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Reply #33: I don't agree with him much lately. I haven't always agreed with Gore or even Kerry, either. [View All]

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blm Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-05-11 02:30 PM
Response to Original message
33. I don't agree with him much lately. I haven't always agreed with Gore or even Kerry, either.
But, I know math - and I know the GOP is wrong for this country 100% of the time.
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  -I am hesitant to criticize the President at this time. kentuck  Aug-04-11 08:52 PM   #0 
  - +1. n/t  pnwmom   Aug-04-11 08:53 PM   #1 
  - I am 100% with you on this one.  Firebrand Gary   Aug-04-11 08:55 PM   #2 
  - Now THAT is a good way to word it. Metaphors help a lot sometimes.  calimary   Aug-04-11 09:01 PM   #7 
  - A President with more political capital than any in our lifetimes - an 'underdog?'  leftstreet   Aug-04-11 08:56 PM   #3 
  - +1  readmoreoften   Aug-04-11 08:56 PM   #4 
  - Now is exactly the time to be criticizing him.  Armstead   Aug-04-11 08:57 PM   #5 
  - Maybe it's just me?  kentuck   Aug-04-11 09:01 PM   #9 
     - That shows you're a good person and honest....My own opinion is...  Armstead   Aug-04-11 09:18 PM   #18 
  - his monthlong vacation on Martha's Vineyard might ease the pain  Enrique   Aug-04-11 09:00 PM   #6 
  - I think his fundraiser in Chicago eased the pain...  KoKo   Aug-04-11 09:06 PM   #12 
     - I wonder how many of the attendees arrived in Chicago on private jets... n/t  cherokeeprogressive   Aug-05-11 02:34 PM   #36 
  - Excellent post  Richardo   Aug-04-11 09:01 PM   #8 
  - Is there a point we can criticize too much?  SoutherDem   Aug-04-11 09:04 PM   #10 
  - Yes, but only in the dark while standing under the Cone of Silence. n/t  gkhouston   Aug-04-11 09:14 PM   #16 
  - Yes there is that point, and we are there.  jaxx   Aug-04-11 09:26 PM   #20 
     - No kidding it's past time to circle the wagons  noise   Aug-04-11 09:32 PM   #22 
     - Agree. I say, you're either WITH him or AGAINST him.  Fire1   Aug-05-11 02:28 PM   #32 
  - Just read this...  dennis4868   Aug-04-11 09:04 PM   #11 
  - BTW, Kentuck....How can you see Obama as an "Underdog?"  KoKo   Aug-04-11 09:07 PM   #13 
  - Now I see where the Democrats get their lame...  JoseGaspar   Aug-04-11 09:08 PM   #14 
  - You're entitled to your opinion...  kentuck   Aug-04-11 09:12 PM   #15 
  - +1  leftstreet   Aug-04-11 09:18 PM   #17 
  - Do you want a hug ? you sound discouraged  proud patriot   Aug-04-11 09:33 PM   #23 
     - How is that discouragement?  blindpig   Aug-05-11 02:48 PM   #37 
        - you sound discouraged by the President  proud patriot   Aug-05-11 03:09 PM   #41 
           - How can I be disappointed when I expected nothing?  blindpig   Aug-05-11 03:23 PM   #42 
              - Thanks for the reading recommendation  proud patriot   Aug-05-11 03:44 PM   #44 
  - Propaganda works  noise   Aug-04-11 09:24 PM   #19 
  - Yes I spend many hrs defending him on the WH facebook page  proud patriot   Aug-04-11 09:31 PM   #21 
  - There is no evidence he has progressive ideals. n/t  EFerrari   Aug-05-11 01:44 AM   #30 
     - I disagree, there is plenty of evidence  proud patriot   Aug-05-11 02:19 PM   #31 
        - Ideals don't mean shit if there is no action to back them up. n/t  blindpig   Aug-05-11 02:50 PM   #38 
           - So you don't think he's doing the best he can  proud patriot   Aug-05-11 03:04 PM   #40 
              - For the ruling class he certainly is, for the rest, not at all.n't  blindpig   Aug-05-11 03:25 PM   #43 
                 - I still disagree  proud patriot   Aug-05-11 03:45 PM   #45 
  - I am also (trying to) abstain from criticism at this time.  BlueIris   Aug-04-11 09:34 PM   #24 
  - don't worry, you will be back in the saddle  mitchtv   Aug-04-11 09:41 PM   #25 
  - I said "at this time".  kentuck   Aug-04-11 09:46 PM   #26 
  - I will say when I agree with President Obama, or when I disagree. It's bad when I'm quiet.  RickFromMN   Aug-04-11 09:50 PM   #27 
  - But he is giving us free birth control for everyone  Angry Dragon   Aug-04-11 09:56 PM   #28 
  - ...  woo me with science   Aug-05-11 02:32 PM   #34 
  - He's not an underdog - we are.  emilyg   Aug-05-11 01:10 AM   #29 
  - I don't agree with him much lately. I haven't always agreed with Gore or even Kerry, either.  blm   Aug-05-11 02:30 PM   #33 
  - No problem I will for you.  Rex   Aug-05-11 02:33 PM   #35 
  - I rec'd this and it disappeared so I guess I'll have to kick it instead.  Snoutport   Aug-05-11 02:57 PM   #39 

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