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Stoller: "Obama mocks the idea that he is an honest politician" [View All]

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Karmadillo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-28-11 09:40 AM
Original message
Stoller: "Obama mocks the idea that he is an honest politician"
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Matt Stoller: Power Politics What Eric Schneiderman Reveals About Obama
By Matt Stoller, a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

A lot of people have asked why New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is going after the banks as aggressively as he is. Its almost unbelievable that one lone elected official, who happens to have powerful legal tools at his disposal, is doing something that no one with any serious degree of power has done. So what is the secret? What kind of machinations is he undertaking that no one else has been able to do?

Ive known Schneiderman for a few years, back when he was a state Senator working to reform the Rockefeller drug laws. And my answer to this question is pretty simple. He wants to. Thats it. Eric Schneiderman is investigating the banks because he thinks its the right thing to do. So hes doing it. This guy has thought about his politics. He wrote an article about how he sees politics in 2008 in the Nation, and in his inaugural speech as NY AG he talked about the need to restore faith in both public and private institutions. Free will still counts for something, apparently.


Im no genius, I just listened to what these people actually said and did. Obama mocks the idea that he is an honest politician, overtly, lying about NAFTA and FISA very early on in power. Miller lied to activists about being willing to put bankers in jail, and then said he was negotiating with banks in secret. It was overt. For Miller, as with Obama, few people really picked up on the lies until recently. Iowa activists who heckled Miller got it, as did Naked Capitalism readers. Now its becoming more and more obvious. Thats just how it is, I suppose, people in the establishment are paid to not notice corruption until the harsh glare is too bright.


When you look closely at most significant areas of government, it becomes clear that the President and his administration are enormously powerful actors who get a lot done. Handing over our national wealth to the banks and to China is not nothing. These people are reorganizing the economy and the political system so that there are no constraints on the oligarchical interests that fund and pay them. That is their goal, it has been their goal from day one (or even before that), and anyone who says otherwise is just wrong or deluding him or herself. Obama spoke at the founding of Robert Rubins Hamilton Institute, and his first, and most important by far policy initiative, was his whipping for TARP, a policy that was signed by Bush but could not have passed without Obama getting his party in line. That was his goal, and hes still pursuing it. The numerous what happened to Obama wailing editorials overlook the consistency of his policy agenda, which stretches back years at this point.

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  -Stoller: "Obama mocks the idea that he is an honest politician" Karmadillo  Aug-28-11 09:40 AM   #0 
  - I know Stoller and he has no credibility with me.  MH1   Aug-28-11 09:42 AM   #1 
  - And Obama does  Bandit   Aug-28-11 09:57 AM   #3 
  - Except when he hits the nail  edhopper   Aug-28-11 10:22 AM   #5 
  - Oh ok anonymous Internet poster, that settles that  Bluebear   Aug-28-11 10:42 AM   #7 
  - True. I heard he doesn't have the requisite 8 altars in his home  Creideiki   Aug-28-11 02:19 PM   #20 
  - Matt Stoller never really loved him!  QC   Aug-28-11 02:44 PM   #23 
     - He has no credibility!!!  Bluebear   Aug-28-11 03:10 PM   #24 
        - He just wants President mean President Perry!!!  QC   Aug-28-11 06:49 PM   #33 
  - MH1 has no credibility with me.  girl gone mad   Aug-28-11 06:17 PM   #31 
  - Don't you just love the numerous replies your simple post has inspired?  Number23   Aug-28-11 07:21 PM   #36 
  - Recced to zero. Great article. nt  riderinthestorm   Aug-28-11 09:43 AM   #2 
  - K/R  Autumn   Aug-28-11 10:19 AM   #4 
  - Obama acts as if he doesn't understand why being known for telling the truth is a big deal  Romulox   Aug-28-11 10:24 AM   #6 
  - K&R  leftstreet   Aug-28-11 10:59 AM   #8 
  - K&R! n/t  Kermitt Gribble   Aug-28-11 11:07 AM   #9 
  - We just have to open our eyes to how we have been deceived...  John Agar   Aug-28-11 11:14 AM   #10 
  - K & R !!! - Wow...This Part...  WillyT   Aug-28-11 11:16 AM   #11 
  - "Wall Street is our Main Street""  scentopine   Aug-28-11 11:29 AM   #12 
  - Is that a Brietbart site?  jaxx   Aug-28-11 11:32 AM   #13 
  - Is that a joke? Here is their blogroll.  madfloridian   Aug-28-11 11:44 AM   #14 
     - The content of the article suggests it may be Brietbart oriented.  jaxx   Aug-28-11 11:47 AM   #15 
        - Denial is not a river in Egypt.  Enthusiast   Aug-28-11 11:57 AM   #16 
        - Neither is a half baked article with innuendo as it's paddle.  jaxx   Aug-28-11 12:03 PM   #17 
           - Then explain what it is you disagree with in the  sabrina 1   Aug-28-11 06:57 PM   #34 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-28-11 12:46 PM   #19 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-28-11 02:26 PM   #21 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-28-11 03:11 PM   #25 
        - Epic "Blame the Messenger" Fail.  girl gone mad   Aug-28-11 06:20 PM   #32 
  - Our government is being bought wholesale by the banks and corporations.  woo me with science   Aug-28-11 12:05 PM   #18 
  - The military industrial complex runs the world, as an evil dark queen,  sad sally   Aug-28-11 04:00 PM   #26 
  - The truth is painful.  pa28   Aug-28-11 02:36 PM   #22 
  - K&R  amborin   Aug-28-11 04:01 PM   #27 
  - America is a legacy ...  GeorgeGist   Aug-28-11 04:50 PM   #28 
  - Definition of an honest politician-One that STAYS bought.  hobbit709   Aug-28-11 04:52 PM   #29 
  - politicians are corrupt. even your favorites.  KG   Aug-28-11 04:57 PM   #30 
  - Looks like the word went out on this thread.  Ikonoklast   Aug-28-11 07:01 PM   #35 

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