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Reply #11: ROFLMAO! [View All]

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lonestarnot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-13-11 10:36 PM
Response to Reply #8
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  -Ok. Looks like Joe wasn't impressed. On edit he was just checking out the inside of his eyelids. lonestarnot  Apr-13-11 10:26 PM   #0 
  - I estimate as many as 5 million "Joes" and "joses" in the US, itself...  hlthe2b   Apr-13-11 10:28 PM   # 
  - Mr. Vice President fell asweep.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:30 PM   #2 
     - ahh... during the speech... oopsie...  hlthe2b   Apr-13-11 10:35 PM   #8 
        - ROFLMAO!  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:36 PM   #11 
  - just a teency bit more info is needed here  ReggieVeggie   Apr-13-11 10:28 PM   #1 
  - I guess the speech was given during Mr. Vice President's knappy time.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:31 PM   #4 
  - Biden? Leiberman? The Plumber? DiMaggio?  tularetom   Apr-13-11 10:30 PM   #3 
  - Biden.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:32 PM   #5 
     - how many people you know his age or thereabouts  CatWoman   Apr-13-11 10:33 PM   #6 
        - In boot camp, I learned how not to nod off, and I'm close to his age.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:34 PM   #7 
           - LOL  CatWoman   Apr-13-11 10:36 PM   #9 
              - Oh fuck. Hope you weren't hiking the Grand Canyon!  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:37 PM   #12 
                 - LOL  CatWoman   Apr-13-11 10:48 PM   #18 
                    - I knew I liked you CatWoman!  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:48 PM   #19 
                       - ....  CatWoman   Apr-13-11 10:50 PM   #21 
  - useless without pictures!  inna   Apr-13-11 10:36 PM   #10 
  - I'm to medicare age to remember how to post them.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:38 PM   #13 
  - Here's a link.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:40 PM   #14 
     - thanks!  inna   Apr-13-11 10:44 PM   #16 
  - He's just doing his job  notesdev   Apr-13-11 10:42 PM   #15 
  - Shootemintheface fell asleep more times than I can count on both hands.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:45 PM   #17 
  - Maybe he's exhausted...  DianaForRussFeingold   Apr-13-11 10:49 PM   #20 
  - Poor ting.  lonestarnot   Apr-13-11 10:53 PM   #22 
  - You know... I don't imagine he gets much sleep!  DianaForRussFeingold   Apr-13-11 11:26 PM   #24 
  - Looks to me like he is praying.  Marie Marie   Apr-13-11 11:16 PM   #23 
  - In Joe's defense,  bvar22   Apr-14-11 12:13 PM   #25 

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