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Reply #28: URGENT! ppl of Zawiyah city being slaughtered..shot point blank by tanks,heavy artillery [View All]

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Catherina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-05-11 01:57 AM
Response to Reply #14
28. URGENT! ppl of Zawiyah city being slaughtered..shot point blank by tanks,heavy artillery
HeyJude408 Judy
RT @ectoplasmHF RT @jeffwar1 URGENT! ppl of Zawiyah city being slaughtered..shot point blank by tanks,heavy artillery PLS RETWEET!!! #Libya
1 minute ago
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  -Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 17 (or 19*), Part 1 Catherina  Mar-05-11 01:06 AM   #0 
  - Az Zawiya is currently under attack.No word from Tripoli in over 36 hrs. See end of last thread n/t  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:10 AM   #1 
  - UPDATES on Az Zawiyah battle:  pinboy3niner   Mar-05-11 01:21 AM   #6 
  - #Saudi Arabia drafts in up to 10,000 troops ahead of protests planned for next week  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:11 AM   #2 
  - Here's to the brave people who will not live under a tyrant!  The Wielding Truth   Mar-05-11 01:14 AM   #3 
  - Gaddafi Battalions enter town of Zawiya after tanks bombed civilian neighbourhoods.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:16 AM   #4 
  - LIBYA HURRA -- !!  defendandprotect   Mar-05-11 05:56 PM   #59 
  - California Councilwoman Deborah Pauly Calls for Muslim Americans to Be Killed >>  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:21 AM   #5 
  - All mosques in Azawiya are calling citizens to arms. #Libya  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:21 AM   #7 
  - Current time in Tripoli is 9:22 AM on Saturday, 5 March 2011  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:22 AM   #8 
  - Many #Gaddafi snipers in Azawiya now.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:22 AM   #9 
  - Massacre by Gaddafi's forces in Zawiyah on 4-3-2011: 50+ dead, 300+ injured  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:25 AM   #10 
  - Azawiya: Six #G tanks destroyed and all of its crew killed except for one captured.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:26 AM   #11 
  - "The White House expressed renewed alarm" What did u expect-an apology card n box of chocs?  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:28 AM   #12 
  - And she keeps going, and going, and going... K&R!! nt  gateley   Mar-05-11 01:28 AM   #13 
  - #G tanks now shelling all bldgs around Martyrs Square in Azawiya w\ civilian residents still inside  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:32 AM   #14 
  - If Azawiya falls, their blood is on ur hands tribes of Gharyan & Bani Walid who r sitting watching  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:33 AM   #15 
  - Iyad catching polite, kind hell for that remark>>  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:34 AM   #52 
  - being shelled from N now by navy gunboats,,, Fierce battles  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:34 AM   #16 
  - Injured are being executed point blank by #G troops on Azawiya streets  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:35 AM   #17 
  - Attacks on Azawiya are by Khamis Brigade staffed by #Gaddafi loyalist Libyans from Sirt.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:35 AM   #18 
  - massive assault - heavy bombing of the city by tanks & heavy weapons/ mortars  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:52 AM   #25 
  - nothing short of a massacre. Reports of 10 tanks as well as battle ships shooting at the city.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:52 AM   #26 
  - URGENT! ppl of Zawiyah city being slaughtered..shot point blank by tanks,heavy artillery  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:57 AM   #28 
  - Injured people are being executed in the streets of Az Zawiyah, medics tell #AlJazeera.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:03 AM   #30 
     - LIBYA HURRA -- !!  defendandprotect   Mar-05-11 06:04 PM   #60 
  - Shame on the Western countries for encouraging the call to freedom, but suddenly becoming silent >>  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:38 AM   #19 
  - In this emergency situation, a change of government is NO EXCUSE 4 those in power in Tunisia & Egypt  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:39 AM   #20 
  - we as Libyan lost our trust in the intl community,,, unbelievable, 1 man kills whole nation  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:40 AM   #21 
  - Zawia ppl declare Jihad on Qadffi right now.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:41 AM   #22 
  - 12s killed in Zawiya today. May Allah keep my beloved Uncle's family safe. He is petrol engineer >>  Catherina   Mar-05-11 01:44 AM   #23 
  - "They are shooting at the Libyan citizens and we have made up our mid that we will die here"  pinboy3niner   Mar-05-11 01:46 AM   #24 
  - Az Zawiyah Update: "I consider it a total genocide."  pinboy3niner   Mar-05-11 01:55 AM   #27 
     - This is beyond tragic. They were seprated from their brethren and are being slaughtered.  joshcryer   Mar-05-11 02:24 AM   #44 
  - South American, Caribbean nations offer plan  rabs   Mar-05-11 02:01 AM   #29 
  - It's getting a lot of attention in Southern Hemisphere and the Carter Center  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:18 AM   #37 
     - I'm sick of talks being talked about when we've long since past it.  joshcryer   Mar-05-11 02:32 AM   #51 
        - Eagerly awaiting your better solution. n/t  Catherina   Mar-05-11 03:08 AM   #57 
  - Reports now that #Gaddafi troops have failed to take Azawiya and have retreated.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:07 AM   #31 
  - AJ from Azawiya: We have defeated them, they have retreated, there r several destroyed tanks  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:08 AM   #32 
  - 2 tanks bombed in town of Zawiya, 1 more destroyed, some Battalion forces detained.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:09 AM   #33 
  - #G troops ave just retreated,,, but #G snipers are still in the city.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:11 AM   #34 
  - Gaddafi troops have pulled back to their original positions just outside the city.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:20 AM   #38 
     - KR  defendandprotect   Mar-05-11 06:07 PM   #61 
  - ppl chanting whether win or die no other solution, I'm proud of u guys, wish I was with u  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:11 AM   #35 
  - #G troops left their dead & wounded and withdrew. At least five dead and three captured  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:12 AM   #36 
     - Must have missed it  rabs   Mar-05-11 02:27 AM   #47 
        - 1) they're the weakest 2) it is stragetically important  joshcryer   Mar-05-11 02:31 AM   #50 
           - Thanks, sounds logical  rabs   Mar-05-11 02:39 AM   #53 
  - Azawiya: We are expecting another wave of attacks but we are on alert  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:21 AM   #39 
  - Position of #Gaddafi troops in the north of Azawiya still unclear.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:22 AM   #40 
  - -- pulled back to their original positions just outside the city.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:22 AM   #41 
     - Gaddafi forces withdraw but continue to shell city of 100,000 from outside  pinboy3niner   Mar-05-11 02:24 AM   #45 
        - Only partial retreat shelling continues from 3 directions N W E ambulances & injured shot  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:30 AM   #49 
  - Clashes have renewed with #Gaddafi forces. Retreat seems partial but on all fronts  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:23 AM   #42 
  - awya is fighting back and winning (via skynews from inside Zawya)  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:23 AM   #43 
  - I have no doubts that they will persevere, but the toll will be unimagable.  joshcryer   Mar-05-11 02:28 AM   #48 
  - AzZawiya: they brought down the snipers with the missiles they found.  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:24 AM   #46 
  - recent victories... think it's better 4 Libyans 2 do it on their own than to owe 2 foreign power  Catherina   Mar-05-11 02:41 AM   #54 
  - k&r nt  steve2470   Mar-05-11 02:41 AM   #55 
  - Great job Catherina :)  Lars77   Mar-05-11 03:05 AM   #56 
  - Part 2 here  Catherina   Mar-05-11 03:13 AM   #58 

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