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- What is up with Hillary's supposedly not having read stuff? No Elephants Mon Feb-04-13 03:14 AM2
- US economy shrinks for first time since 2009 No Elephants Mon Feb-04-13 02:22 AM7
- Happy Groundhog's Day (I guess) No Elephants Mon Feb-04-13 02:21 AM9
- Get a grip. No Elephants Mon Feb-04-13 01:45 AM5
- More like reality than satire. Teacher sues parents, students for loss of her merit pay. madfloridian Sun Feb-03-13 11:17 AM1
- Meet Senator Markey. Scott Brown decided not to run No Elephants Sun Feb-03-13 11:11 AM6
- Don't forget to wear something red today for women's heart health awareness. No Elephants Sat Feb-02-13 06:55 AM3
- Strange interview with Michelle Rhee in the NYT. Odd questions. madfloridian Sat Feb-02-13 06:50 AM2
- Geraldo. No Elephants Sat Feb-02-13 06:50 AM2
- Al Jazeera headlines this morning: No Elephants Sat Feb-02-13 05:31 AM1
- This is my first Truman speech post. No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 03:14 PM5
- The more the Catholic hierarchy changes, the more it stays the same. No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 02:25 PM6
- Sen Menendez reimbursed donor $58.5K for 2 trips (But, wait...there's more.) No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 02:18 PM4
- Ex-CIA Agent, Whistleblower John Kiriakou Sentenced to Prison While Torturers He Exposed Walk Free No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 12:56 PM5
- As she leaves, Clinton sounds warning over Syria No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 09:53 AM2
- Zimbabwe's bank balance stands at $217 (Now THAT'S a fiscal cliff.) No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 02:05 AM2
- Gov. Patrick passes over Barney Frank and Vicki Kennedy to choose No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 02:03 AM4
- Hagel tells Congress he's ready to act on Iran, if needed No Elephants Fri Feb-01-13 01:48 AM4
- Syria confirms Israeli airstrike No Elephants Thu Jan-31-13 07:49 AM1
- Falling through the cracks in Obamacare No Elephants Thu Jan-31-13 07:24 AM2
- Priest, parochial school teacher both molested same altar boy 10 or younger No Elephants Thu Jan-31-13 06:30 AM2
- Chesapeake's Departing CEO (Another "shining" example of the 1%) No Elephants Thu Jan-31-13 06:28 AM2
- Jim Nabors, 82, marries Stan Cadwallader after 38-year relationship. No Elephants Thu Jan-31-13 05:27 AM1
- Morning Joe actually had a great show today. I'm stunned. No Elephants Thu Jan-31-13 12:16 AM2
- Are you permitted to say anything controversial over here?? kentuck Wed Jan-30-13 03:02 PM14
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, born 130 years ago today No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 03:00 PM5
- February Celebrations. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 02:19 PM11
- 94-3 vote for Senator Kerry to become the next Secretary of State! Divine Discon... Wed Jan-30-13 02:15 PM4
- Euro surges to 14-month high, Fed decision awaited No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 02:13 PM2
- Al Gore on Morning Low TODAY. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 02:11 PM2
- On today's show of Mrs. Greenspan, aka Andrea Mitchell, Andrea grills Hillary. Must see TV, if No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 02:03 PM2
- Ancient Chinese Curse: "May you live in interesting times." No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 09:48 AM3
- Why should politicians or media take us seriously? No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 08:39 AM4
- Al Gore on Morning Joe NOW. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 07:21 AM0
- Facts do not matter anymore. Sorry I've been so slow to get that. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 07:20 AM5
- Bobby Jindal: "We've gotta stop being the stupid Party." No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 07:09 AM4
- Egypt army chief warns state could collapse No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 06:01 AM2
- Cats! Killers of billions of birds & mammals annually (graphic pic) Divine Discon... Wed Jan-30-13 05:58 AM6
- In unusual move, Feingold calls out fellow Democrat Baucus by name. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 04:57 AM4
- Postage goes up a whole penny today. Watch the media make that seem like a big deal. No Elephants Wed Jan-30-13 04:55 AM9
- JFK's letter of recommendation to Harvard from his father rpannier Wed Jan-30-13 03:12 AM8
- Obama lauds Clinton during unprecedented joint T.V. interview. No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 11:56 PM5
- Ben Affleck's Argot won the top prize at SAG. (Golden Globes, too). No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 11:37 PM6
- Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 10:49 PM5
- Special Insp. Gen. for TARP says Treasury Dept. failed to rein in excessive pay. No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 05:15 PM1
- Charter school company hired felon on probation. He stole $202, 837. madfloridian Tue Jan-29-13 08:44 AM5
- Bankrupt firm's owners took out millions No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 08:41 AM3
- Really? Is this what we've come to? No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 08:38 AM4
- Retired Cardinal Roger Mahony - another turd. No Elephants Tue Jan-29-13 08:34 AM7
- FL $64 million for charter school upkeep, zero for public schools this year madfloridian Tue Jan-29-13 08:29 AM4
- Pyrotechnics start club fire in Brazil; only exit blocked; 230 dead No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 09:20 PM4
- Chiune Sugihara, Japan Diplomat Who Saved 6,000 Jews During Holocaust, Remembered formercia Mon Jan-28-13 09:17 PM5
- More media bs on "entitlements" No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 12:18 PM3
- Egypt's Morsi declared 30 day state of emergency in areas of unrest No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 12:13 PM3
- UAE tries 94 over alleged plot to seize power. No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 08:32 AM2
- Exclusive: Japan eased safety standards ahead of Boeing 787 rollout No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 07:00 AM1
- Senators reach deal on immigration changes. No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 06:39 AM1
- Jo White to lead SEC (Looks hopeful at first blush) No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 05:57 AM6
- Court rules Obama's appointments unconstitutional No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 05:45 AM3
- I am very sorry to say this, but I think Melissa Harris Perry is a twit. No Elephants Mon Jan-28-13 05:44 AM5
- West Continues to Drift into Democrats' Column No Elephants Sun Jan-27-13 07:13 PM3
- Kickoff of School Choice week in LA. says choice mostly for "kids of color". madfloridian Sun Jan-27-13 07:06 PM1
- Beware of surcharges for using a credit card that will be allowed, starting tomorrow. No Elephants Sun Jan-27-13 06:15 PM4
- Same gender wife is Fort Bragg Spouse of the Year. No Elephants Sun Jan-27-13 09:47 AM2
- Bruised Republicans vow to give party's image a makeover No Elephants Sun Jan-27-13 09:44 AM2
- Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton, clash of titans (Rand Paul is a Titan?) No Elephants Sun Jan-27-13 07:28 AM9
- Newtown residents to join gun control march in DC No Elephants Sun Jan-27-13 07:02 AM1
- High school senior identifies as 'LGBT teen' while accepting award for Class Actor Contrary1 Sun Jan-27-13 12:17 AM6
- Do any of you know Enthusiast Sat Jan-26-13 11:01 AM7
- "Gonna wash that man right out of my hair." Sung by WAVE Officer Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 07:48 AM5
- Moody's warns European banks need more cash No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 07:02 AM3
- France sees no sign Syria's Assad will be toppled soon No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 06:42 AM3
- Russia says West to blame for arms used by Mali rebels No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 05:38 AM5
- Attention blood pressure sufferers. Hug someone you know and trust. No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 03:41 AM14
- Battle in Seattle. Teachers take stand against high-stakes test on stuff not taught. madfloridian Sat Jan-26-13 03:09 AM2
- Dolours Price, Irishwoman at center of IRA tapes story, found dead at home No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 03:07 AM2
- Countrywide: "If they can fog a mirror, fund them." No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 02:27 AM7
- "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 02:24 AM9
- Yeayyyy. Good news. "Factory activity gains speed, jobless claims drop." No Elephants Sat Jan-26-13 02:17 AM4
- Practically human: Can smart machines do your job? (Spoiler alert: yes) No Elephants Fri Jan-25-13 07:34 AM3
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