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- Crist's political hat trick: Former GOP governor, independent candidate announces switch to Dem No Elephants Sat Dec-08-12 11:22 PM3
- Nurse who fell for prank call to Kate's hospital found dead. No Elephants Sat Dec-08-12 03:30 PM2
- On women's issues. No Elephants Sat Dec-08-12 03:12 PM1
- Taxes would not go up on incomes less than 305,000 Divine Discon... Sat Dec-08-12 10:50 AM8
- Please watch this podcast of Moyers and Company if you did not see the 12/7 show. No Elephants Sat Dec-08-12 09:34 AM2
- Medicare emerging as prime target in U.S. "fiscal cliff" talks No Elephants Sat Dec-08-12 04:07 AM3
- Ohio's For-Profit White Hat Charter Schools nearing one billion in revenue from state. madfloridian Fri Dec-07-12 06:10 PM1
- Was this the final straw for McConnell and the Republican Senate leadership rpannier Fri Dec-07-12 09:46 AM5
- Woman shot during zombie argument No Elephants Fri Dec-07-12 05:56 AM8
- Palace of first Chinese emperor unearthed No Elephants Fri Dec-07-12 05:37 AM8
- DeMint Is Leaving The Senate Me. Thu Dec-06-12 09:03 PM3
- Merry Xmas....enjoy your Decorations... formercia Thu Dec-06-12 06:40 PM4
- It's December 6. Happy St. Nicholas Day (unless you are Orthodox). No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 06:33 PM1
- World's oldest woman (as far as we know) dies at 116. Secrets to longevity: No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 11:31 AM6
- 'Socialism,' 'capitalism' top 2012 words No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 11:16 AM2
- Florida media specialist given bad evaluation for students she never taught. Not fair. madfloridian Thu Dec-06-12 10:58 AM4
- Senate Republicans vote against treaty to benefit the disabled. No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 10:52 AM7
- Judge orders drunk driving teen to, among other things, attend church for 10 years. ACLU sues. No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 08:29 AM1
- West Point cadet quits, cites 'criminal' behavior of officers No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 06:54 AM2
- President Obama indicates flexiblity on cliff negotiation issues. No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 06:49 AM1
- As the exalted holidays of Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year approach, I am feeling... No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 06:38 AM6
- 100,000 and 200,000 demonstrate in Cairo, more demonstrations in other Egyptian cities No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 02:43 AM2
- Deal reached to end L.A. port strike No Elephants Thu Dec-06-12 02:25 AM2
- Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, is knocked up and in hospital for morning sickness. No Elephants Wed Dec-05-12 10:54 AM6
- Trouble in the Tea Party? Dick Armey quits Freedom Works No Elephants Wed Dec-05-12 09:31 AM6
- Report: Fox News reduces Rove's role (Dick Morris, too) No Elephants Wed Dec-05-12 07:24 AM1
- Boehner comes up with a a li'l sumpfin for the ladies. No Elephants Wed Dec-05-12 06:27 AM1
- An example of a very flawed teacher evaluation. Teacher of Year unsatisfactory. madfloridian Wed Dec-05-12 06:12 AM1
- How about some "love" and attention... madfloridian Wed Dec-05-12 04:38 AM14
- Ten fresh faces to watch in new Congress No Elephants Wed Dec-05-12 03:44 AM3
- The utter insanity of blaming teachers only and letting parents and students off the hook. madfloridian Tue Dec-04-12 01:17 PM4
- Egypt increases security. (I hope Egypt will not turn into another Syria.) No Elephants Tue Dec-04-12 10:07 AM1
- Congress Will Only Be In Session 139 Days Next Year Me. Tue Dec-04-12 08:59 AM7
- White House 'cliff' offer gets GOP cold shoulder No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 01:39 PM4
- Senate must ease filibuster rules No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 01:37 PM10
- So, it's Christmas again at the White House. No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 01:32 PM3
- Folks, very little of the news from my usual sources interested me today. That is all. No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 01:01 PM2
- Five Things You Should Know About the FCC’s Big Media Giveaway Enthusiast Mon Dec-03-12 12:58 PM1
- As punishment for fighting, principal bullies students homophobically. No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 12:54 PM4
- How Congressional Republicans And Fox News Displayed Their Profound Debt Ceiling Ignorance Enthusiast Mon Dec-03-12 12:34 PM1
- Children fight for a spoonful of food each in Aleppo, Syria (video) No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 05:36 AM1
- U.K., France may recall envoys to Israel No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 04:51 AM0
- Attention, Future Lottery Winners. No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 04:46 AM8
- A modest proposal. Cap the total amount that each member of Congress can No Elephants Mon Dec-03-12 04:44 AM2
- Death at School: Parents Fight Back Against Deadly Discipline No Elephants Sat Dec-01-12 11:05 AM1
- UK; gangs, most male, groom and sexually abuse thousands of schoolchildren. No Elephants Sat Dec-01-12 11:02 AM1
- Israeli Gasoline, meet Arab fire. No Elephants Sat Dec-01-12 09:38 AM1
- I hate to be the one to break this to you, but litigators make money from lawsuits to enforce No Elephants Sat Dec-01-12 09:27 AM1
- Investment banking meets philosophy meets comedy? No Elephants Sat Dec-01-12 09:17 AM1
- Gov. Jindal's private school voucher program ruled unconstitutional. madfloridian Sat Dec-01-12 07:30 AM2
- Chicago Teachers Union: School closings, charter schools used to resegregate district. madfloridian Sat Dec-01-12 07:28 AM1
- Two heartwarming stories. Enjoy. No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 12:16 PM1
- Usually, I play ostrich with environmental bad news because it's too depressing and No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 10:58 AM1
- UN vote recognizes state of Palestine; US objects No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 10:15 AM2
- Syria: Internet, airport access, some telephone connectivity gone; flights suspended. No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 09:57 AM2
- Man pleads guilty to 'domestic terrorism' No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 09:54 AM2
- Special report: After a bashing, BOJ weighs "big bang" war on deflation (Bank of Japan) No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 09:54 AM2
- Good on Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 09:46 AM10
- The Massachusetts equivalent of the John Edwards trial is now underway. No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 09:09 AM2
- Grover Norquist, Glory Days? Soul of the New Machine. madfloridian Fri Nov-30-12 08:11 AM3
- Republicans are now asking for Kerry by name, instead of Susan Rice.. No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 06:58 AM5
- Labour holds off Ukip in byelections rpannier Fri Nov-30-12 05:51 AM0
- As I was saying about the home mortgage interest deduction.... No Elephants Fri Nov-30-12 01:06 AM6
- Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 12:28 PM4
- A woman I met through Freecycle here in Indy is breaking my heart... Contrary1 Thu Nov-29-12 07:16 AM7
- Fiscal "cliff"--another reason for Wall Street's mouthpieces to whine about "uncertainty." No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 02:07 AM4
- Good news and bad news: "BP suspended from new US gov't contracts" No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 01:03 AM2
- Manning argues that charges be dropped No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 12:41 AM3
- Here we go: "Obama, Romney to meet at White House Thursday" No Elephants Thu Nov-29-12 12:27 AM3
- Gay conversion therapy--It's not just for "Christian" nutters anymore. No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 05:44 PM2
- Protesters strip down in Boehner's office (Oh, no they di-int!) No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:51 PM1
- Egyptian courts suspend work to protest Morsi move No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:36 PM1
- 'Two and a Half Men' actor apologizes No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 04:22 PM3
- Ukip: the party that's coming in from the cold rpannier Wed Nov-28-12 10:51 AM3
- French right on verge of collapse as talks fail rpannier Wed Nov-28-12 10:48 AM5
- OK, Maddow laid out the Susan Rice thing and I now get it. No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:42 AM2
- U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito to run for a W.Va seat in the U.S.Senate. Rockefeller to retire? No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:36 AM2
- Finally got my answer on why so many started saying "Bowles Simpson" instead of "Simpson Bowles." No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:34 AM2
- Speaking of the fiscal cliff (and who isn't?), No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:31 AM2
- Bonds, Clemens, Sosa set to show up on Hall ballot No Elephants Wed Nov-28-12 10:10 AM2
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