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Reply #5: Several families in my neighborhood had Cold War bunkers in their back yards when I was a kid [View All]

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slackmaster Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-23-11 03:08 PM
Response to Original message
5. Several families in my neighborhood had Cold War bunkers in their back yards when I was a kid
Among those who did were several prominent physicists who had worked on the Manhattan Project or subsequent development of nuclear weapons.
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  -Sales of disaster bunkers to idiots up 1000% Deep13  Mar-23-11 03:02 PM   #0 
  - We're gonna have a wing ding  Kolesar   Mar-23-11 03:05 PM   #1 
  - Awesome, awesome AWESOME song and video.  HughBeaumont   Mar-24-11 10:56 AM   #36 
     - That Be-bop era animation was a trip  Kolesar   Mar-25-11 10:19 AM   #40 
  - Where there are frightened suckers, there's someone who's  Warpy   Mar-23-11 03:06 PM   #2 
  - I don't know if this is a bad personality trait, but...  devils chaplain   Mar-23-11 03:06 PM   #3 
  - If it came to it, it is a decision each person would have to make.  Deep13   Mar-23-11 03:08 PM   #4 
  - When I last visited Mesa Verde (ancient Indian cliff dwellings in CO)  hlthe2b   Mar-23-11 03:15 PM   #8 
     - Not to mention that those sites are believed to have been abondoned due  WatsonT   Mar-25-11 11:06 AM   #42 
  - Several families in my neighborhood had Cold War bunkers in their back yards when I was a kid  slackmaster   Mar-23-11 03:08 PM   #5 
  - One of my first houses had one.  Xithras   Mar-23-11 03:24 PM   #13 
     - My friends and I pumped one out and used it as a photographic darkroom for a summer  slackmaster   Mar-23-11 03:26 PM   #17 
        - This one wasn't in nearly good enough condition for that.  Xithras   Mar-23-11 03:37 PM   #21 
  - Now, if Palin were elected in 2012 ... n/t  RKP5637   Mar-23-11 03:11 PM   #6 
  - P.T. Barnum was right.  ClarkUSA   Mar-23-11 03:15 PM   #7 
  - Except...  devils chaplain   Mar-23-11 03:21 PM   #10 
     - heh  ClarkUSA   Mar-23-11 03:56 PM   #25 
  - Wait until they all crawl in, then padlock them from the outside.  hobbit709   Mar-23-11 03:17 PM   #9 
  - Aren't these the same people who expect to raptured??  dkofos   Mar-23-11 03:22 PM   #11 
  - Those disaster bunkers better be well hidden, secret, secure, and defendable  Urban Prairie   Mar-23-11 03:22 PM   #12 
  - Stock Them WIth  Possumpoint   Mar-23-11 03:29 PM   #20 
  - That was an episode of The Twilight Zone  CrawlingChaos   Mar-24-11 04:03 PM   #39 
  - complete with fake ficus....nt  patrick t. cakes   Mar-23-11 03:24 PM   #14 
  - Funny  Possumpoint   Mar-23-11 03:24 PM   #15 
  - Preparing for the millenium "computer bug" nearly bankrupted an ex co-worker of mine n/t  Urban Prairie   Mar-23-11 03:42 PM   #23 
  - The Generator  Possumpoint   Mar-23-11 04:04 PM   #26 
  - I really have nothing against people who can afford to REALLY prepare for the worst  Urban Prairie   Mar-23-11 04:13 PM   #27 
  - A lot of work was done beforehand to make sure the Y2K bug didn't bite.  hunter   Mar-24-11 10:03 AM   #33 
  - I'm all for being prepared.  Deep13   Mar-24-11 09:22 AM   #31 
  - Making Money Based on the Computer Game Fallout is Awesome  NeedleCast   Mar-23-11 03:25 PM   #16 
  - Vault-Tec was what I thought of too (nt)  TacoD   Mar-25-11 12:33 PM   #45 
  - thank you for that headline.  barbtries   Mar-23-11 03:28 PM   #18 
  - Aren't those the same people who believe we're in the End Times?  lunatica   Mar-23-11 03:28 PM   #19 
  - I bought into one as soon as we we elected a black president.  MidwestTransplant   Mar-23-11 03:41 PM   #22 
  - Maybe a good topic for a movie or better still a "fake" reality TV series  Urban Prairie   Mar-23-11 03:53 PM   #24 
  - Falling Sky.  Javaman   Mar-24-11 10:32 AM   #34 
  - TU - Teabagger Underground  lame54   Mar-23-11 04:16 PM   #28 
  - I don't need one.  provis99   Mar-23-11 06:57 PM   #29 
  - Joke's on them! The world will end on May 21st this year!  EstimatedProphet   Mar-23-11 07:15 PM   #30 
  - McMansions  marions ghost   Mar-24-11 09:40 AM   #32 
  - Best scam ever.  JoeyT   Mar-24-11 10:52 AM   #35 
  - Armageddon?? SOme people must not have enough faith that  Skidmore   Mar-24-11 10:57 AM   #37 
  - Do they lock from the outside?  felix_numinous   Mar-24-11 03:36 PM   #38 
  - You could build one much cheaper on your own.  ileus   Mar-25-11 10:22 AM   #41 
  - Nothing wrong with being prepared and having a plan  WatsonT   Mar-25-11 11:07 AM   #43 
  - My house has a bunker  Sen. Walter Sobchak   Mar-25-11 11:13 AM   #44 

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