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Reply #52: Stealing isn't class warfare. It's just stealing. n/t [View All]

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lumberjack_jeff Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-25-11 07:28 PM
Response to Original message
52. Stealing isn't class warfare. It's just stealing. n/t
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  -Customer cashed in at fast-food restaurants drive through proud2BlibKansan  Feb-25-11 09:32 AM   #0 
  - Now that's a "happy meal"  lame54   Feb-25-11 09:34 AM   #1 
  - LOL  CatWoman   Feb-25-11 09:45 AM   #5 
  - KS is having specials at KFC. It's part of the stimulus fund! LOL n/t  RKP5637   Feb-25-11 09:36 AM   #2 
  - Awesome!  Renew Deal   Feb-25-11 09:39 AM   #3 
  - Good way to cover himself by calling the police  exboyfil   Feb-25-11 09:43 AM   #4 
  - yes he was very smart to do that nt  steve2470   Feb-25-11 12:28 PM   #16 
  - Unless they made that claim within seconds (after the 'alleged 'robbery'), to their manager...  -..__...   Feb-25-11 06:21 PM   #51 
  - Should have replaced it with SS IOU's. and public emp pension slips.  WingDinger   Feb-25-11 09:47 AM   #6 
  - None of this makes any sense.  tridim   Feb-25-11 09:53 AM   #7 
  - i'm sure the bank bag was inside a mcdonalds bag...  lame54   Feb-25-11 10:17 AM   #8 
  - and his Chickin Order was in a Bank Bag  DeadEyeDyck   Feb-26-11 09:18 AM   #73 
  - Yep  proud2BlibKansan   Feb-25-11 10:35 AM   #9 
  - They may put it in a restaurant bag so it doesn't look like a money bag.  redwitch   Feb-25-11 10:38 AM   #10 
  - Maybe, but it would still be kept in the manager's office, not at the drive-thru window.  tridim   Feb-25-11 10:46 AM   #11 
  - True, sitting with the drive thru orders was not a good plan.  redwitch   Feb-25-11 12:20 PM   #12 
  - Nowadays the "managers" don't have offices  Horse with no Name   Feb-25-11 12:22 PM   #14 
  - and they are often filling in for employees on a break  SoCalDem   Feb-25-11 01:33 PM   #19 
  - When I was much younger I was manager for BK  revolution breeze   Feb-25-11 08:01 PM   #56 
  - We always did that  xmas74   Feb-26-11 10:40 AM   #80 
  - Some fast food restaurants put their deposits in their own bags  Horse with no Name   Feb-25-11 12:21 PM   #13 
  - Stories like this pop up every year. n/t  rucky   Feb-25-11 02:22 PM   #34 
  - Your post makes no sense. The deposit had obviously been placed  Thunderstruck   Feb-25-11 03:06 PM   #39 
  - You are correct, it is a common practice.  unapatriciated   Feb-26-11 03:16 PM   #83 
  - Either the employee was going to go off shift with the bank bag and muffed it  rustydog   Feb-26-11 09:45 AM   #74 
  - It's common practice for Restaurants and fast food establishments  unapatriciated   Feb-26-11 03:14 PM   #82 
  - Finally a fast-food restaurant story that doesn't involve a brawl  slackmaster   Feb-25-11 12:24 PM   #15 
  - And no one confronted any senior citizens to mend there errant way  Obamanaut   Feb-25-11 12:39 PM   #17 
     - The wrong 'their' is there. Too late to edit. nt  Obamanaut   Feb-25-11 02:08 PM   #32 
  - why in the hell would you give that money back?  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 01:29 PM   #18 
  - Because keeping it is dishonest? Because when they caught up with him, he'd be arrested? n/t  Gormy Cuss   Feb-25-11 01:37 PM   #20 
  - arrested for what? paying for a bag and then taking the bag they hand you?  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 01:47 PM   #25 
     - If you receive a windfall in error and could have returned it to the rightful owner,  Gormy Cuss   Feb-25-11 02:05 PM   #30 
        - to me it matters where the money comes from  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 03:01 PM   #37 
           - I hear you, but you'd have no right to keep the money in this country.  Gormy Cuss   Feb-25-11 11:09 PM   #62 
              - i agree mr potter was an asshole for keeping the bailey family money  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 02:53 AM   #63 
  - Many people do the right thing...  LanternWaste   Feb-25-11 01:37 PM   #21 
  - why is it right to give money back to someone who handed it to you?  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 01:47 PM   #26 
     - Becaue he'd be arrested  RamboLiberal   Feb-25-11 01:50 PM   #28 
     - Presumably the person who handed it to you made an honest but potentially costly mistake  slackmaster   Feb-26-11 09:47 AM   #75 
     - Because it was handed to you in error?  liberalhistorian   Feb-26-11 10:36 AM   #79 
  - maybe he is just honest  mrs_p   Feb-25-11 01:38 PM   #22 
  - why?  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 03:06 PM   #38 
     - Capitalizing on a worker's honest mistake is pure bullshit.  Codeine   Feb-26-11 03:19 PM   #85 
  - It is theft.  Ikonoklast   Feb-25-11 01:41 PM   #24 
  - have you ever gone back to complain that they fucked up an order  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 01:49 PM   #27 
     - I have complained that the order received was not what was ordered.  Obamanaut   Feb-25-11 02:06 PM   #31 
  - Redistribution of someone else's assets through misadventure is not  Obamanaut   Feb-25-11 02:03 PM   #29 
  - i don't think it is dishonest to keep the money  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 03:11 PM   #41 
     - I'm sure you don't think it's dishonest. That's the difference between  Obamanaut   Feb-25-11 03:54 PM   #43 
     - it is not income  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 04:04 PM   #44 
        - I was gonna respond, but instead, I just give the fuck up. nt  Obamanaut   Feb-25-11 06:13 PM   #50 
        - seeing as i am never going to find money like this  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 02:55 AM   #64 
        -'re an average slob and a dickhead.  Zanzoobar   Feb-25-11 09:14 PM   #61 
           - double post  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 02:57 AM   #65 
           - trolling?  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 02:57 AM   #66 
              - The employee who screwed up might have to pay it back, so that min. wage employee  RayOfHope   Feb-26-11 09:52 AM   #78 
     - Tell me this...what exactly are you going to do with the credit card numbers  Horse with no Name   Feb-25-11 05:05 PM   #47 
     - burn them upon finding them  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 02:58 AM   #67 
        - Yeah and you think that ALL the people that used their credit cards  Horse with no Name   Feb-26-11 09:13 AM   #72 
     - If you order a nine-piece bucket and end up with six pieces, you complain, right?  slackmaster   Feb-26-11 09:49 AM   #76 
  - Because most people are more honest than you claim to be. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Feb-25-11 02:19 PM   #33 
  - class warfare is necessary, not dishonest  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 04:07 PM   # 
  - Stealing isn't class warfare. It's just stealing. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Feb-25-11 07:28 PM   #52 
     - stealing would be reaching and grabbing the money sack off of the counter  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 02:59 AM   #68 
  - class warfare is necessary, not dishonest  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 04:07 PM   #45 
     - You keep wrapping yourself  sylvi   Feb-26-11 01:17 PM   #81 
  - It's called "Unjust Enrichment"  Buns_of_Fire   Feb-25-11 02:25 PM   #36 
  - all the kfc workers could claim to be the victims of unjust enrichment  reggie the dog   Feb-25-11 03:15 PM   #42 
     - Morally, I couldn't agree more. It's always the legal stuff that'll get your butt in a sling...  Buns_of_Fire   Feb-25-11 05:17 PM   #48 
        - i was thinking that ultimately the manager would be responsable  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 03:01 AM   #69 
  - That's just wrong  Horse with no Name   Feb-25-11 05:03 PM   #46 
  - unless the worker put the money in the food bag  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 03:30 AM   #70 
  - Because honesty is still alive and well  nadinbrzezinski   Feb-25-11 07:31 PM   #53 
  - Because not giving it back would be stealing. Remember one truism  bluestate10   Feb-25-11 07:45 PM   #55 
  - Something tells me...  NHDemProg   Feb-25-11 08:54 PM   #58 
  - they dont make a lot of money running a franchise  reggie the dog   Feb-26-11 03:37 AM   #71 
  - A good fast food joint can clear $20,000 a month.  SmileyRose   Feb-26-11 09:49 AM   #77 
  - Because only an asshole would keep it.  Codeine   Feb-26-11 03:17 PM   #84 
  - Eating the money would probably have been healthier.  marmar   Feb-25-11 01:40 PM   #23 
  - lol. True enough. There is NO nutrition in that meal  Liberal_in_LA   Feb-25-11 07:33 PM   #54 
  - He should've "doubled down"  rucky   Feb-25-11 02:23 PM   #35 
  - The money probably has more fiber than anything on KFC's menu does.  Initech   Feb-25-11 03:09 PM   #40 
  - Todays modern world  kickysnana   Feb-25-11 05:29 PM   #49 
  - Not a big drug guy...  NHDemProg   Feb-25-11 08:50 PM   #57 
  - I could just imagine...  AsahinaKimi   Feb-25-11 08:56 PM   #59 
  - It would have been risky to keep the money  quinnox   Feb-25-11 09:02 PM   #60 

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