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Reply #6: Typical RATpubliCON "Divide and Conquer" politics [View All]

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FreakinDJ Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Feb-26-11 08:27 AM
Response to Reply #1
6. Typical RATpubliCON "Divide and Conquer" politics
next will be Fat People

then people with Handicaps

then people born with disabilities

then Democrats
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  -Maine LD 216--Resolve, To Prohibit Smokers from Receiving MaineCare (Medicaid) Benefits Maine_Nurse  Feb-26-11 08:21 AM   #0 
  - Oh FUCK *THAT* noise  Occulus   Feb-26-11 08:23 AM   #1 
  - Typical RATpubliCON "Divide and Conquer" politics  FreakinDJ   Feb-26-11 08:27 AM   #6 
     - I don't know...seems every Tea Bagger I know of is a smoker.  RagAss   Feb-26-11 08:29 AM   #7 
     - TeaBaggers were ALL over the issue during HCR debates  FreakinDJ   Feb-26-11 08:37 AM   #10 
        - That's strange, because  shimmergal   Feb-26-11 10:32 AM   #19 
     - Then why do the Democrats do the same things?  CarolT   Feb-26-11 10:40 AM   #22 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-26-11 08:23 AM   #2 
  - The availability of medical care  Le Taz Hot   Feb-26-11 08:24 AM   #3 
  - Bad idea. Taxing the hell out of cigarettes is fine, but put the revenues in the health care system.  Buzz Clik   Feb-26-11 08:25 AM   #4 
  - How about protecting our Constitutional rights?  CarolT   Feb-26-11 10:37 AM   #21 
     - This is fun. One exaggeration after another. Let's start:  Buzz Clik   Feb-26-11 11:25 AM   #24 
     - .  walldude   Feb-26-11 11:39 AM   #29 
  - got mixed feelings about this one  DeadEyeDyck   Feb-26-11 08:27 AM   #5 
  - I feel the same way.  crim son   Feb-26-11 08:32 AM   #8 
  - Also Shorter Time In Hospitals...  KharmaTrain   Feb-26-11 08:50 AM   #13 
  - Why should they get away with that?  CarolT   Feb-26-11 10:47 AM   #23 
  - this isn't about paying more for coverage, this is denying coverage  eShirl   Feb-26-11 08:51 AM   #14 
  - No, that's not how health insurance works.  PSPS   Feb-26-11 10:11 AM   #17 
  - Smoking doesn't appreciably increase lifetime health costs.  lumberjack_jeff   Feb-26-11 10:17 AM   #18 
  - I wonder if the tobacco companies will get in on this fight?  CrispyQ   Feb-26-11 08:37 AM   #9 
  - Why don't they just shoot us.  Sinistrous   Feb-26-11 08:38 AM   #11 
  - Wouldn't the impact on schizophrenic people be devastating?  eShirl   Feb-26-11 08:49 AM   #12 
  - Absolutely.  Occulus   Feb-26-11 08:55 AM   #15 
  - first they came for the smokers, then the drinkers, then the useless eaters.  bbgrunt   Feb-26-11 09:06 AM   #16 
  - The government lies about smoking costs  CarolT   Feb-26-11 10:33 AM   #20 
  - You're suggesting that the cost of not smoking is greater than the cost of smoking?  Buzz Clik   Feb-26-11 11:27 AM   #25 
  - The lifetime costs are lower for smokers because of shorter lifetimes  Gormy Cuss   Feb-26-11 11:41 AM   #30 
  - So now we need smoking spies to out patients?  mainer   Feb-26-11 11:29 AM   #26 
  - Is smoking a legal activity, or is it not? Discuss. Do states benefit from cigarette taxes? Discuss.  WinkyDink   Feb-26-11 11:31 AM   #27 
  - Discuss? Disgust is more like it.  Gormy Cuss   Feb-26-11 11:35 AM   #28 

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