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Reply #30: I read it that Stinky was being "ironic." [View All]

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KoKo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-20-12 02:33 PM
Response to Reply #23
30. I read it that Stinky was being "ironic."
Thought Stinky was pointing out to LoZoc that it might be more productive to go after the "mushy middle" than bother with the "Left" who he says wouldn't be swayed by LoZoc's harrassment.
But, then that was just my interpretation. :shrug:

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  -K&R if you're happy LoZoccolo finally got tombstoned! Electric Monk  Apr-19-12 03:30 PM   #0 
  - Wow! That only took how many years?  in_cog_ni_to   Apr-19-12 04:26 PM   #1 
  - ha!  Divine Discontent   Apr-19-12 05:05 PM   #2 
  - I don't know how LoZoc lasted that long....just like "OMC" and  KoKo   Apr-19-12 07:57 PM   #3 
  - OMC?  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:21 PM   #27 
     - .  Divine Discontent   Apr-21-12 11:57 PM   #40 
  - Does anyone else remember that he refered to himself as the Dick Clark of DU?  NYC_SKP   Apr-19-12 08:26 PM   #4 
  - I saw your post about that...didn't know though what you meant, at the time.  KoKo   Apr-19-12 10:11 PM   #6 
  - HiFructosePronSyrup....  NYC_SKP   Apr-20-12 08:21 AM   #12 
  - Andy Kaufman of DU?  bvar22   Apr-20-12 09:25 AM   #13 
  - From "LZ's" I AM A TROLL post (interaction between Stinky and LoZoc)  KoKo   Apr-20-12 11:05 AM   #15 
  - How do we know for certain that any screen name is "not the same person?"  No Elephants   Apr-25-12 02:42 AM   #48 
  - You were lucky to avoid his posts for so long. Many liberals left DU because of flamefests w./ LoZo  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:27 PM   #29 
  - Have you ever seen the two of them in a thread together?  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:24 PM   #28 
  - K & double dog R!  Lasher   Apr-19-12 08:58 PM   #5 
  - Missed me again.  L0oniX   Apr-19-12 10:25 PM   #7 
  - k&r  Gemini Cat   Apr-20-12 12:08 AM   #8 
  - I could never understand why there were so many stooges on DU...  kentuck   Apr-20-12 05:15 AM   #9 
  - From what I can tell there's a large percentage of Blue Dogs and "Techno Dogs"  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:14 PM   #25 
  - In other words, it's become a marriage of Reagan Democrats and Clinton Republicans.  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:15 PM   #26 
  - Many on DU are anti-left.  No Elephants   Apr-22-12 06:14 AM   #47 
  - Grave dancing is allowed on DU3?  No Elephants   Apr-20-12 05:28 AM   #10 
  - Wow, that's um, interesting. B& in absentia?  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:11 PM   #24 
     - I know someone who never missed a meeting of the partners in his firm for that very reason.  No Elephants   Apr-22-12 06:01 AM   #46 
  - PS Unrecc'd by mistake, so someone pls. rec.  No Elephants   Apr-20-12 05:34 AM   #11 
  - Done... with gusto!  bvar22   Apr-20-12 09:28 AM   #14 
     - Where'd you get that picture? :-)  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-21-12 06:21 PM   #38 
     - Many thanks.  No Elephants   Apr-22-12 05:56 AM   #45 
  - I missed it. Haven't much been on DU3 in the past two days. What happen?  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 12:12 PM   #16 
  - I'm never happy anyone got tombstoned. But...  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 12:25 PM   #17 
     - Long time poster LoZoccolo's PPD by Admins/ Reason: "TROLLING"  KoKo   Apr-20-12 12:31 PM   #18 
     - So trumad was PPRonied too and LoZocollo threw a shit-fit in the Hosts forum?  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 12:37 PM   #19 
        - post doesn't say that. Please Re-Read.. It's Skinner's Announcement.  KoKo   Apr-20-12 12:40 PM   #21 
           - I'll have to go look thru the threads but  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 12:55 PM   #22 
              - I see, he ANNOUNCED he was trolling the left. I'm MORE OFFENDED that Stinky AGREED w/him...  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 01:07 PM   #23 
              - I read it that Stinky was being "ironic."  KoKo   Apr-20-12 02:33 PM   #30 
              - Here's what Skinner said about it in a DU3 Help & Meta-discussion Forum thread:  Lasher   Apr-20-12 09:51 PM   #35 
                 - They have a cave troll.  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-21-12 12:21 AM   #36 
                    - Oh I see, you're getting them from Facebook, right?  Lasher   Apr-21-12 10:01 PM   #39 
                       - Nah, I hate Facebook :-)  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-22-12 12:51 AM   #41 
     - Delete...DUPE post  KoKo   Apr-20-12 12:38 PM   #20 
  - It seems to me like trumad's OP against MM that set LZ off was a bit excessive.  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 03:54 PM   #31 
  - This is why we can't have nice things like other people have.  NYC_SKP   Apr-20-12 04:29 PM   #32 
  - LG..."NYC_Skip's post is active over there...  KoKo   Apr-20-12 04:35 PM   #33 
  - No porblem, I'm sorry if I fofended anybody  Leopolds Ghost   Apr-20-12 06:15 PM   #34 
  - ? Trumad's OP consisted solely of 3 links, each of which linked to a thread started by MM himself.  No Elephants   Apr-25-12 02:48 AM   #49 
     - Trumad is still an active poster at "DU-3." And he's still  KoKo   May-01-12 09:46 PM   #52 
  - K  JVS   Apr-21-12 08:32 AM   #37 
  - Thing is, he trolled for years.  No Elephants   Apr-22-12 02:09 AM   #42 
  - And the other thing is...  Contrary1   Apr-22-12 03:22 AM   #43 
     - I had to google to know what you were referring to.  No Elephants   Apr-22-12 05:20 AM   #44 
     - Contrary 1...  KoKo   May-01-12 09:43 PM   #51 
  - About fucking time. nt  Guy Whitey Corngood   May-01-12 08:30 PM   #50 

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