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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-09-11 12:17 PM
Response to Reply #23
43. K/R --
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  -Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 21 (or 23*), Part 3 Catherina  Mar-09-11 10:53 AM   #0 
  - Reuters from eyewitnesses: Gaddafi Bns entered central Zawiya; revos retreated, 40+ dead at least  Catherina   Mar-09-11 10:55 AM   #1 
  - Reports: Revolutionaries in full control of Ben Jawad.  Catherina   Mar-09-11 10:56 AM   #2 
  - LIBYA HURRA -- !!  defendandprotect   Mar-09-11 12:07 PM   #37 
  - Reuters: Libyan government envoys fly to Brussels to talk to European and NATO officials -Italian FM  Catherina   Mar-09-11 10:58 AM   #3 
  - Excellent graph. Thank you so much!  bobbolink   Mar-09-11 11:17 AM   #15 
  - Official explanation for Zawiyah trip cancellation: oil minister giving press conference instead  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:03 AM   #4 
  - CONFIRMED: 2 of Gaddafi's imp. Generals Muftah Anaqrat+Gayth Mohamed Gayth killed in Zawiya yesterda  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:04 AM   #5 
  - Lady calls FreeTv from the protests saying she is a newly wed and her husband is in the front lines  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:06 AM   #6 
  - CONFIRMED: Heavy Artillery is being used by the revolutionaries in Ras Lanuf (Aljazeera)  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:06 AM   #7 
  - CONFIRMED: General Muftah Asuway was killed on Monday in Misurata.  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:07 AM   #8 
  - was Gaddafi's general  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:40 AM   #25 
  - #Gaddafi deploys snipers in Zawiyah  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:10 AM   #9 
  - @bencnn Thanks 4 your courage reporting in #Libya from Ras Lan... bravery, we r indebted to all of u  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:11 AM   #10 
  - Al Arabiya: #Libya offers financial award of 200,000 Dinars ($164,000) 4 capture of Libyan Natl >  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:12 AM   #11 
  - Breaking: The Libyan authorities offer bounty of $400kUSD for capture of rebel leader Mustafa AbdulJ  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:21 AM   #17 
  - Why can't EU governments seize #Gaddafi aircraft while in Europe? Reg 5A-UAA Bombardier Challenger >  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:14 AM   #12 
  - Security Forces in Zawiya have arrested a few families and are using them as human sheilds  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:14 AM   #13 
  - Disappointed in Alarabiya reporting news that shouldn't be reported. Won't mention it for the >>  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:15 AM   #14 
  - #Egypt: Video of Attack on #Tahrir  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:19 AM   #16 
  - NEW VIDEO: Ben Jawad today!  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:26 AM   #18 
  - CONFIRMED: Injured taken to Ben Jawad hospital have DISAPPEARED. Believed 2b killed by #G  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:27 AM   #19 
  - Libyan TV Banner: award of 500,000 LYD to any1 who arrests Abdul jaleel & 200,000 4 info leading >  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:28 AM   #20 
  - picture of the occupied home of Saif in London by the 'topple the tyrants' group  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:31 AM   #21 
  - .Mr. "Montgomery Jones", u are the man!  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:43 AM   #26 
  - #G 5A-UAA Bombardier Challenger 300 confirmed still at Paris Le Bourget Airport  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:37 AM   #22 
  - Reports that Musa Kussa has been detained when he tried to escape from Bab Alaziziya. /OMG hope  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:38 AM   #23 
  - K/R --  defendandprotect   Mar-09-11 12:17 PM   #43 
  - Mohammed Sanusi former heir to throne of Libya-calling for a no-fly zone and aim strikes on #G's AF  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:39 AM   #24 
  - State TV: Libyan authorities offering $575,000 for info leading to capture of head of opposition >  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:44 AM   #27 
  - current time in Tripoli is 7:46 PM on Wednesday, 9 March 2011  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:46 AM   #28 
  - Rapper 50 Cent to make a donation to charity  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:47 AM   #29 
  - #Egypt: Amr Moussa criticized  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:54 AM   #30 
  - EU source: Gadhafi emissary en route for Portugal  Catherina   Mar-09-11 11:58 AM   #31 
  - Telegraph: #G brought pilots from some Arab countries  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:00 PM   #32 
  - #G got airforce support from Syria,Algeria Corrupted regimes are supporting each other  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:02 PM   #33 
  - anti-Qaddafi hold over Ras Lanouf looking tenuous. Saw large reinforcements heading to the front  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:03 PM   #34 
  - If #G has imprisoned Musa Kusa, 1 of most loyal-now "hard-hardliners", where is Saif? Dead from >  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:04 PM   #35 
  - New bombardment in Az-Zawiyah - witness -  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:06 PM   #36 
  - Confirmed countries 4 origin mercs: Guinea, Chad, Zimbabwe, Niger, Syria, Algeria, Serbia, Russia  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:10 PM   #38 
  - huge reinforcements arriving to Zawia from neighbors & scores of #G generals, snipers killed  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:11 PM   #39 
  - UK Foreign Office, NATO confirm weapons seized in #Afghanistan were supplied by #Iran.  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:13 PM   #40 
  - Any progress on legal action against mercenaries? Council in #Benghazi formulating action plan?  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:14 PM   #41 
  - Aerial bombardments all day in Ras #Lanuf, details  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:16 PM   #42 
  - Anyone still reporting on that offer for Gaddafi to leave in 72 hours, with his $$??  defendandprotect   Mar-09-11 12:18 PM   #44 
  - ship carrying wheat flour has arrived in Benghazi.  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:20 PM   #45 
  - 1 of #G snipers killed today in Zawiyah is a Russian merc. Cell phone had numbers of other snipers  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:22 PM   #46 
  - CONFIRMED: Arrival of revolutionaries from Zuwara, Sebrataha, and Western Mountain to help in Zawiya  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:23 PM   #47 
  - #Zawiya: Mothers are happy when they can bury their sons in one piece >  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:24 PM   #48 
  - Benghazi poster: the content of hallucination pills  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:25 PM   #49 
  - LIBYA HURRA -- !!  defendandprotect   Mar-09-11 05:54 PM   #52 
  - CONFIRMED: Zawiya still under the control of revolutionaries  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:27 PM   #50 
  - Part 4 here  Catherina   Mar-09-11 12:28 PM   #51 

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