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Reply #18: How...pragmatic of you. [View All]

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muffin1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-23-11 01:27 PM
Response to Original message
18. How...pragmatic of you.
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  -Folks...It was just a 5.8 Earthquake..Out West We.... rsmith6621  Aug-23-11 01:07 PM   #0 
  - Unrec for mocking an unusual happening.  uppityperson   Aug-23-11 01:09 PM   #1 
  - Ditto. eom  City Lights   Aug-23-11 01:09 PM   #3 
  - knock it off  proud patriot   Aug-23-11 01:09 PM   #2 
  - I Don't Think Virginia Building Codes Consider Earthquakes  AndyTiedye   Aug-23-11 01:13 PM   #7 
  - +1  Gormy Cuss   Aug-23-11 09:59 PM   #53 
  - Yeah, wait until a stray Catagory 1 hurricane spins towards California.  Tommy_Carcetti   Aug-23-11 01:11 PM   #4 
  - lol. ok, we will just wait. nt  seabeyond   Aug-23-11 01:26 PM   #15 
  - I was shocked the first time I saw the coast in California.  kick-ass-bob   Aug-23-11 01:48 PM   #31 
     - ah hahahhaa. lol. location, location, location. it is funny  seabeyond   Aug-23-11 02:02 PM   #45 
  - It has almost happened in the past. We lost a lot of the pier  Cleita   Aug-23-11 01:40 PM   #25 
     - I thought they were called typhoons only in the Asian Pacific.  Tommy_Carcetti   Aug-23-11 01:42 PM   #28 
        - Tomatoes, tomatohs. I'm sure a lot of people do call  Cleita   Aug-23-11 01:47 PM   #30 
           - Wrong.....  Tommy_Carcetti   Aug-23-11 02:19 PM   #50 
  - I know what you mean, but it is likely that somebody was injured or even killed.  onehandle   Aug-23-11 01:12 PM   #5 
  - 6.0, actually.  lildreamer316   Aug-23-11 01:13 PM   # 
  - From Virginia to Toronto? I didn't know they could hit in that long a  jwirr   Aug-23-11 01:58 PM   #40 
  - K&R. Welcome to California, East Coasters. Sheesh. nt  Dreamer Tatum   Aug-23-11 01:13 PM   #6 
  - You're used to them. We AREN'T.  muffin1   Aug-23-11 01:24 PM   #13 
     - California is known for its complete lack of people alone with bad backs. You got me there. nt  Dreamer Tatum   Aug-23-11 01:27 PM   #17 
        - delete/dupe  muffin1   Aug-23-11 01:34 PM   #20 
        - Yeah...THAT'S what I said.  muffin1   Aug-23-11 01:38 PM   #23 
  - Poor taste.  Robb   Aug-23-11 01:14 PM   #8 
  - Know anything about building codes?  pintobean   Aug-23-11 01:15 PM   #9 
  - Dickish statement  PVnRT   Aug-23-11 01:21 PM   #10 
  - Plenty of Californians Bashing the OP Right Along With You  AndyTiedye   Aug-23-11 01:41 PM   #27 
  - While I agree it was a dickish statement, you should see the crap Californians have to put up with..  comtec   Aug-23-11 02:13 PM   #48 
  - You do realize that quakes are not that common in the east cost  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-23-11 01:23 PM   #11 
  - not so much the east coast  Occulus   Aug-23-11 01:54 PM   # 
  - as much as I know in Cali a seven pointer will do damage  nadinbrzezinski   Aug-23-11 02:06 PM   #47 
  - FWIW the New Madrid fault isn't on the east coast  Lucinda   Aug-23-11 10:23 PM   #54 
  - The geology is different on the east coast...  IndyPragmatist   Aug-23-11 01:23 PM   #12 
  - You also have city planning and retro-fitting. The east coast is not prepared for such a thing.  myrna minx   Aug-23-11 01:24 PM   #14 
  - smaller earthquakes are more severe east of the rockies than they are in California  fishwax   Aug-23-11 01:27 PM   #16 
  - How...pragmatic of you.  muffin1   Aug-23-11 01:27 PM   #18 
  - Yeah...and in Texas, we barely blink at tornados...sarcasm  w8liftinglady   Aug-23-11 01:29 PM   #19 
  - i duck, lol. live in calif two decades. lived in texas two decades. give me an earthquake anytime  seabeyond   Aug-23-11 01:37 PM   #21 
     - I agree. Having lived in both Kansas and Texas, I find  Cleita   Aug-23-11 01:38 PM   #24 
  - Out West we have stringent building codes.  Cleita   Aug-23-11 01:38 PM   #22 
  - You don't have the NUMBER  JustAnotherGen   Aug-23-11 01:41 PM   #26 
  - Also, the San Francisco earthquake at the turn of  Cleita   Aug-23-11 01:52 PM   #36 
  - Well now. That's about the size of the 1987 Whittier quake.  KamaAina   Aug-23-11 01:45 PM   #29 
  - And as with everything else, because this happened on the East Coast it's all the M$M will talk..  truebrit71   Aug-23-11 01:49 PM   #32 
  - Please...  ohheckyeah   Aug-23-11 01:50 PM   #33 
  - This Californian is sending warm thoughts to all east coasters  Beaverhausen   Aug-23-11 01:51 PM   #34 
  - Thank you, This Virginian appreciates it.  muffin1   Aug-23-11 01:54 PM   #37 
  - Just Heard that a Couple of NUKES Scrammed During the Quake  AndyTiedye   Aug-23-11 01:52 PM   #35 
  - Get 4 feet of snow and get back to me....n/t  OhioChick   Aug-23-11 01:55 PM   #38 
  - Seems the boss himself has weighed in on your pomposity...  CleanGreenFuture   Aug-23-11 01:58 PM   #39 
  - Uncalled for.  GentryDixon   Aug-23-11 01:59 PM   #41 
  - It was felt in Toronto and Fla.. WV, MA, TN, NC, OH, NY, RI, PA...  FedUpWithIt All   Aug-23-11 02:00 PM   #42 
  - Michigan too.n/t  Scout   Aug-23-11 02:02 PM   #44 
  - That's a really large area. I will be interested in hearing  Cleita   Aug-23-11 02:05 PM   #46 
  - Bit too snarky there, rs.  HappyMe   Aug-23-11 02:01 PM   #43 
  - Learn to swim. See you down in Arizona Bay!  Patriot 76   Aug-23-11 02:14 PM   #49 
  - really? n/t  freeplessinseattle   Aug-23-11 04:23 PM   #51 
  - Yet LAers freak out over a light rain. go figure. n/t  freeplessinseattle   Aug-23-11 04:33 PM   #52 
  - Drive in Los Angeles when it rains and you will see why  JI7   Aug-23-11 10:27 PM   #55 
  - Drive in Los Angeles when it rains and you will see why  JI7   Aug-23-11 10:27 PM   #56 
     - yeah, we get the slick pavement after no rain for awhile  freeplessinseattle   Aug-24-11 01:38 AM   #59 
  - I was in LA for the Northridge quake. This one was pretty respectable.  kwassa   Aug-23-11 10:29 PM   #57 
  - 5.8 actually does considerable damage in California.  Nailzberg   Aug-23-11 10:34 PM   #58 
  - It's just an inch of snow...  krispos42   Aug-24-11 02:03 AM   #60 
  - The Sylmar quake in L.A., 1971 was a 6.0. Look it up  Waiting For Everyman   Aug-24-11 04:22 AM   #61 

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