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Reply #19: video. when you have parents encouraging and teaching kids at 5 [View All]

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seabeyond Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-01-11 08:38 AM
Response to Reply #15
19. video. when you have parents encouraging and teaching kids at 5 /

why wouldnt they

the rap music they are fed, the porn in the house, the everyday conversation of hittin the ho
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  -Toddler Raped, But Her Attackers Shouldn't Be Punished Liberal_in_LA  Mar-31-11 10:25 PM   #0 
  - Heck no.  digitaln3rd   Mar-31-11 10:36 PM   #1 
  - Let me be the first to predict  canetoad   Mar-31-11 10:38 PM   #2 
  - is this what leads to the deleted subthreads?  Liberal_in_LA   Mar-31-11 10:39 PM   #5 
     - Is that a rhetorical question?  canetoad   Mar-31-11 10:42 PM   #7 
  - 7, 8 and 9 year olds? Seriously?  Liberal_in_LA   Mar-31-11 10:38 PM   #3 
  - And just what the hell would a 7 year old  ohheckyeah   Mar-31-11 10:38 PM   #4 
  - If they've been sexually abused, that could've been the beginning for them  SharonAnn   Mar-31-11 10:41 PM   #6 
  - Gimme the details. What, exactly, should we do?  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Apr-01-11 10:31 AM   #23 
  - Hell yeah put em' in state prison  walldude   Apr-01-11 10:36 AM   #24 
  - I think there's some kids who need to be taken away from their parents  XemaSab   Mar-31-11 10:42 PM   #8 
  - well these boys do need some punishment and learn that what they did was brutally wrong  alp227   Mar-31-11 10:55 PM   #9 
  - Some kids are born sociopathic though.  wickerwoman   Mar-31-11 11:20 PM   #10 
  - Most of those "they must've learned it somewhere" theories fail to account for the Internet  Xithras   Mar-31-11 11:35 PM   #11 
     - Normally Curious Children Don't Rape  NashVegas   Apr-01-11 07:51 AM   #15 
        - video. when you have parents encouraging and teaching kids at 5  seabeyond   Apr-01-11 08:38 AM   #19 
        - I Wouldn't Say  NashVegas   Apr-01-11 10:09 AM   #20 
           - they are normal children raised in abnormal environment. nt  seabeyond   Apr-01-11 10:29 AM   #22 
        - Children don't really comprehend rape the way we do.  Xithras   Apr-01-11 10:25 AM   #21 
           - i saw an example of this with my youngest. at a young 12  seabeyond   Apr-01-11 10:37 AM   #25 
           - Children Understand the Use of Force  NashVegas   Apr-01-11 11:33 AM   #28 
              - Yes, but children haven't yet made the connection between force and sex.  Xithras   Apr-01-11 01:18 PM   #29 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Mar-31-11 11:36 PM   #12 
  - It looks like the prosecutors are taking the best possible  LadyHawkAZ   Mar-31-11 11:54 PM   #13 
  - I agree.  OmmmSweetOmmm   Apr-01-11 07:59 AM   #16 
  - We had a budding serial killer who was 6 years old once at the detention center I used to work at.  YellowRubberDuckie   Apr-01-11 07:45 AM   #14 
  - I agree with you. They are still young enough to be taught, and they need to be in a  Ilsa   Apr-01-11 10:54 AM   #26 
  - I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear that those boys have been sexually abused.  raccoon   Apr-01-11 08:03 AM   #17 
  - from the crap in society fed to kids, and the kids ages, mental development  seabeyond   Apr-01-11 08:34 AM   #18 
  - They learn it from siblings and parents...........  Marrah_G   Apr-01-11 11:12 AM   #27 

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