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Reply #40: the Anti-Christ was Abraham Vereide.. he created the present GOP >Links> he was a Nazi who taught [View All]

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sam sarrha Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-11-11 11:35 PM
Response to Original message
40. the Anti-Christ was Abraham Vereide.. he created the present GOP >Links> he was a Nazi who taught
that god only loves/bless's the rich, hates and is punishing the poor.. so it is a sin to tax a rich man an a sin to help the poor. sound familure.?

Abraham Vereide's principals/DOGMA is ..the Tax Cuts for the rich, trickle down economics, the New World Order, Globalism.. but who actually runs the GOP..??

these are all Dominionist Principals..!!

the Dominionists work in the Shadows. in 1934 a Nazi refugee Abraham Vereide started what is now the "C st Family", the Christian Fellowship, A.K.A.the Christian Mafia.. and have taken the Evangelical movement into the Dark Side. THEY ARE BY DEFINATION..the Anti-Christ, don't get me wrong, i am a Buddhist i don't believe in the 'Revelation's', but i did grow up in the Free Holyness Pentecostal church. when i was 6 our Sunday school taught us Revelation's. then Romans, Acts, then Revelation's again, but i have a IQ of 164.. so it didn't stick.

the Dominionists believe that God/Jesus only bless the Rich, Wealth and Power is proof of gods Favor of a man/corporation, so it is a sin to tax them. God Speaks directly to the rich/Powerful, the poor must "Submit" totally to their will, and become a slave to god. the poor are being punished by god so it is a sin to help them, or not to torment them.

Trickle Down doesn't mean money, it means only gods blessings to those who followed gods greatest plan and made the rich richer. the New World Order is the Utopian Paradise created when all the worlds poor submit to gods great plan, and become slaves.. the GOP is Theocratic Cargo Cult of OCD psychotic narcissistic wealth/power hoarders.. in the 30's Depression FDR appointed Abraham Vereide to a Cabinet position to start programs for the poor to bring them out of poverty.. Vereide's plan was to start Dominionist evangelical "Revivals" all over the country, only the Poor who came and prayed thru and totally submitted to the Dominion of the rich and Gods great plan would get help. he was replaced ..he immediately began undermining the New Deal.. still the fundamental purpose of the GOP is to repeal the New Deal, because it is the work of Satan, communists and Socialists, all interchangeable.

this is back ground info

... this is one of the best..especially from Straus to making slaves

this is very good

this is older, more is known about them now that Jeff sharlets book is out
the top 1% richest hold 42% of Americas Financial Wealth, 6 times that of the bottom 80% who hold only 7%.. so the top 20% hold 93% of Financial Wealth. that is why there is a Recession.. nearly all the available money has been looted by the rich. there isn't enough left to run an economy.

the GOP's agenda is really obvious.. it is simply Dominionism.. they don't care who they hurt, who dies in the process.. they are Elite Favorites of god who hates the poor under Divine orders to control the World.. no Quarter for unbelievers.

the best books on the subject, he lived with them..wonderful writer

the power the dark side has over the government is frightening, both parties. the dominionists spread by 'Secret' Cells, they are known today as "C street", the family, the fellowship and they refer to themselves as the Christian Mafia... but they are just Nazis.

this really sounds conspiratorial and crazy, but read Sharlets book, cheap on Amazon. i have been researching this for a while. they count on people thinking it's tooo crazy to be true. they are organized and spread in secret cells. people who join are often unaware of what it is, and become indoctrinated. but it really explains all the weird stuff they do. they openly admire the Nazis and murderous dictators. it is always rationalized like.. 'yea, the genocide was unfortunate nut they were really well organized'. it was bad enough before leo strauss amped it up with Machiavellian.. economy of perpetual war, a government that lies and spins the horrible things they do. they have studded morally fallen religious leaders to learn how to spin all the criticism away and come out with opinion poles better than they were before they got caught with their pants down with a homosexual Crack whore.

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