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Reply #1: Duh!! [View All]

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malaise Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-09-11 09:03 AM
Response to Original message
1. Duh!!
We knew that - we said that. Ah well!!
Imperialism gone mad.
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  - FALSE PRETEXTS in LIBYA intervention called out by IRAQ WMD lies Whistle-Blower Distant Observer  Apr-09-11 08:13 AM   #0 
  - Duh!!  malaise   Apr-09-11 09:03 AM   #1 
  - BUT look at the poor deluded folk following Libya social network propaganda every day  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 09:21 AM   #2 
  - Yep, the thousands of dead Libyans  tabatha   Apr-09-11 09:37 AM   #4 
  - +rec  meow mix   Apr-09-11 09:48 AM   #6 
  - How UNINFORMED. It is not a sig photo, but an example of why we believe the propaganda  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:01 AM   #11 
     - False equivalency.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:04 AM   #12 
     - women are raped by police in the us. should canada bomb us?  Hannah Bell   Apr-09-11 12:22 PM   #70 
     - We did not miss that story. What we did miss were the  sabrina 1   Apr-09-11 12:52 PM   #77 
        - Unfortunately, those women were too "black" to matter. Or AC360 would have them on  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 01:26 PM   #78 
     - If there are thousands who support him  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:06 AM   #13 
        - WHY doesn't everyone support OBAMA. He must be demonic if you listen to the haters  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:23 AM   #25 
        - pardon?  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:24 AM   #27 
        - Factional Opposition, coup and assasination attempts documented for decades  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:28 AM   #29 
        - ...  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:29 AM   #30 
        - why does the us "import mercenaries" to fight for it?  Hannah Bell   Apr-09-11 12:24 PM   #72 
  - +1...nt  SidDithers   Apr-09-11 10:59 AM   #46 
  - I never buy BS  malaise   Apr-09-11 09:44 AM   #5 
     - Desmond Tutu  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:27 AM   #28 
        - He said the carnage must stop. He didn't say, let's make it worse.  EFerrari   Apr-09-11 10:48 AM   #37 
        - Have you read anything that Tutu said?  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:51 AM   #40 
           - Have you? Try readng your own post. n/t  EFerrari   Apr-09-11 03:28 PM   #80 
        - Deceptive Practice? Tutu has CALLED FOR END of Conflict by negotiation  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:53 AM   #42 
           - Yes, but he supported the fact that  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:58 AM   #45 
              - Coalition members already acknowledge that NFZ talk and vote was "fig leaf" for strikes  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 05:57 PM   #82 
  - I keep thinking of the fake Contras and the Bay of Pigs. n/t  EFerrari   Apr-09-11 10:08 AM   #14 
     - The fake Contras and the Bay of PIgs  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:14 AM   #19 
        - Precisely. The Contras and the Bay of Pigs originated here. n/t  EFerrari   Apr-09-11 10:46 AM   #35 
           - And the Arab Spring  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:55 AM   #44 
              - Libya is NOT "ARAB SPRING." Arab Spring was USED by long-running armed factional opposition  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:02 AM   #47 
                 - So, it was a Libyan-sourced uprising.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 11:06 AM   #49 
                    - Well documented record of militant opposition since overthrow of theocratic King Idris  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:21 AM   #55 
                       - Sorry, I have found the Asia-Pacific journal  tabatha   Apr-09-11 11:22 AM   #56 
                          - You trust Western media that supported Vietnam, Iraq, Indonesia -- Millions killed?  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:25 AM   #57 
                          - Where did I say who I supported.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 11:51 AM   #62 
                          - The Asia-Pacific Journal post is just a catalog of References Cited -- Go to those!  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:27 AM   #58 
  - Total BS.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 09:37 AM   #3 
  - The Director of National Intelligence testified that it was NOTHING outside  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 09:52 AM   #8 
  - Did you see the video of the  tabatha   Apr-09-11 09:57 AM   #9 
     - If the tea baggers rose up against Obama, what would you expect him to do?  EFerrari   Apr-09-11 10:09 AM   #15 
     - The tea baggers  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:12 AM   #17 
     - The demonstrations in LIbya turned violent almost right away.  EFerrari   Apr-09-11 10:40 AM   #34 
        - Yes, because Gaddafi started shooting at unarmed protesters.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:53 AM   #43 
           - Tabatha, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain is shooting unarmed civilians!!! Please, more civilians are being  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:43 AM   #60 
     - Can you imagine the TEA BAGGERS roaming around with WEAPONS like Libyan opposition??  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 12:02 PM   #65 
     - And they could not be stopped without mass Killing and destruction! Right??  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:13 AM   #18 
        - What are you saying and what are you meaning?  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:16 AM   #20 
           - Where did you get "KILLED VERY FEW PEOPLE," from? They killed a heap of  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:08 AM   #50 
              - I am well aware of the numbers in Iraq.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 11:17 AM   #53 
                 - Don't you understand that we NEVER get real data on locals killed  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:40 AM   #59 
  - A column of military vehicles doesn't PROVE an impending civilian massacre  PurityOfEssence   Apr-09-11 05:20 PM   #81 
  - leave ghadaffi aloooooonne!!  meow mix   Apr-09-11 09:50 AM   #7 
  - Yes, he cannot possibly be the most brutal  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:00 AM   #10 
     - Tabatha, have you ever read a historical treatment of the Libyan Revolution  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:10 AM   #16 
     - That book was wriiten in 1987.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:21 AM   #23 
        - So? It was before the major Western efforts to oust Gaddafi began  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:04 AM   #48 
           - Hobnobbing with Gaddafi  tabatha   Apr-09-11 11:11 AM   #51 
              - NOT IN 1987. Gaddafi's revolution was internally focused. Western assets NATIONALIZED!  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:48 AM   #61 
                 - I am talking about JUST BEFORE THE FEB revolution.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 12:10 PM   #67 
     - Cheap emotionalism belied by the facts  blindpig   Apr-09-11 10:17 AM   #21 
     - Where are your facts to support your contention?  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:23 AM   #26 
     - the most brutal dictator in the world my ass  Hannah Bell   Apr-09-11 12:26 PM   #73 
        - Hannah, It is AMAZING the power of Anti-Gaddafi PROPAGANDA disseminated over the last  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 12:44 PM   #75 
  - Folks, can we at least READ THE PUBLIC SENATE TESTIMONIES as well as twitter $ youtube propaganda??  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:19 AM   #22 
  - The ICC is in Libya this week to investigate war crimes.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:23 AM   #24 
     - Wrong. Tutu, like me, support end of violence, but NOT level of Western Killing ongoing now  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:39 AM   #33 
     - Please read the link  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:52 AM   #41 
     - WRONG! Tuto, supports end of violence, as I do. But NOT mass killing by Coalition on behalf  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 10:46 AM   #36 
        - The coalition has killed very few people.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:48 AM   #38 
  - All is not lost - the Eurofighter makes it's arms sale pitch  Baclava   Apr-09-11 10:31 AM   #31 
  - Probably true.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 10:33 AM   #32 
     - Tabatha, if there was real evidence of genocide, I would be the FIRST WITH YOU!  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:12 AM   #52 
        - I don't know why someone would lie.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 11:19 AM   #54 
           - Have you met Tutu? Mandela? Lived in Africa? I HAVE  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 11:54 AM   #63 
              - I was born there.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 12:06 PM   #66 
                 - Where? If you lived in Libya much of your life then I am shocked by you lack of knowledge, but  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 12:17 PM   #68 
                    - I meant South Africa.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 12:23 PM   #71 
                       - Tabatha, you really have to distinguish FACTS from insinuation and propaganda. We are in a world of  Distant Observer   Apr-09-11 12:38 PM   #74 
                          - I was not going to say this.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 12:48 PM   #76 
                             - also documented fact that several insiders have said there was no basis for intervention.  Hannah Bell   Apr-09-11 01:29 PM   #79 
                             - "sourceable facts"? Please show numbers for the massacres and justify using "genocide"  PurityOfEssence   Apr-09-11 09:33 PM   #84 
  - K+1=R  Shagbark Hickory   Apr-09-11 10:49 AM   #39 
  - I am out of time.  tabatha   Apr-09-11 12:01 PM   #64 
  - kr  Hannah Bell   Apr-09-11 12:21 PM   #69 
  - ^^^  Gravel Democrat   Apr-09-11 06:59 PM   #83 
  - Kick for the most important article re: Libya since the humanitarian bombing began  Gravel Democrat   Apr-10-11 01:25 AM   #85 
  - K&R  The Northerner   Apr-10-11 02:45 AM   #86 

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