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Reply #55: Gingrich just proposed it poorly because he is an ass [View All]

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gulliver Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-04-11 01:13 PM
Response to Original message
55. Gingrich just proposed it poorly because he is an ass
The idea of kids working to keep their school clean is a good one. The idea of having poor kids earn money by taking over janitorial duties is where it is stupid and mean. That's all Gingrich and Republicanism. They ruin everything, because the first place they look for solutions is the mean, stupid place.
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  -OK, what the hell is up with this stupid idea of kids becoming janitors in their own schools? Humanist_Activist  Dec-04-11 10:59 AM   #0 
  - More importantly why is the media not laughing this loon off the political stage?  Warren Stupidity   Dec-04-11 11:01 AM   #1 
  - in my first school we had older kids moving folded dining tables  roguevalley   Dec-04-11 11:14 AM   #10 
  - OMG  proud2BlibKansan   Dec-04-11 11:25 AM   #17 
  - ^^^ Thread win. n/t  gkhouston   Dec-04-11 07:30 PM   #84 
  - +1  pepperbear   Dec-04-11 07:51 PM   #86 
  - And they would all be BAD ideas  jmowreader   Dec-04-11 11:35 PM   #93 
  - dupe  pepperbear   Dec-04-11 07:52 PM   #87 
  - dupe  pepperbear   Dec-04-11 07:53 PM   #88 
  - They wants us dumb and credit hungry. Debt is the last thing manufactured  KurtNYC   Dec-05-11 08:40 AM   #111 
  - That would be Newtie boy,  Autumn   Dec-04-11 11:03 AM   #2 
  - Hey, don't insult a box of crushed rocks, they can be usefull to make concrete...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:06 AM   #4 
  - Let's not be too hasty ... no one's tried using him for chum bait yet. nt  eppur_se_muova   Dec-04-11 12:43 PM   #45 
     - I don't think so, he's so rancid he'd even repel sharks. n/t  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 12:56 PM   #49 
        - Still, a worthy experiment. ;^)  eppur_se_muova   Dec-05-11 01:07 PM   #112 
  - He should do the job for a day.  Barack_America   Dec-04-11 05:43 PM   #79 
  - Meaner than a junkyard dog, too.  tavalon   Dec-04-11 07:03 PM   #81 
  - It's part of the GOP/Koch Bros./TeaParty/ALEC plan to bring us back to 1880  jpak   Dec-04-11 11:03 AM   #3 
  - Amen nt  XanaDUer   Dec-04-11 11:47 AM   #34 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-04-11 11:08 AM   #5 
  - Chuckle. Nice try hedgehog.  geckosfeet   Dec-04-11 11:28 AM   #21 
  - Yep K&R (nt)  T S Justly   Dec-04-11 11:09 AM   #6 
  - Thanks for your posting that covers the real deal facts  eleny   Dec-04-11 11:09 AM   #7 
  - It's idiotic. I'm not sending my kids to school to clean up other kids' vomit and  TwilightGardener   Dec-04-11 11:11 AM   #8 
  - it kind of makes me sick  barbtries   Dec-04-11 11:13 AM   #9 
  - I remember the same thing happening back in the 90's  liberalhistorian   Dec-04-11 03:57 PM   #71 
  - Was that Gingrich? I thought it was Buchanan. My memory tends to  tblue37   Dec-04-11 11:38 PM   #95 
  - Remember back when a Republican candidate (I think it was Pat Buchanan) was recommending  tblue37   Dec-04-11 11:36 PM   #94 
     - i don't recall that  barbtries   Dec-05-11 12:09 AM   #99 
        - I was wrong about its being Buchanans ideait was Newt who  tblue37   Dec-05-11 01:14 AM   #100 
           - oh i'm sure he knows better  barbtries   Dec-05-11 05:31 AM   #102 
  - Exactly. No-one expects that students who deliberately make mess  polly7   Dec-04-11 11:14 AM   #11 
  - Exactly, and since we are talking about elementary school...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:20 AM   #14 
  - Thank you.  Starry Messenger   Dec-04-11 11:16 AM   #12 
  - My kids did at the private Montessori school they went to, so did everyone else K - 12  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 11:20 AM   #13 
  - And how many of them, particularly younger ones, came down with staph infections and other...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:24 AM   #15 
  - I had two children there fora a total of 10 years. AFAIK, nobody came down with anything.  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 11:33 AM   #26 
     - Oh, so no relation to reality, so when its a school of 2,000 kids, would you still think its a...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:35 AM   #27 
     - Littlest kids were always supervised. Everyone wore gloves if they were cleaning or prepping food.  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 11:40 AM   #30 
        - From what I remember there are legal requirements here for sanitation...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:47 AM   #35 
        - You keep repeating that professionals did the 'heavy lifting'  Bluenorthwest   Dec-05-11 06:53 AM   #106 
     - That would be extremely unusual, if none of the young kids got sick.  pnwmom   Dec-04-11 05:01 PM   #73 
  - Was that school for-profit? Did they not hire a janitor and save money  TwilightGardener   Dec-04-11 11:28 AM   #20 
  - It was a for-profit school. Montessori has always been this way  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 11:36 AM   #28 
     - See, I can and do teach my own kids to prepare their own lunches  TwilightGardener   Dec-04-11 11:40 AM   #31 
        - That's fine. Not everyone agrees with Maria Montessori's way of educating,  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 11:47 AM   #36 
  - "...private Montessori school...." Now THERE'S an analogous situation! NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.  WinkyDink   Dec-04-11 02:35 PM   #65 
  - As did my kids ....  BOHICA12   Dec-04-11 03:35 PM   #69 
  - I notice you mentioned that they did the light cleaning.  fasttense   Dec-05-11 05:41 AM   #103 
  - You had professional janitorial services  Bluenorthwest   Dec-05-11 06:48 AM   #105 
  - Everyone pitching in is NOT what Gingrich recommended  eridani   Dec-05-11 08:28 AM   #110 
  - This is the policy that Newt wants to ride into the White House. Yes we can... clean the toilets.  MjolnirTime   Dec-04-11 11:24 AM   #16 
  - Aside from all the objections  thucythucy   Dec-04-11 11:26 AM   #18 
  - +1. nt  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 11:43 AM   #33 
  - Its just Newt attacking poor people ... just like Jesus would.  JoePhilly   Dec-04-11 11:27 AM   #19 
  - The President does say that Mr and Mrs Newt are superior to  Bluenorthwest   Dec-05-11 07:01 AM   #108 
  - it's a dog whistle  warrior1   Dec-04-11 11:29 AM   #22 
  - This post makes me wonder  pintobean   Dec-04-11 11:30 AM   #23 
  - Ideas and the people who hold them that defy logic...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:33 AM   #25 
     - Not everyone follows the same logic.  pintobean   Dec-04-11 11:56 AM   #40 
        - Its not that, its an argument from ignorance...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 12:59 PM   #51 
  - I have worked as a school janitor as well. It's a stupid idea, as well as one that brands the kids  elocs   Dec-04-11 11:31 AM   #24 
  - Amazing that idiocy like kid janitors is posted. Next kid nurses. Teaches them responsibility!  Safetykitten   Dec-04-11 11:40 AM   #29 
  - Its like age appopriateness goes out the window...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:52 AM   #38 
  - When all pitch in it's one thing - when it's just the poor kids, just pull out the scarlet letters.  flor-de-jasmim   Dec-04-11 11:42 AM   #32 
  - Kids, being kids, sometimes offered to help me all the time...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:49 AM   #37 
  - Hello. Newt's idea is to fire janitors and make poor kids do it. HOWEVER... in other places...  NYC_SKP   Dec-04-11 11:53 AM   #39 
  - All the daily tasks? So they scrub the toliets, kitchens, change the overhead light bulbs...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 12:31 PM   #43 
  - Yes, just as teen age children should in their Homes: clean the toilets, kitchens, floors.  NYC_SKP   Dec-04-11 02:14 PM   #61 
     - I'm guessing that unless you've been a part of such a school  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 02:38 PM   #66 
        - My high school had a graduating class of 800 students when I graduated...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:25 PM   #90 
  - So I assume this is a tiny, private school?  Bluenorthwest   Dec-05-11 07:06 AM   #109 
  - I worked of my tuition at catholic school by setting up and taking down from bingo  ejpoeta   Dec-04-11 12:20 PM   #41 
  - What type of school lets teenagers clean the bathrooms?  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 12:49 PM   #47 
     - it was the 80s. I didn't particularly like to do it, but it was what I was told to do so I did it.  ejpoeta   Dec-04-11 07:28 PM   #83 
  - I am all for kids helping to tidy up and sweep their classrooms.  kestrel91316   Dec-04-11 12:26 PM   #42 
  - There is an MSDS sheet for Water.  Ikonoklast   Dec-04-11 02:27 PM   #62 
  - I know. And vinegar. And baking soda! (probably newspapers too)  riderinthestorm   Dec-04-11 05:37 PM   #78 
     - Of course! That's what all janitors use today, isn't it?  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:46 PM   #97 
  - By extension, they shouldn't help clean up at home.  PavePusher   Dec-04-11 03:25 PM   #67 
     - Yes, because cleaning up public restrooms is comparable to cleaning up at home.  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:20 PM   #89 
  - Because The Newt said it and now all his RWing sockpuppets  Rex   Dec-04-11 12:35 PM   #44 
  - It is utterly amazing that the idea of firing workers and replacing them  NYC Liberal   Dec-04-11 12:48 PM   #46 
     - I think in most cases its ignorance...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 12:55 PM   #48 
     - It is can actually watch the propaganda machine  Rex   Dec-04-11 12:58 PM   #50 
        - What's funny is the whole "cleaning up after themselves" thing I mentioned in my last sentence...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 01:02 PM   #52 
           - I know...janitors have jobs for a reason, they know what they are doing.  Rex   Dec-04-11 01:22 PM   #58 
  - Someone has been watching too many  Downwinder   Dec-04-11 01:06 PM   #53 
  - Why folks think that Newt Gringrich is intelligent is beyond me. nt  TBF   Dec-04-11 01:07 PM   #54 
  - Gingrich just proposed it poorly because he is an ass  gulliver   Dec-04-11 01:13 PM   #55 
  - Wow!  XanaDUer   Dec-04-11 01:16 PM   #56 
     - You bet.  gulliver   Dec-04-11 01:38 PM   #59 
  - i didnt get the thread with so many advocating this. i would simply say NO, my kids  seabeyond   Dec-04-11 01:18 PM   #57 
  - I taught in NYC schools. Worked with very professional costodial staff.  immoderate   Dec-04-11 01:57 PM   #60 
  - Right  XanaDUer   Dec-04-11 02:29 PM   #63 
  - But....but....JAPAN! RUSSIA!  WinkyDink   Dec-04-11 02:32 PM   #64 
  - Funny how Congress isn't setting the example. n/t  BadgerKid   Dec-04-11 03:27 PM   #68 
  - It'll be real fun the first time some kid mixes bleach with ammonia n/t  MrScorpio   Dec-04-11 03:50 PM   #70 
  - newt and his  roman7   Dec-04-11 04:13 PM   #72 
  - Teach children work ethic AND human dignity.  alp227   Dec-04-11 05:05 PM   #74 
  - And how is unnecessarily exposing children to infectious diseases and hazardous chemicals...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:31 PM   #91 
  - Yes, cleaning school toilets is beneficial. Perhaps you should try it?  WinkyDink   Dec-05-11 05:43 AM   #104 
  - Thank you! I couldn't agree more and for this to be supported on DU  in_cog_ni_to   Dec-04-11 05:06 PM   #75 
  - I agree. It's a shame it's supported here.  Pithlet   Dec-04-11 05:34 PM   #77 
  - fascism and authoritarianism definitely has fans on both sides of the aisle.  krabigirl   Dec-04-11 11:40 PM   #96 
  - anti child more than anti newt.... nt  seabeyond   Dec-05-11 06:55 AM   #107 
  - Newt suggested it, and the idea appealed. A toilet brush in every little hand.  Pithlet   Dec-04-11 05:29 PM   #76 
  - Newty. Same one who brought us The Contract On America  tavalon   Dec-04-11 07:01 PM   #80 
  - They're trying to repeal the child labor laws, IMO.  gkhouston   Dec-04-11 07:26 PM   #82 
  - Holy fuckamoley: Am I really reading posts by DUers IN FAVOR of unpaid child labor?!  RandomKoolzip   Dec-04-11 07:46 PM   #85 
  - Or some kid will mix ammonia and bleach, not realizing that those chemicals are  tblue37   Dec-04-11 11:33 PM   #92 
  - But it creates a cool fizzing effect...  Humanist_Activist   Dec-04-11 11:47 PM   #98 
  - My grade school used it preRitalin. We had a blast. It all depends on who and how. n/t  kickysnana   Dec-05-11 02:18 AM   #101 

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