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Reply #26: What figures are falsified? [View All]

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sharp_stick Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-17-10 09:46 AM
Response to Reply #18
26. What figures are falsified?
Maybe an understanding of how the statistics are set and have been set for decades is in order. Obama, and his administration, don't have the luxury to change the methods that are used to suit them politically I don't think can they?

Perhaps you can enlighten us as to the way the COLA is set and the figures that are used to calculate inflation? Please then tell us how they were falsified and who did that?
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  -Question: Will Obama Supporters in DU Still Support Him if he Cuts Social Security & Medicare? jtown1123  Dec-17-10 09:27 AM   #0 
  - No COLA for three years? HE ALREADY HAS.  aquart   Dec-17-10 09:28 AM   #1 
  - No increase in Cost of Living, either, in the stats used.  MineralMan   Dec-17-10 09:31 AM   #6 
  - If the COLA is based on a false set of figures, yeah, he can.  aquart   Dec-17-10 09:42 AM   #18 
  - What figures are falsified?  sharp_stick   Dec-17-10 09:46 AM   #26 
  - You really don't understand how our government operates,  MineralMan   Dec-17-10 09:51 AM   #35 
  - And the "stats used" have little to do with actual cost of living:  rucky   Dec-17-10 09:56 AM   #42 
     - Not something to blame the administration for.  sharp_stick   Dec-17-10 10:04 AM   #44 
     - President Obama cannot change the system used to  MineralMan   Dec-17-10 10:08 AM   #46 
  - Nope  LuckyTheDog   Dec-17-10 11:08 AM   #62 
  - Yes they will  katnapped   Dec-17-10 09:29 AM   #2 
  - Actually, the reason I can no longer support him is because  ixion   Dec-17-10 09:30 AM   #3 
  - Of course they will, they are DINO's.  bananas   Dec-17-10 09:30 AM   #4 
  - I'm confused...  pipi_k   Dec-17-10 09:40 AM   # 
     - No, Obama is a right wing authoritarian.  bananas   Dec-17-10 09:50 AM   #33 
        - Interesting. When did President Obama fill out that  MineralMan   Dec-17-10 10:22 AM   #53 
        - HAHAHAHA  sharp_stick   Dec-17-10 11:03 AM   #60 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-17-10 09:31 AM   #5 
  - and hypotheticals? If Obama mandates circumcision or bans fishing will you still support him?  emulatorloo   Dec-17-10 09:44 AM   #19 
  - like the no public option hypothetical, or keeping bush tax cut hypotheticals? nt  boston bean   Dec-17-10 09:46 AM   #27 
  - Hah! Maybe we should start some nasty rumors RE: those subjects...  pipi_k   Dec-17-10 09:50 AM   #32 
  - believe or not, those rumors are out on the internets!  emulatorloo   Dec-17-10 11:50 AM   #63 
  - Since I am and don't - it is of no concern to me  liberal N proud   Dec-17-10 10:15 AM   #50 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-17-10 09:58 AM   #43 
     - But, we ARE gonna take it. Like the good little children we are told to be. nt  T Wolf   Dec-17-10 10:05 AM   #45 
  - I would hope not...  NaturalHigh   Dec-17-10 09:31 AM   #7 
  - You are SO right  LiberalEsto   Dec-17-10 09:37 AM   #9 
  - I've been here long enough to see people come on, make names for themselves as posters...  Poll_Blind   Dec-17-10 09:51 AM   #34 
     - +1...  NaturalHigh   Dec-17-10 09:54 AM   #41 
     - Are you saying that Karl Rove has recruited an army of undead Obama supporters to...  MilesColtrane   Dec-17-10 11:01 AM   #58 
  - But, but, but, but the president says we MUST do something about the deficit  somone   Dec-17-10 09:35 AM   #8 
  - And don't forget the salient point  katnapped   Dec-17-10 09:40 AM   #14 
     - Yes, I'm soooo scared of Sarah  somone   Dec-17-10 09:47 AM   #30 
  - what Obama supporters?  gristy   Dec-17-10 09:37 AM   #10 
  - You'd be surprised. n/t  Fire1   Dec-17-10 09:45 AM   #24 
     - ..  lamp_shade   Dec-17-10 09:51 AM   #36 
  - "POLITICO ARTICLE"  emulatorloo   Dec-17-10 09:37 AM   #11 
  - Actually, Politico is not the right wing hack paper. Those would be The Hill and Roll Call.  jtown1123   Dec-17-10 09:39 AM   #13 
     - Check out the funding when you get bored someday, or do a MediaMatters searh  emulatorloo   Dec-17-10 09:45 AM   #22 
  - If they are not blinking now, they never will.  mmonk   Dec-17-10 09:38 AM   #12 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Dec-17-10 09:40 AM   #15 
  - Worth noting that when Obama tackled Medicare FRAUD, Republicans claimed he was "cutting Medicare"  emulatorloo   Dec-17-10 09:40 AM   #16 
  - Has he cut Social Security and Medicare?...nt  SidDithers   Dec-17-10 09:42 AM   # 
  - He has started the process by agreeing to cut the payroll tax which funds  TBF   Dec-17-10 09:45 AM   #23 
     - Right wingers call it "starving the beast".  mmonk   Dec-17-10 10:11 AM   #48 
  - When He Doesn't, Where Will You Move Your Goalposts?  Beetwasher   Dec-17-10 09:42 AM   #17 
  - +1...nt  SidDithers   Dec-17-10 09:45 AM   #21 
  - What's Obama going to do when he runs out of things to give his pals(R)?  Tierra_y_Libertad   Dec-17-10 09:45 AM   #20 
  - He'll retire and work for a hedge fund, or just give speeches to them.  TBF   Dec-17-10 09:46 AM   #28 
  - It'll be a lot more than Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block  Better Believe It   Dec-17-10 09:46 AM   #25 
  - No kidding. nt  TBF   Dec-17-10 09:47 AM   #29 
  - They're targeting the whole New Deal and the premise behind it  somone   Dec-17-10 09:52 AM   #38 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-17-10 09:49 AM   #31 
  - .  lamp_shade   Dec-17-10 09:53 AM   #40 
  - Of course they will. n/t  QC   Dec-17-10 09:52 AM   #37 
  - No  JustAnotherGen   Dec-17-10 09:53 AM   #39 
  - That would be the last straw for me.  subterranean   Dec-17-10 10:09 AM   #47 
  - DUers antagonizing DUers with Flame Bait - no wonder the GOP wins!  stray cat   Dec-17-10 10:14 AM   #49 
  - BINGO!!!!!!  liberal N proud   Dec-17-10 10:17 AM   #52 
  - And President Obama making a deal with Republicans has nothing to do  neverforget   Dec-17-10 10:29 AM   #54 
  - I suppose it does  sharp_stick   Dec-17-10 10:57 AM   #57 
  - Mote, beam, etc. n/t  Occulus   Dec-17-10 11:07 AM   #61 
  - You betcha!  Karmadillo   Dec-17-10 10:16 AM   #51 
  - Don't trust people looking for a last straw  treestar   Dec-17-10 10:43 AM   #55 
  - yes, they will. nt  awoke_in_2003   Dec-17-10 10:46 AM   #56 
  - Yes, I'm sure some will  MadHound   Dec-17-10 11:02 AM   #59 
  - I like Obama, but if he cuts SS , Dems are toast for a couple generations.  GOPBasher   Dec-17-10 12:05 PM   #64 

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