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- OK, this might be a little lighthearted for this board Warpy Thu Apr-27-06 07:34 PM4
- The New Lies About Women's Health MountainLaure... Wed Apr-26-06 09:15 AM4
- Pulse check [View All] lukasahero Wed Apr-26-06 09:04 AM33
- Anyone going to Michfest? politicat Tue Apr-25-06 12:41 AM0
- Is anyone here on the Feminists group going to be in NYC ThomCat Mon Apr-24-06 07:32 PM9
- Do you know about "Equal Pay Day"? Tues 4/25 lukasahero Mon Apr-24-06 03:20 PM0
- A thought, or question, for this group... Sparkly Sun Apr-23-06 07:02 PM6
- I had not searched for the Feminism board before [View All] ThomCat Sat Apr-22-06 09:55 AM24
- I'm absolutely in awe of you all...! bliss_eternal Fri Apr-21-06 01:01 PM1
- Speaking of upper-class, head-in-the-sand happy housewife nonsense... atommom Thu Apr-20-06 08:43 PM15
- "Theory of Rape" bloom Thu Apr-20-06 08:41 PM9
- To the lurkers...welcome cally Thu Apr-20-06 05:28 PM9
- What, you mean THAT is offensive? [View All] Heddi Thu Apr-20-06 02:35 PM22
- Christian and feminist? melnjones Wed Apr-19-06 11:08 PM7
- Request: Feminist Theory for Dummies lwfern Wed Apr-19-06 01:27 PM12
- Male athletes, rape, Duke, etc. bloom Tue Apr-18-06 10:09 PM16
- DU on the Duke indictments -- read it and weep nashville_bro... Tue Apr-18-06 09:23 PM12
- Interesting article--a woman physician speaks of the true nature bliss_eternal Tue Apr-18-06 12:07 PM2
- What's the deal with hiding threads? bliss_eternal Tue Apr-18-06 01:10 AM5
- Democrats should change their position on choice cally Tue Apr-18-06 12:53 AM2
- back on the pill... a question-------- Katherine Bre... Mon Apr-17-06 10:57 PM6
- Another sad reminder ismnotwasm Mon Apr-17-06 09:48 PM1
- If you want to see a cesspit... VelmaD Mon Apr-17-06 01:54 PM19
- What I was afraid of all along... bliss_eternal Sun Apr-16-06 05:08 PM14
- Men have easier time with college acceptance cally Sat Apr-15-06 08:53 AM14
- katherine harris' boobs mopinko Thu Apr-13-06 01:27 AM18
- Any JK Rowling fans see her new piece on body image? Chovexani Fri Apr-07-06 04:31 PM5
- Hi. Go read this. Please. Seriously. It's worth it the time. Thanks! Solly Mack Fri Apr-07-06 01:19 PM1
- My outrager just broke: Campaign to repeal 19th Amendment. politicat Fri Apr-07-06 08:02 AM12
- Invitation omega minimo Fri Apr-07-06 01:05 AM3
- Did I just degrade women? brainshrub Thu Apr-06-06 04:40 PM10
- Marriage...a relic of an age when women were property...? [View All] TheBorealAven... Thu Apr-06-06 11:47 AM40
- Not feminism-related... RadFemFL Thu Apr-06-06 09:45 AM13
- The married name-change thing [View All] geniph Tue Apr-04-06 11:45 PM80
- Did anyone watch Big Love, the polygamy drama on HBO...? [View All] bliss_eternal Sun Apr-02-06 09:56 PM23
- Time for me to rant...steamy pics of model who endorses candidate cally Sat Apr-01-06 10:50 PM9
- Disturbing NPR radio piece bloom Sat Apr-01-06 08:18 PM10
- Why I write not of men (from Bitch Ph.D.) atommom Sat Apr-01-06 05:53 PM6
- Re-post from Lounge: Anti-Choicers Build Naked Statue of Britney Spears BlueIris Thu Mar-30-06 11:22 AM17
- Update on Mississippi abortion ban--please help... bliss_eternal Wed Mar-29-06 07:50 PM0
- Big Love, HBO's polygamy drama-- bliss_eternal Wed Mar-29-06 05:05 PM8
- Rant Katherine Bre... Wed Mar-29-06 10:21 AM17
- South Dakota Tribe to set up Planned Parenthood...! bliss_eternal Wed Mar-29-06 12:58 AM0
- NIH Announces 5 New Members of Commission on Research into Women's Health MountainLaure... Tue Mar-28-06 04:15 PM1
- The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part IV (March Wrap-Up) Katherine Bre... Tue Mar-28-06 04:11 PM1
- Feminine Products you don't know what to do with [View All] Sparkly Tue Mar-28-06 09:04 AM22
- This is so frequent,... bliss_eternal Mon Mar-27-06 10:53 PM11
- Coming up on Laura Flanders tonight (7 to 10 PM ET)... wildflower Sun Mar-26-06 08:07 PM1
- I am So Fucking Angry Katherine Bre... Sat Mar-25-06 10:03 PM4
- Question (re: abnormal Pap smear) Katherine Bre... Sat Mar-25-06 12:46 AM6
- Stop the Gendercide Against Women Triana Fri Mar-24-06 11:52 PM2
- No, I will not wear makeup at work! [View All] geniph Fri Mar-24-06 12:02 PM25
- Women "Happier as Homemakers" BS: Time to Recheck the Data Triana Fri Mar-24-06 12:02 AM15
- Good post on Porn and "Freedom of Speech" bloom Thu Mar-23-06 12:56 PM2
- "Sending Emails of Support to OC Rape Survivor" bloom Tue Mar-21-06 11:47 PM18
- I almost had an aneurysm last night-- Katherine Bre... Tue Mar-21-06 09:13 PM14
- The Dark Underside to Nanny McPhee bleedingheart Tue Mar-21-06 07:05 PM3
- Mr. Meritocracy is at it again... [View All] bliss_eternal Tue Mar-21-06 10:10 AM21
- Anyone hear about this? Was Greg Haidl sentenced today...? bliss_eternal Mon Mar-20-06 06:57 PM15
- Pregnant bellies auctioned as ad space on eBay atommom Mon Mar-20-06 11:50 AM0
- Thoughts on "The Return of Patriarchy": bloom Sun Mar-19-06 08:15 PM1
- Housework by "Default" [View All] Sparkly Sun Mar-19-06 11:06 AM27
- To cover or not to cover.... Little girls, nudity and shame. politicat Sun Mar-19-06 12:55 AM15
- Desperate Feminist Wives (from Slate) atommom Sat Mar-18-06 12:34 PM16
- Not posting numbers after all: Found Zogby Numbers error. politicat Thu Mar-16-06 11:57 PM4
- Since when do MEN get to tell us how we should feel about rape? politicat Wed Mar-15-06 06:55 PM19
- The numbers don't lie BuffyTheFundi... Wed Mar-15-06 06:34 PM8
- Pornography, rape, power, control, etc. bloom Wed Mar-15-06 10:26 AM14
- Let's take our pulses [View All] omega minimo Wed Mar-15-06 01:36 AM22
- The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part II Katherine Bre... Tue Mar-14-06 09:38 PM6
- I'm curious about multiple pregnancies and sexual desire cally Mon Mar-13-06 09:18 PM3
- The Next Wave: Feminism in the 21st Century, Part I Katherine Bre... Sun Mar-12-06 08:21 PM3
- I am getting really pissed off in GD lately... (rant.........) [View All] Katherine Bre... Fri Mar-10-06 03:09 AM25
- Personal stories about reproductive rights geniph Thu Mar-09-06 11:14 PM11
- CornField Thu Mar-09-06 10:09 PM1
- My blog dedicated to International Women's Day RadFemFL Thu Mar-09-06 08:25 PM4
- Self delete... bliss_eternal Thu Mar-09-06 04:42 PM0
- My GD thread on Int'l Women's Day is dropping... VelmaD Wed Mar-08-06 02:07 PM1
- Have a nice and busy 8th of March, folks mogster Wed Mar-08-06 05:40 AM0
- Blog Against Sexism March 8th? omega minimo Tue Mar-07-06 08:20 PM7
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