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Reply #1: As far as I'm concerned, THIS is a free speech zone [View All]

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hobbit709 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-30-11 07:14 AM
Response to Original message
1. As far as I'm concerned, THIS is a free speech zone
Edited on Wed Nov-30-11 07:15 AM by hobbit709

sorry, the image didn't include Alaska and Hawaii
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  -LA officials are going to set up a Free Speech Zone! boston bean  Nov-30-11 07:12 AM   #0 
  - As far as I'm concerned, THIS is a free speech zone  hobbit709   Nov-30-11 07:14 AM   #1 
  - +1000  LiberalEsto   Nov-30-11 07:16 AM   #4 
  - Right: all of it---all of the time!  Magoo48   Nov-30-11 07:26 AM   #6 
  - +1  handmade34   Nov-30-11 07:26 AM   #7 
  - Thank you. nt  woo me with science   Nov-30-11 07:48 AM   #12 
  - That was my impression too....  truebrit71   Nov-30-11 07:59 AM   #14 
  - That's true,  greytdemocrat   Nov-30-11 08:24 AM   #17 
     - Huh?  hobbit709   Nov-30-11 09:10 AM   #22 
     - I see that you like to exercise your right to spout non-sequitirs. nt  Chef Eric   Nov-30-11 02:11 PM   #28 
  - We'll be left with a free speech zone exactly the size of our own thoughts  Ezlivin   Nov-30-11 07:15 AM   #2 
  - Then they come after your thoughts. No thoughtcrimes, please.  Fire Walk With Me   Nov-30-11 02:03 PM   #27 
  - We saw this in the '60s...if you let this thing grow they'll influence policy  HereSince1628   Nov-30-11 07:15 AM   #3 
  - You can have free speech here, here and there, and wherever we find it convenient.  boston bean   Nov-30-11 07:21 AM   #5 
     - The Cheney admins creation of an internal security apparat marked  HereSince1628   Nov-30-11 07:34 AM   #8 
     - Interesting you say Stasi...  Juneboarder   Nov-30-11 07:56 AM   #13 
        - I don't know about the sign...some sort of pun/coded reference maybe  HereSince1628   Nov-30-11 09:01 AM   #20 
     - It's worse than that  unionworks   Nov-30-11 07:37 AM   #9 
  - Those in the political establishment will rest much more easily knowing they're  deutsey   Nov-30-11 07:37 AM   #10 
  - The Constitution is our protest permit.  Odin2005   Nov-30-11 07:38 AM   #11 
  - *F*U*C*K* *Y*OU* to everyone who thought this up, thinks its a good idea, or supports those who do.  Stinky The Clown   Nov-30-11 08:14 AM   #15 
  - Ooooo... outdoor jails! Perfect way around jail overcrowding... n/t  Dover   Nov-30-11 08:19 AM   #16 
  - They haven't called for a cage (so far)  pinboy3niner   Nov-30-11 08:28 AM   #18 
  - What is the difference. What is a free speech "area"?  boston bean   Nov-30-11 08:51 AM   #19 
  - Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and Madison  hifiguy   Nov-30-11 09:03 AM   #21 
  - Over?  bengalherder   Nov-30-11 12:01 PM   #23 
  - I deeply and sincerely hope that you are right  hifiguy   Nov-30-11 12:10 PM   #24 
  - Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is. nt  Chef Eric   Nov-30-11 02:13 PM   #30 
  - Just say no ... HELL NO!!! to free speech zones. America is a free speech zone!!!  chaska   Nov-30-11 01:28 PM   #25 
  - LA officials are all going to lose the next election! :D  Fire Walk With Me   Nov-30-11 01:40 PM   #26 
  - looks like a cattle pen  Liberal_in_LA   Nov-30-11 02:12 PM   #29 

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