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Reply #18: The word "all" is probably not appropriate. [View All]

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LWolf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-11-11 01:52 PM
Response to Original message
18. The word "all" is probably not appropriate.
Edited on Sun Sep-11-11 01:53 PM by LWolf
I'm sure many do.

I don't remember much. Since I recognized within 24 hours that 9/11 propaganda was going to be used to legitimize the Bush administration and move our nation forward into war and destruction, I never got caught up in the national moment.

I know I was at home, because I remember my son's phone call telling me to "turn on the fucking tv." I did, I spent 10 minutes on tv, and turned it off. He knew I wouldn't have tv or radio on, since I don't give tv or radio news or talk shows, even inadvertently, any of my time, attention, or electricity.

I'm not sure what I did the rest of the day; I know I was at home recovering from a hospital stay after an accident. I know whatever I was doing, I wasn't afraid, enraged, or calling for revenge. Sympathy for victims and their families? Yes. As much sympathy as I have for the victims of the war on terror on all sides, and their families. As much sympathy as I have for the homeless, the un- or underemployed or paid or educated, the sick, the injured, the disabled, the victims of abuse of any kind, the victims of civil rights violations, the victims of accidents, murders, or lack of health care.

It wasn't something I dwelled on, though, then or since.

I was probably curled up in my chair, drinking some herb tea and reading a book, rest, peace, and quiet being what the doctor ordered for my recovery.
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  -I figured this was the ONLY place I could say these things without getting flamed too bad bluevoter4life  Sep-11-11 11:46 AM   #0 
  - Amen - it's become another media event. (eom)  Loge23   Sep-11-11 11:48 AM   #1 
  - it has been turned into a circus.  mysuzuki2   Sep-11-11 11:50 AM   #2 
  - +1  JackintheGreen   Sep-11-11 11:58 AM   #3 
  - I understand your feelings and I sympathize.  Demoiselle   Sep-11-11 12:00 PM   #4 
  - Yes, every race color and creed . We all love our families in the  REACTIVATED IN CT   Sep-11-11 02:35 PM   #21 
  - Ummmm......  Coyote_Bandit   Sep-11-11 12:17 PM   #5 
  - I understand what you're saying and agree. I am aware of the group  roguevalley   Sep-11-11 12:20 PM   #6 
  - There is definitely manipulation going on there.  immoderate   Sep-11-11 12:22 PM   #7 
  - as much as i don't like sensationalism ....  shireen   Sep-11-11 12:30 PM   #8 
  - hopefully  lsewpershad   Sep-11-11 12:42 PM   #10 
     - yes, i'm acutely aware of it  shireen   Sep-11-11 12:52 PM   #12 
  - deleted duplicated post  shireen   Sep-11-11 12:30 PM   #9 
  - Go Dolphins!  edhopper   Sep-11-11 12:49 PM   #11 
  - Piss on the Dolphins  pipi_k   Sep-11-11 01:17 PM   #14 
     - No one, who ever was alive on that day, will ever be completely over it  bluevoter4life   Sep-11-11 01:25 PM   #15 
        - dupe  SusanaMontana41   Sep-12-11 12:22 AM   #32 
        - Very thoughtful thread and posts.  SusanaMontana41   Sep-12-11 12:22 AM   #33 
  - Today's NFL games, sponsored by....9/11. Buy some chinese made rememberences right away nt  msongs   Sep-11-11 01:06 PM   #13 
  - I think the events deserve to be diminished  hfojvt   Sep-11-11 01:40 PM   #16 
  - 9/11 had an external enemy. The OKC bombing was done by a Republican.  gulliver   Sep-11-11 01:50 PM   #17 
  - McVeigh was more a John Birch "Tea Party" Society kinda guy  vets74   Sep-11-11 08:32 PM   #30 
  - The word "all" is probably not appropriate.  LWolf   Sep-11-11 01:52 PM   #18 
  - Style over substance once again...  WCGreen   Sep-11-11 02:07 PM   #19 
  - I agree with you. I didn't attend the annual memorial sevice  REACTIVATED IN CT   Sep-11-11 02:32 PM   #20 
  - We never hear about OK because it was a home-grown right-wing whack job.  TBF   Sep-11-11 03:39 PM   #22 
  - Meanwhile, the First Responder HEROES...  bvar22   Sep-11-11 04:28 PM   #23 
  - Subsequent anniversaries of 9/11 will get more and more low key  bluestateguy   Sep-11-11 06:04 PM   #24 
  - America, I cried and mourned with you after 9/11  WHEN CRABS ROAR   Sep-11-11 06:33 PM   #25 
  - I haven't been inundated with "9-11" anniversary coverage  etherealtruth   Sep-11-11 06:41 PM   #26 
  - Well, every news station. local and national and talk, has been  RebelOne   Sep-11-11 07:03 PM   #28 
     - I'm not one that watches much television  etherealtruth   Sep-11-11 07:09 PM   #29 
  - but theyre entirely miss'n th most important part. that Bu$h43 let it happen, Kristol's Pearl Harbor  dogmoma56   Sep-11-11 06:58 PM   #27 
  - I agree.  luv_mykatz   Sep-12-11 12:14 AM   #31 
  - How sanitized do we need the world to be for us?  Waiting For Everyman   Sep-12-11 01:15 AM   #34 

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