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Reply #30: I think he assumes that 'Independents' all think like Republicans [View All]

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Mr Deltoid Donating Member (694 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-09-11 12:23 AM
Response to Reply #25
30. I think he assumes that 'Independents' all think like Republicans
So he implements republican shit, hoping to draw the 'independents' away from the republicans?

Or something equally obtuse and senseless...
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  -Drug Policy Alliance: "Obama Administration's Medical Marijuana Policies Now Worse Than Bush" Better Believe It  Oct-07-11 10:27 PM   #0 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-07-11 10:43 PM   #1 
  - Do you really think he isn't? /nt  Dragonfli   Oct-07-11 10:51 PM   #2 
  - It's sad when a Republican like Rohrabacher makes more sense than a Democratic president. WTF?  krabigirl   Oct-08-11 12:02 AM   #3 
  - I have to wonder, how many of these US Attorneys who are doing this  RaleighNCDUer   Oct-08-11 01:09 AM   #4 
  - Nah- Obama is too sharp for that. He would call them out by name if they were trying to trick him.  Dr Fate   Oct-08-11 05:19 PM   #13 
  - Right. He SHOULD be on the side of the pharmaceuticals agianst  RaleighNCDUer   Oct-08-11 05:48 PM   #15 
     - Medical MJ is dipping into corporate profits  Mr Deltoid   Oct-09-11 12:29 AM   #31 
     - + 1. n/t  truedelphi   Oct-09-11 05:55 PM   #50 
     - LOL.  RainDog   Oct-09-11 12:51 AM   #32 
     - Thanks for once again posting some intelligent reflection on  truedelphi   Oct-09-11 05:55 PM   #49 
     - The point is that Obama likes what these conservatives are doing.  Dr Fate   Oct-10-11 12:18 PM   #52 
  - Why wonder? They are all Obama appointees.  Bluenorthwest   Oct-09-11 09:31 AM   #39 
  - Obama could have done as Clinton did and fired all 93 US Attorneys on January 20th, 2009  Hippo_Tron   Oct-10-11 01:00 PM   #58 
  - Deleted  Better Believe It   Oct-08-11 10:51 AM   #5 
  - Demonstrating that junior must have been not-RW enough in his governance?  indepat   Oct-08-11 01:57 PM   #6 
  - TYT brought up the upcoming FDA approval of  theaocp   Oct-08-11 02:28 PM   #7 
  - This isn't the only issue he's been worse than Bush..  Upton   Oct-08-11 03:06 PM   #8 
  - Taxes too  Mr Deltoid   Oct-08-11 05:09 PM   #10 
  - tell me about it  walerosco   Oct-08-11 09:24 PM   #23 
  - With more tax cuts waiting in the wings...  Mr Deltoid   Oct-09-11 12:21 AM   #29 
  - He did raise taxes on poor folks through SCHIP (while keeping them lower on the wealthy)  The Straight Story   Oct-09-11 03:25 PM   #44 
  - Like you had a choice in the matter.... (*sarcasm*)  nomb   Oct-08-11 05:12 PM   #11 
  - Obama's environmental policies are worse than Bush's.  yardwork   Oct-09-11 03:13 PM   #42 
  - I wish it were just a doubling in this case  bighart   Oct-10-11 01:54 PM   #60 
  - Last May our governor was ready to sign a law licensing dispensaries and growers  Mr Deltoid   Oct-08-11 05:09 PM   #9 
  - Yep, I live in Washington state..  Upton   Oct-09-11 07:58 AM   #37 
  - Obama is merely trying to regulate. Regulation is progressive. I thought liberals liked regulations.  Dr Fate   Oct-08-11 05:15 PM   #12 
  - I'll check back with you about this November 2012. We'll see if you're still so glib.  Edweird   Oct-08-11 05:58 PM   #16 
  - That's a patently absurd and simplistic statement  Uncle Joe   Oct-08-11 06:11 PM   #17 
  - I'm noticing that pot dispensaries can't operate with the regulation.  caseymoz   Oct-08-11 06:18 PM   #18 
  - He's become a prohibitionist.  Better Believe It   Oct-08-11 07:08 PM   #19 
  - LOL! -thanks, and a hug nt  tama   Oct-08-11 07:30 PM   #20 
  - wtf  walerosco   Oct-08-11 09:39 PM   #26 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-08-11 11:22 PM   #28 
  - Looool. :)  krabigirl   Oct-10-11 12:46 PM   #55 
  - i `d say big pharma is about to patent cannabis.....  madrchsod   Oct-08-11 05:48 PM   #14 
  - Wish that was so, but no, I think the feds are moving in the opposite direction under Obama.  Better Believe It   Oct-08-11 08:26 PM   #21 
  - check out US Patent #6,630,507  court jester   Oct-09-11 01:03 AM   #33 
  - Heh heh heh  kenny blankenship   Oct-08-11 08:37 PM   #22 
  - K&R  walerosco   Oct-08-11 09:26 PM   #24 
  - If Obama just doesn't want to be President...  DLine   Oct-08-11 09:32 PM   #25 
  - I think he assumes that 'Independents' all think like Republicans  Mr Deltoid   Oct-09-11 12:23 AM   #30 
     - Yep. His advisors are completely, utterly clueless.  krabigirl   Oct-10-11 12:47 PM   #56 
  - K&R!!  blackspade   Oct-08-11 11:18 PM   #27 
  - The worst burned victim in the Cedar Fire relies on medical marijuana cream for pain relief.  Liberty Belle   Oct-09-11 01:10 AM   #34 
  - "Those who use clinics as a means to just get high are going to find illegal marijuana on the street  Better Believe It   Oct-09-11 12:04 PM   #40 
  - Our country's attitude toward pain is puritanical.  yardwork   Oct-09-11 03:17 PM   #43 
  - Repuke thuggery over Maryjane has harolded in fascism on roller skates  ooglymoogly   Oct-09-11 07:39 AM   #35 
  - Heartless sonza bitches  SHRED   Oct-09-11 07:56 AM   #36 
  - And another LARGE constituency lost . . .  Le Taz Hot   Oct-09-11 08:24 AM   #38 
  - Are supporters ready to say Obama isn't so progressive after all?  caseymoz   Oct-09-11 03:06 PM   #41 
  - last week or so I made a post about burying my opposition  mitchtv   Oct-09-11 03:41 PM   #45 
  - If something is illegal, it is illegal  treestar   Oct-09-11 03:44 PM   #46 
  - But then again, Obama says GLBT rights should be up to the  Bluenorthwest   Oct-09-11 04:25 PM   #47 
  - That's right. And the voters in states like California have roundly supported Medical Marijuana.  Warren DeMontague   Oct-10-11 12:43 PM   #54 
  - Sorry, but it is legal for medical use in my state. Screw the Fed dinosaurs.  krabigirl   Oct-10-11 12:48 PM   #57 
  - We don't live in a world of infinite resources  Hippo_Tron   Oct-10-11 01:06 PM   #59 
  - We lost a 24-year-old Friday night  Tsiyu   Oct-09-11 04:45 PM   #48 
  - Note that the Occupy Wall Street video details  truedelphi   Oct-09-11 06:17 PM   #51 
  - ko..i think..nt  xiamiam   Oct-10-11 12:39 PM   #53 
  - i been saying this for a year.  meow mix   Oct-12-11 10:13 AM   #61 

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