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Reply #4: I think more are. [View All]

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mmonk Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-23-11 09:39 AM
Response to Reply #2
4. I think more are.
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  -Okay, so that dweebie fuck, Ben Stein, just suggested that Obama would be the best '12 GOP candidate Stinky The Clown  Jan-23-11 09:33 AM   #0 
  - He's got a point. Best republican president we've ever had. eom  Very_Boring_Name   Jan-23-11 09:35 AM   #1 
  - Actually, it was Clinton, but every action that President Obama is doing indicates he is trying to  still_one   Jan-23-11 09:58 AM   #10 
     - Clinton actually fought the GOP tooth and nail  Very_Boring_Name   Jan-23-11 10:02 AM   #13 
        - Really, NAFT, the welfare reform act, the telecommunications act, and other wonderful deregulations  still_one   Jan-23-11 03:42 PM   #38 
  - you mean, even the Republicans are starting to recognize he's actually a Republican?  villager   Jan-23-11 09:36 AM   #2 
  - I think more are.  mmonk   Jan-23-11 09:39 AM   #4 
  - just a tactic to turn off dem voters in 2012.  SoCalDem   Jan-23-11 09:41 AM   #5 
  - Good. He speaks the truth just this once.  elehhhhna   Jan-23-11 09:38 AM   #3 
  - Well, he's absolutely right....  vi5   Jan-23-11 09:47 AM   #6 
  - amazing how many 'democrats' agree with stein. many right here. fuck stein.  spanone   Jan-23-11 09:47 AM   #7 
  - Not Hard To Agree With The Truth - Stein Is Right In This Case  cantbeserious   Jan-23-11 10:46 AM   #26 
  - Hey, it says the GOP is worried...even if they said this tongue in cheek.  Pholus   Jan-23-11 09:55 AM   #8 
  - Maybe you need to stop listening to republicans?  tridim   Jan-23-11 09:56 AM   #9 
  - Derp  Stinky The Clown   Jan-23-11 10:13 AM   #18 
  - Does anything in the OP suggest I endorsed what he said? Anything? . . . Tridim? . . . Tridim?  Stinky The Clown   Jan-23-11 10:21 AM   #22 
     - With YOU?  Bluebear   Jan-23-11 10:40 AM   #25 
     - You chose to post the opinion of a Repuke. I didn't. nt  tridim   Jan-23-11 11:10 AM   #27 
        - That would be wrong .... how, exactly?  Stinky The Clown   Jan-23-11 11:39 AM   #36 
  - Me thinks the republicans are slowly learning that things work  randr   Jan-23-11 09:59 AM   #11 
  - Wow!  MattSh   Jan-23-11 10:18 AM   #21 
  - All humor is based in a kernel of truth. Ben Stein isn't much of an humorist, but that line works  leveymg   Jan-23-11 10:01 AM   #12 
  - I like Ben Stein.  TicketyBoo   Jan-23-11 10:04 AM   #15 
     - I feel exactly the same way about Kelsey Grammar  Very_Boring_Name   Jan-23-11 10:13 AM   #19 
        - IMHO: Grammar is a gifted comic and writer. Stein is a poor economist and a boring old shlameel.  leveymg   Jan-23-11 11:17 AM   #29 
  - oops wrong thread  boston bean   Jan-23-11 10:02 AM   #14 
  - Stein's commentary was interesting as it was multi-pronged. Usually is is on one level.  glinda   Jan-23-11 10:08 AM   #16 
  - That was a good segment. So was the one about Barry Peterson and Jan Charlton.  Stinky The Clown   Jan-23-11 10:10 AM   #17 
  - If I were Obama, I would feel dissed.  The Backlash Cometh   Jan-23-11 10:15 AM   #20 
  - He is sadly dead on.  TheKentuckian   Jan-23-11 10:21 AM   #23 
  - Actually, Obama Has Become A Better Republican President That Clinton  cantbeserious   Jan-23-11 10:37 AM   #24 
  - Actually, for once in his life, Stein has a point.  AngryOldDem   Jan-23-11 11:14 AM   #28 
  - Well? Obama is a Republican.  kenny blankenship   Jan-23-11 11:20 AM   #30 
  - LOL i have to agree with him this time, he's just stating the obvious  meow mix   Jan-23-11 11:23 AM   #31 
  - President Obama  ProSense   Jan-23-11 11:28 AM   #32 
  - either way he still needs a bif certificate  mdmc   Jan-23-11 11:28 AM   #33 
  - Stein is an ignominious turd who bases his persona on how 'smart' he is.  jxnmsdemguy65   Jan-23-11 11:34 AM   #34 
  - broken clocks and twice a day. nt  xchrom   Jan-23-11 11:35 AM   #35 
  - Yeah, health care, the DADT repeal, financial regulation, and all that other good stuff  Arkana   Jan-23-11 12:04 PM   #37 
  - Yeah, the insurance bill was actually very RW. Where did the 'individual mandate' and 'cadillac tax'  Edweird   Jan-23-11 03:53 PM   #39 
  - What is a "reactionary liberal"?  Dawgs   Jan-23-11 04:24 PM   #41 
     - Technically? A liberal that wants liberal ideals to return to what they were instead of DLC lite.  Pholus   Jan-23-11 04:37 PM   #45 
  - Sometimes the truth ain't pretty.  Edweird   Jan-23-11 03:57 PM   #40 
  - Ben Stein, Creationist.  Warren DeMontague   Jan-23-11 04:33 PM   #42 
  - Even dipshits can be right every once in a while.  Dawgs   Jan-23-11 04:36 PM   #43 
  - Why does this bother you so much? He's a comedian.  cbdo2007   Jan-23-11 04:37 PM   #44 
  - "Bothered" me?  Stinky The Clown   Jan-23-11 05:06 PM   #46 
  - Lawyer and former Nixon speech-writer:  WinkyDink   Jan-23-11 05:12 PM   #48 
  - "Compromise" now has the Republicans MOCKING Obama. Hope he laughs!  WinkyDink   Jan-23-11 05:09 PM   #47 
  - lol! Yeah. but not. Even Nixon would be too liberal for the modern freak repug party.  alphafemale   Jan-23-11 05:16 PM   #49 
  - WOW he's totally on point! nt  Raine   Jan-23-11 05:27 PM   #50 
  - And how is Ben Stein wrong?  Lucian   Jan-23-11 05:29 PM   #51 

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