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Liberal_in_LA Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-11-11 01:44 PM
Response to Reply #28
52. +100
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  -Best thing I've read yet on Mike McQueary and the PSU/Sandusky sex abuse scandal: kath  Nov-11-11 01:37 AM   #0 
  - I agree. I've changed my thinking on McQueary.  Tatiana   Nov-11-11 01:47 AM   #1 
  - McQueary doesn't deserve his freedom.  SunSeeker   Nov-11-11 01:33 PM   #51 
  - What else boggles the mind: rape is a capital crime. Like MURDER. If McQuerry  loudsue   Nov-12-11 12:40 AM   #99 
  - You've really made me think.  FedUp_Queer   Nov-11-11 04:47 PM   #73 
     - People in a cult, the mafia, the Catholic Church don't flip...  WhaTHellsgoingonhere   Nov-11-11 11:58 PM   #94 
     - My fiance is quite the pacifist....  blueamy66   Nov-12-11 06:48 AM   #108 
  - Kick and Highly Rec for anyone who says they are TIRED of the Penn Scandal n/t  Mojeoux   Nov-11-11 01:59 AM   #2 
  - It's NEVER over for the victims!  CoffeeCat   Nov-11-11 11:21 AM   #28 
  - +100  Liberal_in_LA   Nov-11-11 01:44 PM   #52 
  - +1000 n/t  MissDeeds   Nov-11-11 02:16 PM   #55 
  - tomorrow I am going to watch the fragging game and see what  roguevalley   Nov-11-11 11:34 PM   #93 
  - Wait. What?  Control-Z   Nov-12-11 02:34 AM   #104 
     - college football  blueamy66   Nov-12-11 06:46 AM   #107 
  - +1,000  freshwest   Nov-12-11 12:36 AM   #98 
  - +1  snagglepuss   Nov-11-11 12:34 PM   #45 
  - Kick and rec for any adult who resolves it's not going to happen to one more kid  Missy Vixen   Nov-11-11 04:20 PM   #71 
  - Agreed  SixthSense   Nov-11-11 02:07 AM   #3 
  - Yet look how this story is being reported. A lot of people can't bring themselves to speak of  dkf   Nov-11-11 02:14 AM   #4 
  - Really? The ladies on my soap board had no trouble discussing it.  aquart   Nov-11-11 03:24 AM   #8 
  - How explicit did they get?  dkf   Nov-11-11 03:34 AM   #10 
     - Yesterday, Papentonio reported on a talk show...  BanzaiBonnie   Nov-11-11 04:15 AM   #11 
     - Papantonio has no basis for that report  alcibiades_mystery   Nov-11-11 02:11 PM   #53 
     - Pfffttt... that's what PATERNO claimed  TorchTheWitch   Nov-11-11 04:41 AM   #12 
     - Makes sense. Well said. n/t  Laelth   Nov-11-11 05:38 AM   #15 
     - Paterno hasn't been charged with perjury  alcibiades_mystery   Nov-11-11 02:13 PM   #54 
     - "Apparently" is he said, he said. I don't believe JoePa for one second.  WinkyDink   Nov-11-11 06:33 AM   #19 
     - No, he didn't. The grand jury report makes it clear that McQueary was explicit...  SidDithers   Nov-11-11 06:45 AM   #23 
        - I think that remains to be seen  alcibiades_mystery   Nov-11-11 03:43 PM   #66 
  - My 32-year-old son called the other night to discuss it. He didn't feel  tblue37   Nov-11-11 03:37 PM   #64 
  - Best comment to that story .... was from .....  doublethink   Nov-11-11 02:29 AM   #5 
  - My husband, who was in sports and as a coach all his life  adigal   Nov-11-11 06:35 AM   #20 
  - What struggle?  Pat Riot   Nov-11-11 04:25 PM   #72 
     - Now THAT would be irony in practice!!  adigal   Nov-12-11 10:13 PM   #110 
  - Yup!!  SunSeeker   Nov-11-11 01:25 PM   #50 
  - That is not too over the top for me.  pennylane100   Nov-11-11 05:30 PM   #75 
  - There is a kind of paralysis that sets in--but it shouldn't last all that long  eridani   Nov-11-11 03:07 AM   #6 
  - You were 3 - that is understandable. He was 28.  Ruby the Liberal   Nov-11-11 06:19 AM   #17 
  - It's difficult to question someone in a moment of shock  LynneSin   Nov-11-11 12:27 PM   #43 
  - I know. Shock sets in, and you don't  truedelphi   Nov-11-11 08:03 PM   #83 
  - +1,000  malaise   Nov-11-11 03:10 AM   #7 
  - I'll bet all his plays came in from the sidelines.  Downwinder   Nov-11-11 03:33 AM   #9 
  - It was just reported this morning  Dash Riprock   Nov-11-11 04:47 AM   #13 
  - He is the Wide Receiver's coach and Recruiting Coordinator for the school football program  Ruby the Liberal   Nov-11-11 06:13 AM   #16 
  - Amazing, isn't it? That of all people, the guy who witnessed and did NOTHING, still has a job?  MH1   Nov-11-11 11:47 AM   #34 
     - What really amazes me is how he went from grad assistant to PSU coach  LynneSin   Nov-11-11 12:28 PM   #44 
        - Grad assistant happens to be the position he was in at the time, but it makes more sense if you...  JVS   Nov-11-11 12:48 PM   #48 
        - No doubt in my mind what happened. He was bought off a la Michael Jackson. nt  valerief   Nov-11-11 06:15 PM   #77 
  - Jon Stewart said the same thing tonight...  ellisonz   Nov-11-11 04:51 AM   #14 
  - Having been in several situations in which I witnessed abuse....  OneGrassRoot   Nov-11-11 06:36 AM   #22 
     - I wish to God it had been me who was that witness.  tblue   Nov-11-11 09:04 PM   #86 
     - Been there too, it has to do with knowing we are flesh, we hurt, we feel, we know, we act.  freshwest   Nov-12-11 12:49 AM   #100 
        - I post this periodically for bullying, but it certainly applies to this as well:  OneGrassRoot   Nov-12-11 06:32 AM   #106 
  - Yes, that is what my husband and I said last night  adigal   Nov-11-11 06:30 AM   #18 
  - Seriously, this is the, PTE, bottom line. There is no rational defense on earth to counter this.  WinkyDink   Nov-11-11 06:36 AM   #21 
  - As a victim of abuse, i will tell you what could make a 6'5" 250+lbs man not call the police & beat  Pachamama   Nov-11-11 08:10 AM   #25 
     - Interesting theory. I never thought of that.  Tatiana   Nov-11-11 09:43 AM   #27 
     - Another factor to keep in mind: Threats  Pachamama   Nov-11-11 11:28 AM   #29 
     - I've been following the disappeared DA story since it started  Patiod   Nov-11-11 12:19 PM   #37 
        - perhaps the DA was researching how hard drives get destroyed  OnceUponTimeOnTheNet   Nov-11-11 10:03 PM   #89 
     - It's very easy for a child to hide abuse, even from a trained observer.  Gormy Cuss   Nov-11-11 11:40 AM   #31 
     - I'm wondering if he was the pediatrician for the Second Mile.  Lars39   Nov-11-11 12:21 PM   #38 
     - Another poster said he isn't a pediatrician but a physicans assistant who  snagglepuss   Nov-11-11 12:46 PM   #47 
     - I think you nailed it.  Downwinder   Nov-11-11 11:46 AM   #33 
     - That is a very plausible theory  adigal   Nov-11-11 11:53 AM   #36 
     - that would be the only thing that could excuse what he did, I think  spooked911   Nov-11-11 02:32 PM   #56 
     - I think you have described the only possible extenuating circumstances- .  hedgehog   Nov-11-11 03:02 PM   #59 
     - That is a very well thought out hypothesis  pennylane100   Nov-11-11 05:49 PM   #76 
  - WHAT? This guy was 28 years old when this happened?  Drahthaardogs   Nov-11-11 06:56 AM   #24 
  - Joe Paterno's behavior was worse than McQueary's -- he was no patsy.  pnwmom   Nov-11-11 12:24 PM   #39 
  - they have made it sound like he was a kid when he witnessed...  hlthe2b   Nov-11-11 08:55 AM   #26 
  - He followed PA law. The legislators hadn't thought through that law well enough. n/t  pnwmom   Nov-11-11 12:25 PM   #41 
     - Um... yeah...sure...  bullsnarfle   Nov-11-11 03:14 PM   #62 
     - sometimes it's necessary to go beyond the boundaries of the law..  frylock   Nov-11-11 04:14 PM   #70 
     - I'm not sure he followed Federal law...  hlthe2b   Nov-11-11 08:33 PM   #85 
  - I'm OK with this top down approach to PSU dissassociating itself with certain employees.  aikoaiko   Nov-11-11 11:30 AM   #30 
  - "As the investigation continues" ??? WTF? WHY NOT NOW???  MH1   Nov-11-11 11:44 AM   #32 
  - There are, apparently, several people who had direct or indirect knowlede of abuse.  aikoaiko   Nov-11-11 12:24 PM   #40 
  - Exactly. Imagine a grade school covering up this kind of  mzmolly   Nov-11-11 02:53 PM   #57 
  - I suspect at the end of the season the whole coaching staff will go  LynneSin   Nov-11-11 12:26 PM   #42 
     - Agreed. Coaches. athletics, summer camp officials, even janitors....  aikoaiko   Nov-11-11 12:35 PM   #46 
     - this along with the rene portland affair calls for a closer look at the entire AD..  frylock   Nov-11-11 05:05 PM   #74 
  - Good for the author!  lunatica   Nov-11-11 11:52 AM   #35 
  - Wow ! Thanks for the post...  russspeakeasy   Nov-11-11 12:49 PM   #49 
  - Rec'd, rec'd and rec'd  Number23   Nov-11-11 02:54 PM   #58 
  - It makes me ill that so many are defending a 28-yr old grad student,  TBF   Nov-11-11 03:03 PM   #60 
  - That little boy is US and Sandusky and Paterno is the 1% n/t  librechik   Nov-11-11 03:11 PM   #61 
  - Right, about McQueary's culpability, but wrong about leadership.  caseymoz   Nov-11-11 03:28 PM   #63 
  - I can't buy this:  tblue37   Nov-11-11 03:41 PM   #65 
  - I wasn't informed about that part of it.  caseymoz   Nov-11-11 03:44 PM   #67 
  - Cowards pick victims who can't fight back  REP   Nov-11-11 06:22 PM   #78 
     - Where did I say a 10-year-old boy can fight off an adult man?  caseymoz   Nov-11-11 11:12 PM   #92 
        - You implied it with this statement:  REP   Nov-12-11 01:25 AM   #102 
           - A very serious misunderstanding.  caseymoz   Nov-12-11 08:02 AM   #109 
  - How does anyone just walk away?  Prism   Nov-11-11 03:48 PM   #68 
  - I did not realize until this article that McCreary and the '28 year old grad asst' were one  ladywnch   Nov-11-11 04:06 PM   #69 
  - I fear if you punish McQueary you discourage people from coming forward  Hamlette   Nov-11-11 06:25 PM   #79 
  - Do all of you who are condemning Mike McCreary  cadaverdog   Nov-11-11 07:10 PM   #80 
  - Anyone sympathizing with McCreary should ask themselves this:  tnvoter   Nov-11-11 07:51 PM   #81 
  - As Tansy Gold argued in another thread, it is highly improbable that he  snagglepuss   Nov-11-11 08:17 PM   #84 
  - WTF??!!  Arugula Latte   Nov-11-11 09:58 PM   #88 
  - And do YOU realize that, after witnessing Sandusky RAPING a child,  beac   Nov-12-11 12:00 AM   #95 
  - Sadly, K and R  OwnedByFerrets   Nov-11-11 07:53 PM   #82 
  - Money Corrupts Absolutely  DallasNE   Nov-11-11 09:42 PM   #87 
  - He should have went and found the nearest baseball bat or Hockey Stick and  donheld   Nov-11-11 10:15 PM   #90 
  - A fair question, playing Devil's Advocate..  JackDragna   Nov-11-11 11:08 PM   #91 
     - Was he still in "shock" when he attended charity events featuring Sandusky  beac   Nov-12-11 12:08 AM   #96 
     - No, and for that, he deserves what's coming.  JackDragna   Nov-12-11 12:33 AM   #97 
     - OK. I read your intention incorrectly and  beac   Nov-12-11 01:24 AM   #101 
        - No apology needed - we're in agreement.  JackDragna   Nov-12-11 02:17 AM   #103 
           - The phrase "How did he sleep at night?" barely begins to cover it. n/t  beac   Nov-12-11 02:43 AM   #105 

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