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Reply #33: It is nice that Asia is "looking toward" us. How flattering. [View All]

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JDPriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-25-11 07:41 PM
Response to Reply #13
33. It is nice that Asia is "looking toward" us. How flattering.
But they need to buy more of our products. Trade is one way, and that cannot work. They export, and we import. We can't be number one when we have dwindling and next to no industrial capacity compared to China.

I do not believe that Asia is looking toward us at all. They are buying cheap Chinese goods just like everybody else. Haven't they ever heard about those sales where you get a great offer and then when you get in the store you learn that the item has been sold out? That is where we are on free trade. Our leaders promised us a good deal and then forgot and sold out.
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  -The International Monetary Fund has just dropped a bombshell, and nobody noticed. safeinOhio  Apr-25-11 05:29 AM   #0 
  - recommend  xchrom   Apr-25-11 05:30 AM   #1 
  - Bullshit; China's per capita GDP is way behind the US; plus the US military...  AllTooEasy   Apr-26-11 03:34 AM   #56 
     - "plus the US military could easily blow China away and just take their wealth."  johnroshan   Apr-26-11 04:27 AM   #60 
     - I don't want to see it done. That would be immorally insane!!!  AllTooEasy   Apr-26-11 01:27 PM   #68 
     - hardly  SemperEadem   Apr-26-11 05:52 AM   #63 
  - Once there was the American Dream...  LAGC   Apr-25-11 05:33 AM   #2 
  - Brother, can you spare a renminbi (yi yuan)?  hlthe2b   Apr-25-11 05:40 AM   #3 
  - Did you mean  dipsydoodle   Apr-25-11 05:48 AM   #4 
     - Sure did... Hey it's only 4 AM here in my defense...  hlthe2b   Apr-25-11 05:59 AM   #6 
        - PST then I guess  dipsydoodle   Apr-25-11 06:04 AM   #8 
           - Yup...  hlthe2b   Apr-25-11 06:11 AM   #9 
              - Yes - another holiday Friday for "The Wedding"  dipsydoodle   Apr-25-11 06:29 AM   #10 
  - Maybe nobody noticed 'cause many of us believe that the U.S. has for some time been on track to  No Elephants   Apr-25-11 05:52 AM   #5 
  - well as long as they can keep people thinking we are still in it the better.  ejpoeta   Apr-25-11 05:59 AM   #7 
     - if people would actually wake up and pay attention  madlefty   Apr-25-11 07:06 AM   #11 
  - The wordplay is priceless!  sasquuatch55   Apr-25-11 07:22 AM   #12 
  - The story in a nutshell.  seafan   Apr-25-11 07:49 AM   #13 
  - It's bizarre that you think a GDP per capita more than 4 times China's is "nothing"  muriel_volestrangler   Apr-25-11 08:23 AM   #15 
  - You can hardly advocate for international economic competition, and then call the winners  Romulox   Apr-25-11 05:40 PM   #29 
  - Per Capita is FUCKING RETARDED  Hawkowl   Apr-26-11 03:49 AM   #57 
     - It's better than taking the entire GDP of a country, though, isn't it?  muriel_volestrangler   Apr-26-11 05:13 AM   #62 
  - It is nice that Asia is "looking toward" us. How flattering.  JDPriestly   Apr-25-11 07:41 PM   #33 
     - clarification  orangeapple   Apr-25-11 10:56 PM   #41 
     - this mite of slipped your mind  whathappened   Apr-26-11 06:30 AM   #64 
        - You should have read past the headline  orangeapple   Apr-26-11 10:33 AM   #66 
           - The problem is the export of jobs. And don't ascribe the lack of jobs to  JDPriestly   Apr-26-11 12:52 PM   #67 
              - a few things  orangeapple   Apr-26-11 02:56 PM   #69 
                 - I disagree with you.  JDPriestly   Apr-27-11 02:33 AM   #72 
     - China has to look toward us. Our middle class still has a lot of money collectively.  rhett o rick   Apr-25-11 11:12 PM   #42 
  - Alas, Babylon. nt  raccoon   Apr-25-11 08:13 AM   #14 
  - And what age will it be when that China bubble bursts?  aquart   Apr-25-11 08:24 AM   #16 
  - When their bubble bursts...  Javaman   Apr-25-11 09:41 AM   #19 
  - I know nothing about India. Think they're alike?  aquart   Apr-25-11 09:44 AM   #20 
     - Not so much a like as all that part of the worlds economy is  Javaman   Apr-25-11 10:40 AM   #21 
  - Not before we stop subsidizing them with massive interest payments.  AtheistCrusader   Apr-25-11 04:48 PM   #25 
  - The size of your GDP isn't everything. It isn't even that big a deal. Who cares if we're #1?  pampango   Apr-25-11 08:34 AM   #17 
  - The question is how much of our standard of living do we owe to being the world's largest economy.  dkf   Apr-25-11 10:52 AM   #22 
  - Standard of living is much more related to GDP per capita than to GDP alone.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Apr-26-11 01:13 AM   #50 
  - The impoverishing of the average American has not made our country more equitable.  Romulox   Apr-25-11 05:38 PM   #28 
  - GDP isn't everything, as this amazing video of Chinese ghost malls and cities shows  Poll_Blind   Apr-25-11 08:50 AM   #18 
  - They could shoot similar footage in Las vegas or Florida  KurtNYC   Apr-25-11 01:30 PM   #24 
     - AND we give them a couple hundred billion a year in interest.  AtheistCrusader   Apr-25-11 04:50 PM   #26 
        - Where did you read it was that much?  Major Hogwash   Apr-25-11 10:46 PM   #39 
           - Here.  AtheistCrusader   Apr-26-11 12:58 AM   #49 
              - Technically the lion's share of the debt is held by Americans  liberation   Apr-26-11 02:32 AM   #54 
                 - I certainly don't blame China/others for buying our debt, we sold it to them.  AtheistCrusader   Apr-26-11 09:35 AM   #65 
                    - Huh?  liberation   Apr-26-11 06:34 PM   #70 
                       - SS isn't debt but  AtheistCrusader   Apr-26-11 11:39 PM   #71 
  - The IMF is as credible as Faux News  StarburstClock   Apr-25-11 11:50 AM   #23 
  - Our GDP dwarfs that of Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, France etc.  DFW   Apr-25-11 04:59 PM   #27 
  - Well, you can also compare the GDP of the US vs. the GDP of the EU  liberation   Apr-26-11 02:41 AM   #55 
  - China's economy leans on a real estate bubble waiting to pop  abelenkpe   Apr-25-11 05:54 PM   #30 
  - Zeitgeist Move Forward  mountainlion55   Apr-25-11 07:24 PM   #31 
  - I've seen the films and am sympathetic, but have no hope for it.  Moostache   Apr-26-11 12:09 AM   #47 
     - Now that's a post I can applaud.  Enthusiast   Apr-26-11 03:57 AM   #58 
  - So they will be the biggest economy, so what?  RB TexLa   Apr-25-11 07:27 PM   #32 
  - Does this mean I'm not going to be rich some day?  BobbyBoring   Apr-25-11 07:43 PM   #34 
  - 2016: Tigers and Black rhinos become extinct.  WinkyDink   Apr-25-11 07:45 PM   #35 
  - This is propaganda for austerity, little more.  JackRiddler   Apr-25-11 07:57 PM   #36 
  - rev'rent  tiny elvis   Apr-26-11 02:05 AM   #53 
  - Oh, baby! Excellent post!  Enthusiast   Apr-26-11 04:03 AM   #59 
  - And won't this signal...  SHRED   Apr-25-11 08:43 PM   #37 
  - I'm in the wong country  pitchforksandtorches   Apr-25-11 09:02 PM   #38 
  - So if Obama gets re-elected  WatchWhatISay   Apr-25-11 10:54 PM   #40 
  - IMF, World Bank suck ass. Who gives a fuck about their new world order.  lonestarnot   Apr-25-11 11:25 PM   #43 
  - We don't lose with this  autorank   Apr-25-11 11:27 PM   #44 
  - SafeinOhio, many of us have followed for 30 years and thank you for keeping it up! n/t  Mimosa   Apr-25-11 11:27 PM   #45 
  - So international trade may be managed with Chairman Mao bills soon?  Kablooie   Apr-25-11 11:39 PM   #46 
  - I hope all those right wing voters choke on this.  Firebrand Gary   Apr-26-11 12:10 AM   #48 
  - Not if we get out of the unfair trade agreements.  grahamhgreen   Apr-26-11 01:46 AM   #51 
  - So we did buy that rope. Not surprising.  Safetykitten   Apr-26-11 01:52 AM   #52 
  - so?.....  madrchsod   Apr-26-11 04:37 AM   #61 

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