same Reform Dutch school as Hoekstra. And that Abramoff who is Jewish was tied into some type of Dutch/Russian scandal. THAT IS INTERESTING. What it means I am not sure, could just mean birds of a feather flock together, but there is a lot of Dutch & Israel behind 9/11. Not a lot of Tibet. Not a lot of Peru. Not a lot of Costa Rica, or Ghana. But lots of Dutch, Saudis, Germans, Egyptians, Israelis and American Evangelical Wingnuts.
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Response to Reply #40
45. Underwear Bomber Hero's Father Worked for Dutch Shell Oil
According to Syndey Morning Herald:

"But from reports gleaned from Dutch, Curacaon and Swedish newspapers, a rough biography can be pieced together. Born on August 5, 1977, in Curacao, a Caribbean island in the Dutch Antilles, he lived in Oman and Gabon, where his father worked for Shell Oil.

One report in De Telegraaf says his family was evacuated from Gabon by the French Foreign Legion during the civil unrest of the 1993 presidential elections. He finished school in Amsterdam before spending six years in Miami at film school. He then started Go With The Flow Productions in Amsterdam."
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Response to Reply #45
119. Dutch Shell to pay $15.5M for Nigeria murders suit
"The oil company Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay $15.5 million to settle several lawsuits related to the executions of protesters in Nigeria in the 1990s. A multinational company has never been found liable of human rights abuses by a U.S. jury. The Shell case would have been the third to go to trial and the second involving a major oil company.


Nigeria is the world's eighth biggest oil exporter.

The protesters, who campaigned nonviolently for a fairer share of Nigeria's oil wealth for the poor and against environmental damage by the industry, had been convicted of murder in a trial that human rights groups labeled a sham."
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Response to Reply #40
65. Detroit+Muslims+Israel+Miami Florida again 01/07/2010
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 04:34 PM by CrunchMaster
"An Ohio man who became loud and disruptive aboard a flight from Miami to Detroit -- at one point telling those around him he ``wanted to kill all the Jews'' -- was removed from the airplane before takeoff and arrested late Wednesday."

Couple of quotes from this nut:
"The plane was taxiing when a flight attendant alerted the captain of a passenger ``talking in a loud tone of voice and stating that he is Palestinian and that he wanted to kill all the Jews.''"

"He then prayed and chanted, before telling a cop to ``Go back to Africa, you white racist cop!''"

This shit never ends.
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Response to Reply #65
68. Former Detroit Woman (now Kuwait Lawyer) on Flight 253 was also in news during Obama election
Edited on Fri Jan-08-10 05:19 PM by CrunchMaster
Hebba Aref denied seat behind Obama in Detroit rally:
"A young Muslim woman said she and another woman were refused seats directly behind Barack Obama and in front of TV cameras at a Detroit rally because they wear head scarfs."

News story on Hebba Aref not being allowed to stand behind Obama:

Hebba Aref back in the news again on Underwear Bomber:
At least one passenger from Flight 253 attended Friday's hearing. Hebba Aref, a Detroit area native now working as a corporate lawyer in Kuwait, said she sat six rows in front of Abdulmutallab on the plane.

Aref, who drew international attention last year after being refused a seat directly behind then-Presidential candidate Obama at a Detroit rally because she was wearing a headscarf, said she came Friday because Abdulmutallab "changed my life."

"I just wanted to see him again," the 27-year-old told reporters outside the courtroom following the hearing. "It's a historic moment, and I want to be part of it."

Aref Family comments to media:
"It was strange, not frightening, to see Abdulmutallab in court today," she said. "I felt something in my stomach and in my heart. At the time of the incident, he was completely blank. This time, he was talking."

Describing the attempted bombing incident, she said someone yelled fire and "I saw a flash."

Aref, who attended the hearing with her parents and was escorted to one of the front rows in the courtroom, said she was satisfied with the charges against Abdulmutallab. She called his actions a "misuse of a beautiful religion."

Her mother, Neveen Aref, said: "I feel sick, just sick he didn't read our religion right. If you read our religion, it is beautiful and peaceful."

Neveen Aref said she was taken aback when she saw Abdulmutallab because "he is so young and petite."

Just weird.

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Response to Reply #65
111. Detroit Black Muslim Convert Shot 20 Times by FBI While Handcuffed
Edited on Tue Feb-02-10 03:17 AM by CrunchMaster
From Time Magazine Online,8599,1958229,...

Detroit: Why Was a Controversial Imam Shot 20 Times?
"Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is a young educated Nigerian who allegedly tried to blow up Delta flight 253 bound for Detroit, on Christmas Day. Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, shot to death in nearby Dearborn by FBI agents last October 28, was an African-American felon with an apparent penchant for stolen goods and a far-fetched wish to establish a Shariah state on American soil."

Detroit has America's Largest Muslim Community
The immigrants who have made this America's largest Muslim community now fear they may face the scrutiny they endured for years post 9-11.

The autopsy, released by the Wayne County medical examiner Carl Schmidt, showed that Abdullah was shot a total of 20 times, incurring 21 wounds. He had died during a raid by federal law enforcement agents on a warehouse in Dearborn, a 20-minute drive southwest of downtown Detroit. And while federal authorities claimed after the raid that Abdullah opened fire after refusing to surrender his weapon, Schmidt said Monday that Abdullah's hands were cuffed behind his back at the time of the shooting. Medical examiner office staffers found Abdullah's body inside a semi-trailer, but it's unclear if the semi-trailer was inside the warehouse where federal authorities initially said the shooting occurred. "I don't recall police being involved in a case that's had as many gunshot wounds," he said.

Ronald Haddad, police chief of Dearborn, is leading an investigation that could result in charges of excessive force or even murder against FBI agents.

The Time article doesn't mention it but was it possible this guy was an FBI provocatuer? When I hear someone has a "Mysterious History" I start to wonder if he worked for the government. Two-bit criminals don't have "Mysterious Histories." They have police records.
"...Abdullah's entire history is mysterious. Also known as Christopher Thomas, Abdullah established a criminal record in the late-1970s, when he was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a Mobile, Ala., police officer. In 1981, he was convicted in Wayne County, Mich., for felony assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

At some point he embraced Islam and became the local leader of a Muslim sect known as the Ummah. In court documents, federal authorities describe the Ummah as a "nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group consisting mainly of African-Americans" who converted from Christianity while serving prison sentences. The Ummah's national leader is Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a militant Civil Rights-era figure once known as H. Rapp Brown. In 2001, Al-Amin was convicted of fatally shooting two Georgia police officers; he remains in a federal prison.

Like all good stooges, this phoney Imam was monitored for about 2 years by informants on the inside of his own Mosque. What were they doing for 2 years???
Federal authorities began monitoring Detroit's Ummah in 2007, using informants inside the group's main mosque. In court documents, authorities portray Abdullah, 53, as a mesmerizing figure whose sermons frequently included anti-U.S. government rhetoric. He allegedly called his flock to wage a violent "offensive jihad," rather than a "defensive jihad," and taught that "every Muslim should have a weapon and not be afraid to use their weapon when needed." In Jan. 2009, when Detroit officials evicted the Ummah from its mosque for failure to pay property taxes, police found firearms, knives and martial arts weapons inside Abdullah's apartment which was apparently inside the mosque. Authorities say the group participated in an extensive theft ring: In Feb. 2009, for instance, Abdullah allegedly went to Chicago to obtain fur coats he believed were stolen, and then brought them to Michigan to sell with his son, Mujahid Carswell. Carswell later allegedly resold the laptops. (He has been charged with committing, aiding or abetting others the sale or receipt of stolen goods transported between states.) Eleven of Abdullah's followers have been arrested on an assortment of charges, including possession of firearms by a convicted felon, mail fraud and conspiring to receive and sell stolen goods. And their leader, of course, has been killed.


Abdullah's funeral, at a black mosque in a hardscrabble Detroit neighborhood, drew Muslims of Yemeni and Somali origins. Abdullah is believed to be the first imam to be killed by American law enforcement authorities spurring growing concern about law enforcement's use of informants to target mosques with poorly educated people, many of whom are felons with bleak job prospects. "Although Luqman was a black man, he was an imam. If one imam can be killed by law enforcement, any imam can be killed by law enforcement," said Dawud Walid, a local Muslim leader.

More xenophobia to stir anger against America's largest Muslim community? Something really stinks when you shoot a handcuffed guy 20 times before he can get into a court and open his mouth.

For more on Prison Provocateurs used by the FBI to lure and entrap patsies read:
The FBI, the Islamic Center of Irvine and Craig Monteilh: Who Was Conning Whom?
"In June 2007, Niazi and another mosque member had reported Monteilh to the FBI, claiming that Monteilh was espousing terrorist rhetoric and trying to draw them into a plot to blow up shopping malls and abandoned buildings. When the FBI refused to investigate, the congregants suspected Monteilh might have been an agent provocateur; the Islamic Center sought and won a restraining order barring Monteilh from entering the mosque."


"By the time Carrs grand-theft investigation brought him to Monteilhs house in Irvine, the target of his probe had already received tens of thousands of dollars in payments from the FBI in return for spying on mosques. At least, thats how much Monteilh conservatively estimates the FBI paid him from early 2006 through late 2007, when Carrs investigation sent him back to state prison. Monteilh claims his work as an informant actually began with his first stint behind bars in 2002, when he spent a year at Chino State Prison for writing bad checks." /

The FBI use of criminal Thugs to Protect America in the name of God, Flag and Country
While at the prison, Monteilh claims, he ran with the PEN1 Death Squad, a white-supremacist prison gang. If you are reasonably intelligent, you can learn their doctrine. We must secure the existence of our race and the future of our white children. If you memorize that, along with certain key precepts, youre pretty much in, and if you memorize all of it, you are leadership. Thats what I did.


Monteilh claims his next operation involved the illegal distribution of HGH and anabolic steroids, but that in the middle of his investigation, the FBI invited him to do national security work. Because he wanted to help to defend his country, Monteilh says, he had to abruptly cease his HGH probe. In Monteilhs telling, Danielle and Carlathe two women he ripped offwere actually targets of his investigation. There were people we had focused on, he says. They gave me money. . . . They were very pissed off that I left. They wanted me to continue providing HGH to them.

For more on government use of phoney Muslim agent provocateurs to round up and entrap people and stir up wingnut hate and the American machinery for war against Muslim "heathens" see:

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Response to Reply #111
125. JihadJane, Muslim Convert, Texas + Pennsylvania + Netherlands + Yemen + Somalia
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Response to Reply #111
161. FBI Raids Michigan+Indiana+Ohio Christian Militias
Edited on Mon Mar-29-10 02:46 AM by CrunchMaster
Weekend Raids by FBI and ATF Against Militias Across Multiple States
"At least seven people, including some from Michigan, have been arrested in raids by a FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based Christian militia group, a person familiar with the matter said.


Militias targeted due to alleged threats against Muslims
Mike Lackomar, of, said both The Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia and the were not a part of the raid.

Lackomar said he heard from other militia members that the FBI targeted the Hutaree after its members made threats of violence against Islamic organizations.


One of the Hutaree members called a Michigan militia leader for assistance Saturday after federal agents had already began their raid, Lackomar said, but the militia member -- who is of Islamic decent and had heard about the threats -- declined to offer help. That Michigan militia leader is now working with federal officials to provide information on the Hutaree member for the investigation, Lackomar said Sunday.

Phyllis Brugger, who has lived in the area for more than 30 years, said some people who lived there were known as having ties to militia. They would shoot guns and often wore camouflage, according to Brugger and her daughter, Heidi Wood.

"Everybody knew they were militia," Brugger said. "You don't mess with them."

About a month ago, 50 vehicles showed up on the property, and the women said neighbors assumed something bad was going on.


Another employee, Ron Jakubczak, said the man who lived in the house often wore Army fatigues and would "play-fight" with his purebred German Shepherds. People at the pizzeria were surprised to find a military transport vehicle once parked in the man's yard, he said.

From Yesterday : March 27,2010, Detroit Michigan
Protesters gather over FBI shooting of Muslim cleric

More than 200 people gathered at Detroits New Bethel Baptist Church this afternoon to protest the controversial shooting of a Muslim cleric, killed during an FBI raid on a Dearborn warehouse in October. A string of leaders in the African American community called for answers.

Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, was the target of a two year investigation by federal agents who said he was a radical Sunni leader preaching the overthrow of the government from his small mosque. He was shot 21 times during the raid. FBI agents at the time said he refused to surrender and fired a gun before agents fired back. His supporters contend it was an act of police brutality aimed at a black Muslim.


Dearborn police are investigating the shooting and are expected to release their findings soon. The FBI did not return immediate phone calls this afternoon.

Meanwhile Teabagger-Militia types on the loopier Conspiracy Websites are crawling out of the woodwork and totally flipping out

Spring is in the air....It's April in America, traditionally a time for homegrown Gun Nut and FBI hanky panky ending in mass shootings and explosions.

Steer clear of rightwing nuts with guns and truck beds full of fertilizer near schools & federal buildings.

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Response to Reply #111
256. Michigan + Yemen + Netherlands + Tennessee + Alabama + Chicago... More Faux Terror?
Edited on Tue Aug-31-10 01:47 AM by CrunchMaster
Another Alleged Terror Bust with ties to Michigan and the Netherlands.

AP source: 2 passengers on Chicago-Amsterdam flight questioned over suspicious luggage
Associated Press
08/30/10 7:30 PM PDT

WASHINGTON Two men on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Amsterdam were questioned by Dutch authorities after U.S. officials found a cell phone taped to a Pepto Bismol bottle and a knife and box cutter in checked luggage connected with the men, a law enforcement official said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, identified the men as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezam al Murisi. Al Soofi had a Michigan address, the official said, but it was not immediately clear where the two men were from.

ABC News, which first reported the incident Monday, said al Soofi was from Detroit and that both he and al Murisi were charged in the Netherlands with "preparation of a terrorist attack."

U.S. officials would not confirm that. Another U.S. law enforcement official who also spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive security matters said federal air marshals were on board the flight from Chicago to Amsterdam.

The law enforcement official said Al Soofi was questioned as he went through security in Birmingham, Ala., on his way to Chicago. He told the Transportation Security Administration authorities he was carrying a lot of cash, the official said. Screeners found $7,000 on him, but he was not breaking any law by carrying that much money.

Al Soofi was supposed to fly from Chicago to Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, and then on to Amsterdam, the official said. But when he got to Chicago, he changed his travel plans to take a direct flight from Chicago to Amsterdam. Al Murisi also changed his travel plans in Chicago to take a direct flight to Amsterdam, raising suspicion among U.S. officials.

Homeland Security spokeswoman Amy Kudwa said once officials found suspicious items in luggage associated with two passengers on Sunday night's flight, they notified the Dutch authorities.

"The items were not deemed to be dangerous in and of themselves," Kudwa said. She would not identify the two passengers.

It is not illegal to carry knives in checked baggage.

Residents of a southwest Detroit neighborhood where several addresses were found for variations of the name Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi declined to give their names to The Associated Press Monday evening, though at least two indicated FBI agents had visited the area.


Associated Press writer Corey Williams in Detroit contributed to this report.

In good ol' Alabammy, the two are found to have a pepmo bismo bottle with a cell phone taped to it. Alabammy screeners let the them on plane anyways???
Two Yemeni nationals who at one point lived in metro Detroit have been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of plotting terrorism, federal authorities said today.

The men were identified as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, 48, a Yemeni who has permanent resident status in the United States and who lived in metro Detroit until two or three years ago, and Hezem Abdullah Thabi al Murisi, 37, a Yemeni who traveled to the United States on a visitors visa and also spent time living and working in metro Detroit.

They were arrested in the Netherlands after getting off a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Amsterdam.

ABC News reported that Dutch authorities arrested the men at Amsterdams Schiphol Airport and charged them with preparation of a terrorist attack. ABC News reported the men were arrested at the request of U.S. authorities.

CBS News reported the two men were not connected and that officials were focusing on al Soofi as the would-be terrorist.


ABC News said screeners at the airport in Birmingham, Ala., became suspicious of al Soofi because of his bulky clothing and directed him to secondary inspection. They searched his luggage and found $7,000 in cash and a cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol bottle. They also found three cell phones taped together and several watches taped together.


A knife and box cutter also were found in al Soofis luggage, the Associated Press said.


The two suspects were known in metro Detroits Yemeni-American communities and have distant relatives who live locally, said Imad Hamad, regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. One later moved to Birmingham, Hamad said. And the other moved to Memphis, Tenn.

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Response to Reply #256
257. Dude....
my mom is currently visiting relatives in Indiana and had pancakes for breakfast.

You forgot to weave that into your post. You must be slipping.
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Response to Reply #256
259. Ignore post Above from me, I resposted it below so I could add some more stuff to it
Edited on Tue Aug-31-10 03:15 AM by CrunchMaster
Reposted it here:

Also, ignore the post from the guy who responded. I have him on ignore and I suggest you all do the same... I can't see what he wrote, but from past experience here, whatever the three on my ignore list write is always a worthless waste of time anyways. :toast:
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Response to Reply #259
260. Dude...
if you have me on "ignore", then have me on "ignore" and quit trying to to blindly respond to what I say.

You can't have it both ways, unless you want to make a truly silly, ponderously long, thoroughly disjointed OP appear even more so.
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Response to Reply #40
183. WHILE U SLEEP :What a plane crash really looks like : Plane full of Dutch Nationals Crashed in Libya
Edited on Sat May-29-10 03:27 AM by CrunchMaster
WHAT A REAL PLANE CRASH LOOKS LIKE : May 13, 2010 Plane crash inTripoli


The story of flight 93 is lie.

Only idiots and government agents(not mutually exclusive) will claim otherwise.

Keep mindlessly drinking the koolaid at your own and the country's peril.

Did I already post the coincidence of another tremendous American tragedy at the hands of a few Texans? The Dutch, Switzerland and the UK? This time a fucking earth destroying oil abomination in the Gulf of Mexico off the eastern coast of the USA? DICK Cheney's old company was involved. Wasn't DICK Cheney the guy in office who did nothing when that other great tragedy occurred? Gee, what a surprise. What the hell am I talking about? Halliburton of Texas. Texas, wasn't that the state where JFK was killed? And didn't a Texan then become president of the USA? And didn't that Texan get us stuck in a fucking war in Vietnam? And then what about the the CIA director guy and employee of Texan Zapata OIL who was allegedly in Texas when JFK was killed who then became CIA Director and then president of the USA? And then that CIA Director President had a son who was a Governor in Texas, that son became president of the USA when it was attacked by their Saudi oil buddy hijackers which led to another big fucking goddamn oil war in the Middle East protecting their ally's borders from another bunch of fucking oil baron assholes???

Is anyone then surprised when the Netherlands(Shell Oil) and BP(British Petroleum) and Halliburton(Texas) keep popping up behind the scenes in all of these goddamn fucking tragedies from 9/11, terror patsies coming out of the UK and Netherlands to this latest fucking oil rig disaster involving Dutch, British, Swiss and Texan oil companies???

9/11 was an inside job aided and abetted by American criminals in high places. They continue to wreck the country while you drink the koolaid...


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Response to Reply #183
184. Simple question, dude....
why, on earth, would you expect the crashes to look alike?

This is why no one here takes you seriously, dude.
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Response to Reply #184
185. Get your glasses checked. No plane crashed in that hole in Pennsylvania.
Edited on Sun May-30-10 01:05 PM by CrunchMaster
There is NOTHING there. It is clear as a bell no plane crashed there.


That's why America is so fucked in the ass. No economy. No jobs. Two fucking wars. The American mind is so filled to the brim with lies and fairy tales that they cannot even see anymore what is CLEARLY BEFORE THEIR OWN EYES.

In fact that is what this entire fucking thread is a testament to. A look at things that the average American domesticated cow has been conditioned to be unable to see even though it is right in front of their face. And America wonders why we send all of our jobs overseas to China and India while we have NOTHING here at home. Absolutely fucking unbelievable. And SDuderstadt, you have served no purpose here other than to keep everyone dumbed down and complacent while the country is run into the ditch. People ask questions about things that reek to heaven of obvious lies and what do you do? Knock them down for trying to get to the bottom of why America is so fucked and who is behind it.

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SDuderstadt Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-30-10 01:16 PM
Response to Reply #185
186. No, dude...
I keep asking for evidence that you can't provide. That's not "dumbing people down". You keep avoiding the logical questions asked of you. Again, why would you expect the crash sites to look alike?

As for your claim that no plane crashed at the PA site, how do you account for all the aircraft debris there? How do you account for the Somerset Co. coroner identifying nearly the passengers from their DNA.

You can't simply ignore the mountain of evidence that contradicts your goofy bullshit, dude. That's called "confirmation bias". It's also why no one takes you seriously here. It's incredibly comical.
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Response to Reply #185
187. So, you're a...
Edited on Mon May-31-10 01:20 AM by SDuderstadt
"no-planer", too. That explains why your posts make so little sense, dude.
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Response to Reply #185
188. Why only focus on those pictures?
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Response to Reply #185
217. people are waking up. great post
:) :hi:
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Response to Reply #217
222. i hope they are waking up...
because if they don't this country and possibly even the world will be unlivable in our lifetimes. thanks for the comment
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Kalun D Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-30-10 12:41 AM
Response to Reply #183
221. Nice
Nice photo comparisons of two crash sites. Obviously it's either not a plane or only a piece of a plane at Shanksville. Probably a piece. They had to shoot it down because the passengers really had caught on, can't have all those witnesses talking about what really happened, it doesn't fit the official story.
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Response to Reply #38
276. NIST video of firefighters on pre-Collapse Explosions in WTC + Pakistan + Egypt
Edited on Thu Oct-14-10 05:30 PM by CrunchMaster
Saw this new video posted here:

The firefighters in the video describe explosions prior to one of the towers collapsing on 9/11.

Some evidence I linked to that leans towards a theory of controlled demolition because of the fires and design of the building to be able to withstand plane hits:

Of course there are Lone Gunmen Proponets, the usual suspects, who would prefer people not connect the dots. Hope they feel good about themselves wearing the "Lone Gunmen Did It" clown suits they wear. To hell with them. On to connecting some dots.

Pakistan and Egyptian + World Trade Center bombings

Pakistani and Egyptian intelligence connected agencies say that the World Trade Center towers "are coming down."
US government informant Randy Glass records a conversation at a dinner attended by him, illegal arms dealers Diaa Mohsen, Mohammed Malik, a former Egyptian judge named Shireen Shawky, and ISI agent Rajaa Gulum Abbas, held at a restaurant within view of the WTC.FBI agents pretending to be restaurant customers sit at nearby tables. Abbas says he wants to buy a whole shipload of weapons stolen from the US military to give to bin Laden. Abbas points to the WTC and says, Those towers are coming down. This ISI agent later makes two other references to an attack on the WTC.
Abbas also says, Americans the enemy, and We would have no problem with blowing up this entire restaurant because it is full of Americans. The meeting is secretly recorded, and parts are shown on television in 2003.

So Pakistani and Egyptian agents apparently caught on tape boast about how the WTC is coming down and how they have no problem blowing up Americans... what does the FBI do? As usual...Nothing.
Government informant Randy Glass passes these warnings on before 9/11, but he claims, The complaints were ordered sanitized by the highest levels of government. In June 2002, the US secretly indicts Abbas, but apparently they arent trying very hard to find him: In August 2002, MSNBC is easily able to contact Abbas in Pakistan and speak to him by telephone.

Had these guys been terrorist patsy fakers like the Liberty City Seven, the FBI would have been all over their shit:

The mostly Haitian patsies were provocateured by two compromised thugs that the FBI had hired to be its informants: Yemeni Abbas al Saidi, (paid $40,000) and a second informant Lebanese Elie Assad(paid $80,000).
One extorted $7,000 from a friend who raped his girlfriend and then, after accepting the money, beat her up and went to jail.

The other failed an FBI polygraph test while working on an undercover investigation, which one former FBI agent says should have disqualified him from ever working for the government again. Oh, and he was also once charged with roughing up a woman.

And these are supposed to be the good guys /

Why would the FBI hire liars that beat up women? Oh mever mind

I digress... back to Pakistan and Egypt's role in terror attacks on the USA.

U.S. ignores evidence pointing to Pakistani and Egyptian agents
July 2002: Militants Tied to Al-Qaeda and ISI Indicted by US, but Little Effort Is Made to Find Them
The US secretly indicts Rajaa Gulum Abbas and Abdul Malik for attempting to buy $32 million in Stinger missiles and other military weaponry in an undercover arms-dealing investigation. However, a US official states that Abbas is an alleged member of the ISI, and is thought to have ties to Middle Eastern militant groups and arms-trafficking operations. He also appears to have foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. Abdul Malik is said to be Abbass money man. Abdul Malik is not related to Mohammed Malik, another Pakistani targeted by the undercover operation. The chief US informant in the case, Randy Glass, says that both men also have clear ties to al-Qaeda, and the arms were going to be funneled to al-Qaeda and used against American targets. The indictment is not revealed until March 2003; both men still remain missing and are presumed to be in Pakistan. The US says it is still working on capturing and extraditing Abbas and Malik. NBC seems to have no trouble reaching Abbas in Pakistan by telephone. The indictment makes no mention of Pakistan, any ties to Afghanistans former Taliban regime or the ultimate destination of the weapons.

You would think the FBI and U.S. government would be on to these guys, since it was Pakistan and Egyptian agents that tried to blow up the World Trade Center the first time in 1993:

Pakistan/Kuwait tied Ramzi Yousef tied to Egyptian Sheik Omar Rahman:
Directors of the American Counter-Terrorism program later tied the travel arrangements to a phonecall from Omar Rahman to the Pakistani telephone number 810604.<14>

Pakistani militant Abdul Hakim Murad tied to WTC 1993 bombing:

Egyptian Army Officer Emad Salem and FBI instrumental in the "false flag" bombing of the World Trade Center 1993:

Egyptian Blind Sheik who was tied to Ramzi Yousef and also tied into World Trade Center bombings:

Egyptian agent Ali Mohammad and ties to World Trade Center 1993 events, Ramzi Yousef, Landmarks bombing case and Cole Bombing. Whearabouts unknown:

9/11 Lead Hijacker Egyptian Mohammed Atta is wired money by Pakistan ISI:

Pakistan, not Atlanta or America, getting 7.5 billion in aid from current administration per BBC

Pakistan Aid: Hillary Clinton Announces $7.5 Billion Aid Effort For Pakistan

Lesson Learned?
Have nothing whatsoever to do with attacking the USA, get attacked (Iraq), Plan, finance and encourage attacks on the USA from your country, don't get attacked(Pakistan , Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany)

Pre-Iraq War 2003 attempts to redirect blame from Egypt and Pakistan on to Iraq for 9/11. Ramzi Yousef's ties to Pakistan and Egyptians are ignored while ties to Iraq are fabricated by the transnational cabal of thugs that conspired to create 9/11:

When is the American media going to talk about this? Never, because 9/11 was partially an inside job aided and abetted by AMERICANS ON THE INSIDE.
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44. The Bush Clan, Texas, Russian exiles, Cuba, Oil Wars, Assasinations, and the U.S. Shadow Government
One more post based on this thread:

And what you had asked me earlier about facts and connecting dots.

Why the Right does not want you to believe in facts and connect dots.

"There is a tendency in America to tar anyone who sees larger configurations and coalescences of interests, irrespective of the quality of their research, as "conspiracy nuts." Yet the revelations and lessons of Family of Secrets come at us on practically every page, and with sourcing and documentation that have stood up to scrutiny. Moreover, they offer us a glimpse into something deeply embedded in our body politic, and profoundly dangerous to our democratic traditions."

Good book.

Chapter 2: Poppys Secret

In the first of Family of Secrets many dramatic scenes, an entertainment reporter stumbles upon an obscure declassified document that reveals George H.W. Poppy Bushs secret: Long before he was appointed CIA director under Gerald Ford in 1976, and labeled as an intelligence virgin, Poppy Bush already was connected to the CIA. More particularly, he had been working with extremist Cuban exiles at the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Poppy tried to ascribe the reference found by the reporter to another George Bush. But other documents indicate that he had been involved in super-secret covert domestic operations some two decades before his directorship, and that his 1950s offshore drilling company was a cover operation. Baker bolsters this discovery with evidence that Poppy Bush was engaged in intelligence work as early as World War II. Further, he provides background on the role of banking circles around Poppys father, Prescott, in creating Americas modern intelligence establishment.

After his Naval Intelligence work in World War II, Poppy goes to Yale, where the early CIA is busy recruiting-- particularly through secret societies like the Bush family favorite, Skull and Bones. Then we see how Poppys early days as an apprentice in oil and defense contractor affiliates of his familys investment bank coincided with the growth of an oil-defense-intelligence hub in Texas. This led to Poppy Bushs decision to leave the East Coast behind and move to the Lone Star State.

Meanwhile, US senator Prescott Bush and his former business partners are powers behind the throne during the Eisenhower presidency, a relationship sharpened by their close ties to Ikes new CIA director, Allen Dulles, and Prescotts personal role as a senator in supervising assassination activities abroad. In this context, it becomes apparent why powerful Washington figures, including the owner of the Washington Post, enamored of the spy apparatus and transfixed by the Cold War struggles, step up and fund Poppys obscure little oil company.

As the evidence builds that Poppys tiny offshore drilling outfit was an intelligence cover, we see how the Bush circle began moving against Fidel Castro after he expropriated their Cuban holdings.

Chapter 4: Where Was Poppy?

Poppy Bush has claimed not to remember where he was on November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas. Thats odd, since almost every other American alive at that time can recall where he or she was. Poppys amnesia become stranger still-- or perhaps, more understandable-- when declassified documents show (1) that he was working in Dallas for the CIA at the time, and (2) that he called the FBI from a town near Dallas at the very hour Kennedys death was being announced.

In that call, Bush Sr. introduced himself as a private citizen, and offered a supposed tip about a possible suspect-- a man who turned out to be innocent, and to have ties back to Bush himself. Though the tip was a red herring, it served a clear purpose: to establish that Poppy was not in Dallas at the time of his call. Baker exhaustively explores Bushs activities that week and day, which included spending time with a top CIA expert on removing government leaders. He also dissects a peculiar Nov. 22 letter purportedly written by Barbara Bush and published by her decades later, that explains-- too artfully by half-- the couples movements at the time.

Baker reveals the deep animus toward President John Kennedy harbored by the Bushes and their friend, CIA director Allen Dulles, whom JFK had fired in the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs disaster. And he describes the dramatic, sudden changes in the lives of both Prescott Bush and his son in the wake of that firing.

Chapter 5: Oswalds Friend

In 1976, a letter arrives for CIA director George H. W. Bush. His aides assume it is from a crackpot-- the writer claims that some kind of net is closing in on him, and attributes this to his having been indiscreet in talking about Lee Harvey Oswald.

Bush acknowledges to his perplexed staff that he actually knows the man, who is an anti-communist Russian migr named George de Mohrenschildt. Poppy Bush confirms in an internal memo that de Mohrenschildt did indeed have some connection to Oswald-- but says he cannot recall the details of the Oswald connection. This is strange, stranger still for the head of the US spy agency.

Bush writes back to de Mohrenschildt that he has nothing to fear. Yet within a year the man is dead from a shotgun blast to the head. The official verdict is suicide. Baker begins a lengthy exploration of de Mohrenschildts ties to the Bush family, and to oil interests generally, dating back many decades. And he details the previously unknown military-oil-intelligence pipeline that brought anti-communist Russians out of the Soviet Union and settled them in Dallas, where they were plugged into business and society at the highest level.

We learn of de Mohrenschildts involvement with lucrative oil investment schemes in Cuba that were upset by Fidel Castros revolution, and his ties to what is described as a private CIA serving the interests of wealthy Americans abroad. Also revealed are De Mohrenschildts links to many figures identified in one way or another with the JFK assassination story-- from Abe Zapruder, whose footage of the assassination became a crucial piece of the conventional narrative of that day, to the leader of a military intelligence unit whose members included many members of the Dallas police department, and whose associate forced himself into the pilot car of Kennedys motorcade.

Chapter 6: The Hit

In this chapter Baker identifies the large array of powerful interests who were furious at John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, the attorney general-- and explains why these interests were glad to see an end to Camelot. Central to this story is JFKs feud with the CIA and especially Allen Dulles. Another important element is the threat posed by the Kennedys to the oil depletion allowance the foundation of much of the oil barons wealth. The Pentagon also had reasons to want the Kennedys out of power. In revealing how Kennedys replacement, Lyndon Johnson, was tied to the same interests as the Bushes, Baker lays bare the close links between Johnson and the Bush family.

In weaving an alternative narrative of the Kennedy assassination, Baker details Allen Dulless activities after he was fired by Kennedy and relates them to Oswalds background with intelligence and the military that suggests that his defection to the USSR was part of a US-run false defector program. There are indications that Oswald was actually doing intelligence work at the time he took his job in the Texas School Book Depository.

Poppy Bushs old friend George de Mohrenschildt and his wife began to manage Lee Harvey Oswalds life in the year prior to the assassination. Was this part of an elaborate attempt to focus attention on Oswald, and away from prominent Dallas figures and the CIA group? Baker also reports how de Mohrenschildt was moved offshore prior to November 1963, thereby minimizing his direct connection (and that of Bush and others) to the events of Nov. 22nd.

Baker unpacks the evidence that Oswald was falsely implicated in the assassination to cover for the real culprits. He reveals De Mohrenschildts ties to the owner of the Texas School Book Depository, the building from which Oswald purportedly fired the fatal shots. Baker shows how Oswald was guided into his job in the building, and reveals the military connections of the company that hired him. Finally, we see these key figures, all tied to super-secret military and intelligence activities, converging on November 22. In summarizing the copious facts that place Poppy and his circle much closer to the assassination than has ever been revealed, he asks the simple question: Can all this be coincidence?

Chapter 7: After Camelot

Beyond the outlines of a sophisticated operation behind Kennedys death, Bakers research turns up new indications of something more enduring and hence perhaps even more unsettling.

Namely, an ongoing effort to dissuade the public from connecting the dots and to perpetuate the increasingly untenable official story: that Oswald, operating alone, killed Kennedy.

We start with the role of Bush associates in the aftermath of the assassination and the ensuing investigation. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of Jack Crichton, an oil industry operative with an intelligence background who was, along with Poppy Bush, part of the cadre at the top of the small Texas GOP.

Crichton was also head of a Dallas-based military intelligence unit tied to the Russian exile community. His role included controlling Marina Oswalds translated comments to police, which were actually modified to implicate her husband. This circle used Oswalds purported ties to the Soviets and Cubans to set off a chain of events that nearly precipitated a missile attack on Cuba.

Baker reveals how the discredited Warren Commission was practically run by Bush family friend Allen Dulles, the CIA director deposed by JFK. It was staffed almost exclusively by figures with ties to the CIA, the military-industrial complex, and right-wing business interests arrayed against the Kennedys. This explains the Commissions transparent effort to ensure that their interviews of de Mohrenschildt would not lead back to powerful figures. De Mohrenschildt himself expressed bewilderment at the Commissions feeble questioning of him.

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54. Dick Cheney + Saudi role in terror hysteria
Edited on Wed Jan-06-10 05:04 PM by CrunchMaster
I want the Guantanamo torture center closed but since Cheney is blaming Obama and Democrats for being lax on terrorism let's look at the Cheney + Saudi role in putting terrorist patsies and provocateurs back on the streets of Yemen:

"In 2007, then Vice President Dick Cheney personally authorized the release of 11 Saudis from Guantanamo Bay, who then passed through a leaky Saudi halfway house terrorist rehabilitation program to rejoin Al Qaeda. Two of the 11 former detainees took the express jihadi underground railroad to rejoin Al Qaeda in Yemen.

In February, 2009, the New York Times reported that U.S. counterterrorism officials confirmed that one of the Cheney repats was Said Al-Shihri, who became the deputy leader of the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda, and that he was suspected of being involved in a deadly attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen in 2007. Shortly after the attack, Shihri appeared in an Al Sahab Al Qaeda video production along with another Cheney repat identified as Abu Hareth Muhammad al-Awfi, who also rejoined Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Based on a comprehensive review by the Defense Intelligence Agency 14% of the 530 Gitmo detainees released through Cheney's direct approval (74 to be exact) have either been identified as reengaging in terrorism or suspected of doing so.

So, let me get this straight. Cheney authorized the release of unrepentant hardened terrorists to his Saudi friends. Having cut their shackles from the Saudis, these escapees are now training and recruiting the likes of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and threatening to attack the U.S. embassy in Yemen, and Cheney has the chutzpah to accuse Democrats of being soft on terrorism!"

However, in view of Cheney's willfully inaccurate partisan attacks he deserves to now be held accountable for the Yemeni Al Qaeda terror sanctuary he helped man through his own micromanagement of Gitmo detainees and misguided deference to his Halliburton buddies in Saudi Arabia. As a result, America is a whole lot less safe because of Mr. Cheney's own decisions.

More on Dick Cheney and his saddlebagging of America with terror hysteria and wars:
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55. Link to the March 2001 Pre-9/11 Iraqi oil maps
Those pre-911 March 2001 Iraqi oil maps that

"These are documents turned over by the Commerce Department, under a March 5, 2002 court order as a result of Judicial Watchs Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force. The documents contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts. The documents are dated March 2001."
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271. Declassified Docs show Bush, Dick and Rumsfeld Knowingly Framed Up Iraq
More evidence 9/11 was a ruse to get the USA into a war.

Docs here:

Rumsfeld's Direction for Iraq Started In 2001 - from
"Investigators at the National Security Archives, dogged pursuers of the truth, have dug up a talking points memo used by SecDef Rumsfeld in discussions with GEN Franks. It's dated November 27, 2001. It's illustrative to see the very first bullet on the memo: "Focus on WMD." It goes on...

Slices (building momentum for regime change):
- (redacted)
- WMD sites.
- Seize or destroy offensive missile sites.


How start?
- Saddam moves against Kurds in north?
- US discovers Saddam connection to Sept. 11 attack or to anthrax attacks?
- Dispute over WMD inspections?
-- Start now thinking about inspection demands."
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50. Netherlands Professor at center of Swine Flu + Bird Flu + SARS distractions
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Anyone surprised? Not me. Is the media talking about it? No.

A few excerpts from here:

WHO Swine Flu Pope under investigation for gross conflict of interest

The man with the nickname Dr Flu, Professor Albert Osterhaus, of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam Holland has been named by Dutch media researchers as the person at the center of the worldwide Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza A 2009 pandemic hysteria. Not only is Osterhaus the connecting person in an international network that has been described as the Pharma Mafia, he is THE key advisor to WHO on influenza and is intimately positioned to personally profit from the billions of euros in vaccines allegedly aimed at H1N1.

" For the past 6 months, one could barely switch on the television in the Netherlands without seeing the face of famed virus hunter Albert Osterhaus talking about the swine flu pandemic. Or so it has seemed. Osterhaus, who runs an internationally renowned virus lab at Erasmus Medical Center, has been Mr. Flu. But last week, his reputation took a nosedive after it was alleged that he has been stoking pandemic fears to promote his own business interests in vaccine development.Last week, his reputation took a nosedive after it was alleged that he has been stoking pandemic fears to promote his own business interests in vaccine development. As Science went to press, the Dutch House of Representatives had even slated an emergency debate about the matter."1

On November 3, 2009 it appeared that Osterhaus emerged with at least the damage somewhat under control. An updated Science blog noted, The House of Representatives of the Netherlands today rejected a motion asking the government to sever all ties with virologist Albert Osterhaus of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, who had been accused of conflicts of interest in his role as a government adviser. But Dutch health minister Ab Klink, meanwhile, announced a "Sunshine Act" compelling scientists to disclose their financial ties to companies.2 This block sourced to here :

More careful investigation into the Osterhaus Affair suggests that the world-renowned Dutch Virologist may be at the very center of a multi-billion Euro pandemic fraud which has used human beings in effect as human guinea pigs with untested vaccines and in cases now emerging, resulting in deaths or severe bodily paralysis or injury.

The Netherlands, China, SARS, Bird Shit and other Distractions As Iraq War Starts up Mar/Apr 2003
The Bird Shit Hoax

Albert Osterhaus is no small fish. He stands at the global nexus of every major virus panic of the past decade from the mysterious SARS deaths in HongKong, where current WHO Director Margaret Chan got her start in her career as a local health official. According to his official bio at the European Commission, Osterhaus was engaged in April 2003, at the height of the panic over SARS (Severe Acquired Respiratory Syndrome) in investigation of the Hong Kong outbreak of respiratory illnesses. The EU report states, he again showed his skill at moving fast to tackle a serious problem. Within three weeks he had proved that the disease was caused by a newly discovered coronavirus that resides in civet cats, other carnivorous animals or bats.5

Then Osterhaus moved on as SARS cases vanished from view, this time publicizing dangers of what he claimed was H5N1 Avian Flu. In 1997 he had already began sounding the alarm following the death in Hong Kong of a three-year-old who Osterhaus learned had had direct contact with birds. Osterhaus went into high gear lobbying across Holland and Europe claiming that a deadly new mutation of avian flu had jumped to humans and that drastic measures were required. He claimed to be the first scientist in the world to show that H5N1 could be transferred into humans.6

Osterhaus Avian Flu alarm campaign really took off in 2003 when a Dutch veterinary doctor became ill and died. Osterhaus claimed the death was from H5N1. He convinced the Dutch government to order slaughter of millions of chickens. Yet no other infected persons died from the alleged H5N1. Osterhaus claimed that that was simply proof of the effectiveness of the preemptive slaughter campaign.9

Osterhaus claimed that bird feces were the source, via air bombardment or droppings, onto populations and birds below. That was the vehicle for the spread of the deadly new Asian strain of H5N1 he insisted.

There was only one problem with the now voluminous frozen samples of diverse bird excrement he and his associated had collected and frozen at his institute. There was not one single confirmed example of H5N1 virus found in any of his samples. At a May 2006 Congress of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), Osterhaus and his Erasmus colleagues were forced to admit that in testing 100,000 samples of their assiduously saved bird feces, they had discovered not one single case of H5N1 virus.10

On June 11, 2009 Margaret Chan of WHO made the declaration of a Phase 6 Pandemic Emergency regarding the spread of H1N1 Influenza. Curiously in announcing it, she noted , On present evidence, the overwhelming majority of patients experience mild symptoms and make a rapid and full recovery, often in the absence of any form of medical treatment. She then added, Worldwide, the number of deaths is smallwe do not expect to see a sudden and dramatic jump in the number of severe or fatal infections.

It later was learned that Chan acted, following heated debates inside WHO, on the advice of the scientific advisory group of WHO, or SAGE, the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts . One of the members of SAGE at the time and today was Dr. Albert Mr Flu Osterhaus.

Not only was Osterhaus in a key position to advocate the panic-inducing WHO Pandemic emergency declaration. He was also chairman of the leading private European Scientific Working group on Influenza (ESWI), which describes itself as a multidisciplinary group of key opinion leaders in influenza aims to combat the impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza. Osterhaus ESWI is the vital link as they themselves describe it, between the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the University of Connecticut, USA.

In an interview with Der Spiegel magazine in Germany, epidemiologist Dr. Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Collaboration, an organization of independent scientists evaluating all flu related studies, noted the implications of the privatization of WHO and the commercialization of health:

cone of the extraordinary features of this influenza -- and the whole influenza saga -- is that there are some people who make predictions year after year, and they get worse and worse. None of them so far have come about, and these people are still there making these predictions. For example, what happened with the bird flu, which was supposed to kill us all? Nothing. But that doesn't stop these people from always making their predictions. Sometimes you get the feeling that there is a whole industry almost waiting for a pandemic to occur.

SPIEGEL: Who do you mean? The World Health Organization (WHO)?

Jefferson: The WHO and public health officials, virologists and the pharmaceutical companies. They've built this machine around the impending pandemic. And there's a lot of money involved, and influence, and careers, and entire institutions! And all it took was one of these influenza viruses to mutate to start the machine grinding...18

When asked if the WHO had deliberately declared the Pandemic Emergency in order to create a huge market for H1N1 vaccines and drugs, Jefferson replied,

Don't you think there's something noteworthy about the fact that the WHO has changed its definition of pandemic? The old definition was a new virus, which went around quickly, for which you didn't have immunity, and which created a high morbidity and mortality rate. Now the last two have been dropped, and that's how swine flu has been categorized as a pandemic.19

Conveniently enough, the WHO published the new Pandemic definition in April 2009 just in time to allow WHO, on advice of SAGE and others like Albert Dr Flu Osterhaus and David Salisbury, to declare the mild cases of flu dubbed H1N1 Influenza A to be declared Pandemic Emergency.20

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93. The Netherlands + Italy + Nigeria + Human Trafficking
Nigerian human traffickers go on trial in the Netherlands
"On May 4, 2006 a Nigerian woman who goes by the name of Jenny arrives at Schiphol airport on a KLM-flight from Lagos. She is travelling with a Nigerian man who had guided her through the check-in and customs in Nigeria. At Schiphol, the man asks Jenny to wait while he gets something to eat. When he doesn't return, Jenny panics.
It doesn't take Hompe long to figure out that Jenny is a victim of human trafficking. She fits the profile: lured to Europe with vague promises on a paid-for trip, papers in her purse she knows nothing about and carrying a fake passport. Hompe has a pretty good idea of what is in store for Jenny."

See also Netherlands+Nigerian Underwear Bomber:

The Netherlands=Major Human Trafficking Central Hub for Europe
"In December 2009, two Nigerian men were sentenced to 4 and 4 1/2 years in prison for having smuggled 140 Nigerian women aged 16-23 into the Netherlands. The women were made to apply for asylum and then disappeared from asylum centers, to work as prostitutes in surrounding countries."

Might explain why the Nigerian PantyBomber didn't raise any suspicions in the Netherlands.

"The Netherlands is listed by the UNODC as a top destination for victims of human trafficking.<13> Countries that are major sources of trafficked persons include Thailand, China, Nigeria, Albania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine<13>, Sierra Leone, and Romania.<14>

Currently, human trafficking in the Netherlands is on the rise, according to figures obtained from the National Centre against Human Trafficking. The report shows a substantial increase in the number of victims from Hungary and China. There were 809 registered victims of human trafficking in 2008, 763 were women and at least 60 percent of them were forced to work in the sex industry.<15> <16>"

Italy is the major destination for Nigerian trafficking
"The most important European destination for Nigerian trafficking victims is Italy, where there may be as many as 10,000 Nigerian prostitutes. Other significant destinations include the Netherlands and Spain, and, to a lesser degree, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Italy is the only European country where a clear majority of legally resident Nigerians are women."

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94. Could you PLEASE try posting something coherent...
for a change? Your posts are so confused and disjointed, I have no idea where you're really going with this and I suspect you don't either.
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236. Deleted message
Message removed by moderator. Click here to review the message board rules.
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121. A priest, a nun, & a gay prostitute walk into a bar : Nigeria + Vatican + Gay Prostitution Rings
Edited on Thu Mar-04-10 07:24 PM by CrunchMaster
""Put on some music, swallow a Viagra, and adelante!"

That's the headline in Europe today following reports that a papal aide used an intermediary in an elite Vatican choir to solicit young male choristers and seminarians for prostitution."

According to police, Balducci regularly contacted Chinedu Ehiem Thomas, a Nigerian man who sings in St. Peter's Cappella Giulia, to engage the sexual services of young male members of the choir, along with seminarians and undocumented immigrants seeking residency status.


"Ehiem, 40, who goes by the nickname Mike, and his assistant Lorenzo Renzi, 33, allegedly arranged for prostitutes for Balducci several times a week. The two men are said to have operated a network of aspiring young priests, choir members and sometimes recruited foreigners seeking to secure their immigration status.

The scandal now envelops Balducci, a well-known and powerful local figure who is married with two children, who despite all this is said to have taken remarkable risks in setting up sexual liaisons even in Chigi Palace, home of the Italian prime minister, or immediately after a private audience with a cardinal."

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Response to Reply #121
122. Is there a point to all of this?
Or, are you just "asking questions" and "taking note of similarities"?
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123. More Rumblings within Church : Pope's brother's choir faces abuse claims
Edited on Fri Mar-05-10 02:14 PM by CrunchMaster
More rumbling from within the Catholic church...

Another Story Related to Gay Sex and Catholic Choir Groups
"An ever-widening sexual abuse scandal involving Germany's Roman Catholic Church spilled into the heart of Pope Benedict XVI's homeland Friday when a former member of a boy's choir led for 30 years by his brother claimed he was a victim.

A former singer came forward with allegations church employees had sexually abused him in the early 1960s, said Clemens Neck, a spokesman for the Regensburg Diocese which oversees the school connected to the renowned Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir.

Neck gave no details on the extent of the abuse, but insisted it happened before the Rev. Georg Ratzinger, the pope's brother, took over the choir in 1964. Ratzinger led the choir, comprised of around 500 boys and young men, until his retirement in 1994.


The allegations by the former Domspatzen singer are part of a spiraling scandal that has grown from the claims of seven former pupils at a Catholic-run Berlin high school to more than 170 ex-students from several of the church's most prominent educational facilities in Germany, including the high school connected to the Domspatzen and the Ettal Monastery boarding school both in the pope's home region of Bavaria."

Sex scandal rocks Vatican: Papal usher, chorister linked to gay prostitution ring
"One of Pope Benedict's ceremonial ushers and a member of an elite choir in St Peter's Basilica have been implicated in a gay prostitution ring, in the latest sexual scandal to taint the Vatican.

Ghinedu Ehiem, a Nigerian, was dismissed by the Vatican on Wednesday from the Giulia Choir after his name appeared in transcripts of police wiretaps, published by an Italian newspaper, in an unrelated Italian investigation.

The wiretaps were carried out in connection with a probe into corruption in contracts to build public works, including the planned venue in Sardinia of last year's G8 summit. The summit was eventually moved to the Abruzzo region as part of efforts to help it recover from an earthquake."

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43. Minnesota : Still churning out Terrorists
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"The threat came at a time when the FBI was focused on what looked like a massive recruitment effort of young men from Somali communities in the U.S. As many as two dozen of them have disappeared from Minneapolis alone in the past year.

Federal agents are worried these young men are training in Somalia and could end up returning to the U.S. to launch a terrorist attack."

According to the FBI, when Somali children go missing in Minneapolis, it's probably because they have gotten on a plane to Somalia so they can train to kill you

Terrorists sought from USA to be sent to Somalia. Doesn't Somali have its own fighters? Why get U.S. kids to fight its wars? Provocateurs apparently allowed to leave U.S.
"On October 9, 2009, a criminal complaint was filed, charging Cabdulaahi Ahmed Faarax and Abdiweli Yassin Isse with conspiring to kill, kidnap, maim, or injure persons outside the United States. The affidavit filed in support of the complaint states that in the fall of 2007, Faarax and others met at a Minneapolis mosque to telephone co-conspirators in Somalia to discuss the need for Minnesota-based co-conspirators to go to Somalia to fight the Ethiopians. The affidavit also alleges that later that fall, Faarax attended a meeting with co-conspirators at a Minneapolis residence, where he encouraged others to travel to Somalia to fight and told them how he had experienced true brotherhood while fighting a jihad in Somalia. Subsequently, Faarax was interviewed three times by authorities and each time denied fighting or knowing anyone who had fought in Somalia.

The criminal complaint states that Abdiweli Yassin Isse also encouraged others to travel to Somalia to fight the Ethiopians. He purportedly described at a gathering of co-conspirators his own plans to fight jihad against Ethiopians, and he raised money to buy airplane tickets for others to make the trip to Somalia for the same purpose. In raising that money, he allegedly misled community members into thinking they were contributing money to send young men to Saudi Arabia to study the Koran. The complaint that details the charges filed against these co-conspirators also was unsealed today.

Faarax and Isse are not in custody. Both men are believed to be outside of the United States. "

Of course the Mosque that is probably behind all of this is protected and will probably never be investigated:
"Hassan's single-parent existence is mirrored by the other young men who have disappeared. All of them were reared by single mothers, and all of them were particularly devout Muslims. They all prayed and signed up for youth programs at two local mosques one near The Towers and another across the river in St. Paul. The local mosque was Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center, the biggest mosque in Minneapolis and just a stone's throw from The Towers. The Dawah Institute in St. Paul was the other."

Because without government protected Mosques to churn out terrorist patsies, the wars cannot continue.

Moussaoui trains at Minnesota flight school:
"August 17 2001 - Moussaoui is arrested in Minnesota on immigration issues after flight school instructors grow suspicious of his desire to fly commercial jets and inform the FBI." /

August 15-September 10, 2001: Minneapolis Agent Warns Superiors of Moussaoui Seventy Times, Obstructed by Headquarters
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46. 1979 : Beginnings of the U.S. and Saudi creation of Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets
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Article called "Our terrorists" on state supported terrorism: /

A few excerpts from that:

"Our terrorists"

The CIAs jihad

The story begins in the summer of 1979, six months before the Soviet invasion, when the CIA had already begun financing elements of an emerging Islamist mujahidin force inside Afghanistan. The idea, according to former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and former CIA Director Robert Gates, was to increase the probability of a Soviet invasion, and entrap the Soviets into a Vietnamese quagmire.

Osama bin Laden arrived in the country later that year, sent by then-Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal, where he set up the Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK) which helped finance, recruit and train mujahidin fighters.2 Bin Laden, the MAK, and the Afghan mujahidin in total received about half a billion dollars a year from the CIA, and roughly the same from the Saudis, funnelled through Pakistans Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).3

Al-Qaeda's proliferation in places like Yemen, Algeria, Philippines is due to CIA, Saudi, Pakistan support and funding

By around 1988, as Janes Defence Weekly reports, with US knowledge, Bin Laden created al-Qaeda (The Base): a conglomerate of quasi-independent Islamic terrorist cells spread across at least 26 countries.4 US and Western intelligence agencies facilitated this process, seeing rightwing Islamist movements as a counterweight to Communist, leftwing and nationalist political trends. They supported the Saudis and other Gulf states, as well as Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan among others, in proliferating Islamist extremist institutions in far-flung countries such as Algeria, Yemen, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Funding for these activities was intertwined with the establishment of organized criminal financial centres in Malaysia, Madagascar, South Africa, Nigeria, Latin America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Turkestan, and elsewhere.5

Afghanistan, Big Oil and the Taliban

Throughout the 1990s, the selective US intelligence sponsorship of Islamist extremist networks was linked not simply to destabilizing potential Russian and Chinese influence, but further to securing US-led Western control over strategic energy reserves. When bin Laden moved from Sudan to Afghanistan in June 1996, the State Department warned that the move could prove more dangerous to US interests, granting him the capability to support individuals and groups who have the motive and wherewithal to attack US interests almost worldwide.7 He had been offered protection by Pakistan in May on condition that he align his mujahidin forces with the Taliban. The new al-Qaeda-Taliban alliance was reportedly blessed by the Saudis.8

Continued US sponsorship of the al-Qaeda-Taliban nexus in Afghanistan was confirmed as late as 2000 in Congressional hearings. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on South Asia, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher former White House Special Assistant to President Reagan and now Senior Member of the House International Relations Committee declared that this administration has a covert policy that has empowered the Taliban and enabled this brutal movement to hold on to power. The assumption is that the Taliban would bring stability to Afghanistan and permit the building of oil pipelines from Central Asia through Afghanistan to Pakistan.10 US companies involved in the project included UNOCAL and ENRON. As early as May 1996, UNOCAL had officially announced plans to build a pipeline to transport natural gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through western Afghanistan.

US officials held several meetings with the Taliban from 2000 to summer 2001, in an effort to get the Taliban to agree to a joint federal government with their local enemies, the Northern Alliance, promising financial aid and international legitimacy if the deal was struck. By then, US policymakers had belatedly concluded that the Taliban would never bring the stability needed for the pipeline project. According to Pakistani Foreign Minister Niaz Naik, who was present at the meetings, US officials threatened the Taliban with military action if they failed to comply with the federalization plan. Even the date of threatened military action, October 2001, was proposed. Needless to say, the Taliban rejected the plan.11 So months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a war on Afghanistan was already on the table. Jean-Charles Brisard, a former French intelligence officer, thus speculates that 9/11 may have been a pre-emptive attack by al-Qaeda to head off the declared US military invasion of Afghanistan.12

There is still keen interest in the pipeline. Since the US-led offensive that ousted the Taliban from power, reported Forbes in 2005, the project has been revived and drawn strong US support as it would allow the Central Asian republics to export energy to Western markets without relying on Russian routes. Then-US Ambassador to Turkmenistan Ann Jacobsen noted that: We are seriously looking at the project, and it is quite possible that American companies will join it.13 The problem remains that the southern section of the proposed pipeline runs through territory still de facto controlled by Taliban forces.

1991-1993 : CIA, UK and Big Oil topple another Democratically elected government

In 1991, the first Bush Administration wanted an oil pipeline from Azerbaijan, across the Caucasus, to Turkey. That year, three US Air Force officers, Richard Secord (a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs), Heinie Aderholt and Ed Dearborn, landed in Baku, and set up a front company, MEGA Oil. They were veterans of previous CIA covert operations in Laos and later with Lt. Col. Oliver Norths Contra scandal. In Azerbaijan, they setup an airline to secretly fly hundreds of al-Qaeda mujahidin from Afghanistan into Azerbaijan. By 1993, MEGA Oil had recruited and armed 2,000 mujahidin, converting Baku into a base for regional jihadi operations.14

The covert operation contributed to the military coup that toppled elected president Abulfaz Elchibey that year, and installed US puppet Heidar Aliyev. A secret Turkish intelligence report leaked to the Sunday Times confirmed that two petrol giants, BP and Amoco, British and American respectively, which together form the AIOC (Azerbaijan International Oil Consortium), are behind the coup dtat.15

"The pattern continued in Kosovo, where ethnic violence broke out between Albanians and Serbs. In 1998, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization financed by bin Laden and the heroin trade. Bin Laden had sent a senior lieutenant, Muhammed al-Zawahiri (brother of al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri), to lead an lite KLA unit during the Kosovo conflict. He had direct radio contact with NATO leadership. Indeed, British SAS and American Delta Force instructors were training KLA fighters as early as 1996. The CIA supplied military assistance up to and during the 1999 bombing campaign, including military training manuals and field advice, under the cover of OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) ceasefire monitors.17"

Why we got involved with the Balkans wars
"So why the Balkans? Gen. Sir Mike Jackson, then-commander of NATO troops in the region, summed it up in 1999: We will certainly stay here for a long time in order to guarantee the safety of the energy corridors which cross Macedonia. The General was talking about the Trans-Balkan pipeline passing through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, planned to be a primary route to the West for Central Asian oil and gas.19"

According to Yossef Bodanksy, then-Director of the US Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Washington was actively involved in yet another anti-Russian jihad, seeking to support and empower the most virulent anti-Western Islamist forces. US Government officials participated in a formal meeting in Azerbaijan in December 1999 in which specific programmes for the training and equipping of mujahidin from the Caucasus, Central/South Asia and the Arab world were discussed and agreed upon, culminating in Washingtons tacit encouragement of both Muslim allies (mainly Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) and US private security companies... to assist the Chechens and their Islamist allies to surge in the spring of 2000 and sustain the ensuing jihad for a long time. The US saw the sponsorship of Islamist jihad in the Caucasus as a way to deprive Russia of a viable pipeline route through spiralling violence and terrorism.22

Africa, False Flag Terror, Oil Pipelines and the World Bank Project(Interesting considering recent Underwear Bomber story
"Currently, the militant Algerian splinter group, the al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb formerly known as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) plays a predominant role in regional terrorist violence. Yet in a series of extensive analyses for the Review of African Political Economy, social anthropologist Dr Jeremy Keenan Director of Sahara Studies at the University of East Anglia documents an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that the alleged spread of terrorist activities across much of the Sahelian Sahara, has indeed been an elaborate deception on the part of US and Algerian military intelligence services. He discusses evidence that an al-Qaeda hostage-taking of European tourists in early 2003 was initiated and orchestrated by elements within the Algerian military establishment, an operation condoned by the US, and that al-Qaeda leader Ammar Saifi (also known as Abderazzak El Para, or the Maghrebs bin Laden) was turned by the Algerian security forces in January 2003.27

Energy hegemony is a key priority. Reported al-Qaeda activity in North Africa has focused on oil-rich nations, particularly the Niger Delta, Nigeria, and Chad. Thus, in July 2003, Keenan reports, under US auspices Algeria, Chad, Niger and Nigeria signed a co-operation agreement on counter-terrorism that effectively joined the two oil-rich sides of the Sahara together in a complex of security arrangements whose architecture is American. This has now evolved into the $500 million Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Initiative, in which Algeria plays a pivotal role in US plans for future regional military deployment. The region-wide security arrangement coincides with the inauguration of a $6 billion World Bank project, the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline.28"

U.S. and Saudis STILL covertly funding the terrorists we fight
In recent dispatches for the New Yorker, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh cites US Government and intelligence officials confirmation that the CIA and the Pentagon have funnelled millions of dollars via Saudi Arabia to al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni extremist groups, across the Middle East and Central Asia. The policy, which Hersh says began in 2003, has spilled over into regions like Iraq and Lebanon, fuelling Sunni-Shia sectarian conflict.37 The programme is part of a drive to counter Iranian Shia influence in the region. In early 2008, a US Presidential Finding to Congress corroborated Hershs reporting, affirming CIA funding worth $400 million to diverse anti-Shia extremist and terrorist groups. This was not contested by any Democratic members of the House.38 Now, President Obama has retained Bushs Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, as his own. Yet Gates was the architect of the covert strategy against Iran. To date, Obama has given no indication that this strategy will change. The history outlined here throws into doubt our entire understanding of the war on terror. How can we fight a war against an enemy that our own governments are covertly financing for short-sighted geopolitical interests?

If the war on terror is to end, it wont be won by fighting the next futile oil war. It will be won at home by holding the secretive structures of government to account and prosecuting officials for aiding and abetting terrorism whether knowingly or by criminal negligence. Ultimately only this will rein in the security agencies that foster the enemy we are supposed to be fighting. /

For more on U.S./Saudi creation of, monitoring and provocateuring of the terrorists they created see:

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53. Slovakia Authorities are said to Place RDX in Luggage of man from Ireland
Another conveniently botched false flag event just after the recent thoroughly botched Underwear Bomber plot and botched intelligence that should have stopped it.

"Unknown to the passenger returning to Dublin after the holidays, Slovakian officials had secretly planted enough explosives to bring down a plane into his luggage as part of a botched security exercise.

After a bomb disposal operation in the Irish capital today it emerged that 90g of RDX explosive found in the Slovakian's flat had passed through security at Bratislava and Dublin airports last Saturday."

They put 90g of RDX on this guy as a test??? And then he just takes it home and they do nothing for three days? What type of "test" puts a deadly explosive on a plane with people on it??? And then allows that guy to take it home?

Bullshit. More intelligence shennanigans.

But it makes the point very clearly that people can become unwitting patsies carrying things in their luggage that might blow things up.

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56. Rove's "Rule of Three".
I think it was Karl Rove (or maybe Newt Gingrich) who said that an event has to happen three times to stick in the public consciousness.

Am I the only one to see this "rule of three" in the three recent Christmas time terror incidents...?

#1) There was the underwear bomber...
#2) The cartoon attacker...
#3) The CIA bomber.

All three incidents happened in quick succession and all three with a few things in common.

The underwear bomber is known to have associated with Yemeni terrorists who were let out of Gitmo by Bushco. And the bomber himself somehow escaped being put on a no-fly list despite all the red flags and was allowed through airport security.

The Somali guy who attacked the Danish cartoonist had been arrested in Kenya last year but again he was let go and allowed to return to Denmark.

The CIA bomber was apparently originally an al-Qaeda operative who was let free by the Jordanians to work for them, then worked for the CIA, then apparently decided that he was al-Qaeda after all. Again this guy was let through onto the base without undergoing any security checks.

This almost seems coordinated in a way designed to change the news cycle and shift the political will onto a new geopolitical strategy in Yemen and Somalia and key into Republican talking points.
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60. Looks like they are making a push to go to war to protect our allies there
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 04:44 AM by CrunchMaster
...from all of those terrorists they keep exporting to Yemem so we can go kill them. Saudis and the rest their in the mid east are smart I suppose to spend other people's lives and money fighting their enemies. But what does that say about us?

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57. war without end
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62. The more people that know 911 was MIHOP/LIHOP, the less mind control TPTB have over the people.
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 08:46 AM by earth mom
I've been saying this for years here on DU, but it's the only way to kick those bastards and their lies to the curb.
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64. Asking some questions and getting at the truth is the only way to take this country back
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 04:25 PM by CrunchMaster
A nation of people sleepwalking through life are pawns of those that are awake and hold the reins. We will wind up like China if people don't wake up.
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69. Merican Coma
They are more then sleepwalking.........they are flat out into coma! The majority are at the trough of ignorance totally unaware that the manna has no nutrients.
Personally I believe that Merica is on a flaming REO Speed Wagon to hell (if there is such a place).
Sometimes I feel that living on the Mesa is a solid option.
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70. There are a lot of vested interests that realize it is easier to loot America if it stays asleep
Edited on Fri Jan-08-10 11:11 PM by CrunchMaster
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66. How did Anwar al-Awlaki escape U.S. to Yemen? Someone in COLORADO allowed him to in 2002
Edited on Thu Jan-07-10 11:01 PM by CrunchMaster
Al-Awlaki who had ties to both the Ft. Hood Shooter and the Underwear Bomber and is now supposedly in Yemen where no one can find him was allowed to escape the USA by someone in COLORADO.

Al-Awlaki like all good agent provocatuers is watched and followed by the U.S. government and then allowed to flee to Yemen

Although he is said to be American born, he attends Colorado university on F-1 Visa that claims he was born in Yemen. Seeding the trail to war in Yemen?
Then investigators realized they had a felony charge on which they could detain Awlaki. They discovered that the U.S.-born cleric attended Colorado State University in the early 1990's on an F-1 foreign student visa, stating on the visa application that he was actually born in Yemen and not New Mexico.

As far back as 1999 Awlaki is investigated for Terror ties while in "Balloon Boy",Colorado, San Diego, CA and tied to hijackers
In the US; 1991-2002

Al-Awlaki served as an Imam in Fort Collins, Colorado, and then of the Masjid Ar-Ribat al-Islami mosque in San Diego, California, from 1996-2000.<19><27><4> Al-Awlaki was arrested in San Diego in 1996 and 1997 for soliciting prostitutes.<18><28><29> In 1998 and 1999 in San Diego, he served as Vice President for the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW), founded by Abdul Majeed al-Zindani.<19> During a terrorism trial, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Brian Murphy testified that CSSW was a front organization to funnel money to terrorists, and US federal prosecutors have described it as being used to support Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.<19><30> The FBI investigated al-Awlaki beginning in June 1999 through March 2000 for possible fundraising for Hamas, links to al-Qaeda, and a visit in early 2000 by a close associate of "the blind sheik" Omar Abdel Rahman (now in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center attack), but was unable to unearth sufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution.<4><19><23><24><29><27>

2000 : While he was in San Diego, witnesses told the FBI he had a close relationship with two of the 9/11 hijackers (Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Almihdhar) in 2000, and served as their spiritual advisor.<19><29><31> Authorities say the two hijackers regularly attended the mosque Al-Awlaki led in San Diego, and Al-Awlaki had many closed-door meetings with them, which led investigators to believe Al-Awlaki knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance.<27><29>

Jan. 2000 : Provocateur Awlaki goes to Washington DC and is AGAIN involved with 9/11 hiijackers. Is he manuevering people into place for 9/11? Is he seeding the evidence trail tying his patsies into 9/11?(I say it that way because I wonder about the Drug Mules/Remote Control planes theory)

In January 2000, two of the 9/11 hijackers met up with Awlaki at his mosque in San Diego. Awlaki became their "spiritual advisor."Awlaki then moved to the Dar al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. Two 9/11 hijackers (including one of the hijackers Awlaki had met with in San Diego) followed him there and received assistance from the mosque's members.

Jan. 2001 Falls Church, Virginia
In his last positions in the US, he headed east and served as Imam at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area beginning in January 2001, and was also the Muslim Chaplain at George Washington University.<19><4><32> Fluent in English, known for giving eloquent talks on Islam, and with a mandate to attract young non-Arabic speakers, "he was the magic bullet," according to mosque spokesman Johari Abdul-Malik; "he had everything all in a box."<33> Shortly after this his sermons were attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers (Al-Hazmi again and Hani Hanjour), and by Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan.<27><29><34> The September 11 Commission concluded that two of the hijackers "reportedly respected al-Awlaki as a religious figure".<25> The FBI also learned he may have been contacted by a possible "procurement agent" for Osama bin Laden, Ziyad Khaleel.<19> When police raided the Hamburg, Germany, apartment of Ramzi Binalshibh (the "20th hijacker") while investigating the 9/11 attacks, his telephone number was found among Binalshibh's personal contact information.<4><19><35>

Writing on the website six days after the 9/11 attacks, he suggested that Israeli intelligence agents might have been responsible for the attacks, and that the FBI "went into the roster of the airplanes and whoever has a Muslim or Arab name became the hijacker by default."<19> He left the US for Yemen in March 2002, following extensive FBI investigations.<19><29> Weeks later he posted an essay in Arabic titled "Why Muslims Love Death" on the Islam Today website, praising the Palestinian suicide bombers' fervor, and months later at a lecture in a London mosque that was recorded on videotape he lauded them in English.<19><29> By July 2002 he was under investigation because a subject of a US Joint Terrorism Task Force (Joint Terrorism Task Forces are FBI-led, multi-agency teams made up of FBI agents, other federal investigatorsincluding those from the Department of Defense, and state and local law enforcement officers) investigation was discovered to have sent money to al-Awlaki, and his name was placed on an early version of what is now the federal terror watch list.<29><4><36> "

2002 : How Anwar Awlaki, known Terrorist was allowed to escape the U.S.
U.S. Attorney's Decision to Cancel Arrest Warrant "Shocked" Terrorism Investigators
"A felony arrest warrant for radical Islamic cleric Anwar al Awlaki was rescinded in 2002 a day before he was intercepted as a terror suspect at New York's JFK airport,forcing authorities to release him, according to sources familiar with the case. THE WARRANT WAS CANCELLED BY THE U.S. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE IN DENVER, EVEN THOUGH AWLAKI WAS ON A TERROR WATCH LIST, and even though the office's supervising prosecutor for terror cases -- who has now been appointed by the Obama administration as the U.S. Attorney in Denver -- had been fully briefed on Awlaki's alleged terror ties, according to investigators."

Would be nice if the media asked WHO in DENVER allowed someone they knew was a terrorist to get away and WHY?.

After warrant rescinded Awlaki flies from SAUDI ARABIA to NEW YORK, Oct.2002, is caught freed again
"Because the warrant was rescinded, authorities say they missed a golden opportunity to detain Awlaki. The morning after the warrant was cancelled, October 10, 2002, Awlaki stepped off a Saudi Airlines flight from Riyadh to New York.

Because Awlaki was on the early version of the federal terrorism watch list, authorities were allowed to detain him for questioning. According to immigration documents, Awlaki was intercepted by immigration agents before 6:15 in the morning. "Sujbect was escorted to INS primary and secondary by U.S. Customs. He is a match." Agents believed they had an individual who was both on the terror list and had an outstanding warrant.

The FBI was notified by phone that Awlaki was being detained. At 7:40, however, Customs agents learned that the arrest warrant had been "pulled back." At 9:00, after more phone calls, it was confirmed that the warrant was no longer in effect. By 9:20, Awlaki and his family had been released "with thanks for their patiens (sic)." A representative of Saudi Airlines escorted them away "to continue with their flight to Wash, D.C."

Awlaki then goes back to Virginia and asks a Paintball Patsy to round up some AMERICANS to fight with Taliban against U.S., the Paintball Patsy obliges is then busted and gets a life sentance, Awlaki NOTHING... keeps on with the provocateur game
After his release from JFK, Awlaki returned briefly to Northern Virginia. According to the Washington Post, while there he visited a radical cleric named Ali al-Timimi and asked about recruiting young Muslims for jihad. In 2003, federal agents raided al-Timimi's home and seized documents and cassettes. He is now serving a life sentence after being convicted of inciting 11 young Muslim men, most of them American citizens, to fight with the Taliban against the U.S. in Afghanistan after 9/11.

For more on Muslim Brotherhood agents working with Americans and Canadians to frame up domestic patsies see:

"In one of the more high-profile cases, a Muslim scholar in northern Virginia, Ali al-Timimi, was sentenced to life in prison in 2005 for urging his young Muslim followers to wage war against the United States overseas.

At a dinner meeting on Sept. 16, 2001, Mr. Timimi told some of the men in the group that it was their Muslim duty to fight for Islam overseas and to defend the Taliban in Afghanistan against American forces, according to testimony at his trial. In an Internet message in 2003, he described the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia as a good omen for Muslims in an apocalyptic conflict with the West."

And now, Ali al-Timimi, also a sheikh, follows in Abdel Rahman's footsteps to jail because he tried to get a group of young Americans Muslims associated with a paintball group in northern Virginia, to go to Afghanistan and fight for the Taliban regime there.

For more on framing up paintball "Terror" patsies see Toronto 18 : Info on the Provocateurs in this case

Awlaki leaves U.S. and goes to Safe Zone UK where he is allowed in although he is a terrorist. In the UK he pimps his sermons so that patsy idiots can be tied to terror plots in the U.S., UK and Canada by buying these sermons:
Awlaki left the U.S. before the end of 2002 and moved to the U.K. He returned to Yemen permanently in 2004. He was arrested by Yemeni officials in 2006, allegedly at the request of the United States, and held until late 2007. He has now established himself in Yemen as one of the leading international voices calling for violent jihad against the West.

Awlaki's lectures and messages have been found on the computer hard drives of terror suspects in Toronto and New Jersey. One of the men convicted of plotting to attack Fort Dix can be seen on a videotape expressing admiration for the cleric and recommending an Awlaki lecture. Awlaki also exchanged emails with Nidal Hasan starting in 2008. In one message revealed by ABC News, Hasan wrote, "I can't wait to join you" in the afterlife.

In the UK it is noted that al-Awlaki is tied to Muslim Brotherhood front organization
He spent several months in Britain in 2003, giving talks to up to 200 youths.<41>In Britain's Parliament in 2003, Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside, mentioned the relationship between al-Awlaki and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), a Muslim Brotherhood front organization founded by Kemal el-Helbawy, a senior member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.<42>"

After being allowed to escape the U.S. with an assist from COLORADO and then the UK he then goes to Yemen where he continues his provocateur role as an AL-QAEDA RECRUITER
Soon after the 2002 warrant was canceled, Awlaki left the United States for good, settling in Yemen. Since his escape, Awlaki, now considered by intelligence officials to be an al-Qaeda recruiter, has been implicated as the spiritual inspiration for terror plots in Canada and the U.S.

Again, how convenient.

December 2008 Ft. Hood shooter is being watched by JTTF, DOD, FBI and local and state officers
"Major Hasan came to the attention of the FBI in December 2008 as part of an unrelated investigation being conducted by one of our Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs). JTTFs are FBI-led, multi-agency teams made up of FBI agents, other federal investigators-including those from the Department of Defense-and state and local law enforcement officers."

It is said the Ft. Hood Shooter is in communication with Awlaki who as has been shown above is known to be a terrorist
The Federal Bureau of Non-Investigation
Thomas Joscelyn: Retracing A Trail Of Evidence That The FBI Ignored Prior To Ft. Hood
"It turns out that informed speculation was correct, according to the Associated Press and the New York Times. Beginning in December of last year, authorities found that Hasan communicated with Awlaki "10 to 20 times." But no formal investigation was ever launched. Why?"

Maybe the FBI, and DOD and JTTF were sitting on their hands because Ft. Hood shooter Hasan was collecting intelligence? No
"Why would a member of the U.S. military contact a major al Qaeda ideologue to discuss his research? The only way that could be justifiable is if that American serviceman was collecting intelligence on Awlaki and his operations. But there is no evidence that this was the case here.

In fact, as press accounts have noted, "no formal investigation" into Hasan's communications with Awlaki was ever launched. How, then, could anyone say that his communications were consistent with anything at all -- other than an Islamic extremist reaching out to a known al Qaeda patron?"

So in December of 2008 Hasan and Awlaki were in communication and they were being watched by everybody. We just saw above that in July of 2002 he was being watched for ties to Terrorism. So if the Ft. Hood shooter is being watched because he is talking to a known terrorist why the fuck didn't they boot this guy out of the military???

Underwear Bomber Bozo's Ties to Awlaki. Guilt by Association
A number of sources reported contacts between al-Awlaki and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the suspected attempted bomber of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on December 25, 2009. There is evidence that al-Awlaki was one of Abdulmutallab's trainers and recruiter who met al-Awlaki prior to the attack. Communications intercepted by the National Security Agency also uncovered that the cleric was meeting with "a Nigerian".

The Sunday Times has established that Abdulmutallab first met al-Awlaki in 2005 in Yemen while he was studying Arabic.<79> During that time the suspect attended lectures by al-Awlaki.<41>

UK Terrorist Safe Zone Connections
"The two are also "thought to have met" in London, according to The Daily Mail.<80> Fox News reported that evidence collected during searches of "flats or apartments of interest" connected to Abdulmutallab in London showed that he was a "big fan" of al-Awlaki, as web traffic showed he followed Awlaki's blog and website.<81> CBS News and The Daily Telegraph reported that Abdulmutallab was at a talk by al-Awlaki at the East London Mosque (which al-Awlaki may have attended by video teleconference).<82><83>"

Agent Provocateur al-Awlaki lures Underwear Bomber Boy to Yemen so he can get framed up
"CBS News said that the two were communicating in the months before the bombing attempt, and sources say that at a minimum al-Awlaki was providing spiritual support.<85> The Washington Post reported that according to federal sources, over the year prior to the attack, Abdulmutallab intensified electronic communications with al-Awlaki.<86> The paper also reported that one government source described intercepted "voice-to-voice communication" between the two during the fall of 2009, saying that al-Awlaki "was in some way involved in facilitating 's transportation or trip through Yemen. It could be training, a host of things."<87>"

For more Colorado fun and games see this thread:

Protected Agent Provocateur & Al-Qaeda Recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki
Like Bin Laden... Location and Whereabouts Conveniently Unknown
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Response to Reply #66
139. Colorado + New York + Yemen + Ireland + American Muslim Converts
Edited on Sun Mar-14-10 02:28 AM by CrunchMaster
Muslim Convert American woman arrested in Ireland
Last Easter, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old mom with a $30,000-a-year job as a medical assistant, announced to her family that she had converted to Islam. A few months later, she began posting to Facebook forums whose headings included "STOP caLLing MUSLIMS TERRORISTS!"

On Sept. 11, she suddenly left Leadville, Colo., a small town in the Rocky Mountains, for Denver, then for New York, to meet and marry a Muslim man she connected with online, her family says. Ms. Paulin-Ramirez, who is 5-foot-11 and blonde, phoned her mother and stepfather in Leadville, providing them with an address in Waterford, Ireland, they say.

Her mother claims her interest in Islam came out of nowhere
Ms. Paulin-Ramirez's interest in Islam "came out of left field," said her mother, Christine Holcomb-Mott, in an interview at her home Friday, wearing a blue sweatsuit with a silver cross around her neck.

But that isn't exactly true. Jamie Paulin-Ramirez's step-father is also a Muslim convert
Jamie Paulin-Ramirez also began talking about Jihad with her Muslim stepfather and spent most of her time online as she withdrew from her family, Mott said.

Her step-father was a Muslim for over 40 years
When she discussed jihad with her stepfather, George Mott, who has been a Muslim for more than 40 years, she told him "she'd strap a bomb for the cause," Christine Mott said.

Stepfather claims her 6 year old son to be trained as terrorist???
Ms. Holcomb-Mott feared the little boy was "in training" to become a terrorist, according to Sgt. Saige Thomas of the Leadville police, who conducted the investigation.

Mr. Mott, a convert to Islam himself, says he went to Denver to find his stepdaughter but couldn't track her down.

Paulin-Ramirez had ties to the Najibullah Zazi, the Aurora airport-shuttle driver who recently admitted his plot to bomb the New York City subway system.
Mott said that last year, Paulin-Ramirez began spending considerable time on the Internet in Muslim chat rooms, befriending JihadJane and other Muslim extremists including Najibullah Zazi, the Aurora airport-shuttle driver who recently admitted his plot to bomb the New York City subway system. She also began wearing fundamentalist Muslim clothing, including a hijab, or head cloth covering everything except her eyes.

New York/Colorado Ties to both Paulin-Ramirez and Najibullah Zazi. Both travel to New York on 9/11 anniversary in September of 2009
On Sept. 11, she suddenly left Leadville, Colo., a small town in the Rocky Mountains, for Denver, then for New York, to meet and marry a Muslim man she connected with online, her family says. Ms. Paulin-Ramirez, who is 5-foot-11 and blonde, phoned her mother and stepfather in Leadville, providing them with an address in Waterford, Ireland, they say.

September 9th 2009, Najibullah Zazi drives from his home in Denver Colorado to New York
Zazi underwent weapons and explosives training at an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan in 2008. On September 9, 2009, he drove from his home in the Denver, Colorado, area to New York City, intending to detonate explosives on the New York City subway during rush hour as one of three coordinated suicide "martyrdom" bombings.<2><6> Spooked, however, by surveillance by U.S. intelligence, and warned by a local imam that the authorities were inquiring about him, he abruptly flew back to Denver. He was arrested days later.


Two of his high school classmates who had traveled with him to Pakistan, his father, his uncle, and an imam from Queens, New York, have also been indicted on related charges.


On January 15, 2009, Zazi returned to the U.S.<2><12><14> Within days of his return, he moved to Aurora, Colorado, in the Denver suburbs, to live with his aunt and uncle. He worked as a driver for a company named "Big Sky", and then for ABC Airport Shuttle, driving a 15-person airport shuttle van between Denver International Airport and downtown Denver.<10><5><8>

Another Amazing coincidence...

The Denver FBI had asked the New York NYPD not to reveal the investigation to its informants. The NYPD said no thanks and revealed what was going on anyways... the suspects were arrested and thankfully nothing blew up
Afzali's alleged double cross compromised the case and led the FBI to move in on the suspects much earlier than they had wanted and led to extreme tensions between the Denver office of the FBI and the NYPD. One law enforcement official said the NYPD had been specifically asked not to reveal the investigation to its informants, but went ahead anyway.

Zazi was being watched since 2008
Law enforcement and intelligence officials say the case began in 2008 when the CIA twice picked up on Zazi's presence in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, a place often used by al Qaeda to arrange meetings with foreigners.

The Spider at the center of the web seems to be the Algerian who is married to Paulin-Ramirez and also has ties to JihadJane Colleen LaRose.
The main contact for Ms. LaRose is believed to be one of the men in Irish custody, an Algerian, who has a relationship with Ms. Paulin-Ramirez, according to a person close to matter.

The Algerian is Sharif Damache, an Algerian who settled in Ireland in 2000(according to UAE Web News Source)
The CIA alerted the Garda, the Irish police, who kept her under surveillance throughout her stay in Ireland. Her main point of contact, according to sources in Dublin yesterday, was 49-year-old Sharif Damache, an Algerian who settled in Ireland in 2000 and who became a naturalised Irish citizen two years ago.

Mr Damache, who was arrested at his home in Waterford, remained in custody last night along with his wife, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old convert to Islam from Colorado.

ABC reports that Jamie Paulin-Ramirez has been released from custody in Ireland.
"Colorado mother Jamie Paulin-Ramirez was released from custody in Ireland after being arrested in a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who angered many Muslims by portraying Mohammed with a dog's body.

Authorities are still holding three other suspects in that alleged plot, including Paulin-Ramirez' husband and Colleen Larose, who allegedly called herself "Jihad Jane" online."

JihadJane LaRose has not been freed
"While Paulin-Ramirez was freed, Larose, a blond, blue-eyed Pennsylvanian, was indicted in the alleged plot to kill cartoonist Lars Vilks. It is just one of several alleged home-grown terror conspiracies. "

A rash of Americans in the News for possible ties to terrorism
"Paulin-Ramirez's arrest is one of four developments in the past week that have involved Americans in alleged terror plots abroad.

Al-Qaida spokesman Adam Gadahn appeared in a video, Sharif Mobley of New Jersey tried to escape his detainment in Yemen, and Colleen LaRose, who allegedly went by the name "Jihad Jane" to recruit others online to kill Vilks, was named in a federal terror indictment."

Mobley guy arrested in Yemen, had worked at 6 U.S. Nuke plants and had been in contact with Anwar al-Awliki
One law enforcement source said Mobley came into contact overseas with Anwar al-Aulaqi, a radical Yemeni American cleric whose fiery rhetoric is said to have inspired plots in Canada, Britain and the United States. The Fort Hood shooting suspect, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, and the Christmas Day bomb plot suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, also corresponded with Aulaqi.

This came a day after the news that a "Texas Taliban" was terrorizing gays and others in Amarillo Texas. And the leader of this group happened to work security at a Nuclear Weapons facility

Awlaki(who is also an American) had spent time in Colorado(among other places) where he attended school. He had ties to the 9/11 hijackers and to the Ft. Hood shooter.
After spending his teenage years in Yemen, where he studied Islam, Mr Awlaki returned to the US to gain a degree in civil engineering from Colorado State University and a master's in education at San Diego State.

Mr Awlaki became an imam at a mosque in Fort Collins, Colorado, before returning to San Diego in 1996, where he took charge of the city's Masjid Ar-Ribat al-Islami mosque.

During his four years there, his sermons were attended by two future 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi.

In early 2001, he moved to the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, which was attended by Mr Hazmi and a third hijacker, Hani Hanjour.

It is claimed he also had ties to the Underwear Bomber Abdulmutallab who flew from the Netherlands to Michigan
Anwar Al-Awlaki linked to Underwear Bomber.

Awlaki's whereabouts are unknown
The Post noted that The Yemen Observer, a newspaper with ties to Yemens government, currently features a report on it Web site claiming that the strike destroyed Mr. Awlakis house as dozens of militants gathered there. The Post says only that Mr. Awlakis whereabouts are unknown. /

Stealth Muslim Converts?

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez

Colleen LaRose, aka JihadJane

It's kind of funny.. but Michael Jackson who was also converted to Islam had also moved to Ireland briefly. Not claiming he was involved with anything sinister although as I have speculated before I think he has been been manipulated and used as distraction
Worldwide pop legend Michael Jackson leaves a legacy in Ireland and Bahrain, among other homebases

More here on Michael Jackson's possible manipulation into media distraction

More Backstory on Pennsylvania + New York + Muslim Brotherhood and Americans Collaborating to Create Muslim Convert Patsies Here:

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Response to Reply #139
170. Muslim Convert Cartoon Provocateurs + Queens, NY + Fairfax/Falls Church, Virginia + Pennsylvania
Muslim Convert Agent Provocateurs Make Threats Against South Park Creators:
Before I say anything, I am going to shut down some who are going to complain that I am throwing some light on a few things being done by people who claim they are Jewish or who have a Jewish heritage. This post has nothing to do with Jewishness. Or being a Muslim or a Christian and EVERYTHING to do with CRIMINALS of all three major religions using their religion as a cover for crime...

Muslim Converts from a website called have made threats against South Park creators. As usual with these type of wild ass provocations... there are no real Muslims involved. Only American and foreign converts with some type of vested interest in stirring up American anger against Muslims. This week's asshole provocateurs : Joseph Cohen AKA Yousef Al-Khattab and Zachary Chesser AKA Abu Talhah al-Amrike. These characters involved with the website have a direct connection to another Muslim convert faker with an interest in provocateuring Muslims and creating another stupid Muslim cartoon controversy: JihadJane AKA Colleen Rose as you will see below.

So a handful of fake Muslim American converts in Queens New York and spooked up Virginia are able to totally take over the air waves for days and cause even Jon Stewart to have an Anti-Muslim freak out. All Muslims world wide painted by a handful of fake Muslim American converts. As mentioned above we have seen it before many time in this thread. And most recently with this faker:

Pennsylvanian JihadJane who had traveled to the Netherlands and Ireland among other places in a plot to assassinate a Swedish cartoonist, is directly tied into this latest "Muslim Cartoon Controversy" because she had ties to and its founders.

"LaRose is also linked to the online organization -- where she was a subscriber, again using the name Jihad Jane. The site is run by an American Muslim who has called the Army psychiatrist accused of a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, a hero.

A posting on the site Wednesday said: "Sisters -- please consider sending her a message of support and hope and let's remind her she isn't alone. It's likely she's the only Muslimah there. As always, use discretion when writing, don't ask pointed questions, and of course don't say anything that could create problems for her or yourselves."

And then there is this faker convert:

Coincidently, Adam Pearlman AKA Adam Gadahn aka 'Azzam the American' also like faker Zachary Chesser AKA Abu Talhah al-Amrike flirted with "satanic" death metal. This is interesting but mostly a red herring coming from the rabid Christian far right teabagger types looking to create a Satanic Jewish Super Conspiracy.

Pearlman/Gadahn converted to Islam in November 1995(the year of the Oklahoma City Bombing) and then moved to Pakistan in 1998. Pearlman/Gadahn even was involved with Al-Qaeda in the months before 9/11. Essentially since 9/11, an American Jewish guy has been used as the main media spokesman for Al-Qaeda outside of Bin Laden himself. Something is wrong with this picture... and we can speculate about who might be wagging who or mutually wagging each other, but will save that for later.

Gadahn reportedly moved to Pakistan in 1998, where he married an Afghan refugee and maintained intermittent contact with his family until March 2001, when all contact with his family stopped.<12> He told his parents he had been working as journalist while in Pakistan,spending time in both Karachi and Peshawar presumably a "euphemism" for his media propaganda efforts for al-Qaeda.<2><13> He began supporting jihadi causes in the late 1990s.<2>

In a short period of time, Gadahn became a senior commander to Bin Laden and is assumed to be playing the role of "translator, video producer, and cultural interpreter."<2> Gadahn declared his animosity towards the US by declaring it "enemy soil" and praising the individuals responsible for the September 11 attacks.<2> The first production of al-Qaeda's media division, As-Sahab, was believed to have been in 2001 with the involvement of Adam Yahiye Gadahn.<13> US and British intelligence officials believe it to be run by Gadahn..<14> Although it has been reported that the media production of these messages has had a notable decrease in quality, possibly due to Gadahn's involvement in other tasks for Al Qaeda.<15><16>

In Pearlman/Gadahn's original "Al-Qaeda" videos that ABC scared the USA with before the 2004 elections, Pearlman/Gadahn appeared in disguise:

In late October 2004, ABC News broadcast a 75-minute videotape of a man who identified himself as "Azzam the American" threatening the United States with terrorist attacks.<18> After the network played excerpts of the video someone from one of Gadahn's mosques told law enforcement officials that he believed the man in the video was Gadahn.<19>

I also won't speculate right now on why Gadahn just happened to be in such a high profile position with Al-Qaeda in 2001 during 9/11 as a part of the Al-Qaeda propaganda organ hyping terror specifically to the USA during its election cycles(as Bin Laden has done). I think that the answer lies mostly in something that is elite, fascist and transnational and has a common interest in keeping American democracy bogged down and ultimately destroyed by these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in a similar way that the Soviets were bogged down in Afghanistan and then later collapsed.

Another nexus running through this story and beneath it is the Israeli mafia nexus where Israeli mafia conceals itself in the guise of religion the same way Christian and Muslim criminals have cloaked themselves in religion. There was an Israeli Ecstasy trade thread that also ran beneath 9/11 and the War on Terror Fraud and which runs thru the Netherlands and New York. In particular Queens and which got very heated right before 9/11.

Israelis, Russians, Ecstasy and New York, Hasidic Drug Mules to the Netherlands
Forward, January 19, 2001
"A celebrated mob informant's trial on drug-distribution charges is opening a window on an aspect of the drug trade that many New Yorkers would rather ignore. According to federal and local law enforcement officials, Israeli criminals have cornered the market on the drug ecstasy, controlling by some accounts as much as 75% of the American market.


But Zarger is hardly unique. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency's web page, "In recent years, Israeli organized crime syndicates, some composed of Russian migrs associated with Russian organized crime syndicates, have forged relationships with Western European traffickers, and gained control over a significant share of the European market. The Israeli syndicates are currently the primary sources to U.S. distribution groups."


Most manufacturing of MDMA is done in Belgium and Holland, where Israeli migrs have been a visible presence in the local crime scene for a long time. "The heroin import to Israel is done from Thailand via Holland," said Abraham Abramovsky, a Fordham law professor and the director of the university's International Criminal Law Center, who has followed Israeli crime figures abroad for years.

The Israeli migr presence is concentrated in Antwerp and Amsterdam, he said. The laws in the so-called Benelux nations Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg are said by experts to benefit MDMA manufacturers, setting lighter punishment than in America for manufacturing and distributing the drug. Laws banning the primary materials used in labs to synthesize the drug also are looser.


"There are a lot of Israeli criminals in the three major hubs, New York, Miami and Los Angeles, so they didn't have to reinvent the wheel," Mr. Abramovsky said. The Israelis also had good connections to Russian criminal gangs, which often serve as the Israelis' partners in the ecstasy business.

American officials started noticing the growing presence of Israelis on the ecstasy scene in the late 1990s. In July 1999, after a 21-month investigation, a joint federal-state organized crime-drug enforcement task force uncovered a smuggling operation that relied mostly on carriers of an unexpected nature in the drug business: young chasidic men. Some of them, dressed in the traditional long coats and hats, thought they were carrying diamonds, according to authorities. But others knew, or at least suspected, what their cargo was. Task force officials reported that more than one million pills had been brought into the country that way, with dealers racking up huge profits.

The young chasidim, most hailing from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Monsey, N.Y., were promised a free round trip to Europe and $1,500 for bringing back the pills, the authorities said. Some got $200 recruitment fees for bringing a friend into the ring.

Following the investigation, indictments were brought against seven individuals, most of them the alleged heads of the operation. Sean Erez, an Israeli who according to the authorities ran the ring, is still in Amsterdam, where authorities are weighing a request for extradition to the United States.

In February 2000, another ecstasy ring ran by Israeli citizens was exposed in Queens, N.Y. The group, allegedly headed by Oshri Amar, the son of a famous 1950s-era Israeli pop singer, was alleged by authorities to be distributing MDMA in clubs on the East Coast and in California. Some of these clubs made huge headlines in the New York press in the mid-1990s, where they were dubbed "drug bazaars."

The quote above is from The Forward. Unfortunately everything at before 2003(the year of the Iraq war) has been scrubbed. /

To see the original article you will have to use the wayback machine:

There is a particular pattern here which i've already noted half a dozen times or more on different terror events directed against the USA that looks something like this: Muslim + Israeli Shennanigans + Netherlands + Florida + New York + Pennsylvania.

According to wikipedia, founder is a Jewish born guy who had lived in Israel. Actual threats to South Park Creators came from a Convert connected to
"The group of 5-10 members devoted to Abdullah el-Faisal was run by Yousef al-Khattab, born Joseph Cohen, an American Jew who converted to Islam in 2000 after living in Israel and attending an orthodox rabbinical school there, then returned to New York,<1><3><4> where he is said to have worked driving a taxi,<5> operating a pedicab,<6> or running a restaurant.<7> In December, 2009, al-Khattab said he would be temporarily outside of the United States during a protest outside his home in Woodside, Queens planned by the Jewish Defense Organization, after al-Khattab expressed support for Nidal Malik Hasan, accused of the Fort Hood shooting. On December 12, 2009 al-Khattab posted a video on the group's website announcing that he had retired and that that the group would be run by Abdullah as-Sayf Jones.<8> However in April 2010 Abdullah as-Sayf Jones, now known as Abdullah al-Amin, left the group after openly proclaiming that he had embraced the Ashari Aqeedah and had become a practitioner of Sufism.<9>"

It was founded by Yousef al-Khattab, a former secular Jew born Joseph Cohen who ran a bicycle pedicab in New York until he relocated to Morocco. He is shown in one photograph on the site carrying a machete with what look like suicide bombs strapped around his waist. The group has a record of making extremist statements, which it tempers with disclaimers that it is nonviolent to avoid legal trouble. One member, Younus Abdullah Muhammad, told CNN last year that the 9/11 attacks had been justified.

Muslim Convert Faker Joseph Cohen AKA Yousef Al-Khattab

Here is a New York Post article describing Cohen-Khattab in Nov. 2009 fanning the anti-muslim fires after the Fort Hood massacre:

And now recently in the news(mostly Fox News) is another "Muslims Going To Kill You freak out directed against South Park creators. Once again we have more Muslim converts, this time one who grew up Jewish, lived with Jewish settlers in the west bank, and then comes to Queens New York in 2000 to found a Muslim terror website. His name is Joseph Cohen AKA Yousef Al-Khattab. Uh huh. A Jewish guy described by the Jerusalem Post as "an Ultra Orthadox Jew" (see below) living with rightwing hardcore Jewish settlers in Israel just happens to make a rapid conversion to being a Muslim and moves back to Queens, NY (also an area with a large Jewish community) to start a Muslim "terror" website which conveniently works to incite Muslim violence and stir up American anger against Muslims which also just happens to have the effect of contributing to keeping Americans at war against all of those Muslims in the Middle East which the far right Jewish settler types like to butt heads with. All just a coincidence? Sure. Who's wagging who? Americans would like to know. Cohen's associate Zachary Chesser AKA Abu Talhah al-Amrike" was the one who actually made the half-veiled death threats against the South Park creators.

Editors note: The Brooklyn Ink first broke the story of Revolution Muslim, the organization that has issued a threat against the creators of South Park for their depiction of the Prophet Muhummad. The story profiled the groups founder, Yousef Al-Khattab who grew up as Joseph Cohen in Brooklyn. Al-Khattab, in a reader comment, said he left Revolution Muslim in December of 2009. The story appears below, as does a follow up on the shutting down of Revolution Muslims website.
I dont know if this is my jihad, says Yousef Al-Khattab. Its my obligation to command the good and forbid the evil. His American based website, Revolution Muslim, has become the scourge of Jewish bloggers and cyber vigilantes across the country, an odd achievement for a person born into Judaism and educated in Jewish schools, who has lived in Hassidic communities in Williamsburg and Jewish settlements in Gaza.


Today, at 40, a cab driver from Queens, Khattab spends his days denouncing capitalism, Judaism and Israels occupation of Palestine through his website and namesake organization. Head shaved, mustache trimmed and sporting a bushy beard, Khattab addresses his audience in fluent English and Arabic and employs his sarcastic wit in video updates that appear irregularly on his website.

Bill Warner, a Private investigator and cyber vigilante, who says he has helped shut down several jihadist websites across America by reporting them to their Internet service providers and the authorities, says people like Khattab incite others to commit violent acts, rather than doing them on their own. Whatever problems there are in the Middle East, he brings them to Queens, New York, he says. He tries to get people to do things.

Revolution Muslim has 548 registered members and, according to, has viewers from all across the world. The top three countries by viewers are the U.S., Singapore and Israel; approximately 58 percent of viewers are from the U.S. /

This website collects money for guy who calls for attacks on Jews, Hindus and Westerners but some how was allowed to spread this Faux Muslim hatred(hint: it is run by protected agent provocateurs)

The 39-year-old New York taxi driver launched with the mission of preserving Islamic culture, calling people to the oneness of God and asking them to support the beloved Sheik Abdullah Faisal, whos preaching the religion of Islam and serving as a spiritual guide.

In 2003 Faisal was convicted in the U.K. for spreading messages of racial hatred and urging his followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners. In sermon recordings played at his trial, Faisal called on young, impressionable Muslims to use chemical weapons to exterminate unbelievers and cut the throat of the Kaffars (nonbelievers) with a machete.

According to RevolutionMuslim, Faisal who was deported to his native Jamaica in 2007 is now receiving donations solicited on the site, including money for a new laptop and DVD burner to spread his message.

It's not illegal to post these messages or collect money for Faisal, but it would be if Faisal were designated a terrorist by the U.S. government. He currently is not listed on any government terror list; a Department of Justice spokesman could not confirm or deny if Faisal is being investigated for any terror related activity.",2933,341811,00.html

Zachary Chesser AKA Abu Talhah al-Amrike is the asshole who made the actual threat against the South Park creators.

Zachary Chesser AKA Abu Talhah al-Amrike

It is Fox News that has done the world a "service" by bringing this story to the forefront. Zach is another angry boy with a penchant for "Satanic" death metal from the spooked up area surrounding Falls Church and Langley Virginia. He attended school in Vienna, VA. about 10 minutes from Falls Church. And about 15-20 minutes from CIA headquarters in Langley. No surprise there. Why do so many terrorists take up operation right next to the CIA? I would think the absolute last thing a terrorist would want to do is take up base and make threats against the USA in a place located right next to the CIA. Seems like a really stupid thing to do. Unless A) American intelligence is compromised or B) some of these terrorists are actually some how working FOR, not against American intelligence.

I suspect the real answer is somewhere in between and involves Americans working with various foreigners towards common goals and interests. While those that are compromised continue to keep it covered up

For more on terror threats against the USA based out of the area surrounding Falls Church, Virginia see: )

Road to Radicalism: The Man Behind the 'South Park' Threats
By all appearances, Zachary Adam Chesser was the boy next door.

Two years later, Chesser is literally a changed man. He now uses an alias and has a new set of hobbies. He now likes to be called Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, and his primary interest in this world appears to be Islamic radicalism.

Last week, Chesser, 20, posted a warning on the website following the 200th episode of "South Park," which included a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit. The young man, who just two years ago was studying foreign languages at George Mason University, wrote on the site that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the cartoon's creators, "will probably end up" like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a film critical of Islamic society."

What seems to bend reality is what has happened to Chesser. The school he attended, Oakton High School in Fairfax County, Va., was ranked the 103rd best high school in the country by Newsweek in his graduating year and was ranked 88th by US News & World Report the year before. Among the schools alumnae is 1984 graduate Michaele (Holt) Salahi, better known as the White House dinner party crasher.

Chesser's background offers nothing to suggest that he would recently have eloped and married a Muslim woman he met in college, a woman who has given birth to their baby boy, according to neighbors. While there is no evidence that Chesser became radicalized while at George Mason, there were "dark overtones in his interests" for years, dating back to his years in middle school and high school.

Chesser's longtime classmate, who requested anonymity, said he did not overtly express an interest in converting to Islam while in high school. But given Chesser's past as a loner who sought to create conflict, she said she was hardly surprised to learn what's become of him.

"This is just the latest in a long line of threats coming from Revolution Muslim," said Segal, who noted a poem posted on the site in October asking God to kill all the Jews.
While the group has only about 12 members, Segal said a "leadership vacuum" has allowed Chesser to become an emerging figure in the fringe fundamentalist organization, which has staged protests at New York mosques. And he said he is worried that Chesser's post may incite others to violence.
He said the ADL has learned that Chesser is interested in starting a Revolution Muslim chapter in nearby Washington.
Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, characterized Revolution Muslim as a loosely-organized group with such outrageous beliefs he believes it may be a "setup" to smear Islam.
"They say wild and irresponsible things periodically," Hooper told "There's a strong suspicion that they're merely a setup to make Muslims and Islam look bad. They say such wild and crazy things that you have to wonder." /

American Convert fakers make threats against South Park creators
So far, the only public threat came from a group of American converts to Islam who run the website Revolution Muslim.
"May Allah kill <"South Park" creators> Matt Stone and Trey Parker and burn them in Hell for all eternity. They insult our prophets Mohammed, Jesus, and Moses," wrote Zachary "Abu Talhah al-Amrike" Cheeser.

2005 : Busy Year for Muslim Converts
Xerox copies of Nov. 25, 2005 : Jerusalem Post Up Front discussing the "Muslim conversion drive" in Israel and the west. Joseph Cohen AKA Yousef Al-Khattab is mentioned on page 17 as the "Ultra Orthadox Jew from Brooklyn". He is running a "Muslim" incense shop in Jerusalem's Old City.

Adam Pearlman aka Adam Gadahn pushes Fear
"On September 12, 2005, he appeared face covered in a video aired by al-Jazeera.
A day after the July 7 attacks in London, he appeared in a tape released by al-Qaeda to praise the attacks.",7340,L-3303485,

Saudi Arabia/New York/North Carolina ties. American Convert running terror web in North Carolina may be tied to Cohen-Khattab in Queens, NY:
"Intelligence experts told that Khan may be working with other radical Muslim bloggers based in the U.S., such as Yousef al-Khattab."
Brachman and others believe Khan is the brains behind the site. According to The New York Times, which interviewed Khan in 2007, he launched his blog in 2005 under the name "Inshallahshaheed," or "a martyr soon if God wills," from his parents home in Charlotte, N.C.

Khan reportedly grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., after his parents immigrated to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia. The Times reported he comes from a middle-class family and moved toward an increasingly radical form of Islam while at college in North Carolina.,2933,356298,00.html

Guy namd Bill Warner from Florida investigates these guys:
"Private investigator Bill Warner is in Florida studying Jihad-ist websites across the world.

WBTV traveled to Sarasota to interview him because he says Charlotteans need to recognize someone in their backyard is helping the enemy.

"His website is concise. Easy to read. Informative. If you want to be a terrorist, this is where you go," says Warner. "He's a great facilitator for Al-Qaeda."

Here's Bill Warner's websites where he examines ties between the North Carolina Muslim Revolution webstie and the Queens New York Muslim Revolution website. /

"Both Muslims, Samir Khan in Charlotte NC and Yousef al-Khattab in Queens NY, cross post from each others Jew-Hate websites and often link to and re-write articles from the al-Qaeda linked website / a network of Jihad sites where Samir Khan is listed as a member, see /.

Samir Khan posted today the Crossing the line? Free Speech or Terror article that was originally posted in the Brooklyn Ink that profiles his pal Yousef al-Khattab and all his problems with the NYPD cops and PI Bill Warner, too bad." /

On his page linked below Warner claims that Saudi Samir Khan(North Carolina), Cohen/Khattab(Queens, NY) and a guy named Abdullah El-Faisal(a Jamaican who converted to Islam and moved to Saudi Arabia) are all linked. The NC and NY websites have similar sounding names.

" is a al-Qaeda support and recruitment website that uses two USA based terror webmasters, Samir Khan in Charlotte NC with / and Yousef al-Khattab in Queens NY with / " /

El-Faisal was deported from the UK back to Jamaica in 2007 for inciting violence against Jews, and Hindus. In 2007 right after the UK deports him, the United States admits this asshole into the USA where he forms a fake terror group in New York with Cohen/Khatab. Why did the USA let this asshole into the country?

"Sheik Abdullah El-Faisal was born in 1964 in Jamaica as Trevor William Forest to a Salvation Army family of practicing Christians. In 1980 he converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdullah El-Faisal. He moved to Saudi Arabia where he is believed to have spent eight years and obtained a degree in Islamic Studies.

Abdullah El-Faisal moved from Saudi Arabia, probably in 1989, to London, UK, and lived in Stratford.


In mid 2007 Abdullah El-Faisal formed with Yusuf al-Khatab in New York, the ephemeral Revolution Muslim Group RM. "

Then this asshole goes to Kenya(Obama's fathers home) and Nigeria about the same time the Nigerian underwear bomber is pulling his stunt. What is El-Faisal doing in Kenya? Trying to agent provocateur young Kenyans into the cause of "Global Jihad" working to propagate the "Africans Gonna Getcha" meme that was all the rage in braindead race-baiting American media back in Fall and Winter 2009. What a coincidence.

For more on Jamaican Muslim converts with ties to Saudi Arabia being used to round up and incite patsies, see this post:

"On Thursday 12/31/2009, Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal was arrested in Mombasa, Kenya, by the Kenyan anti-terror police unite while he left a local Mosque. Police said Abdullah El-Faisal had violated the terms of his tourist visa by preaching in Mosques. It is believed he, actually, recruited young Kenyans to the cause of Global Jihad. The arrest is, probably, an outcome of the Northwestern Flight-253 failed attack on Christmas Eve. The Kenyan authorities said Abdullah El-Faisal had arrived in Kenya, on 12/24/2009, after travelling through Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland and Malawi and Tanzania.

What exactly is this Sheikh Abdullah El-Faisal doing? He is an agent provocateur rounding up patsies and then inciting them to violence. Which is exactly what Mike Vanderboegh was doing when he urged the Teabaggers to throw bricks thru federal building's windows.

Would there even be a Global Jihad if it weren't for all of the Muslim Convert fakers out there working so hard to create it?

Other than the Russians, the Chinese and American Rightwinger Anti-Government types, guess who else would want a U.S. war in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran and would like to see it continue FOREVER. Hint: look at the borders

What is the game that is being played? Wag the American Dog into fighting more wars in the middle east. Wag it until it falls over and collapses, destabilizes, bankrupt and broken and agreeable to whatever the fascists believe should come next.

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Response to Original message
67. Evidence WTC 1 and WTC 2 did not come down simply from Plane Impacts and Fire
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twhite1 Donating Member (39 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-13-10 01:15 PM
Response to Original message
71. Thanks for posting. I'm sure you're familiar with PDS

Peter Dale Scott, Pittsburg, Oct. '08

For over two years now I have been speaking and writing about what I call deep events. I mean by deep events the traumatic and unexpected episodes that recur periodically in US history and alter it, nearly always for the worse. These deep events can never be properly analyzed or understood, because of an intelligence dimension which results in a socially imposed veil of silence, both in the government and in the Mainstream Media.

The more that I look at these deep events comparatively, ranging over the past five decades, the more similarities I see between them, and the more I understand them in the light of each other. I hope in this paper to use analogies from the murder of JFK and 9/11 to cast new light on the murders of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy.

I began this analysis in 2006 by comparing the JFK assassination with 9/11. I drew attention to over a dozen similarities, of which today I will be focusing on only four:

1) the remarkable and puzzling speed with which those in power identified what I call the designated culprits (Lee Harvey Oswald and the 19 alleged hijackers),

2) the self-incriminating trail allegedly left by the culprits themselves such as the bundle that James Earl Ray is said to have conveniently left in a doorway on his way to his car. Oswald was said to have carried a flagrantly falsified draft card identifying himself with the name A.J. Hidell, thus consolidating a link between himself and the Mannlicher-Carcano which had been ordered under that name. Even more spectacularly, Mohamed Atta was said to have left one rental car in the Boston airport, filled with boxcutters and other incriminating items; he then allegedly rented a second car and drove to Maine, where he packed bags with still more self-incriminating material.

3) the CIA's withholding of relevant information about the designated culprits from the FBI, thus leaving the culprits free to play their allotted roles on 9/11. I will say more about this.

4) the role of drug-trafficking in both JFK and 9/11 and indeed in virtually every major deep event since JFK, specifically including MLK, RFK, Watergate, the Letelier assassination, and Iran-Contra.

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Response to Reply #71
74. I think PDS is right, Drug trafficking is at the center of it all
Iran/Contra, Vietnam, 9/11 all had major drug trafficking angles. In 9/11, the hijackers trained at schools that seemed tied to covert operations and drug trafficking. The Israelis were in the USA doing some type of spying on the American DEA. The Israeli underworld was a major player in ecstasy trafficking from the Netherlands. Two flight school owners from The Netherlands were involved with 9/11. One of those schools Huffman aviation was busted for Heroin trafficking. The Netherlands in 2001 was a major source from which Ecstasy and Marijauna made its way from suppliers in the Netherlands to the U.S. and Canada.

Whether or not "CIA and friends" infiltrated the drug dealers & "Al-Qaeda" or the drug dealers & "Al-Qaeda" infiltrated the CIA I am not 100% sure. But based on stuff that's coming to light in the news and different authors like PDS, and just looking at the history of who the provocateurs have historically been, who had the power to pull it off, who is spreading the most 9/11 disinfo and who stood to gain from all of this...the picture seems to be clearing up.
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Response to Reply #74
220. Drugs
Drug trafficking is used to raise illicit funds for covert ops. Can't run covert ops if you have to depend on the Congress for money. The golden triangle, Noriega, and now Afghan heroin. First established by the CIA during the Afghan/Russian war, the Taliban destroyed a whole year's crop. The first thing that got re-established when bush went into Afghan? The opium crop, now up to 80 percent of world production.
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Response to Reply #220
223. any thug is a good thug to these creeps as long as he is a far right thug...
willing to go to bat for Transnational Murder Incorporated
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Response to Original message
72. Pat Robertson, FEMA, Disaster Predictions, Earthquakes, & Oil Drilling
Edited on Wed Jan-13-10 09:48 PM by CrunchMaster
Pat Robertson wants to re-open oil refinery in California - June 2001
"WASHINGTON, June 28 Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, accused big oil companies today of thwarting his efforts to open a refinery in California, contending that the companies had intimidated bankers to keep them from lending money to the venture.

Mr. Robertson said a lack of financing had prevented him from reopening a refinery near Los Angeles, which he bought in 1998 to supply gasoline to the California market, one of the most expensive in the nation. He said big oil companies had pressured lenders, hoping to keep a tight lock on the market by blocking independent competitors."

U.S. Seismologist says that in August 2001, BEFORE 9/11, FEMA predicted 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, California EQ
"U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones remembers attending an emergency training session in August 2001 with the Federal Emergency Management Agency that discussed the three most likely catastrophes to strike the United States.

First on the list was a terrorist attack in New York. Second was a super-strength hurricane hitting New Orleans. Third was a major earthquake on the San Andreas fault."

Pat Robertson's 2006 Tsunami Prediction right before 2006 FEMA Tsunami Exercise
"Less than a week after Robertson told the 700 Club, "There well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest," FEMA, the U.S. Department of Transportation, federal, state, local and Canadian partners bring us the tsunami drill "Pacific Peril 2006." This laundry list of agencies will meet in Oregon beginning tomorrow to run some anti-tsunami drills and talk about the potential waves and their consequences to the area.

"Experts agree that the likelihood of a massive earthquake and tsunami wave is very real, and speak in terms of not if, but when," according to Federal Aviation Administration Regional Administrator and Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator (RETCO) Douglas R. Murphy. "The exercise is designed to challenge participants with a high consequence scenario in order to better assess the effectiveness of existing response plans. Our critical infrastructure is vulnerable, and advance preparation is the key to a successful response."

Did you hear that? The man said, "a high consequence scenario." Nobody wants that.

This diagram indicates the seriousness of Seattle's peril, if Robertson and the "experts" and their "not if but when" talk don't have you convinced."

Link to the 2006 FEMA U.S./Canada "Pacific Peril" Tsunami Exercise /

FEMA directs donation money to Pat Robertson charity
In a distasteful show of insensitivity and partisanship, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has called for cash donations be paid to Operation Blessing, a charity front for Pat Robertsons right-wing Christian fundamentalist TV operation, The 700 Club, and his other corporate schemes.

In a press release published on its website on August 29th, FEMA urged those who wish to donate funds to give cash to the Robertson organization and provided a link and a 1-800 telephone number."

Pat Robertson's shilling for Big Oil, death threats against Hugo Chavez
"You know U.S. Christian televangelist Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition is tight with God. Such tightness has it privileges. One grabbing headlines now is the privilege to call for the U.S.-led liquidation of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, redistributing oil revenue to his nation's low-income majority."

Cleburne Texas quakes probably related to gas drilling, expert says
"Three small earthquakes that rattled Cleburne in the past six days were probably caused by intense natural-gas drilling, the state's leading expert on earthquakes said Monday.

"Most people would probably conclude if they looked at the data that they would be related," said Cliff Frohlich, associate director and senior research scientist at the Institute for Geophysics at the University of Texas at Austin."


"Frohlich said he made his connection based on "the characteristics of the earthquakes and the fact that there's been an enormous amount of drilling and injection of fluids in that area for recovery of gas."


" "In most cases, there weren't earthquakes reported there prior to oil and gas drilling activity," he noted. "And so they would be suspected as possible candidates for being produced by oil and gas."

Further, Frohlich said he suspected that a half-dozen minor quakes detected in North Texas over the past nine months could be linked to natural-gas drilling. Since last October, tremors have been reported in Irving, Grand Prairie, Euless and Dallas. "

Gas companies mentioned in the article above deny there are any connections.

Exxon oil production near site of Aceh earthquakeas
"The quake struck 113 km (70 miles) southwest of Banda Aceh in Sumatra and was at a depth of 16 km (10 miles), the agency said in a text message.

An official at Indonesia's oil and gas watchdog told Reuters that the natural gas production area in Arun operated by U.S. Exxon Mobil had not been affected by the quake."

More on Oil Drilling Reform in Texas article on Drilling & earthquakes

Pat Robertson's Involvement with Blood Diamonds and African Nations
Operation Blessing, also financed entirely through charitable donations from Robertson's cult following, has proved to be a more shaky financial venture for Robertson. First, he used the airplane and resources brought in by Operation Blessing to fly to Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) to purchase diamond mines for Robertsons company African Development Corporation, to harvest so-called blood diamonds produced by near slave labor.

More on Pat Robertson, War Criminals, Blood Diamonds, Dictators and Nigeria/Liberia

Daniel Hopsicker claims some 9/11 flight trainers moonlighted for Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing
"One of the flight trainers who trained Atta in Venice moonlighted flying missionary flights for televangelist Pat Robertsons Operation Blessing. "

From Hopsicker's book "Welcome to Terrorland" - p.320
"Was there an evangelical Christian connection to our story? We had earlier noted that many of the flight trainers who trained the Arab terrorists moonlighted by flying missionary flights out of the Venice and Sarasota Airports for Christian missionary services like televangelist Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing."

Flight trainer tied to Christian Evangelical Flights also was Trainer for 9/11 Hijacker Atta
Oddly, Mohamed Atta's flight instructor at Huffman Aviation, Mark Mikarts, flies for Agape. Even more oddly, Mikarts used to be someone else.

CIA, Haiti, Agape Flight, Christian Missionaries, Resource Exploitation and the Destruction of Native Cultures
A mysterious missionary support organization flying weekly "relief flights to Haiti from the Airport in Venice, FL. may be providing "cover" for CIA covert operations in the Caribbean, the MadCowMorningNews has learned.

Run by an ordained Southern Baptist minister, Agape Flights is a fundamentalist Christian operation which has been involved in some highly un-Christian activities, like flying shipments of food and religious supplies on a regular basis to a man accused of plotting a coup in Haiti after being caught importing an M-16, a Beretta, and a camouflage uniform emblazoned with the words "God's Army."

Agape Flight's Ties to Summer Institute of Linguistics
"The group's links to the controversial Summer Institute of Linguistics, accused in the Latin American press of being funded by American intelligence to export a virulent brand of Christian fundamentalism to undermine the social cohesion of aboriginal communities and eliminate obstacles to natural resource exploitation.

Suspected involvement in the aforementioned CIA-backed coup in Haiti, explored more fully in our next story. "

Summer Institute of Linguistics destruction of Latin America in the name of Resource Exploitation
SIL is, according to the book Thy Will be Done, the vanguard of the destruction of both the rainforests and their native military fashion, a scouting party that surveyed the Amazonian hinterlands for potential sources of opposition to natural resource exploitation (read cattle ranching, clear-cutting and strip mining.)

In 1976, the investigative team traveled to the Amazon to find out more about allegations in the Latin America press that members of the Wycliffe Bible Translator (known abroad as the Summer Institute of Linguistics), American corporations and the Central Intelligence Agency participated in the destruction of life and culture of indigenous people in the Amazon

The book shows the connection between the powerful and power seekers; free-market fundamentalists and the aggressive militarists of the United States; religious righteousness and faith bending practices that trampled the culture and land rights of the indigenous people of Latin America.

Article on U.S. regime change involvement in Haiti, oil & gas reserves
It's June 10, 2008 and for over four years now, since the 2004 Bush regime change in Haiti began, I have pretty much been begging folks concerned with Haitian development to help HLLN discover what the US is really doing in Haiti, with Haiti's natural resources. Especially Haitis oil and gas reserves, which we've been given information to believe is located in La Gonave, Ile--Vache, Cayes, and that there are gas/oil reserves near Aquin, Haiti.

Agape Flights of Venice FL, sending assistance to Haiti for Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake
Agape Flights, based in Venice, Fla., plans to send a relief plane at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, according to volunteer JoAnn Irwin. The organization supplies 400 American missionaries throughout the Caribbean, including dozens in Haiti, with weekly flights."

Origins of Pat Robertson's "Screw-The-Poor" Brand of Christianity : Cornelius Vanderbreggen
"The multi-millionaire founder and president of the "Christian Coalition" Pat Robertson, who also owns the 700 Club and the "Christian Broadcasting Network", wasn't a particularly religious Baptist until he met a Dutch "mystic" named Cornelius Vanderbreggen, who taught him that a man of God can be rich. " God is generous, not stingy," Vangerbreggan told Robertson, as they dined at an elegant hotel. "He wants you to have the best."

Pat Robertson's Ties to Fascist Abram Vereide & "The Fellowship".
"Abrams religion was sleek and powerful, an aerodynamic update on the clumsy bombs dropped by fundamentalisms old angry ranters. Two of Abrams field representatives, Dr. Bob Pierce and J. Edwin Orrboth to achieve fame of their own as major twentieth-century revivalists coached young Billy Graham in the mores and manners of overseas operations and educated society. Harald Bredesen, another field representative whod go on to build a powerful ministry of his own, performed a different service for a youthful Pat Robertson, teaching the senators son a folksy appeal that would complement his political acumen." From p.186 "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet

Origins of "The Family" : Abraham Vereide
"Established in 1935 to oppose FDR's New Deal and the spread of trade unions, the Family's network spans the world organizing weekly prayer meetings at which the rich and powerful meet to advance their agenda."

More from Hopsicker on CIA/Evangelical/Dutch 9/11 involvement at Florida Flights Schools

Some earthquakes are just earthquakes... some earthquakes are caused by oil drilling nearby.

Just something to think about as the world continues to fall apart.
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Response to Reply #72
73. I doubt that you could make your posts any more...
rambling, disjointed and incoherent if you tried. Does the name "seemslikeadream" mean anything to you?
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Response to Reply #72
75. Reminder about looking at connections
Edited on Wed Jan-13-10 10:31 PM by CrunchMaster
Because A is linked to B

and A is linked to C

does not necessarily mean that because B is related to A, that B is also related to C, that B caused C, created C,or trained C to hijack planes, or is the ultimate mastermind behind the actions of C...

But when following a road down to the truth it is worth a check to see how many other connections B has to C. How many times B keeps popping up in the affairs of C

There is a point when an increasing number of coincidences stop being coincidences and start becoming conspiracies
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Response to Reply #75
76. You should follow your own advice...
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Response to Reply #76
77. I posted connections to show Robertson is a shady asshole tied to other shady assholes
Edited on Wed Jan-13-10 10:45 PM by CrunchMaster
i didn't say Robertson did or planned anything although I wouldn't rule out his involvement considering how much time he spends hoping and praying everyone dies in some type of disaster. That post just shows that Robertson is a phoney Christian with blood on his hands who happens to also be in the middle of some type of spider web involving oil, resource exploitation, CIA, 9/11, anti-FDR foreign Evangelicals, Missionary Flights and killing in Africa among other things. Same with the Dutch ties. CIA ties. Muslim Brotherhood ties. I'm not claiming any of the groups or people did or planned anything... what I am saying is this : THEY ARE VERY CLOSE TO THE HEART OF IT

That is what these connections show... a rough approximation of where the real rot behind 9/11 is hiding
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Response to Reply #77
78. If you look at enough variables....
Edited on Wed Jan-13-10 11:33 PM by SDuderstadt
you'll find interesting (and even "spooky")"connections" between just about any two people.
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Response to Reply #78
80. I one hundred percent agree... but some people are up to their neck in it - n/t
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Response to Reply #80
81. I doubt it's anywhere near the degree that you same to think it was...
sorry, dude.
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Response to Reply #72
79. Pat Robertson : Haiti cursed because they revolted against French rule
Pat Robertson explaining why Haitians are cursed for not allowing themselves to be robbed by the French

What Pat Robertson doesn't mention of course is how countries like Haiti are often oppressed by phoney Christians like himself doing business with murderous dictators to oppress and kill their own people in order to allow resources to be exploited by foreigners.

That same year, Robertson used the donations of his flock to set up an offshore mining company in the Cayman Islands called Freedom Gold Limited. The purpose of setting the company offshore, of course, was to avoid taxes and to make its connections to Robertson more difficult to trace.

According to a 2001 Washington Post story, in 1999, Robertsons Freedom Gold signed a business deal with notoriously corrupt and brutal dictator Charles Taylor of Liberia allowing Robertsons company to explore and receive gold mining rights in that country.

"The deal gave Taylor 10 percent ownership of the company, which was founded with donations by Robertsons faithful following in exchange for a five-year exploration concession and a 20-year mining claim.

Unfortunately the deal fell apart when President Bush withdrew US support for Taylor in 2003 and forced the embattled dictator to resign in the middle of a violent civil war.

In 2002, after complaining about the legitimacy of President Bushs subsidies to Christian churches through a so-called faith-based initiatives, Robertsons Operation Blessing accepted millions in taxpayer money from the administration.

Subsequent investigations of Robertsons charity, however, reveal that it doesnt actually distribute charitable giving to those in need, but rather serves as a "middle-man" siphoning off part of the donations for its "overhead" and then handing the money over to real charities."

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Response to Reply #72
83. New York Times on Energy Exploration & Future California Earthquakes
Deep in Bedrock, Clean Energy and Quake Fears
New York Times: June 23, 2009

"BASEL, Switzerland Markus O. Hring, a former oilman, was a hero in this city of medieval cathedrals and intense environmental passion three years ago, all because he had drilled a hole three miles deep near the corner of Neuhaus Street and Shafer Lane.

He was prospecting for a vast source of clean, renewable energy that seemed straight out of a Jules Verne novel: the heat simmering within the earths bedrock.

All seemed to be going well until Dec. 8, 2006, when the project set off an earthquake, shaking and damaging buildings and terrifying many in a city that, as every schoolchild here learns, had been devastated exactly 650 years before by a quake that sent two steeples of the Mnster Cathedral tumbling into the Rhine."

Hastily shut down, Mr. Hrings project was soon forgotten by nearly everyone outside Switzerland. As early as this week, though, an American start-up company, AltaRock Energy, will begin using nearly the same method to drill deep into ground laced with fault lines in an area two hours drive north of San Francisco.

Residents of the region, which straddles Lake and Sonoma Counties, have already been protesting swarms of smaller earthquakes set off by a less geologically invasive set of energy projects there. AltaRock officials said that they chose the spot in part because the history of mostly small quakes reassured them that the risks were limited.


But in a report on seismic impact that AltaRock was required to file, the company failed to mention that the Basel program was shut down because of the earthquake it caused. AltaRock claimed it was uncertain that the project had caused the quake, even though Swiss government seismologists and officials on the Basel project agreed that it did. Nor did AltaRock mention the thousands of smaller earthquakes induced by the Basel project that continued for months after it shut down.

The California project is the first of dozens that could be operating in the United States in the next several years, driven by a push to cut emissions of heat-trapping gases and the Obama administrations support for renewable energy.


Power companies have long produced limited amounts of geothermal energy by tapping shallow steam beds, often beneath geysers or vents called fumaroles. Even those projects can induce earthquakes, although most are small. But for geothermal energy to be used more widely, engineers need to find a way to draw on the heat at deeper levels percolating in the earths core.

Some geothermal advocates believe the method used in Basel, and to be tried in California, could be that breakthrough. But because large earthquakes tend to originate at great depths, breaking rock that far down carries more serious risk, seismologists say. Seismologists have long known that human activities can trigger quakes, but they say the science is not developed enough to say for certain what will or will not set off a major temblor.


The tone is more urgent in Europe. This was my main question to the experts: Can you exclude that there is a major earthquake triggered by this man-made activity? said Rudolf Braun, chairman of the project team that the City of Basel created to study the risks of resuming the project.

I was quite surprised that all of them said: No, we cant. We cant exclude it, said Mr. Braun, whose study is due this year.

It would be just unfortunate if, in the United States, you rush ahead and dont take into account what happened here, he said.

Basels Big Shock

By the time people were getting off work amid rain squalls in Basel on Dec. 8, 2006, Mr. Hrings problems had already begun. His incision into the ground was setting off small earthquakes that people were starting to feel around the city.

Mr. Hring knew that by its very nature, the technique created earthquakes because it requires injecting water at great pressure down drilled holes to fracture the deep bedrock. The opening of each fracture is, literally, a tiny earthquake in which subterranean stresses rip apart a weak vein, crack or fault in the rock. The high-pressure water can be thought of loosely as a lubricant that makes it easier for those forces to slide the earth along the weak points, creating a web or network of fractures.

Mr. Hring planned to use that network as the ultimate teapot, circulating water through the fractures and hoping it emerged as steam. But what surprised him that afternoon was the intensity of the quakes because advocates of the method believe they can pull off a delicate balancing act, tearing the rock without creating larger earthquakes.

Alarmed, Mr. Hring and other company officials decided to release all pressure in the well to try to halt the fracturing. But as they stood a few miles from the drill site, giving the orders by speakerphone to workers atop the hole, a much bigger jolt shook the room.

I think that was us, said one stunned official.


Bracing for Tremors

There was a time when Anderson Springs, about two miles from the project site, had few earthquakes no more than anywhere else in the hills of Northern California. Over cookies and tea in the cabin his family has owned since 1958, Tom Grant and his sister Cynthia Lora reminisced with their spouses over visiting the town, once famous for its mineral baths, in the 1940s and 50s. I never felt an earthquake up here, Mr. Grant said .

Then came a frenzy of drilling for underground steam just to the west at The Geysers, a roughly 30-square-mile patch of wooded hills threaded with huge, curving tubes and squat power plants. The Geysers is the nations largest producer of traditional geothermal energy. Government seismologists confirm that earthquakes were far less frequent in the past and that the geothermal project produces as many as 1,000 small earthquakes a year as the ground expands and contracts like an enormous sponge with the extraction of steam and the injection of water to replace it.
at just do not want to stay together.


Residents have been fighting for years with California power companies over the earthquakes, occasionally winning modest financial compensation. But the obscure nature of earthquakes always gives the companies an out, says Douglas Bartlett, who works in marketing at Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco, and with his wife, Susan, owns a bungalow in town.

If they were creating tornadoes, they would be shut down immediately, Mr. Bartlett said. But because its under the ground, where you cant see it, and somewhat conjectural, they keep doing it.

Now, the residents are bracing for more...


The steam is what originally drew the power companies here. But the AltaRock project will, for the first time, drill deep into the felsite. Mr. Turner said that AltaRock, which will drill on federal land leased by the Northern California Power Agency, had calculated that the number of earthquakes felt by residents in Anderson Springs and local communities would not noticeably increase.

But many residents are skeptical.

Its terrifying, said Susan Bartlett, who works as a new patient coordinator at the Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco. Whats happening to all these rocks that theyre busting into a million pieces?

Altarock shutdown after Swiss report that similar project in Switzerland triggered Earthquakes
Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down
New York Times : December 11, 2009


But on Friday, the Energy Department said that AltaRock had given notice this week that it will not be continuing work at the Geysers as part of the agencys geothermal development program.

The projects apparent collapse comes a day after Swiss government officials permanently shut down a similar project in Basel, because of the damaging earthquakes it produced in 2006 and 2007.

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Response to Reply #83
84. EGS drilling, Offshore Drilling and California's Upcoming "Big Ones"
Edited on Fri Jan-15-10 06:44 PM by CrunchMaster
A bit of history on California and Nevada's "unexplained" earthquake swarms. And possible human induced earthquakes on the horizon.

Basel Switzerland Earthquakes and Enhanced Geothermal System(EGS) drilling, Basal is an Active Fault Zone
"The case at Basel bears special mention because the induced seismicity led the city (which is a partner) to suspend the project and conduct a seismic hazard evaluation, which resulted in the cancellation of the project in December 2009.<24>

Although the Basel project had established an operational approach before proceeding with the geothermal stimulation for addressing induced earthquakes of concern, it had not performed a thorough seismic risk assessment beforehand,<25> even though most of the city was destroyed in 1356 by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake. Basel is in a known earthquake zone (see Basel earthquake) and sits atop a historically active fault.

On 8 December 2006, only 6 days after the main stimulation started on 2 December, the HDR project in Basel was suspended when an earthquake tripped a 4-level "traffic light" scheme established for halting operations in the event of unacceptable induced earthquake occurrences.<26> Trip points of Richter Magnitude ML 2.9 and a peak ground velocity of 5 millimeters per second were established by the project as independent criteria for a "red alert" that entailed halting fluid injection and bleeding-off to minimum wellhead pressure. Lesser operational curtailments were triggered for lower magnitude and peak ground velocity thresholds."

Series of Increasingly large earthquakes from Basel EGS drilling
Following further events that were larger than 2.0 ML, a level-three "orange alert" was declaredthe injection was stopped at 11:34 and the well shut-in, maintaining the pressure. However, a 2.7 ML event occurred at 15:46, followed by a 3.4 ML event at 16:48, and so in accordance with the response strategy, the well was bled off as soon as practicable.<26>

The largest event prompted concern from local residents. Further tremors exceeding magnitude 3 were recorded on 6 January (measuring 3.1), 16 January 2007 (3.2), and 2 February 2007 (3.2).

The six borehole seismometers installed near the Basel injection well to monitor the natural background seismicity and the geothermal stimulation recorded more than 13,500 potential events connected with the geothermal project...

EGS being used to get more energy out of old hydrothermal wells now performing poorly
EGS funding languished for the next few years, and by the next decade, U.S. efforts focused on the less ambitious goal of improving the productivity of existing hydrothermal resources. According to the Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request to Congress from DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, <10>

EGS are engineered reservoirs that have been created to extract heat from economically unproductive geothermal resources. EGS technology includes those methods and equipment that enhance the removal of energy from a resource by increasing the productivity of the reservoir. Better productivity may result from improving the reservoirs natural permeability and/or providing additional fluids to transport heat.<11>

In Fiscal Year 2002, this vision translated into completing "preliminary designs for five competitively selected projects employing EGS technology," and the selection of one project for "full-scale development" at the Coso Hot Springs geothermal field at the U.S. Naval Weapons Air Station in China Lake, Calif., and two additional projects for "preliminary analysis from a new solicitation" at Desert Peak in Nevada and Glass Mountain in California. Funding for this effort totaled $1.5 million. <12>

In Fiscal Year 2003, $3.5 million was appropriated to launch the Coso project, with the aim of improving the permeability of an existing poorly performing well, and to complete the conceptual design and feasibility studies at the Desert Peak and Glass Mountain sites.<13>

Feb 29th 2008 Announcement that Desert Peak Nevada to use EGS technology
The U.S. Department of Energy announced a partnership to test Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology near Reno Nevada. The idea is to use the new technology concepts of EGS in a permeable underground strata with water injection into hot dry rock. The test is going on at the Ormat Technology Desert Peak site, already an 11 megawatt facility. /

May 1st 2008 report that since about March 1st a Series of "Anomalous" Earthquakes Plague Reno, NV... Scientists "Puzzled"
Strange series of quakes sets Reno on edge
"MOGUL, NEV. An unusually intense swarm of earthquakes -- more than 1,000 over the last two months -- has struck beneath a small suburb of Reno, leaving residents shaken and scientists puzzling over the cause.

More than 20 quakes of magnitude 2 or higher have hit on some days, and the intensity and frequency of the quakes have been increasing rather than following the normal pattern of tailing off.

Although Nevada is the second-most seismically active state in the continental United States, researchers say they have never seen anything quite like the "Mogul earthquake sequence," as they have named it."

Jan 15th, 2010 San Francisco Chronicle : Series of earthquakes occurring near Coso, CA.
Series of quakes hits Calif. eastern desert
A magnitude 4.4 earthquake followed by three smaller ones struck in California's eastern desert Friday morning, just a day after the same region was shaken by another series of temblors.

The Inyo County Sheriff's Department said there were no reports of injury of damage from the quakes, which began at 12:23 a.m. with the 4.4 temblor that was centered near Coso Junction, about 75 miles northeast of Bakersfield.

The U.S. Geological Survey said that over the next two hours quakes with magnitudes of 3.5, 3.0, and 3.6 rumbled in the same area.

Another temblor with a preliminary magnitude of 3.4 was recorded shortly after 5:30 a.m."

Coso is the site of an Industry/Military Geothermal collaboration. It is on a Navy Base
An Overview of Industry-Military Cooperation in the Development of Power
Operations at the Coso Geothermal Field in Southern California

"Coso Geothermal Field, located in east central California (Fig. 1), hosts a world-class power-generating project that has been in continuous operation for the past 15 years. The project is located on the test and evaluation ranges of the Naval Air Weapons station, China Lakethe Navys premier research and development (R&D) facility for air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance."

The Coso Geothermal Field is located in a highly active seismic zone within the China Lake Naval base
"The Coso Geothermal Field is located in the central Coso Range, which is part of the triangle-shaped area known as the Southwest Basin and Range Geographic/Geologic Province (Fig. 2). The area is bounded by the Walker Lane on the northeast, the Garlock fault on the south, and the Sierra Nevada Range on the west. The site is approximately 160 miles north-northeast of Los Angeles, CA in a highly active seismic zone along the eastern margin of the Sierra Nevada. It is totally within the boundaries of the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, which presents some unique operating circumstances and opportunities."

The U.S. Navy/Industry Collaboration is operating Geothermal sites in both California and Nevada
Four geothermal power plants operated by Caithness Energy LLC (Reno, NV) at the China Lake U.S. Naval Air Weapons Station near Ridgecrest, CA produce 270 megawatts of electricity for the base and the California grid.

Coso well at China Lake is now site of EGS(Enhanced Geothermal System) development
In Fiscal Year 2002, this vision translated into completing "preliminary designs for five competitively selected projects employing EGS technology," and the selection of one project for "full-scale development" at the Coso Hot Springs geothermal field at the U.S. Naval Weapons Air Station in China Lake, Calif., and two additional projects for "preliminary analysis from a new solicitation" at Desert Peak in Nevada and Glass Mountain in California. Funding for this effort totaled $1.5 million. <12>

In Fiscal Year 2003, $3.5 million was appropriated to launch the Coso project...

EGS technology has the potential as shown in Basel, Switzerland to generate Earthquakes
Some seismicity is inevitable and, indeed, expected in EGS, which involves pumping fluids at pressure to enhance or create permeability through the use of hydraulic fracturing techniques. Depending on the rock properties, and on injection pressures and fluid volume, the reservoir rock may respond with tensile failure, as is common in the oil and gas industry, or with shear failure of the rock's existing joint set, as is thought to be the main mechanism of reservoir growth in EGS efforts.<20> <21>

Enhanced Geothermal System(EGS) experiments at Coso California well cause earthquakes
Seismic Monitoring of EGS Tests at the Coso Geothermal Area, California, Using Accurate MEQ Locations and Full Moment Tensors, (Final Report supplement 2)

G. R. Foulger, B. R. Julian and F. Monastero.

FINALREPORTSUPPLEMENT2; DE2008926252, 1 Apr 2008, pp. 8.

We studied high-resolution relative locations and full moment tensors of microearthquakes (MEQs) occurring before, during and following Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) experiments in two wells at the Coso geothermal area, California. The objective was to map new fractures, determine the mode and sense of failure, and characterize the stress cycle associated with injection. New software developed for this work combines waveform cross correlation measurement of arrival times with relative relocation methods, and assesses confidence regions for moment tensors derived using linear programming methods. For moment tensor determination we also developed a convenient Graphical User Interface (GUI), to streamline the work. We used data from the U.S. Navy's permanent network of three-component digital borehole seismometers and from 14 portable three-component digital instruments. The latter supplemented the permanent network during injection experiments in well 34A-9 in 2004 and well 34-9RD2 in 2005. In the experiment in well 34A-9, the co-injection earthquakes were more numerous, smaller, more explosive and had more horizontal motion, compared with the pre-injection earthquakes.

Jan. 9th 2010 Earthquake was near fault Fracture at Point Arena, Mendocino County, CA
Saturdays quake was unrelated to the San Andreas, but struck within the southern end of an offshore geological feature of the Earths crust called the Gorda Plate, according to David Oppenheimer, a seismologist with the Geological Surveys main research center in Menlo Park.


The San Andreas Faults northern end veers sharply west at Point Arena in Mendocino County, and there the fault is known as the Mendocino Fracture Zone. That area the most seismically active in the continental United States marks the southern edge of the Gorda Plate and the boundary between the Gorda and Pacific plates.

Its a highly complex region, Oppenheimer said, and the convergence of all these plates has generated earthquakes of many types. /

December 2009, Altarock EGS project shuts down after Swiss report on EGS induced Earthquakes
Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down
But on Friday, the Energy Department said that AltaRock had given notice this week that it will not be continuing work at the Geysers as part of the agencys geothermal development program.

The projects apparent collapse comes a day after Swiss government officials permanently shut down a similar project in Basel, because of the damaging earthquakes it produced in 2006 and 2007.

"The Geysers" is about 77 miles east of the Point Arena, Mendocino County fault fracture.

Oil companies to be allowed to drill offshore near the Point Arena, Mendocino County fault fracture in 2014
"For California, the plan calls for leasing ocean waters between Shelter Cove in Humboldt County and Point Arena in Mendocino County, starting in 2014. Oil companies also would be able to drill in two other areas: along the Santa Barbara and Ventura " /

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Response to Reply #84
116. Feb. 4th 2010 - Another Earthquake off the Coast of Eureka, CA - 5.9
2nd Strong Quake In Month Hits Off N. Calif. Coast

Last one near Eureka was Jan. 10, 2010

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattles Eureka in Northern California
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Response to Reply #83
87. Tornados in Southern California?
Edited on Tue Jan-19-10 04:54 PM by CrunchMaster
Nature Gone Wild? Or a gift from Communist or Far Right Democracy Wreckers?(They all want the same thing)

Tornado warning issued for southwest L.A.
"The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning late Thursday for southwest Los Angeles County, including Malibu, Pacific Palisades and the Topanga area. The weather service said a strong rotating thunderstorm was spotted over the eastern half of Malibu, moving north-northeast at 20 miles per hour.",0,6931...

I'm going to try to remain non-conspiratorial on this and just assume the tornado is unintentional, the result of weather fucked up by human meddling. But considering the odd coincidence and intensity of "unpredictable disasters" that have hit the USA since 2001...

"On the financial side, one figure is eye-opening: if you consider the twenty most costly insured catastrophes in the world over the past 36 years (1970 to 2006), all of them occurred after 1987. (In 2006, prices corrected for inflation, so you can compare apples to apples.) Further, among these 20 catastrophes, half of them have occurred since 2001, nine of which were here in the United States. Thats the new era we have entered. The number of presidential disaster declarations in the U.S. has dramatically increased as well, from 162 over the period of 1955 to 1965 to 545 for 1996 to 2005."

...and those FEMA predictions for California from August 2001...
"Before 9/11 the Federal Emergency Management Agency listed the three most likely catastrophic disasters facing America: a terrorist attack on New York, a major earthquake in San Francisco and a hurricane strike on New Orleans." the name of vigilance against possible unseen Democracy Wreckers I'll post this stuff again anyways.

Katrina and Weather Warfare?

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Response to Reply #83
163. Easter Sunday : California + Mexico hit by series of Earthquakes
Edited on Sun Apr-04-10 08:04 PM by CrunchMaster
Southern California and Mexico hit by a series of consecutive earthquakes.

7.2 2010/04/04 15:40:39 32.093N 115.249W 32.3 26 km (16 mi) SSW of Guadalupe Victoria, Baja California, Mexico
4.5 2010/04/04 16:09:49 32.440N 115.958W 2.0 29 km (18 mi) SE of Jacumba Hot Springs, CA
5.1 2010/04/04 16:15:20 32.839N 115.585W 16.9 1 km ( 1 mi) WSW of Imperial, CA
3.8 2010/04/04 16:19:20 32.751N 116.333W 0.1 20 km (12 mi) NW of Jacumba Hot Springs, CA
3.6 2010/04/04 16:22:04 33.144N 116.496W 7.0 12 km ( 7 mi) NE of Julian, CA
4.3 2010/04/04 16:34:27 32.575N 115.717W 20.1 23 km (15 mi) WSW of Calexico, CA

Just adding this to my earlier post on California+Mining/Drilling+Earthquakes. No claim this has any relation to the main subject of this thread. No claim this has any direct relation to mining/drilling although I personally believe that drilling and mining have weakened fault lines and cause many earthquakes. (By my understanding fault lines by their nature are places where minerals and oil collect and where you therefore need to go to extract them. The problem with extracting them is you leave a larger and larger hole waiting to collapse the fault).

I had earlier posted about the EGS drilling going on at a place called the "Geysers" in Northern California. This large 7.2 earthquake apparently triggered two 4+ magnitude earthquakes at the Geysers according to CBS News which seems to indicate that drilling and extraction geologically weakens the surrounding area leading to larger and larger earthquakes until the area settles again.

Apr 4, 2010 4:12 pm US/Pacific
2 Moderate Quakes Shake The Geysers
CBS 5 Earthquake Section

The U.S. Geological Survey reported two earthquakes with preliminary magnitudes 4.0 and 4.1 struck within a minute of each other in Sonoma County Sunday afternoon.

According to the USGS, the earthquakes struck about 3:50 p.m. The first quake had a depth of 0.9 miles, and another one struck less than 30 seconds later at a depth of 2.5 miles.

The earthquakes were both centered about three miles east of The Geysers and 14 miles east of Cloverdale, according to the USGS.

The "Geysers" area gets multiple earthquakes every single day in the range of approximately 0.5 to 1.0. You can confirm this here:

Here I posted reports that scientists say the Earthquakes occurring at the Geysers were induced by EGS drilling that was going on there.

The connectedness in these earthquake systems can be seen in the fact that after many days of low level activity at the "Geysers" that today's 7.2 Mexico earthquake triggered two 4.0+ earthquakes at the Geysers.
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Response to Reply #163
164. Jesus, dude...
when will you done with this "momologue"?
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Response to Reply #164
165. Dude, you spend more time on DU debunking stuff you disagree with than I spend posting....
Edited on Sun Apr-04-10 10:14 PM by CrunchMaster
reflect on that for a minute....that's pretty sad you know.
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Response to Reply #165
167. Nice dodge, dude
Are you driving to a conclusion here?
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Response to Reply #72
85. Disaster Capitalism: Destabilization Efforts in Indonesia & Haiti before Massive Disasters
Edited on Sat Jan-16-10 07:30 PM by CrunchMaster
1994 : Aristide and Haiti refuse to allow privatization of Haiti state-owned enterprises
" early 1994 . . . Washingtons negotiators made one demand that Aristide could not accept: the immediate selloff of Haitis state-owned enterprises, including phones and electricity. Aristide argued that unregulated privatization would transform state monopolies into private oligarchies, increasing the riches of Haitis elite and stripping the poor of their national wealth."<1>

Feb 2001 : Rightwing Republican nuts hook up with Rightwing Haitian nuts to attempt a coup against Aristide
Did the Bush administration allow a network of right-wing Republicans to foment a violent coup in Haiti?

Spring/Summer 2001 : Aceh, Indonesia has oil. ExxonMobil uses military force to get it, Exxon is sued for human rights abuses

2003 : Aristide demands France pay Haiti 23 Billion dollars in reparations

Feb 2004 : American Rightwing backed Regime Change in Haiti occurs, Aristide ousted(kidnapped by U.S.?)

December 2004 : Oil Producing Aceh Indonesia is hit by massive Tsunami caused by an Earthquake, 226,000 die

2006 : With Aristide out of power International Groups move in to get at Haiti's natural resources
"However, even though Haiti's mineral potential is similar to that found in the Dominican Republic, it has remained under-explored.

The recognition of Haiti's exploration potential, coupled with an improving business climate, resulted in EMX's establishment of an exploration program in early 2006 and the acquisition of the La Miel and La Mine gold properties."

Jan 12, 2008 : Haitain report on Pentagon mucking around in Haiti
Most people do not know that the Pentagon is directly involved in funding pacification programs in Haiti due to the presence of a large UN mission in that country.

A reminder of the Defense Department's role in Haiti came Friday when protesters burned tires outside of Cite Soleil's mayor's office to call attention to a $20 million program called the "House of Justice" initiative. One of the protesters who spoke via telephone on condition of anonymity stated, "We are taking this action to draw attention to the fact that our country is now being run almost completely by the US government. Although the UN may cover for them, it has always been the US who called the shots."

Cite Soleil is a sprawling seaside shanty town that is home to more than 300,000 people who continue to live in abject poverty despite more than 1.5 billion dollars of international aid injected into Haiti over the past three years.

More Exposure of U.S. Role in Overthrow of Haitian Government, Installation of Puppets and Death Squads
The role of the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency have remained highly controversial in Haiti since it came to light in 1996 they helped to create the Revolutionary Front for Advancement and Progress in Haiti or FRAPH. A paramilitary organization headed by Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, FRAPH was responsible for the murder and rape of thousands of Haitians after a brutal military coup forced then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide into exile in 1991. The Pentagon was also criticized for covering up its role after it seized more than 60,000 pages of documents from FRAPH headquarters in Oct. 1994. The documents were eventually returned to the Haitian government after most of the names and particulars had been blacked-out making prosecution of FRAPH nearly impossible.

Former members of FRAPH, under the leadership of Constant's second-in-command Jodel Chamblain, joined with bands of Haiti's former military to oust Aristide in 2004. Members of the former military have been integrated into Haiti's police force under a UN program to rebuild the institution. It has never been disclosed what Jodel Chamblain and members of FRAPH received directly from the Defense Department and the UN's Disarmament, Demobilization and Reinsertion (DDR) campaign.

To date, the US has contributed more than $40 million in equipment and training to Haiti's new police force.

Feb. 2009 : Haitian Bill calls for investigation into U.S. role in 2004 coup

Mar. 2nd 2009 : Thousands of Haitians march and call for return of Aristide

Mar. 12th 2009 : Thousands more take to the street demanding return of Aristide

April 10, 2009 : Article on UN/U.S. backed Haitian Sweatshops, suppression of Democracy
Today, it isn't the counting of the coup's corpses that has Arthur all hot and bothered, it's the UN's promotion of sweatshop labor as a "break-out opportunity" for Haiti "to lift itself toward a future of real economic prospects and genuine hope." (UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon)

Arthur and others like Port-au-Prince hotelier Richard Morse might not have been particularly bothered by the coup and its bloody aftermath, but their critiques of the sweatshop model of development are nonetheless correct. As the World Bank noted at the peak of Haiti's sweatshop industry in the mid-1980s, the sweatshops are "largely outside the Haitian economy" and "make no fiscal contribution." During that first experiment in sweatshop misery in the 1970s and 1980s, poverty in Haiti increased 60 per cent and minimum wages in Haiti have been dramatically eroded in the years since. Sweatshops offered Haiti no hope in the 1970s and they offer no hope of real development today"

April 19th : Haitian Elections

April 2009 : Haiti apparently has untapped Gold Reserves.Canadians are all over it:

April/May 2009 : The "natives" getting more and more pissed off, say world is stealing resources

April 29, 2009 : Haitian Marguerite Laurent/Ezili Dant Explains West pursuing a "Low Regulatory Environment" in Haiti
"Chris Scott: UHmm. And I guess you've talked about the fact that these companies obviously, they look for what they call a "secure business climate." For presumably a low regulatory environment. Can you describe a bit more for listeners what the situation is for regulation in Haiti right now? Because Haiti does have officially an elected government, but the country is also under occupation. What happens on the ground? Who makes the decisions? Who calls the shots?

Ezili Dant: Well, technically with regards to mining there is this thing called the Bureau of Mines and its under the Ministry of Public Works in Haiti. But what folks have to understand is the history of what's been going on with respect to Haiti. Between 1991 and 1994 there was a Coup d'etat. It was - 91 was the first Coup d'etat against President Jean Betrand Aristide and in those times, foreign companies, whenever, during Coup D'etats they get lots of concessions and so forth. In terms of Haitian mineral rights and gold and bauxite, all the various minerals of Haiti. I mean people don't think of those things about Haiti. And this is one of those things my organization want folks to understand. That the UN is not in Haiti, the US is not in Haiti, Canadians are not in Haiti for humanitarian goals or because they care about Haitian rights. There is an economic track. And so I'd like to be able to explain to your audience that in terms of the economic track. Haiti has various sites, especially in the North, where in terms of Canadian companies, were talking about St. Genevieve, were talking about Eurasian Minerals, were talking about right now the new one that just came which is called Majescor. Those are the three we are aware of. That doesn't mean there are not others."

Canadian map of Haiti's mineral deposits

May 2009 : Bill Clinton Named UN Special Envoy to Haiti - He is there to stabilize an increasingly unstable Haiti

August 21, 2009 : Article on Pentagon/Soros backed "Pacification" program
What a difference it would make if we were told that the $20 million was actually funded directly by the Pentagon in Cite Soleil as part of a widespread pacification project targeting the poorest citizens of Haiti.

Oct. 1, 2009 : Bill Clinton & Soros Group in Haiti on "Trade Mission"
He also announced that some investors had already agreed to create jobs, including an Irish company that plans to open a calling center in Port-au-Prince, Miami-based Royal Caribbean's plans to train Haitians and a $50 million industrial park to be partly funded by billionaire George Soros' Open Society Institute. The investment has the potential to create 25,000 new jobs in the garment industry.

``Your political risk in Haiti is lower than it has ever been in my lifetime,'' Clinton said.

Clinton, who will visit Labadee and the San Souci ruins Friday, also plugged Haiti's tourism potential.

``There is enormous potential here,'' he said. ``We want to work on that. We need infrastructure.''

Nov. 2009 - Former Oilman makes claim of "conspiracy" to get at Haiti and Dominican Republic's Natural Resources
"Espaillat Nanita revealed that according to geological studies and research conducted on Haitian soil, indicating that the nation shares with the Dominican Republic gold deposit, untapped world's largest and a little known and rare mineral that is vital for building of spacecraft and other appliances extraterrestrial iridium. These two resources are sufficient to alleviate the "poor" reality of those born in Haiti.

Espaillat Nanita also claims that these resources are poorly understood because of a multinational conspiracy that aims to extract Haiti's natural wealth, especially those derived from minerals that abound in the neighboring state."

Jan. 12th 2010 : Massive Earthquake flattens Haiti. Government totally destabilized... destroyed. People put back in their place. "Low Regulatory Environment" coincidentally & conveniently attained.

Jan. 13th 2010 : Pat Robertson who has made a career of working with dictators to rob African nations of their resources under the guise of "Disaster Relief" says Haiti hit by Earthquake due to "Pact with Devil" to escape French enslavement

For more on phoney Anti-Christian "Christian" hypocrites working with African and Indonesian dictators and murderers to deregulate and destroy democracies see:
Jeff Sharlet on The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

Jan. 15th, 2010 : Bodies aren't even cold yet... IMF to Haiti : Freeze Public Wages

More on U.S.,IMF,World Bank Destabilization and Occupation of Haiti
"In exchange for the Clinton administrations restoring him to power, Aristide firstly agreed there should be no extension of his five-year presidential mandate even though he had spent three years of it in exile; secondly promised to incorporate leading members of the business elite and the old Duvalier political machine into his government and thirdly gave a written pledge he would carry out IMF-mandated privatizations of state companies and cuts in social spending."

Economic and Strategic Reasons for being in Haiti
"The IMF and the World Bank are key players in the process of economic and political destabilization. While carried out under the auspices of an intergovernmental body, the IMF reforms tend to support US strategic and foreign policy objectives.

Based on the so-called "Washington consensus", IMF austerity and restructuring measures through their devastating impacts, often contribute to triggering social and ethnic strife. IMF reforms have often precipitated the downfall of elected governments. In extreme cases of economic and social dislocation, the IMF's bitter economic medicine has contributed to the destabilization of entire countries, as occurred in Somalia, Rwanda and Yugoslavia. (See Michel Chossudovsky, The globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, Second Edition, 2003, )

The IMF program is a consistent instrument of economic dislocation. The IMF's reforms contribute to reshaping and downsizing State institutions through drastic austerity measures. The latter are implemented alongside other forms of intervention and political interference, including CIA covert activities in support of rebel paramilitary groups and opposition political parties. "


The Militarization of the Caribbean Basin

Washington seeks to reinstate Haiti as a full-fledged US colony, with all the appearances of a functioning democracy. The objective is to impose a puppet regime in Port-au-Prince and establish a permanent US military presence in Haiti.

The US Administration ultimately seeks to militarize the Caribbean basin.

The island of Hispaniola is a gateway to the Caribbean basin, strategically located between Cuba to the North West and Venezuela to the South. The militarization of the island, with the establishment of US military bases, is not only intended to put political pressure on Cuba and Venezuela, it is also geared towards the protection of the multibillion dollar narcotics transshipment trade through Haiti, from production sites in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

The militarisation of the Caribbean basin is, in some regards, similar to that imposed by Washington on the Andean Region of South America under "Plan Colombia', renamed "The Andean Initiative". The latter constitutes the basis for the militarisation of oil and gas wells, as well as pipeline routes and transportation corridors. It also protects the narcotics trade.

NOTE : Living near resources wanted by Large Multinational Corporations can be hazardous to your health.
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Response to Reply #85
86. Colorado,Canada,World Bank,Gold Mines, Resource Rape & 200k Dead Haitians
Edited on Mon Jan-18-10 04:27 PM by CrunchMaster
Not trying to assign ultimate blame and responsibility for the tragedy in Haiti in this post. We have two primary sets of Assholes that are the cause of all of this. A) Privatizing Canadian, American and French assholes and B) Haitian Puppet Politician assholes lining their pockets at the expense of their country men.

So no I am not blaming Canadians or French or Merica or anyone else below. Just showing how all contributed to destroying Haiti in the name of Deregulated Greed.

One more thing, this post is meant more to be a record of events and connections that may or may not have lead to the destruction of Haiti. Not an explanation or proof of anything.

The Gold

Gold is going to go up because the U.S.A. is going to keep spending with the help of all of its Allies Feeding it Terrorists to Keep it at War
"Looking ahead to 2010, dont be surprised to see gold at $1,500 or higher by the end of next year."
Ted Scott, director, UK Strategy, F&C

"The only way that gold can underperform is if the US and other developed economies recover in a conventional way by cutting spending and raising taxes while at the same time embarking on a period of stable economic growth."

Of course that's not going to happen.

Canada and Colorado are all over Haitian and Dominican Republic Gold.
GoldCorp & GoldQuest(Vancouver B.C.), and Barrick(Toronto Ontario) are in the Dominican Republic looking for gold. Eurasian Minerals(Vancouver B.C., Colorado USA), and Newmont Mining Corp.(Colorado, USA) among others are in Haiti and the Dominican Republic strip mining those countries for minerals.

Gold Mining + Earthquakes

Haiti's "Bureau of Mines and Energy" Suspected an Earthquake was coming

Mining operations and oil drilling among other human activities do cause earthquakes. Not all earthquakes. But they can cause earthquakes. It is proven. The only reason it is not more widely known and discussed in the news is because telling people mining and oil drilling can cause earthquakes would not be profitable for them.

And in the case of Haiti, it appears Haiti's elite was warned an Earthquake was coming.

Some Facts about Earthquakes you Probably won't get on the Evening News : Human Activities can Cause Earthquakes

Wired : Science
Top 5 Ways to Cause a Man-Made Earthquake
* By Alexis Madrigal Email Author
* June 4, 2008

1. Build a Dam
2. Inject Liquid Into the Ground
3. Mine a Lot of Coal:
4. Drill a Gusher Dry : "in regions where tectonic activity is already high, extracting oil and natural gas could trigger strong quakes."
5. Create the Worlds Biggest Building

Haitian Mining authories suspected an earthquake was coming
Sept. 25th, 2008 - Prediction Haiti to Experience Major Earthquake, Google Translation
HATI/ MENACE DE CATASTROPHE NATURELLE / Risque sismique lev sur Port-au-Prince
HAITI / THREAT OF NATURAL DISASTER / high seismic risk on Port-au-Prince

All the conditions are ripe for a major earthquake occurring in Port-au-Prince. Residents of the Haitian capital must be prepared for a scenario that will end sooner or later, happen. " Charles Patrick, 65, geologist and former professor at the Institute of Applied Geology of Havana, denies being alarmist. Yet, there 'is not gone around the bush when Le Matin offered him the opportunity to respond on the record of seismic threat hovering over Port auPrince. The old researcher has answered our questions with the rigor of a university notified. In his view, the danger is imminent, "God thank you, science gives us tools that can predict these kinds of events, while allowing us to demonstrate our conclusions. This is the time and chance to play for our capital. A major disaster hanging over our head, "he predicted.
This is not the severity of Charles Patrick about that intrigues us, but his unshakable belief in his prediction. To convince us he does not hesitate to expose us a detailed course of geology, using very precise geological maps and their PC. "Port-au-Prince is built on a large fault that runs from Petion-Ville, crosses the entire southern peninsula, culminating in Tiburon. In 1751 and 1771, this city was completely destroyed by an earthquake. I bet me that it will happen again. Science can easily confirm it, "says he.
On the basis of knowledge and scientific data that has accumulated on the subject for several decades, Patrick Charles, as a good citizen, has something to rebel. The imminence of the danger becomes clearer with time and events. And to make his prediction, Mr. Charles takes the example of recent earthquakes recorded in recent days at the Haitian capital. "In recent weeks, the earth shook several times in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. From 1 to September 12, three minor tremors were recorded in Petion-Ville, Delmas, Cross desBouquets, plaine du Cul-de-Sacc. The Director of the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME), the engineer Dieuseul Anglade, confirmed this information. These minor tremors are worrying. They usually announce earthquakes of higher intensity, warning there.
God thank you, Patrick Charles is not only interested in the subject. The issue of seismic threat in Port-au-Prince is a hot topic. It has been debated in recent days by many people, including senior intellectuals. The conclusions are unanimous: Port-au-Prince may well be transformed overnight into a mass of ruins after a violent quake. "For two centuries, no major earthquake has been recorded in the Haitian capital. The amount of energy accumulated in the holes, it runs the risk of an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude on the Richter scale. Better not talk, do not panic. But it would be a disaster, "admitted the head of the Bureau of Mines and Energy, speaking recently in the press.


Recall, for our readers, that two major faults across the country. One at the northern and the other at the southern peninsula. All departments except the center, are exposed to the earthquake and tsunami. "The authorities are obliged to take specific measures to protect unpopular though some areas. The balance of the passage of the three recent hurricanes on Haiti challenges our conscience. We live a very difficult and we must act. The countdown has begun. Nature asks us accountable. We must act to save what can still be, "says Charles Patrick.
By Phoenix Delacroix
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two blocks above stick out:
From 1 to September 12, three minor tremors were recorded in Petion-Ville, Delmas, Cross desBouquets, plaine du Cul-de-Sacc. The Director of the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME), the engineer Dieuseul Anglade, confirmed this information. These minor tremors are worrying. They usually announce earthquakes of higher intensity, warning there.

and this one:
"For two centuries, no major earthquake has been recorded in the Haitian capital. The amount of energy accumulated in the holes, it runs the risk of an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude on the Richter scale. Better not talk, do not panic. But it would be a disaster, "admitted the head of the Bureau of Mines and Energy, speaking recently in the press.

The Director of the Bureau of Mines and Energy in Haiti is worried about an earthquake as early as September of 2008. And the Burea of Mines and Energy is worried about "the amount of energy accumulated in the holes.

I don't speak French, but the Google translation of the word "les failles" to "hole" should be "fault" based on what I have looked up. "The amount of energy accumulated in the fault."

A bit of History on Gold Mines and the Economic and Environmental Destruction of the People Living Near them

UN Scouts the Locations of Gold Mines in Haiti - 1970s-1980s
"Between 1972 and 1978, the United Nations, as part of their economic development program ("UNDP"), carried out regional geological surveys throughout north-eastern Haiti. In 1974, the UNDP completed a stream sediment survey covering 1,000 km2 of the Massif-du-Nord complex. The 10-km long mineralized corridor recently outlined on the SOMINE property corresponds to a broad NW-trending stream sediment anomaly in the UNDP regional dataset comprised of 1,077 samples, with copper values ranking above the 90th percentile (108 ppm) and a maximum of 1,300 ppm Cu. Zinc concentrations in stream sediments within the corridor range from 75 to 140 ppm (source: UNDP report, July 1978). Follow-up soil sampling, prospecting and core drilling by the UNDP led to the discovery of the Blondin and Douvray porphyry-type copper prospects. Additional ground exploration work within the SOMINE property area by the UNDP Revolving Fund from 1983-1987 led to the discovery of the Faille-B gold prospect near Grand-Bassin. The full UNDP soil geochemistry dataset for the SOMINE property shows zones of significant copper anomalies (200 to over 1,000 ppm Cu) within the 10 km-long mineralized corridor, extending south-eastward from the Blondin copper prospect to past the Faille-B gold prospect."

1994-1997 : The World Bank butts heads with Haiti over privatization
Yet the World Bank notes that from 1994-1997 it continued to butt heads with both the Aristide and the subsequent Preval Administrations, who found that some of the Bank's projects were "never accepted by the government seen as too hasty a push for structural adjustment and privatization." <10> Among other components of its plan for Haiti, the Bank "recommended privatizing key infrastructure and entrusting the delivery of education, health, family planning, and water supply and sanitation to NGOs." <11> Yet the Bank noted "privatization had already proved to be contentious in Haiti. Clashes over were very visible."

After failing to get their way, the International Financial Institutions began to disengage from Haiti beginning in 1997. This disengagement then became an outright development assistance embargo imposed on the Haitian government after Aristide returned to the presidency in 2001.

1997 : Canadian Miners sign deal with World Bank Haitian Puppet President Prval
The mining company Ste-Genevieve-Haiti S.A. and the Haitian State signed a mining convention conferring the exclusive rights of research and exploitation of the copper and gold layers discovered south of the area of Trou du Nord and Terrier Rouge, more precisely in Douvray, Blondin and Faille, in the North-East of Haiti, on February 3, 1997, during the first presidency of Rene Garcia Prval.


For, to obtain its exploration license, the Canadian company had to be transformed into a Haitiano-Canadian company. According to its management, the company will carry out its exploration work over a minimal period of 25 years.

June 1998 deal between KWG and St. Genevieve Resources Ltd.
In June 1998, KWG concluded an agreement with St. Genevieve Resources Ltd.

2002 - Canada along with U.S., and France push to remove Aristide and setup Occupation in Haiti
Canadian Officials Initiate Planning for Military Ouster of Aristide
"Haiti Progs - Vol. 20 No. 51 | March 5, 2002
A group of high-level North American and Latin American diplomats has been secretly meeting in Canada to plan President Jean Bertrand Aristide's removal from power and an ensuing foreign military occupation, according to an article by Michel Vastel in the Mar. 15 edition of the Canadian magazine "L'Actualit."

The group of officials, code named the "Ottawa Initiative on Haiti," wants regime change in Haiti this year before the Jan. 1, 2004 bicentennial of Haiti's independence, the article says."

No Haitians Allowed
"The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti or simply the Ottawa Initiative,<1> was a conference that took place in Montreal on 31 January and 1 February 2003, to decide the future of Haiti's government, though no Haitian government officials were invited. The conference was attended by Canadian, French, and U.S. and Latin American officials. What exactly transpired is difficult to say, since Canada is keeping the documents that came out of this conference secret."

December 2003 : U.S., Canadian and French Assholes Cause a Coup in Haiti
Coup d'etat
In December 2003, "civil unrest" intensified, including raids across the Dominican border by former Haitian army soldiers and former members of the death squads that had terrorized Aristide supporters during the dictatorship of the early '90s. Jeffrey Sachs, former advisor to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, wrote, "U.S. officials surely knew that the aid embargo would mean a balance-of-payments crisis, a rise in inflation and a collapse of living standards, all of which fed the rebellion." <32> The Washington Post noted some of the motivating factors behind the violent opposition: Aristide's "populist agenda of higher minimum wages, school construction, literacy programs, higher taxes on the rich and other policies that have angered an opposition movement run largely by a mulatto elite that has traditionally controlled Haiti's economy." <33>

Seems Republicans did abroad what they are doing internally here at home... working to collapse a democracy.

Aug 2004 - Newmont Mining(HQ,Colorado) sued for destroying environment of native Indonesians
In August 2004, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment filed a US$133.6 million civil lawsuit against Newmont, claiming tailings from the company's Minahasa Raya mine polluted Buyat Bay in the North Sulawesi province, contaminating local fish stocks and causing nearby villagers to become seriously ill. Newmont denied the allegations, arguing that the illnesses had more to do with poor hygiene and poverty.

Sept. 2004 - Six Newmont Employees Detained for Pollution
The world's biggest gold producer Newmont Mining Corp. based in Denver said Thursday that Indonesian police had detained six of its officials after questioning them about allegations of pollution from a company mine in northern Indonesia."

Jan. 2005 : The USA, Canada, France, & World Bank set Haiti up to fail
The World Bank money now going to Haiti is mostly loans. Haitians will have to repay it even though Haitians didn't choose Latortue " the US, France and Canada did. Similarly, of the $1.2 billion in "aid" for Haiti announced at a Washington donors, conference in July, more than half is loans, which Haitians must repay.

How Rich Assholes Destroy Peoples & Nations... GET THEM STUCK IN DEBT FOREVER. Sound Familiar?
A country as poor as Haiti--where there are no public schools, only intermittent electricity and little health infrastructure--should not be sending $40 million to the World Bank headquarters in Washington. But then again in 1825 Haiti never should have had to pay France $21 billion (in 2004 dollars) to compensate French slave-holders for their loss of property (now free Haitians). This debt, paid under threat of invasion and exclusion from international commerce, took Haiti 120 years to repay.

June 14th, 2006
The St-Genevieve-Haiti company organized, Friday June 9 at Roche-Plate, South-east of Trou du Nord, an inaugural ceremony to mark the beginning of its activities of exploration of the layers of gold and of copper in the North-East of the country.

Jul 2006 - Canadian Eurasian Minerals company apparently acquires Haitian mine scouted by the UN
Mon Jul 31, 2006
Eurasian Minerals Acquires Two Gold Projects in Haiti

Vancouver, British Columbia, July 31, 2006 (TSX Venture: EMX) - Eurasian Minerals Inc. (the "Company" or "EMX") is pleased to announce that it has acquired the La Mine and Lamiel gold properties, located in the Caribbean country of Haiti. Both properties have epithermal gold mineralization documented by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) work, and are hosted in a geological terrain similar to the world-class Pueblo Viejo gold deposit located approximately 225 km to the east.


However, even though Haiti's mineral potential is similar to that found in the Dominican Republic, it has remained under-explored due to the country's historic economic and political instability.

From 1972 to 1985, in order to assist in developing Haiti's economy, the UNDP conducted extensive regional geological studies and exploration programs. The UNDP work is credited with discovering and documenting many gold and copper occurrences, including the gold mineralization at EMX's new La Mine and Lameil properties.

Jul 2006 - Eurasian Minerals Drilling has not begun yet
EMX is proceeding with work on the La Mine and Lamiel Exploration Permits, while pursuing additional early-stage opportunities in Haiti. These Permits have a maximum duration of two years, and provide for surface exploration activities, but no drilling. An Exploration Permit can be converted to a Research Permit, which does provides for drilling as well as feasibility studies. EMX has proposed a $500,000 USD exploration program over the next two years consisting of regional geochemical sampling (streams and soils) with simultaneous mapping and rock sampling to delineate prospective target areas for trenching, and conversion to Research Permit status for drill testing."

Oct 2006 - Exploration Continues
Mon Oct 23, 2006
Gold-Silver Enriched Epithermal Systems Confirmed at La Miel and La Mine Projects in Haiti ...

April 2007
Mon Apr 2, 2007
Eurasian Minerals EMX Acquires Treuil Copper Porphyry Project in Haiti

May 2007 : Eurasian Minerals - Trenches Dug
Thu May 24, 2007
Trench Results of 72 meters @ 1.9 g/t Au from La Miel Gold Project, Haiti

Jun 2007 : Trenches Dug
Mon Jun 11, 2007
Trench Results of 243 meters @ 1.71 g/t Gold from the La Miel Project, Haiti

November 2007 - More Trenches Dug
Fri Nov 2, 2007
Savane La Place Gold Zone Extended with 96 meters at 2.5 g/t Au, La Miel Project, Haiti ...

Aug. 2007 - Angry article on Newmont Mining of Colorado and Genocide

Fri Feb 1, 2008
Eurasian Proposes to Carry Out a Private Placement and Form a Haiti Regional Exploration Alliance with Newmont Ventures Limited ...

Mar. 24th 2008 - Native Americans complain of Newmont Gold Mining poisoning environment
"Dozens of native tribal members gathered Monday morning at the Capitol to support the Western Shoshone's fight with Newmont Mining Corp. over the gold producer's mining business in their Nevada communities.

The members - participants in the Longest Walk 2 - later walked to Newmont's downtown headquarters to meet with company executives to voice concerns about the impact of gold mining - especially the use of cyanide to extract gold particles from ore - on the environment and the Western Shoshone's sacred places." /

Mon Apr 28, 2008 - Eurasian Minerals (EMX) Joint Venture with Newmont Mining of Colorado
Eurasian Minerals Inc. and Newmont Ventures Limited Sign Joint Venture and Regional Strategic Alliance Agreements for Gold Exploration in Haiti -...

Sep. 2008 : Bureau of Mines and Energy is concerned about and reporting minor Earthquakes

Tue Oct 7, 2008
EMX Discovers High Grade Copper-Silver at the Champagne Prospect and Advances Exploration at La Mine:

Dec. 2008 : Canadian company Eurasian minerals announces it has been awarded 27 exploration licenses.

Jan 2009 - Angry article by Native American against Colorado Newmont Mining and other Gold Miners Destroying Natives and their Land
Perhaps the Times reporter should visit Barrick and Newmont gold mines in Africa, New Guinea or South America, where Indigenous Peoples are being pushed off their lands, raped and killed because of these gold mining corporations and poisoned by cyanide leaching.
Then, the Times can investigate the role of President Bush Sr. with Barrick's boomtown success in Nevada. Bush opened the door for Barrrick's gold mining leases in Nevada while in office, then went to work for Barrick as a senior consultant once he was out of office. Then, the Times could investigate how Barrick hired lawyers to silence reporters in England and book publishers in Canada to prevent the truth from being exposed about miners buried alive in Tanzania.

Mon Jan 26, 2009
Eurasian Minerals Inc. Acquires Grand Bois Gold Deposit Property, Haiti

Jan. 27, 2009
Vancouver-based Eurasian Minerals Inc. has acquired 100% interest in the Grand Bois property in Haiti from Haitian mining company Societe Miniere Citadelle S.A., for US$5 million. (1/27/09).

Wed Apr 22, 2009
Eurasian Minerals Discovers Two New High-Grade Copper-Silver-Gold Prospects at Treuil Property, Haiti ...

Apr 23, 2009
Majescor(Ontario, Canada) to Acquire Interest in a Strategic Gold-Copper Property in Haiti

Fri May 22, 2009
"Eurasian Minerals Inc. Announces Addition of Dr. M. Stephen Enders to the Board of Directors
Dr. Enders' extensive resume includes former positions as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Exploration for Newmont Mining Corporation and the President of Phelps Dodge Exploration Corporation. He is a graduate in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines (B.Sc.) and the University of Arizona (M.Sc.), where he has also earned a Ph.D. in Geosciences. Dr. Enders has led teams in a number of new discoveries, as well in the expansion of mineral resources and reserves for many properties and mines around the world. " ...

June 2009 :
As of June 2009, the International Monetary Fund held 3,217 tonnes (103.4 million oz.) of gold,<4><5> which had been constant for several years.

Jul. 7th 2009
Majescor and SACG Report a 10 km-long Copper-Mineralized Corridor on the SOMINE Property in Haiti

Mon Aug 24, 2009
Treuil and La Mine Licenses Accepted for Designated Project Status in Haiti
"La Mine Designated Project. Newmont may earn a 65% participating interest in the La Mine Joint Venture (JV) by (i) completing a Feasibility Study which reports a minimum reserve containing at least 2,000,000 ounces of gold

October 17, 2009 : Newmont Mining spills cyanide into River Subri, Ghana /

Oct. 19th - Oct. 30th 2009 - IMF Sells Gold To India
Indeed, this weeks record rally began Tuesday, when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it sold 200 metric tons of gold to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from Oct. 19 to Oct. 30.

Nov 3rd, 2009 : Gold rallies as IMF reveals it sold 200 metric tons of gold to the Reserve Bank of India(RBI).

Nov. 5th, 2009 - Majescor(Ontario,Canada) and SACG(Quebec, Canada) Start Drilling
Majescor and SACG Start Drilling at the SOMINE Copper-Gold Property in Haiti - Faille B and Grosse Veine Prospects Yield Spot Gold Values of up to 226 g/t
"In total, this first phase of core drilling on the property will consist of 1,000 meters spread between the Faille B and Dos Rada gold and copper prospects. The SOMINE Property was last drill-tested in 1997."

World Bank announces an additional $80 million in aid to Yemen

Nov 10th, 2009 - Ethiopia discovers mine with 40 tonnes of gold
ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia on Tuesday announced the discovery of a mine containing more than 40 tonnes of gold deposit worth 1.7 billion dollars (1.1 billion euros).

The state-run Ethiopian News Agency reported that the new find, announced by the ministry of mines and energy, will require some 200 million dollars to extract and process.

"Geological survey indicates that... an estimated 500 tonnes of gold deposit is found in the country," the agency said, providing a figure for the whole of Ethiopia."

Some 44 companies are engaged in gold exploration, earning Ethiopia about 105 million dollars in export every year.

The Horn of Africa country has mineral resources that have so far remained unexploited.

Nov. 24th, 2009 : Saudis/UK/India buy Ethiopian Resources, Ethiopians people get Zero
Yesterday, it was reported that Meles Zenawi's regime sold an Indian company 765,000 hectares of fertile land in Ethiopia to grow crops and export them to India. All the while, millions of people in Ethiopia have nothing to eat. Today, it is reported that the Meles junta has sold gold mines in western Ethiopia that contain 40 tonnes of gold deposit to a Saudi company that is owned by Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi. In order to extract the gold, they had to wipe out the population in the area first. Ethiopian women are being sold into slavery in Arab countries.

Dec. 3rd 2009 - Drilling begins at Grand Bois Property
Eurasian Reports Drill Intercept of 28.4 Meters Averaging 20.45 g/t Gold at Grand Bois Property, Haiti

Tue Dec 8, 2009 - The World Bank Wants a Piece of the Gold Pie, doesn't Want it Widely Known
Eurasian Minerals Announces US$5.0 Million Investment Proposal by IFC

Vancouver, British Columbia, December 8, 2009 (TSX Venture: EMX) -- Eurasian Minerals Inc. (the "Company" or "EMX") is pleased to announce a US$5.0 million investment proposal by IFC (International Finance Corporation), the member of the World Bank Group focused on private sector investments in developing countries. IFC's proposed investment would bring EMX's treasury position to approximately CDN$14 million in cash and tradable securities, placing the Company in a strong position to further advance its current projects, while pursuing additional new business opportunities. EMX is privileged for the opportunity to have IFC as a long-term partner with access to finance, influential incountry support, and expert advice in managing environmental, social, and regulatory issues."

Did we already mention the IMF/World Bank's ties to the Underwear Bomber through his dad?

Dec. 9th 2009 : The Underwear Bomber Boy with the IMF connected Banker Father is in Ghana creating a bread trail of terror from Yemen to major gold exporters Ghana and Ethiopia.
"Ghana's economy depends largely on exports of cocoa and gold. Other mineral commodities produced in the country were aluminum, bauxite, diamond, manganese, natural gas, petroleum, salt, and silver.<1>"

see also Jan. 15th, 2010 - Africa has firm gold market

Ghana is the largest gold producer in West Africa with 70 t produced in 2003.

Dec. 25th 2009 - Underwear Plane Bombing Attempt

Dec 31st - Obama gets kneejerked into escalating a war on Yemen

Jan. 12th 2010 - Haitian Government and many of the people Wiped out in Earthquake with an epicenter at Leogane.
"In 2010, Logne was at the epicenter of the January 12 earthquake, and was catastrophically affected with 80-90% of buildings damaged. <1><2>"

COLORADO charity ship happens to be at epicenter of Haitian Earthquake at Leogane as it strikes/Newmont Mining to Take Container from ship
Colorado's Project C.U.R.E. , which provides medical supplies and equipment to developing countries, happened to be delivering a container to Leogane, a coastal city in Haiti, as a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck.

The container was on a ship approaching port as the earthquake occurred, the Centennial-based charity said. It contained various supplies that will be helpful with disaster relief efforts in Haiti including gloves, dressings and suture kits, syringes and an anesthesia machine.


Meanwhile, Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp. agreed to sponsor Project C.U.R.E.s delivery of two additional disaster-relief containers.

Students from Colorado doing Hospital Management study leave Leogane 5 hours before quake hits(hospitals to become very popular in Haiti 5 hours later)
University of Colorado Denver professor Blair Gifford and eight MBA students left Haiti on Tuesday some five hours before the earthquake hit, the university said Wednesday.

Gifford and the students from the MBA in Health Administration program at UC Denvers Business School had conducted a two-week case study on a hospital in Leogane, Haiti.

"They were looking at ways to put a hospital management system in place. They were also working on community outreach, microfinance and water and sanitation projects, and toured many rural villages around the capitol," the university said in a statement.

Gold Mining and Earthquakes

Seismicity in Deep Gold Mines of South Africa: Implications for Tectonic Earthquakes

Mining weakens areas around faults
All that mining and blasting weakens the areas around the faults, which makes them slip, just like in a major earthquake. To protect their workers from cave-ins, the gold companies have filled their mines with seismic sensors. Now, they're sharing the data with scientists like Richardson, who are using the information to understand how quakes start.

We believe that the physics that governs small earthquakes and large earthquakes is the same. And so the idea is that if you can discover something interesting about how a small earthquake starts, then you'll be able to find out a lot more about the big earthquakes, because there are a lot more small earthquakes than large ones. And because these, particularly the ones in South Africa in the gold mines, are recorded in such detail.

I'm Bob Hirshon for AAAS, the Science Society. "


One of the things her team hopes to learn is how earthquakes interact with each other. In the mines, a small quake in one place often sets off a chain of quakes in the surrounding area. It's believed that larger quakes behave in much the same way. So understanding how and when these little quakes add up could help scientists learn to anticipate when more devastating quakes may strike.

Induced Earthquakes from Gold Mining
In the early 1960s, N.G.W. Cook, using an underground network of geophones, demonstrated that most Witwatersrand tremors are closely associated with deep level gold mining operations. He also showed that the energy released by the closure of the tabular stopes at depths of the order of 2 km was more than sufficient to account for the mining-induced earthquakes."

Mining & Quarrying Induced Earthquake References - Really long list

1989 : 5.6 Mag Earthquake Newcastle , New South Wales, caused by Coal Mining
Dr Christian Klose from the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory says the mines weakened and reactivated a major fault line below Newcastle, which caused the quake.

Seismic Activity at Utah Coal Mine
The scientists reported that of the 17,000 or so earthquakes detected in the Wasatch Plateau region of Utah from 1978 to 2007, 98 percent of them were attributable to mining activities, not natural seismic activity. So the odds were very clearly against the mine collapse resulting from an earthquake.

(Even without context, this is an amazing statistic: in this coal region, the seismic signal from human activity completely drowns out the earths own perturbations. How many other areas are like that?) /

Modes of Rupture and Fault Maturation Processes in South African Gold Mines
Since mine operations force seismic activity at a relatively fast rate, we can use this information to study the evolution of faults. Specifically, our study shows that many faults underground mature over time. They begin as individual patches that produce little seismicity or fresh-fracturing seismicity alone and gradually become large faults capable of producing large friction-dominated events. We hypothesize that this process is tied to the evolution of fault gouge and repeated slip events on these faults.

Gold mining industry commissions study into seismicity and rockbursts
Events over the past two to three years have highlighted the frequently fatal and disastrous consequences of seismic activity and rockbursts in deep-level underground mining operations. Most serious in terms of scale, was the earthquake in the Stilfontein area in March 2005, which registered 5.3 on the Richter scale and which seriously affected the mining operations of DRDGold. More recently, rockburst and seismic activity occurred at AngloGold Ashantis TauTona in 2006/7 where there were 14 rock-related fatalities in 2006 and three in 2007. These two events led to the conclusion that more attention was required to manage mine seismicity.

5.0 Earthquake in South Africa thought to be due to mining activities
"Johannesburg - An earth tremor preliminary measuring five on the Richter Scale is believed to have struck South Africa on Wednesday with its epicentre believed to be around Klerksdorp.

Ian Saunders, project leader of the South African national seismograph network at the department of geosciences in Pretoria said such a measure was "quite serious" for South Africa, which is an aseismic country.


It is not yet known whether the Klerksdorp quake was related to mining or due to natural causes.

And it will remain unknown as long as there is money to be made from that mine.

Mining operations can generate severe earthquakes(up to magnitude 7)
"Abstract Severe earthquakes can be triggered by dewatering and flooding of mines, as these activities alter the loading of the Earths crust and tectonic stresses in its interior. Worldwide, more than 200 studies have noted sites where human-induced stresses could have reactivated preexisting faults, triggering earthquakes with seismic moment magnitudes of up to M = 7 on the Richter scale. This can only occur where faults are already under high tectonic stresses that have built up over many years. Stable continental regions are seismically less active than unstable regions (e.g. California, Japan, and Turkey). Consequently, faults in stable continental regions can be more earthquake-trigger sensitive, since accumulated stresses have not reached failure conditions. This paper provides an overview of officially recognized mining-triggered earthquakes with magnitudes M ≥ 5.0. " /

Expansion of Mining in Haiti 2008-2009
Chris Scott: Thanks. We wanted to talk today... and I understand your organization has been following the issue of foreign mining companies coming to Haiti and prospecting. Especially in the North of Haiti. There are now at least three Canadian companies prospecting for gold and copper in Northeast Haiti and two of these companies have really expanded their operations within this past year. Why the rush to start mining in Haiti right now or to start prospecting in Haiti , right now, in the middle of a recession of all things?

Mid 2009 - Mining in the North of Haiti by foreign mining companies
Haiti has various sites, especially in the North, where in terms of Canadian companies, were talking about St. Genevieve, were talking about Eurasian Minerals, were talking about right now the new one that just came which is called Majescor. Those are the three we are aware of. That doesn't mean there are not others.

"Agressive" Exploration and Drilling in Haiti 2009
2009 Program. The Grand Bois property hosts a historic non-NI 43-101 compliant gold resource with potential for expansion and a possible copper-gold porphyry system at depth. EMX and Newmont plan an aggressive program of surface exploration and drilling to evaluate the district scale potential of the system and to test additional targets. The 2009 EMX / Newmont programs in Haiti, including the Regional Exploration program and the two Designated Projects, Grand Bois and La Miel, have a proposed combined budget in excess of $5,000,000 USD.

Worry among Haitians that foreign mine drilling might leave area in devastation
If there is, for instance, the guarantee that once they have dug up these mines and so forth that they are not going to leave the area devastated. That there are some sort of reparations fixing the area, and if there are some damages, that there is some sort of money put aside for those damages. Nobody knows any of this stuff.

UN & Foreign companies doing secretive digs, will not allow locals to see what is going on
The point is, the UN soldier come in, they cordon off the area, put big containers in. And folks tell us that they can't see what is being dug , they can't see what's going on. They might stay in that area for a month, they might stay for a few days. Whatever they are doing, the folks that are the authorities cannot explain to their constituents what's going on. And so that's one of the things that's been happening all over Haiti. All over Haiti. I have an example of somewhere in the North, a mayor there that I spoke to a while ago, basically said to me; UN troops came into his town, started digging, cordoning off areas, and when he went to them with a delegation of the townspeople, and said, I don't know what you are doing here, I am the mayor I'm the authority here. They said, well listen, we have authority from Port-au-Prince. And they didn't produce any sort of paperwork. So do these foreign companies actually have the consent of the people at the moment ? I would say they don't, for doing what they are doing.

Canadian companies don't like the idea of Haitians knowing they are sitting on gold
So that between 1991 and 1994 (Note: - 1991 to 1994 are the dates of the first coup d'etat, this date here should instead be "between 1994 to 2004") when the people had a voice in government, there was an intense grassroots movement to figure out how they could use Haiti's resources. There was a plan, where the Lavalas government, not only told the people where the resources were, but that -- they did not have the skills and technology to actually extract the gold, to extract the oil... Their plan was they were going to engage in some sort of private/public partnership. Where both the people's interest would be taken care of and of course the private interest would take their profits. But I think it was around that time we had St. Genevieve saying they did not like the Haitian government. Obviously, they didn't like this plan. They don't like the Haitian people to know where their resources are.

Before the earthquake it had already been noted that mining and extraction in Haiti had intensified
What folks have been talking to us about are the UN coming in and cordoning of areas, or the "blan" coming in (they call foreigners' blan) coming in, and setting up their various mining operations. That's what we've been told. We have not gotten information about livestock devastation right now. Because, everything is sort of... We think things are at a small scale right now. Mining Haiti's mountains for extraction of raw materials for the construction industry is at a bigger scale and some of it has been steadily going on since before the 1980s, with perhaps Haiti-people orientated oversight/questions posed, only during the 1994-2004 people's governments. The digging up of Haiti post-Bush Regime Change/Coup D'etat companies has intensified.

The Digging up and Destruction of Haiti by an International Consortium of American, Canadian and French
Right now, all we know is that these companies are getting contract after contracts and the places are being cordoned off. And we can see between the 2004 and the 2008 hurricanes, the actual granite, the actual mudcake on the people's faces. You can see the difference between a mudslide in 2004 and how much it's intensified in 2008. We can see the degradation. And its happening because of the digging up of Haiti. Because in addition to these Canadian companies, there are other companies that are digging up Haiti, for construction materials and limestone and all this other stuff - marble.

Canadian prospector to Haitians - You have no choice. Give us your resources or it will get worse
"Haitians are realizing that they no longer have a choice," says Lachapelle. "With all the problems the country has had, they realize that they have to play the game with investors or things are going to keep getting worse."

Haiti's Riches:Interview with Ezili Dant on Mining in Haiti - May 12 2009
Again, full interview in text and audio form here:

How Much Gold???
EMX's programs in Haiti gained further momentum later 2008, with the acquisition of the 27 additional exploration licenses, including the historic Meme copper-gold mine. This property package, in combination with EMX's previous license awards, gives the Company a commanding land position along 130 kilometers of strike length in an emerging new gold belt. EMX's exploration land holdings now total 281,858 hectares, and cover approximately half of the Massif du Nord metallogenic belt in Haiti.

Rough Estimates of the Gold Reserves of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Estimate of Total Gold in Pueblo Viejo Reserve, Dominican Republic
20.4 million ounces
20,400,000 x $1200 = $24,480,000,000 (My calculations based on the numbers given in link)

The Amount of Gold In Haiti
Said to be about the same as the reserve in the Dominican Republic. So for both, total reserves may top $48 Billion in Gold at $1200/ounce. Which may double or triple if gold keeps rising.

More on Human Induced Earthquakes

Haiti and Man-Made Disasters
Why does Haiti suffer a seemingly disproportionate number of natural disasters? The answer in that in large part, these are not natural disasters--they are human-caused disasters. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. With oil too expensive for the impoverished nation, charcoal from burnt trees has provided 85% or more of the energy in Haiti for decades. As a result, Haiti's 8 million poor have relentlessly hunted and chopped down huge amounts of forest, leaving denuded mountain slopes that rainwater washes down unimpeded. Back in 1980, Haiti still had 25% of its forests, allowing the nation to withstand heavy rain events like 1987's Category 3 Hurricane Emily, without loss of life. But as of 2004, only 1.4% of Haiti's forests remained. Jeanne and Gordon were not even hurricanes--merely strong tropical storms--when they stuck Haiti, but the almost total lack of tree cover contributed to the devastating floods that killed thousands. And it doesn't even take a tropical storm to devastate Haiti--in May of 2004, three days of heavy rains from a tropical disturbance dumped more than 18 inches of rain in the mountains, triggering floods that killed over 2600 people.

Other Things to Consider : History Channel's Weather Warfare
Interesting History Channel show that goes over the evidence that Weather Warfare is already going on right now. (I assume some of this is Disinfo as it includes Nick Begich and his HAARP mind control theories, without mentioning the Begich family is tied to Alaska Big Oil)

Part 1 : Lightning Control, Tesla, ELF Wave Control of Weather

Part 2 : Tesla, using ELF to Change Weather, Manipulate Jet Stream, Russian ELF, HAARP

Part 3 : Demo of How HAARP changes weather, Hurricane Manipulation, Earthquakes, Ionosphere, ELF, ELF Triggered Roseburg Oregon EQ, Chemtrails

Part 4 : Floods, Cloud Seeding, Operation Popeye, Hurricane Katrina "Attack"

Part 5 : Hurricanes, U.S. East Coast Weather Defense, USAF Weather Warfare, Manmade Collapse of Natural Weather System

Some History on U.S. meddling in Haiti and Economic factors in high death toll
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Response to Reply #86
88. What San Francisco, CA & Haiti both have in common : EARTHQUAKES & GOLD MINES n/t
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Response to Reply #86
96. New York Times on Russians + Japanese Doomsday Cult + Gold/Uranium Mines + Induced Earthquakes
Japanese Cult Buys Ranch on Gold and Uranium Mining Land in Australia
"The hope was that the upheaval was an earthquake, a mining explosion or even a meteorite strike from space, any natural event.

The evidence was ominous. Investigators discovered that the cult, Aum Shinrikyo, had tried to buy Russian nuclear warheads and had set up an advanced laboratory on a 500,000-acre ranch in Australia near the puzzling upheaval. At the ranch, investigators found that the sect had been mining uranium, a main material for making atomic bombs."

New York Times says Cult & World Governments working on Seismic Weapons
The cult apparently sent a party of its members to the former Yugoslavia to study the work of Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of alternating current who toyed with the theory of seismic weapons before he died in 1943. At the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, the members seem to have reviewed Tesla's thesis and other research papers concerning such weapons.

Many geophysicists view seismic warfare as a fantasy that is highly unlikely to ever materialize. Even so, the subject has been quietly studied for decades by governments worldwide, including the Soviet Union and the United States during the cold war.

Whilst visiting a small underground gold mine John Watts had noticed a "Kalgoorlie Miner" newspaper article dated 1-06-93 attached to the barracks kitchen fridge door. This reported that on 28-05-93 at 23.03 hrs. a meteor fireball was seen by several observers flying from south to north between Leonora and Laverton. This was immediately followed by a significant 3.9 Richter scale earthquake


"I visited the area in May and June 1995 and began to interview, by personal visit or telephone, the inhabitants of a three hundred kilometer radius area - centered upon Laverton. This Eastern Goldfields region of W.A. is a semi-desert and very isolated with an extremely low population density.

It contains several very large sheep stations ("ranches"), a couple of small gold mining towns (Leonora and Laverton), plus several isolated gold mine sites, a few gravel or dirt roads, a lot of thick mulga bush and gum tree scrub vegetation, with some sand dune fields and spinifex "grass" cover.

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Response to Reply #86
118. Pat Robertson's Pact With the Devil : Dictators, Gold, Murder, Rape & Other Assorted Evil
Edited on Sat Feb-06-10 06:46 AM by CrunchMaster
Prosecutor: Pat Robertson Had Gold Deal with African Dictator
"Taylor is being tried in the Netherlands by the Special Court for Sierra Leone, an independent judicial body under the auspices of the United Nations that receives a third of its funding from the U.S.

The gold deal went through in June 1999, with Robertson allegedly pumping $15 million dollars into the project.

Hollis asserted that much of the money went straight into Taylor's pockets, which Taylor denied.

Robertson's company, of which he was president and sole director, was called Freedom Gold, Ltd. The agreement gave the Liberian government 10 percent equity interest in the company and Liberians could purchase at least 15 percent of the shares after the exploration period. "

Robertson's Buddy Taylor : Rape, Amputations and Resource Stealing in Sierra Leone
"Taylor is charged with masterminding the atrocities, such as mass rape and amputation of civilians, in Sierra Leone (which shares a border with Liberia) in order to take advantage of the country's vast natural resources, including diamonds."

Robertson's Buddy Taylor : Murder, Mutilation, Sex Slaves, Child Abduction and Forced Labor
"Prosecutors have accused Taylor, who served as Liberia's president from 1997 to 2003, of ordering his subordinates to murder and mutilate civilians, cut off their limbs, use women and girls as sex slaves, abduct adults and children, and force them to perform labor or become fighters to further his economic and political ambitions in the region. Taylor has pleaded not guilty to all charges."

In October, former lead prosecutor Stephen Rapp told ABC News that illegal diamond money was a major motivation for Taylor's rape of his neighboring Sierra Leone: "It's (Sierra Leone's) rich diamond fields which financed the continued conflict, and according to our evidence, was part of the motivation for Taylor in going in there and carrying out a conflict that ranged across the 1990s with an increased level of atrocity against the civilian population."

Who's making "pacts" with the Devil now Pat Roberston? That's right... YOU are.
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91. CBS : Pennies for Haiti, Billions for Israel, Egypt
Edited on Thu Jan-21-10 04:38 PM by CrunchMaster
Billions to the country that has sent the USA most of its Terrorists (Egypt)

and Billions more to a country that spied on a lot of the terrorists above but played along and kept it all secret. (Israel)

Pennies to those po' black folk in Haiti who've done basically nothing to the world other than allow itself to be gangraped by westerners for centuries.(Haiti)

Thanks CBS. Maybe you can talk about Gold Mining and oil drilling along faults and how that can cause earthquakes? Thanks.
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95. Largest Oil Reserves in the World : Haiti's Southern Neighbor Venezuela?
Edited on Sun Jan-24-10 01:59 PM by CrunchMaster
The Destabilization of Haiti 02/29/2004 by Canadian Michel Chossudovsky
"Washington seeks to reinstate Haiti as a full-fledged US colony, with all the appearances of a functioning democracy. The objective is to impose a puppet regime in Port-au-Prince and establish a permanent US military presence in Haiti.

The US Administration ultimately seeks to militarize the Caribbean basin.

The island of Hispaniola is a gateway to the Caribbean basin, strategically located between Cuba to the North West and Venezuela to the South. The militarization of the island, with the establishment of US military bases, is not only intended to put political pressure on Cuba and Venezuela, it is also geared towards the protection of the multibillion dollar narcotics transshipment trade through Haiti, from production sites in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

The militarisation of the Caribbean basin is, in some regards, similar to that imposed by Washington on the Andean Region of South America under "Plan Colombia', renamed "The Andean Initiative". The latter constitutes the basis for the militarisation of oil and gas wells, as well as pipeline routes and transportation corridors. It also protects the narcotics trade."

Venezuela in relation to Haiti

Largest Known Oil Reserves in World : Venezuela

"Technical Announcement:
Venezuela Holds One of the Largest Oil Accumulations
Released: 1/22/2010 6:31:58 AM

An estimated 513 billion barrels of technically recoverable heavy oil are in Venezuelas Orinoco Oil Belt.

This area contains one of the world's largest recoverable oil accumulations, and this assessment is the first to identify how much is technically recoverable (producible using currently available technology and industry practices).


Heavy oil is a type of oil that is very thick and therefore does not flow very easily, said USGS scientist Christopher Schenk. As a result, specialized production and refining processes are needed to generate petroleum products, but it is still oil and can generate many of the same products as other types of oil.

This is the largest accumulation ever assessed by the USGS. The estimated petroleum resources in the Orinoco Oil Belt range from 380 to 652 billion barrels of oil (at a 95 and 5 percent chance of occurrence, respectively). The Orinoco Oil Belt is located in the East Venezuela Basin Province." "

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97. Claim made that Miami Florida had Haiti Disaster Response Drill day before Earthquake
Edited on Tue Jan-26-10 12:01 AM by CrunchMaster
"On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA's technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system. On Wednesday, DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts."

Assuming this story is true(can't find confirmation in the Official Conspiracy Theory press), it is another in a long line of convenient coincidences.

Sounds just like the drills going on, on 9/11. And the drills going on before the London 7/7 bombing.

If anyone sees a legit link to confirm what this Bob Brewin guy wrote(no Alex Jones please), please post it.

More here from Chossudovsky and globalresearch:

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Response to Reply #97
98. Disaster Relief Conference was being held in Haiti right before Earthquake + More COLORADO
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Disaster Relief Conference in Haiti right before Earthquake(Florida USAF/Southcom Officer in Attendance)
A statement released by Peggy Bourland stated Ken was in Haiti on a routine trip with his job at Southcom.

According to the statement, Ken Bourland sent an e-mail from his hotel room, on the second floor, to his wife and three sons moments before the earthquake.

This was the last contact we had with him. Therefore, we are almost 100 percent certain he was in the hotel, possibly in his room, when the earthquake struck, the statement read. The USAF and the people of Southcom have informed us of the various rescue teams currently working at the Hotel Montana. They are working tirelessly to rescue Ken and the many others trapped beneath the rubble. We are so thankful for their effort.


Ken was one of a group of five people representing the Air Force at a conference, Adrienne Bourland said.

She said the conference consisted of several different Caribbean countries, representatives from the United Nations, and other non-governmental organizations involved in disaster relief, including Samaritans Purse, American Red Cross, etc. The team helps prepare countries for assistance.

Ken is the only one of his group still missing, Adrienne Bourland said Monday afternoon."

Claim Southcom Miami Florida was running a Haiti Relief Test Right before Earthquake
"On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA's technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system."

Colorado all over Haiti right before Earthquake
In addition to Colorado Newmont Mining mucking around in Haiti for Gold with a gaggle of Canadian prospectors, and Colorado Project C.U.R.E. which happened to be at the quake epicenter at Leogane before the earthquake, AND the University of Colorado students doing a two week case study on a hospital in Leogane before the earthquake... there were also HCJB Global missionaries of Colorado mucking around in Haiti before the earthquake.

"The quake struck while an HCJB Global engineer was in Port-au-Prince to repair an automation system for partner radio station Radio Lumire. The engineer and three other technical workers, including two volunteers from the U.S., escaped injury. Operated by the Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti, Radio Lumire is a radio ministry with a network of nine stations that reaches 90 percent of Haitis population. Radio station 4VEH, operated by cooperating ministry One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) in Cap-Haitian, was not damaged by the temblor."

Wiki on Colorado based HCJB Global
"World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc., also known as HCJB Global, is a corporate entity and nonprofit, noncommercial, interdenominational worldwide missionary organization with headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado." .
If the link doesn't work just type "World Radio Missionary Fellowship" into

So many coincidences

Did I already mention in this thread the Neo-Nazi thugs caught and then released in Colorado after threatening to assassinate Obama?

FBI Wanted Obama Plotters Charged, But A Rove Appointee Said No
We noticed last week that it was awfully peculiar that Colorados U.S. Attorney, Troy Eid, had so airily dismissed conspiracy charges against the three white-supremacist tweakers who were caught planning to assassinate Barack Obama at last weeks Democratic National Convention in Denver. /

Did I already mention how someone in Colorado let Terrorist Mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki escape apparently so he could drag the U.S. into another war front in Yemen?

Will the mainstream bought off and compromised corporate toe-sucking American media report on any of the real underlying reasons WHY AMERICA IS BEING DESTROYED FROM WITHOUT AND WITHIN?

Don't count on it.

Let me make something clear... I am not claiming the vast majority of relief workers and others tied up in this were knowingly up to no good. And I am not bashing on COLORADO..I am bashing on a handful of assholes WITHIN Colorado. So no hard feelings Coloradians. Every state has its fair share of assholes.
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Response to Reply #85
126. Chile + Earthquakes + Copper Mining + Destabilization & Privatization
Edited on Thu Mar-11-10 03:36 PM by CrunchMaster
History of Nationalization vs.Privatization & U.S. Interest in Chile's Mining Sector
In 1970, Senator Salvador Allende, a Marxist and member of Chile's Socialist Party, who headed the "Popular Unity" (UP) coalition of socialists, communists, radicals, and dissident Christian Democrats, won a plurality of votes in a three-way contest and was named President by the Chilean Congress. His program included the nationalization of private industries and banks, massive land expropriation, and collectivization. Allende's program also included the nationalization of U.S. interests in Chile's major copper mines.

U.S. and Nixon mucking around in Chile
Salvador Allende ran again in the 1970 presidential election, winning a narrow plurality (near 37%). U.S. president Richard Nixon stated his fear that Chile could become "another Cuba", and the U.S. cut off most of its foreign aid to Chile and supported Allende's opponents in Chile during his presidency, intending to encourage Allende's resignation, his overthrow, or his defeat in the impending election of 1976.<12> To this end, the Nixon administration clandestinely funded independent and non-state media and labor unions.

U.S. Destabilization Efforts in Chile
Immediately after the Allende government came into office, the U.S. sought to place pressure <14> on the Allende government to prevent its consolidation and limit its ability to implement policies contrary to U.S. and hemispheric interests, such as Allende's total nationalization of several U.S. corporations and the copper industry. Nixon directed that no new bilateral economic aid commitments be undertaken with the government of Chile.

End result of Chile destabilization efforts was Pinochet's seizure of power
Simultaneously, opposition media, politicians, business guilds and other organizations, helped to accelerate a campaign of domestic political and economical destabilization, some of which was helped by the United States.<33><35> By early 1973, inflation was out of control. The crippled economy was further battered by prolonged and sometimes simultaneous strikes by physicians, teachers, students, truck owners, copper workers, and the small business class. On 26 May 1973, Chiles Supreme Court, which was opposed to Allende's government, unanimously denounced the Allende disruption of the legality of the nation. Although, illegal under the Chilean constitution, the court supported and strengthened Pinochet seizure of power.<30><36>

And that is exactly what the Toe Suckers and Ass Flagellators on the American supreme court just did and it is what they did to put Bush in power in 2000
Manchurian Candidates: Supreme Court allows China and others unlimited spending in US elections /

Chilean Supreme Court in 1973 Paved Way For Pinochet's Military Dictatorship
Finally, a military coup overthrew Allende on September 11, 1973. As the armed forces bombarded the presidential palace of (Palacio de La Moneda), Allende reportedly had committed suicide.<37><38> A military junta, led by General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, took over control of the country. The first years of the regime were marked by human rights violations. On October 1973, at least 72 people were murdered by the Caravan of Death.<39> According to the Rettig Report and Valech Commission, at least 2,115 were killed,<40> and at least 27,265 <41> were tortured (including 88 children younger than 12 years old).<41> A new Constitution was approved by a