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Reply #117: Libyan rebels: Eastern oil terminal Brega seized [View All]

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pinboy3niner Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-19-11 10:49 PM
Response to Original message
117. Libyan rebels: Eastern oil terminal Brega seized

By KARIN LAUB and RAMI AL-SHAHEIBI - Associated Press | AP 31 mins ago

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) Libyan rebels battling Moammar Gadhafi's troops along the country's Mediterranean coast said they have captured all of the strategic eastern port city of Brega, which has repeatedly changed hands in the 6-month-old civil war.

Rebel military spokesman Col. Ahmed Bani said fighters gained control Saturday of the industrial section of Brega, after having captured its residential areas last week.


"We have liberated Brega and all of it is under our control," Bani told The Associated Press on Saturday. "The fighters are in the port and taken the refineries."

The clashes with Gadhafi forces killed two rebels and left fifteen injured, according to rebel spokesman Mohammed Idris.

His claim could not be immediately verified and officials in the Libyan capital Tripoli made no comment on it.


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  -Libyan Revolution Week 26 part 3 joshcryer  Aug-17-11 09:16 PM   #0 
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  - Libyan embassy reopens its doors in Washington, A little humor - Gaddafis Mathaba site, Amazing pics  joshcryer   Aug-17-11 09:29 PM   #5 
  - Yes, at least Moussa Koussa has.  tabatha   Aug-17-11 09:53 PM   #7 
     - It's been deleted and comments are "approval only" now.  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 06:05 AM   #31 
  - SYRIA: Syria's Bashar Assad defends "dignity"; hundreds held in stadium; U.N. eyes war crimes  joshcryer   Aug-17-11 09:33 PM   #6 
  - UN to meet over Syria bloodshed (killings continue despite Assad's assurances they've stopped)  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 01:28 AM   #11 
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  - Lockerbie Bomber: On the Loose, but for How Long?  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 01:02 AM   #9 
  - Libyan rebels fight for refineries  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 01:16 AM   #10 
  - "The drones arrived earlier this week" - you seriously cheer for this kind of crap?  inna   Aug-18-11 01:49 AM   #12 
     - Glad you're reading.  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 01:55 AM   #13 
        - The original NBC report described these as UNARMED surveillance drones  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 02:25 AM   #17 
           - Yeah, I would amend my stance with that in effect.  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 02:32 AM   #19 
  - Rebels besiege Libyas last working oil refinery  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 02:00 AM   #14 
  - Hardly anything more vile than collective punishment.  inna   Aug-18-11 02:15 AM   #15 
     - Where were you when this town was besieged by Gaddafi for 3 weeks?  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 02:21 AM   #16 
     - You must have missed Iterate's posts on how Gaddafi CODIFIED collective punishment in Libyan LAW  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 02:47 AM   #20 
        - Good point, especially how one entire municipality could be punished for the acts of a few.  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 02:50 AM   #21 
           - Since then I found a more complete and concise source  Iterate   Aug-18-11 06:41 AM   #35 
              - Nice find, I will check it out later. I found a UN source, all of the new posts will have this:  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 07:01 AM   #38 
  - kr  defendandprotect   Aug-18-11 02:29 AM   #18 
  - The Guardian's live blog has opened for the day  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 03:50 AM   #22 
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  - Sky News' Alex Crawford, reporting from Zawiya again:  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 06:15 AM   #32 
  - Alex Crawford reporting on Gaddafi massacre of civilians in Zawiya in March:  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 06:34 AM   #33 
  - That's going to make my day, thanks for that! Alex Crawford is such a hero.  joshcryer   Aug-18-11 06:53 AM   #37 
  - #Gharyan FF released 4000-6000 prisoners detained in Jendouba prison  Iterate   Aug-18-11 07:01 AM   #39 
  - Things are moving very fast  pinboy3niner   Aug-18-11 07:04 AM   #40 
     - ...and then it just stops for a few hours.  Iterate   Aug-18-11 12:24 PM   #51 
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  - Tunisia.  tabatha   Aug-18-11 06:54 PM   #73 
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  - Analysis of NTC "Draft Constitutional Charter"  pinboy3niner   Aug-19-11 06:04 AM   #92 
  - Thanks pinboy3niner, that consitution is heavily socialist, isn't that interesting?  joshcryer   Aug-19-11 07:10 AM   #96 
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  - Week 27 (and soon to be one of the last as this winds down) here:  joshcryer   Aug-20-11 08:21 AM   #131 

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