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Reply #112: And they're available in all sizes, from toddler to XXXL, too. [View All]

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MineralMan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-19-11 03:36 PM
Response to Reply #104
112. And they're available in all sizes, from toddler to XXXL, too.
I see them everywhere. Now, getting kids to wear them between the ages of 10 and 18 is another matter. But, you can buy them anywhere.
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  -Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps cbdo2007  Apr-19-11 12:46 PM   #0 
  - The problem arises when all the other girls are dressing like tramps  slackmaster   Apr-19-11 12:48 PM   #1 
  - I think it will be easy to tell my daughter she won't fit in.  cbdo2007   Apr-19-11 12:50 PM   #4 
  - Really? Isn't that what parents are for? I mean parenting.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 12:55 PM   #8 
  - "It's kind of hard to tell your child he or she can't fit in."  pintobean   Apr-19-11 12:50 PM   #5 
  - Not hard for me at all.  Fuzz   Apr-19-11 01:04 PM   #17 
  - Same here  pintobean   Apr-19-11 01:10 PM   #23 
  - not hard to tell my kids no. i am good at it. i believe i had someone tell me on here  ejpoeta   Apr-19-11 01:21 PM   #33 
     - and with boys, it was hard. i wouldnt let and they didnt like tshirts with snarky or disrespectful  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 01:24 PM   #38 
        - i was so mad!! finally i think i found some regular clothes at a store called priceless kids  ejpoeta   Apr-19-11 01:28 PM   #42 
        - right there with you. i also went out recently and i am seeing the style shift a tad where  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 01:30 PM   #46 
        - There's always Sears and JC Penney. If that fails,  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:29 PM   #45 
        - There are t-shirts out there with  SheilaT   Apr-19-11 02:53 PM   #104 
           - And they're available in all sizes, from toddler to XXXL, too.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 03:36 PM   #112 
           - my oldest always wanted those shirts. my youngest always wanted something on the shirt  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 04:50 PM   #122 
  - i had a parent tell me that once. so not hard for me. at all. not even  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 12:59 PM   # 
  - Seriously...  Cid_B   Apr-19-11 01:13 PM   #26 
  - I always let his mom handle those situations when I had a child in the house  slackmaster   Apr-19-11 01:31 PM   #47 
  - No it's not hard. Act like a parent.  emilyg   Apr-19-11 01:15 PM   #28 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Apr-19-11 01:23 PM   #37 
  - It wasn't hard for me!  JuniperLea   Apr-19-11 01:25 PM   #39 
  - I proudly tell my girls that often doing the right thing...  CoffeeCat   Apr-19-11 01:31 PM   #49 
  - yup yup yup. and when kids were young may have been tough, but older  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 01:34 PM   #51 
  - You're a parent first, not their friend  IrishBuckeye   Apr-19-11 01:34 PM   #50 
  - We're fighting that  CRK7376   Apr-19-11 02:13 PM   #78 
  - It was never hard for my mom...  a la izquierda   Apr-19-11 02:21 PM   #87 
  - Why not? It's a good look.  Warren DeMontague   Apr-19-11 12:48 PM   #2 
  - I agree.  tabatha   Apr-19-11 12:50 PM   #3 
  - FWIW, i see little girls wearing clothes that, when i was in HS (90s), would have  dionysus   Apr-19-11 12:52 PM   #6 
  - I dunno, but the writer sounds kinda pervy to me.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 12:53 PM   #7 
  - I've seen little girls who look like this  cali   Apr-19-11 12:56 PM   #10 
  - Well, I guess Christ himself will soon be walking amongst us,  Bunny   Apr-19-11 12:57 PM   #11 
  - Well, if you read the whole article, the writer goes on and  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:01 PM   #14 
  - None of that means you couldn't walk into, say, JC Penney's and see large light-boxed  patrice   Apr-19-11 01:01 PM   #15 
  - I'm a woman pushing 50 and concur w/observation cited in OP. Juicy is the branding of  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 01:02 PM   #16 
  - I admit that I had not heard of that brand.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:05 PM   #19 
  - And there is now also BABY CLOTHING proclaiming the infant "Juicy".  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 01:08 PM   #22 
  - Juicy babies? Keep them off my lap, please...  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:15 PM   #27 
  - If you don't want your kid  XemaSab   Apr-19-11 01:48 PM   #59 
  - Dad should burn those clothes? You should see the rest of the line  jberryhill   Apr-19-11 02:17 PM   #82 
  - .  snooper2   Apr-19-11 01:59 PM   #68 
  - Teens wearing this? um, no biggie. 8 year olds, yeah, that's just...yuck.  krabigirl   Apr-19-11 08:58 PM   #143 
  - +1 MineralMan nails it.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 01:23 PM   #36 
  - Reading the article, I think it's made up.  darkstar3   Apr-19-11 01:43 PM   #57 
  - Do these look made up to you?  jberryhill   Apr-19-11 02:14 PM   #79 
     - No shit, Sherlock, but of course I wasn't talking JUST about the pants.  darkstar3   Apr-19-11 02:19 PM   #84 
  - You've never seen the "juicy" pants?  TalkingDog   Apr-19-11 01:54 PM   #66 
  - Juicy is a fairly popular brand of misses clothing  jberryhill   Apr-19-11 02:06 PM   #71 
  - That's a woman, not a little girl.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 02:47 PM   #102 
     - Yah, well, I didn't reproduce their entire catalog for the purpose of showing you it is a brand  jberryhill   Apr-19-11 07:21 PM   #128 
     - also made in kids sizes for 6 year olds very popular about 8 years ago in NYC  bettyellen   Apr-19-11 07:44 PM   #136 
  - i've seen it before.  dionysus   Apr-19-11 02:06 PM   #73 
  - My daughter  Dorian Gray   Apr-19-11 02:26 PM   #92 
  - I agree. The "hottest thing in the terminal was 8 years old?" Sounds like he's dealing with a  readmoreoften   Apr-19-11 07:39 PM   #134 
  - Yep. If he can't find a hootchily-dressed adult woman atthe airport, he's lookng too long at the 8  elehhhhna   Apr-20-11 07:19 AM   #145 
  - One of my "favorite" sights here in Cupcake Land occurs at our community festivals where you'll  patrice   Apr-19-11 12:55 PM   #9 
  - Beg to differ.  The Backlash Cometh   Apr-19-11 12:58 PM   #12 
  - At what point in those ten years do you say no  pintobean   Apr-19-11 02:10 PM   #75 
  - I never said no.  The Backlash Cometh   Apr-19-11 02:30 PM   #96 
  - Yep. And when were Bo Derek cornrows on a whitegirl EVER sexy  elehhhhna   Apr-20-11 07:23 AM   #146 
     - I love the way you ran that word together. "whitegirl."  The Backlash Cometh   Apr-20-11 10:41 AM   #147 
     - It's very common for white women/girls coming back from Jamaica.  Shandris   Apr-20-11 11:11 AM   #149 
        - I know -- it's cuteish until you get that sunburn on your multiple hair partings...  elehhhhna   Apr-20-11 04:49 PM   #150 
  - Nothing new here, really.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 12:59 PM   #13 
  - I dunno, but your story sounds kinda pervy to me.  cbdo2007   Apr-19-11 01:04 PM   #18 
  - I remember it because it was so shocking to me.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:06 PM   #20 
     - Riiiiight......  cbdo2007   Apr-19-11 01:28 PM   #43 
        - I think I'll post as I please, but thanks for the analysis.  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:31 PM   #48 
        - good points. I agree, I don't think the author is a pervert  ecstatic   Apr-19-11 02:59 PM   #106 
  - Back in the early to mid 70s..  left coaster   Apr-19-11 01:16 PM   #29 
     - I never saw a 13 or 14 year old wearing anything like that,  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:27 PM   #41 
        - I'm with you, MM...  PCIntern   Apr-19-11 03:13 PM   #107 
  - A discussion could be had about whether clothing can be sexually provocative at all-  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 01:07 PM   #21 
  - dear adults, dont leer at little kids, even if they run around naked  La Lioness Priyanka   Apr-19-11 01:12 PM   #24 
  - I think I love you. nt.  vim876   Apr-19-11 01:19 PM   #31 
  - :*  PeaceNikki   Apr-19-11 01:21 PM   #34 
  - +100  MineralMan   Apr-19-11 01:35 PM   #53 
  - Why do little kids like to wear halters?  kwassa   Apr-19-11 01:50 PM   #62 
  - why not? maybe they like the look? maybe its comfortable in the heat  La Lioness Priyanka   Apr-19-11 02:02 PM   #69 
  - WRONG: It's not about leering. It's about kids learning to get attention by being provocative.  TalkingDog   Apr-19-11 02:06 PM   #72 
  - Your response stinks of victim blaming.  jtown1123   Apr-19-11 02:28 PM   #94 
  - Yet no one ever gets blamed for taking precautions ahead of time.  cbdo2007   Apr-19-11 02:35 PM   #100 
  - Fashion Victim? Identity Fraud Victim? What are we talking here?  TalkingDog   Apr-19-11 07:35 PM   #132 
  - But children aren't "provocative" (in the sexual sense which is what the OP is about)  riderinthestorm   Apr-19-11 07:57 PM   #139 
     - Point out where I mention sexuality AT ALL. Now who is ASSuming?  TalkingDog   Apr-20-11 11:01 AM   #148 
  - +1  krabigirl   Apr-19-11 08:59 PM   #144 
  - It's really hard not to dress young girls as prosti-tots when  madmom   Apr-19-11 01:12 PM   #25 
  - So true. Try finding jeans that aren't low and skin-tight  Sabriel   Apr-19-11 01:29 PM   #44 
  - Low-rise jeans are literally all my gf can find for her six-year-old.  Codeine   Apr-19-11 02:27 PM   #93 
     - I was going to call bullshit  Alcibiades   Apr-19-11 03:39 PM   # 
     - walk in on niece sittin on floor with her baby. half her buttcrack visible.  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 04:56 PM   #124 
  - I was unaware that dressing a certain way at 13...  vim876   Apr-19-11 01:17 PM   #30 
  - Parents let their kids play with dolls that look like prostitutes (Bratz)  IrishBuckeye   Apr-19-11 01:20 PM   #32 
  - How do tramps dress?  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 01:21 PM   #35 
  - So in your opinion, there's no such thing as sexually provocative clothing?  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 01:26 PM   #40 
     - Sigh.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 01:39 PM   #56 
  - I stayed at a hotel where they had one of those beauty pageants going on.  Initech   Apr-19-11 01:34 PM   #52 
  - So females who dress or are dressed by someone else in a way PERCEIVED by others as provocative  Heidi   Apr-19-11 01:35 PM   #54 
  - is that what the article said? i didnt read that. but didnt read the full story. nt  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 01:37 PM   #55 
  - The article never came close to saying that. Here's a quote from the end of the article  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 01:48 PM   #60 
  - Is getting checked out by adults considered violence?  XemaSab   Apr-19-11 01:49 PM   #61 
  - I think the poster was extrapolating the anti-woman bias  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 01:53 PM   #64 
     - Thank you. Exactly.  Heidi   Apr-19-11 02:15 PM   #81 
  - We have a winner!  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 01:50 PM   #63 
  - Winner? Did you read the article? Apparently you don't think it's possible to  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 01:54 PM   #65 
  - I didn't say that.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 02:04 PM   #70 
  - I LOATHE the term "tramp."  Heidi   Apr-19-11 01:55 PM   #67 
     - It's usually a catch-word for any woman in control of her own sexuality  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 02:13 PM   #77 
        - that too is printed on little girl shirts. nt  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 02:15 PM   #80 
           - So what?  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 02:19 PM   #85 
              - so what? exactly what you say in your post. why do you take it beyond  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 02:21 PM   #88 
                 - I think we're having trouble defining our terms.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 02:25 PM   #90 
                    - agreed. stamping tramp on a childs chest means nothing to the child.  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 04:48 PM   #121 
  - "Juicy" printed on your kid's ass is hard to attribute to "perception"  jberryhill   Apr-19-11 02:07 PM   #74 
  - The person in your photo is not an eight-year-old child.  Heidi   Apr-19-11 02:11 PM   #76 
     - It's marketed to pre-teens  jberryhill   Apr-19-11 02:21 PM   #86 
     - One's perception is one's own responsibilty.  Heidi   Apr-19-11 02:33 PM   #98 
     - Whether or not its perceived as sexy by any adult ignores how it sexualizes young girls-  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 02:23 PM   #89 
        - Different discussion.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 06:49 PM   #126 
           - but this is the problem, ... the adult world feeds into the kids world and with the net  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 07:23 PM   #129 
              - you are right.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 07:40 PM   #135 
  - Very much so. We all need to wear burqas to not tempt anyone.  uppityperson   Apr-19-11 02:18 PM   #83 
  - This is simply a logical progression of the madonna/whore dichotomy.  darkstar3   Apr-19-11 01:45 PM   #58 
  - Yes, in the big picture, it is.  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 02:28 PM   #95 
  - I concur that the writer got way too turned on by a child.  latebloomer   Apr-19-11 02:26 PM   #91 
  - Most little girls don't know why that clothing generates a response.  davsand   Apr-19-11 02:32 PM   #97 
  - 99% of American Parents are fucking MORONS.  BeHereNow   Apr-19-11 02:35 PM   #99 
  - my step daughter's mother is constantly dressing her like a tramp  ladywnch   Apr-19-11 02:36 PM   #101 
  - She's still dressed for the beach. Anyone sexualizing 8 yr olds at the beach?  riderinthestorm   Apr-19-11 02:49 PM   #103 
  - well said. nt  La Lioness Priyanka   Apr-19-11 02:55 PM   #105 
  - Kids wear goofy stuff. I'm perfectly ok with that. It's adults who know better than to sexualize it  riderinthestorm   Apr-19-11 03:21 PM   #109 
  - You forgot the SHOULD in your subject line  lapislzi   Apr-19-11 07:58 PM   #140 
     - I understand what you're saying but I didn't mean it like that.  riderinthestorm   Apr-19-11 08:46 PM   #142 
  - Push-up bra bikinis isn't sexualizing 8 year old girls?  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 03:39 PM   #114 
     - yes it is but sexualizing is diff from finding a 8 year old sexy  La Lioness Priyanka   Apr-19-11 06:47 PM   #125 
  - Yeah, I agree with this.  Withywindle   Apr-19-11 03:36 PM   #111 
  - Yes, you can sexualize an 8 year old on the beach. Abercrombie/Fitch sells push up bra bikinies  KittyWampus   Apr-19-11 03:39 PM   #113 
     - No! An 8 year old at the beach in a bikini isn't sexy, at all. Period.  riderinthestorm   Apr-19-11 07:48 PM   #137 
  - Tell us how tramps dress so everybody can make sure to avoid that.  Bluebear   Apr-19-11 03:14 PM   #108 
  - I met two teenage Saudi girls on Saturday. They were dressed in traditional attire, veils and all.  slackmaster   Apr-19-11 03:51 PM   #116 
  - These are $48 shorts!  Alcibiades   Apr-19-11 03:25 PM   #110 
  - Some may be missing the point of the entire article. Author objects to the sexualization of it all.  pinto   Apr-19-11 03:49 PM   #115 
  - Thanks for responding pinto....  cbdo2007   Apr-19-11 04:16 PM   #119 
  - "everyone is ignoring the actual article...focus on a word or two here"  Teaser   Apr-19-11 07:35 PM   #131 
  - i agree. i tried to raise the point, there is the same issue with boys. tshirts reinforcing boys  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 07:39 PM   #133 
  - Parents that let their kids dress in that hypersexualized crap should be charged with neglect.  Odin2005   Apr-19-11 03:55 PM   #117 
  - Maybe we need 4 or 5 more threads  ohheckyeah   Apr-19-11 03:56 PM   #118 
  - The author sounds like a pedophile and a perv  TNLib   Apr-19-11 04:33 PM   #120 
  - I Trust Parents -- And I Trust Girls  zorahopkins   Apr-19-11 04:51 PM   #123 
  - why do you trust them?  Teaser   Apr-19-11 08:25 PM   #141 
  - Parents, don't raise your boys to be pigs  eowyn_of_rohan   Apr-19-11 07:02 PM   #127 
  - Parents shouldn't cater to their sons....  Darth_Kitten   Apr-19-11 07:53 PM   #138 
  - driving on busy road, people turning, stopping, pulling out. an highschool girl walking down the  seabeyond   Apr-19-11 07:30 PM   #130 

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