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- House Republicans blink. Considering short term increase on debt limit. No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 05:00 PM3
- In case you've wondered about the value of the White House as real estate, No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 05:00 PM1
- Algerian army surrounds hostage-takers (relates to Mali) No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 12:43 PM2
- Yesss! But....what about Chuck Hagel? No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 12:19 PM2
- Lance Armstrong doped; Jody Foster gay. Say it with me: Duh! No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 10:51 AM2
- Mark "Appalachian Trail' Sanford wants to run for Congress again. No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 10:50 AM2
- Syrian horrors continue. 106 massacred in Homs; 80 dead in Aleppo, others elsewhere-same day. No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 05:24 AM1
- Intel's weak outlook, spending hikes unnerve Wall Street--S & P at 5 yr. high No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 05:22 AM1
- Advice columnist Pauline Friedman Phillips, aka Dear Abby, dead at 94. No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 05:11 AM1
- Obama signs entitlements for former Presidents and their wives and kids into law. No Elephants Fri Jan-18-13 03:24 AM0
- Unregulated charter school finances wasting taxpayer money with rampant fraud. madfloridian Thu Jan-17-13 02:22 PM4
- Obama wants McDonough for Chief of Staff No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 11:08 AM3
- Foreclosures down in some states; short sales up. No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 09:22 AM3
- Did federal prosecutors hound 26 year old computer "wunderkind"Swartz to suicide? No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 07:27 AM2
- Firebrand cleric raises fear of "soft coup" in Pakistan No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 07:14 AM2
- {Supposedly} Obama extends presidential power in bypassing Congress on gun control. No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 07:12 AM2
- For the life of me, I cannot figure out why so many rank and file Democrats have taken to No Elephants Thu Jan-17-13 06:59 AM15
- The Obama for whom I so eagerly voted in 2008 just finished a press conference. No Elephants Wed Jan-16-13 04:45 PM7
- French forces take action against Mali Islamists No Elephants Wed Jan-16-13 04:40 PM10
- NY charter school founder cheated state out of $70,000. Failed to pay taxes 2005-2010 madfloridian Wed Jan-16-13 04:19 PM5
- Check it out... Leopolds Ghos... Wed Jan-16-13 05:36 AM2
- Elementary Social Security. kentuck Tue Jan-15-13 11:58 AM4
- John Walker Lindh wins right to pray with fellow Muslims in federal prison No Elephants Tue Jan-15-13 10:20 AM4
- With a D- in student achievement, an F in funding, Florida makes Top 10 in nation's schools. madfloridian Tue Jan-15-13 09:30 AM2
- Panetta: Cuts, freezes possible in March No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 02:24 PM3
- Trail of Cheetos Leads to Store Robber formercia Mon Jan-14-13 02:10 PM6
- Obama taps Hagel for Pentagon, Brennan for CIA No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 10:07 AM12
- Seems I, and I alone, am to blame for mass shootings. I can't say how sorry I am. No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 08:48 AM2
- School janitors and other non=teaching personnel beginning to take gun courses. No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 08:41 AM2
- Obama, Karzai agree: It's time to wind down war No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 08:29 AM2
- No prosecution for NBC's David Gregory (for possessing firearms without a license) No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 08:19 AM3
- Elvis would have been 78 this past week. Some very cool stories about other singers meeting him. Divine Discon... Mon Jan-14-13 08:18 AM2
- Government tells all computer users to disable Java. No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 08:10 AM6
- Mother Crusader, NJ parent blogger, has righteous rant about ed reformers. Good read. madfloridian Mon Jan-14-13 08:05 AM3
- Jodie Foster's Lifetime achievement speech brings tears and applause Divine Discon... Mon Jan-14-13 06:15 AM2
- Flu season--a time when friction is healthy. No Elephants Mon Jan-14-13 05:57 AM6
- Just so you know, I cannot bring myself to post on some of the No Elephants Sun Jan-13-13 08:20 AM14
- Analysis: Wage rise a relief for U.S. workers, but Fed is watching No Elephants Sat Jan-12-13 07:32 AM1
- NJ Transit needlessly lost $100 million of government equipment in Sandy. No Elephants Sat Jan-12-13 07:25 AM1
- Bradley Manning given credit for time served for excessively harsh treatment - oh, how gracious! Divine Discon... Sat Jan-12-13 03:28 AM9
- FAA to review of Boeing 787, but calls plane safe No Elephants Sat Jan-12-13 02:09 AM1
- Can haz prizon brake? No Elephants Fri Jan-11-13 01:49 AM2
- Israel's Netanyahu rival moots center-left alliance for No Elephants Fri Jan-11-13 01:45 AM6
- Esquire writes about Michelle Rhee and the empire she built. madfloridian Fri Jan-11-13 01:23 AM5
- Dean Baker: Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary seafan Thu Jan-10-13 08:16 AM7
- Typical media propaganda bullshit No Elephants Thu Jan-10-13 07:59 AM7
- When did political parties become cult-like? No Elephants Thu Jan-10-13 07:52 AM15
- Sharia law to require women to ride motorcyles "side saddle" No Elephants Wed Jan-09-13 07:16 AM3
- Bird feeder sparks hope for future of U.S. economy formercia Wed Jan-09-13 06:38 AM4
- Dishonest Chuck Toad No Elephants Wed Jan-09-13 05:12 AM8
- Bank of America in $10B-plus mortgage settlement No Elephants Wed Jan-09-13 05:07 AM4
- Michelle Rhee's group gave D and F grades to most states in this countryl madfloridian Tue Jan-08-13 10:18 AM3
- HAPPY New Year, emphasis on happy No Elephants Tue Jan-08-13 09:57 AM4
- Anthem Blue Cross seeks to raise individual policyholders' rates (up to 25%) No Elephants Tue Jan-08-13 09:44 AM4
- Fed settles mortgage abuse with 10 banks No Elephants Tue Jan-08-13 09:27 AM2
- Conn. politician apologizes after saying Giffords should 'stay out of my towns' No Elephants Tue Jan-08-13 08:58 AM1
- WH was key to $64 billion of corporate welfare in fiscal cliff bill--and it's only 2 months to No Elephants Tue Jan-08-13 06:58 AM1
- Study shows hot chocolate tastes better in orange mugs. No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 06:39 AM5
- Baltimore Sun: Why Al Jazeera buying Current TV is a good thing for media, country. madfloridian Mon Jan-07-13 05:26 AM2
- Current's Distributors dropping Al Jazeera No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 05:01 AM3
- S&P 500 finishes at five-year high on economic data` No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 04:18 AM2
- Emerging from the shadows: US covert drone strikes in 2012 No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 03:58 AM2
- Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 03:50 AM3
- Massachusetts, meet your new Secretary of Education. madfloridian Mon Jan-07-13 03:13 AM5
- Frontline highlights possible fraud by Michelle Rhee in student testing. No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 03:06 AM2
- Spying on Americans, phase 2 No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 03:04 AM2
- Syrian president to give speech No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 03:01 AM2
- Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, Untold History of U.S. "Obama wolf in sheep's clothing" No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 02:48 AM2
- Anglican Bishops may have same gender unions--but may not have same gender sex No Elephants Mon Jan-07-13 02:44 AM3
- Obamas face protestors while vacationing in Hawaii No Elephants Sun Jan-06-13 02:05 PM1
- Iraq seen as major arms buyer by 2020 (may switch from U.S. to Russia) No Elephants Sun Jan-06-13 01:54 PM1
- Obama terror drones: CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals No Elephants Sun Jan-06-13 01:08 PM1
- No Elephants Sun Jan-06-13 01:05 PM1
- Largest FEC fine ever, $375K, imposed on 2008 Obama campaign No Elephants Sun Jan-06-13 12:46 PM1
- Nebraska report favors new Keystone XL route No Elephants Sun Jan-06-13 12:35 PM1
- Current TV. How Gore had a chance for a revolution and failed. madfloridian Sat Jan-05-13 11:39 PM4
- Sweden honors WWII hero with commemoration day formercia Sat Jan-05-13 11:33 PM4
- Every now and again, something will make me curious about a poster's DU profile. No Elephants Sat Jan-05-13 09:56 AM5
- Harmony Science Academy, Gulen, Turkish connected, gets almost 30 mil from feds. madfloridian Sat Jan-05-13 06:33 AM2
- Obama Golfing in Hawaii With Pal Arrested in Prostitution Sting No Elephants Sat Jan-05-13 06:08 AM2
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