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Reply #18: well just wait and see how this country will be when we have Perry or Mitt with a GOP Congress. [View All]

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WI_DEM Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-19-11 08:15 AM
Response to Original message
18. well just wait and see how this country will be when we have Perry or Mitt with a GOP Congress.
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  -I never could have imagined voting for a Democratic president only to find him cutting Medicare Stinky The Clown  Sep-19-11 06:45 AM   #0 
  - Your mistake is you thought you were voting for a Democratic President  NMMNG   Sep-19-11 06:46 AM   #1 
  - Well, there is that.  GreenPartyVoter   Sep-19-11 06:58 AM   #3 
  - +1. nt  SammyWinstonJack   Sep-19-11 07:00 AM   #4 
  - Your mistake is thinking the Democratic Party is something it ain't.  blindpig   Sep-19-11 07:39 AM   #12 
  - Fuck us for pretending the Democratic Party hasn't been infiltrated by republicans  Horse with no Name   Sep-19-11 10:18 AM   # 
  - Ferget the Ds & Rs, it's the Cs.....  blindpig   Sep-19-11 10:44 AM   #41 
  - Then, we need a new party  FiveGoodMen   Sep-19-11 05:00 PM   #55 
  - The Third Way Democratic agenda IS the Republican agenda  woo me with science   Sep-19-11 10:18 AM   #31 
     - For those that are willfully blind to the COC agenda, link below for their "jobs" plan  Dragonfli   Sep-19-11 05:40 PM   #58 
        - Thank you. nt  woo me with science   Sep-19-11 08:26 PM   #66 
  - I am waiting for the hard core Obama Chess players to defend this  DontTreadOnMe   Sep-19-11 06:49 AM   #2 
  - It does not make any difference where the cuts are whether it  INdemo   Sep-19-11 07:15 AM   #5 
  - Wait, what?  JNelson6563   Sep-19-11 07:15 AM   #6 
  - My first link is one of 814 similar articles that were on Google News this morning.  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 07:23 AM   #9 
  - Only Nixon could go to China..  Fumesucker   Sep-19-11 07:22 AM   #7 
  - "This can't be spun."  vi5   Sep-19-11 07:23 AM   #8 
  - Garbage! Its cuts to providers - not recipients!  banned from Kos   Sep-19-11 07:29 AM   #10 
  - Now ya see, there ya go . . . .  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 08:01 AM   #13 
  - link that you want ---  banned from Kos   Sep-19-11 08:11 AM   #15 
  - No argument. The issue is that he is selling this as "cuts to Medicare and Medicaid"  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 09:58 AM   #23 
  - Great. Now less doctors will see Medicare recipients. Overpayments is a straw man. There is some  jtown1123   Sep-19-11 10:01 AM   #25 
  - You're right.  pecwae   Sep-20-11 07:02 AM   #87 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Sep-19-11 05:20 PM   #57 
  - The grand bargain almost assures social security and Medicare will be on the chopping  indepat   Sep-19-11 07:16 PM   #65 
  - word...  adhd_what_huh   Sep-19-11 09:27 AM   #22 
  - Denial is not a substitute for an argument.  woo me with science   Sep-19-11 10:15 AM   #30 
  - That is the lie that the entire scheme will rely on  Horse with no Name   Sep-19-11 10:22 AM   #35 
  - I guarantee you will not get an answer to your question.  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 11:16 AM   #43 
  - uh... kudos to Kos.  inna   Sep-19-11 10:07 PM   #71 
  - This doesn't sound so bad.  newfie11   Sep-19-11 07:30 AM   #11 
  - The details don't matter bnearly so much as him putting the programs in the same "cutter upper" . .  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 08:03 AM   #14 
     - Obama may end up de-electrifying the third rail by shorting through his own legacy..  Fumesucker   Sep-19-11 08:13 AM   #16 
  - I long suspected  undergroundpanther   Sep-19-11 08:13 AM   #17 
  - well just wait and see how this country will be when we have Perry or Mitt with a GOP Congress.  WI_DEM   Sep-19-11 08:15 AM   #18 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Sep-19-11 08:17 AM   #19 
  - I can't figure out why he returned the Paul Ryan gift.  Vinca   Sep-19-11 08:25 AM   #20 
  - there wasn't much complaining about health insurance reform act  alc   Sep-19-11 08:51 AM   #21 
  - what term was it clinton did welfare reform and nafta? did anyone vote him second term? nt  seabeyond   Sep-19-11 10:01 AM   #24 
  - Good point. Both signed his first term.  AtomicKitten   Sep-19-11 05:13 PM   #56 
     - yup. i remember that. thanks for the confirmation  seabeyond   Sep-19-11 06:37 PM   #61 
  - He is talking about waste and fraud, not benefits  Motown_Johnny   Sep-19-11 10:05 AM   #26 
  - You must be joking.  EFerrari   Sep-19-11 10:09 AM   #27 
  - In fact, the Super Congress has language that prohibits cuts to beneficiaries too. n/t  Sheepshank   Sep-19-11 10:11 AM   #28 
  - Nope. Only in the case of the trigger. Cuts to providers are cuts to beneficiaries anways.  jtown1123   Sep-19-11 10:25 AM   #37 
  - Oh please.  woo me with science   Sep-19-11 10:13 AM   #29 
  - You read the OP and then ran someplace else with the central point  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 10:40 AM   #40 
  - Obama Deficit Plan Delivers Bold Clash Of Visions  ProSense   Sep-19-11 10:19 AM   #32 
  - Congratulations you TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 10:24 AM   #36 
     - No,  ProSense   Sep-19-11 10:27 AM   #38 
        - I always laugh at you.  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 11:13 AM   #42 
           - Hmmm?  ProSense   Sep-19-11 11:25 AM   #45 
           - No, you're twisting what was said. Nice try, though.  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 11:44 AM   #47 
              - Hmmm?  ProSense   Sep-19-11 11:59 AM   #50 
                 - "Does that hurt?"  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 12:27 PM   #52 
           - Hmmm?  Bluebear   Sep-20-11 12:44 AM   #81 
  - Did you just catch the "out" in his live speech a minute ago? He just  bullwinkle428   Sep-19-11 10:19 AM   #33 
  - He wants to cut it. He came into his Presidency planning to cut it. Just like Republicans,  woo me with science   Sep-19-11 10:22 AM   #34 
  - It's not even subtle. He is saying outright that Medicare is on the chopping block.  woo me with science   Sep-19-11 10:30 AM   #39 
     - wow, thank you very much for the recap.  inna   Sep-20-11 01:05 AM   #83 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Sep-19-11 11:16 AM   #44 
  - It doesn't matter what the 'cuts' are because  zalinda   Sep-19-11 11:27 AM   #46 
  - Very true  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 11:46 AM   #48 
  - Now  ProSense   Sep-19-11 12:01 PM   #51 
  - K&R.  William769   Sep-19-11 11:47 AM   #49 
  - Man, some people really don't want to hear this FACT  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 04:14 PM   #53 
  - K&R  leftstreet   Sep-19-11 04:30 PM   #54 
  - K&R nt  Raine   Sep-19-11 05:48 PM   #59 
  - knr nt  slipslidingaway   Sep-19-11 05:58 PM   #60 
  - Just for the record . . . .  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 07:00 PM   #62 
  - I know. GD will rec ANYTHING  Number23   Sep-19-11 07:11 PM   #63 
     - haha  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 09:19 PM   #68 
     - do an experiment and post anything  inna   Sep-20-11 12:55 AM   #82 
        - You comb through GD just LOOKING for something to get up in arms about, don't you?  Number23   Sep-20-11 02:38 AM   #85 
           - ?  inna   Sep-21-11 05:21 AM   #88 
  - Just in the nick of time to be refuted by what he said today.  cliffordu   Sep-19-11 07:12 PM   #64 
  - What did he say today that changes the crux of the OP?  Stinky The Clown   Sep-19-11 09:18 PM   #67 
     - Except the part where you claim he cut medicare.  cliffordu   Sep-20-11 01:10 AM   #84 
  - I really liked how you framed your argument.  Major Hogwash   Sep-19-11 09:40 PM   #69 
  - I'm with you. These hokus-pokus big packages that mix and match  sad sally   Sep-19-11 09:58 PM   #70 
  - kr  inna   Sep-19-11 10:10 PM   #72 
  - Believe it or not, articulating facts that you are uncomfortake with is not "spinning."  BzaDem   Sep-19-11 10:14 PM   #73 
  - "if we had single payer, the cuts providers would be facing would be orders of magnitude higher."  inna   Sep-19-11 10:29 PM   #75 
     - That is 100% false. Doctors get paid much less in single payer countries than they do in America.  BzaDem   Sep-19-11 10:48 PM   #76 
        - "by FAR the biggest effect on healthcare costs come from providers" - absolutely false,  inna   Sep-19-11 10:53 PM   #77 
           - Insurance company profit and overhead makes up FOUR PERCENT of national healthcare expenditures.  BzaDem   Sep-19-11 10:55 PM   #78 
  - K&R  latebloomer   Sep-19-11 10:22 PM   #74 
  - Why not? n/t  Cerridwen   Sep-19-11 10:58 PM   #79 
  - He hasn't done a damn thing to medicare and I would bet you $100 that benefits  Maraya1969   Sep-20-11 12:37 AM   #80 
     - Lol  Bluebear   Sep-20-11 03:28 AM   #86 

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