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Upset over the "loss of unity" at DU? Gosh, gee, wow, hand wringing, etc... [View All]

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JFN1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-04-11 09:43 PM
Original message
Upset over the "loss of unity" at DU? Gosh, gee, wow, hand wringing, etc...
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I have read quite a few OP's in the last several weeks concerned over the perception of Democratic unity eroding away. People express a variety of emotions when voicing their concerns - a sense of loss, depression, frustration, disillusionment - a lot of unhappiness, to say the least.

A tireless theme in these outpourings is a strange, sideways sort of longing for the days of George W., when we had a "common enemy," and we found that our differences, while still present, were more a distraction than a commentary on Democrats in general - in other words, it was no big deal, because we had a much bigger fight on our hands - personified in the boy king and his cohorts.

I have to agree - the unity Bush spawned has faded and we now find ourselves occupied with trying to convince each other to support the powers that be or risk finding ourselves under the thumb of another Republican like, or worse, than Bushie boy. Sometimes the fear is thicker than spoiled milk.

I can tell you EXACTLY why we have no unity.

We united to get Obama elected, and though many supporters of other candidates were disappointed, they too "came back to the fold" and supported the Democratic nominee all the way into office, and then doggedly kept that support going in the face of disappointment after disappointment after disappointment.

SOME OF US united behind the ideals and ethics and promised actions. SOME OF US never bought into the cult of personality represented by Mr. Obama, or by the Democratic Party.

We united behind a SET OF VALUES we wished to see revived in our culture.

Want some unity again?


When you support a PERSON and not the values you support that person to act upon, you will excuse ANYTHING THEY DO OR DON'T DO which contradicts your OWN VALUES. This ain't friggin' Beverly Hills 90210 -- this is our CHILDREN'S FUTURES. And you want to bitch about disunity instead of working to defend and fight for your values?

Grow the fuck up and stand up for your values instead of living in the false comfort of a persistently dishonest cult of personality. This isn't a goddamn high school popularity contest, and the level of Democratic "hurt feelings" is getting to be pathetic. Supporting a PERSON instead of YOUR VALUES is weak, hypocritical, self-serving, and indicative of a lack of focus on WHO WE ARE.

And perhaps worst of all, it is a selfish betrayal of our potential.

I want, as do countless other people, true unity...but we are NOT going to find it in the box of tissues we keep passing around.

Our values are the ONLY honest unity we EVER had.
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