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Reply #2: You probably don't [View All]

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Harmony Blue Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-09-11 04:31 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. You probably don't
want to know... :(
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  -Harry Reid is a sorry excuse for a democrat. Hubert Flottz  Aug-09-11 04:30 PM   #0 
  - What happened now?  spedtr90   Aug-09-11 04:31 PM   #1 
  - You probably don't  Harmony Blue   Aug-09-11 04:31 PM   #2 
  - BAUCUS!!!!!!!  spedtr90   Aug-09-11 04:37 PM   #5 
     - He and Ben Nelson were the two I definitely didn't want on the committee  SharonRB   Aug-09-11 04:38 PM   #6 
  - Harry picked one of the most ass kissing democrats in Washington  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 04:35 PM   #3 
     - You owe me a new cup of coffee  Harmony Blue   Aug-09-11 04:36 PM   #4 
     - Max helped the GOP totally gut the health care bill...  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 04:41 PM   #9 
     - He picked the guy who Senate Democrats entrusted to be Chairman of the Finance Committee  Freddie Stubbs   Aug-09-11 04:40 PM   #7 
        - I now have a BIG problem with BOTH....  truebrit71   Aug-09-11 04:42 PM   #10 
        - Kerry called social security part of our long term structural deficit  spedtr90   Aug-09-11 04:47 PM   #13 
        - John Kerry didn't have the balls to fight Blackwell for his job when  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 04:55 PM   #15 
        - I agree...  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 04:49 PM   #14 
        - Freddie I have a problem with DINOS.  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 04:47 PM   #12 
        - Yep. nt  valerief   Aug-09-11 04:56 PM   #17 
        - That describes me to a T. I do have a problem with the "democratic" caucus  DisgustipatedinCA   Aug-09-11 05:08 PM   #19 
  - Harry, you're nothing to me now.  Morning Dew   Aug-09-11 04:40 PM   #8 
  - He would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 04:43 PM   #11 
     - Max is not wimpy. He fought ruthlessly to prevent single-payer.  FiveGoodMen   Aug-09-11 05:04 PM   #18 
        - Yes he did...I'll never forget!  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 05:09 PM   #20 
  - 2 Blue Dogs???  spedtr90   Aug-09-11 04:55 PM   #16 
  - Alrighty who is really surprised???  Kalidurga   Aug-09-11 05:34 PM   #21 
  - He's doing what President Obama and Wall Street want him to do.  Better Believe It   Aug-09-11 05:35 PM   #22 
  - He sure as hell isn't looking out for the American people.  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 05:37 PM   #24 
  - You do realize that this was certainly not just Harry's decision alone.  DCBob   Aug-09-11 05:36 PM   #23 
  - The same ones who wanted to destroy real health care reform.  Hubert Flottz   Aug-09-11 05:49 PM   #25 
  - Locking  cbayer   Aug-09-11 05:51 PM   #26 

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