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Reply #17: Sen. Tim Carpenter writes Gov. Walker!! "you have no business being in .. office.. should resign" [View All]

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L. Coyote Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-23-11 04:08 PM
Response to Original message
17. Sen. Tim Carpenter writes Gov. Walker!! "you have no business being in .. office.. should resign"
Governor Scott Walker
Wisconsin State Capitol

Dear Governor Walker,

I am informed that a tape recording has been released in which you apparently held an
extensive discussion with someone you believed to be your campaign supporter, David
Koch. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states that the caller was actually a reporter,
pretending to be David Koch, and it has posted a transcript of the recording. It appears
that you admit the call occurred, and have not contested the authenticity of transcript.
David Koch is the billionaire businessman who reportedly contributed thousands to your
campaign and who the media claims is a key source of funding for shadowy political
groups that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking your political adversaries in
our state.

At a historic moment in our States history, brought on by your refusal to compromise
with elected officials regarding the elimination of workers rights, you still refuse to talk
with Democratic legislators. However, you apparently have no problem taking a phone
call from Mr. Koch and to:

Discuss your strategy to lay off public workers to seek partisan advantage to pass
your agenda;

Discuss your plan to lure Democratic legislators to the Capitol on the pretext of
negotiation, but then state that you would never actually negotiate;

Discuss your plan to use the pretext of negotiation to get a quorum for legislative
fiscal action that Republicans so far have not been able to do;

Discuss that you considered the planting of paid troublemakers into the
peaceful protests at our Capitol; and to

Give your enthusiastic acceptance to an offer from Koch to fly you out on a
vacation to show you a good time once you crush these bastards. Your
response was That would be outstanding Given that Kochs businesses could
reap vast rewards with the no bid sale of the Wisconsins power plants that you
propose in your budget repair bill, this response is severely troubling.

Governor Walker, this tape would make Richard Nixon blush. If the recording and the
items discussed by you are indeed your plans, you have no business being in public office
in our State, and should resign.

Tim Carpenter
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  -Gov. Scott Walker needs to resign NOW! Admitting felonies on tape. What a moran! L. Coyote  Feb-23-11 11:50 AM   #0 
  - Looks that way  malaise   Feb-23-11 11:51 AM   #1 
  - While I totaly agree,  white_wolf   Feb-23-11 04:15 PM   #19 
  - Is this going to stick or will he just avoid flack for this?  TaylorWatts   Feb-23-11 11:52 AM   #2 
  - He's Republican so everyone will just look the other way.  Kablooie   Feb-23-11 06:50 PM   #29 
  - The brain trust stenographers at Politico proclaim it shows Walker's "utterly reasonable strategy"  myrna minx   Feb-23-11 11:54 AM   #3 
  - You probably underestimate the ability of the right to slip and slide.  zeemike   Feb-23-11 11:56 AM   #4 
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  - It's OK if you are very rich!  L. Coyote   Feb-27-11 09:57 AM   #64 
  - According to the Repubs I'm discussing this with, Walker "handled himself well" on the tape.  CrossChris   Feb-23-11 12:03 PM   #7 
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