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Reply #16: Well, yes. [View All]

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RaleighNCDUer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-26-11 12:04 PM
Response to Reply #2
16. Well, yes.
A certain percentage of the Dems will back him simply because he is a Dem, even if he put up the exact same proposal that Bush did in 05.

But he is not going for outright privatization like Bush did - what he's doing simply undermines it so as to make it unsustainable. He already started it with the so-called 'tax holiday', decreasing the amount going into SS, promising to make that up out of general revenues while, at the same time, calling for a 4 trillion dollar reduction in spending - how, pray, is he going to pull THAT off? But Dems CHEER him on.

Just like only Nixon could go to China, only a Democrat can kill SS.
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  -Obama is Going To Destroy SS BeFree  Jul-26-11 11:52 AM   #0 
  - yup..yup...  adhd_what_huh   Jul-26-11 11:53 AM   #1 
  - Bush couldn't do it...  Davis_X_Machina   Jul-26-11 11:54 AM   #2 
  - Undermining the President isn't progressive.  jaxx   Jul-26-11 11:58 AM   #6 
  - Because I read DU religiously.  Davis_X_Machina   Jul-26-11 12:02 PM   #12 
     - lol. Just when you thought, no way I'll need the sarcasm smiley for this one.....  Maru Kitteh   Jul-26-11 12:53 PM   #30 
  - Well, yes.  RaleighNCDUer   Jul-26-11 12:04 PM   #16 
  - Killing the work of FDR and LBJ is "brilliant"  Doctor_J   Jul-26-11 11:55 AM   #3 
  - Killing?  BeFree   Jul-26-11 12:00 PM   #8 
  - Obama saved the GOP  Enrique   Jul-26-11 11:57 AM   #4 
  - His landslide and Dem wins across the board should have ended the GOP  KeepItReal   Jul-26-11 12:01 PM   #11 
  - This is what I've always believed.  Ship of Fools   Jul-26-11 11:57 AM   #5 
  - He won't destroy it, but he could severely weaken it more so than any other Pres.  jtown1123   Jul-26-11 11:59 AM   #7 
  - After all, he IS an incrementalist  kenny blankenship   Jul-26-11 12:03 PM   #14 
  - Letting Republicans in the House walk the plank....right out of office  JAnthony   Jul-26-11 12:00 PM   #9 
  - Yeah, like they did last year  Doctor_J   Jul-26-11 12:03 PM   #13 
     - Denial?  BeFree   Jul-26-11 12:17 PM   #20 
     - So how is giving them SS and Medicare going to solve this again?  Doctor_J   Jul-26-11 12:37 PM   #23 
        - So, you are in denial?  BeFree   Jul-26-11 12:49 PM   #28 
     - Voters that put this Republican Tea bag slime in office just wanted  JAnthony   Jul-26-11 12:43 PM   #25 
        - It's coming  BeFree   Jul-26-11 12:50 PM   #29 
  - Obama is going to have to choose between being Hoover and being FDR  Kennah   Jul-26-11 12:00 PM   #10 
  - he's politicking a very dangerous game that DOES threaten SS and Medicare....  mike_c   Jul-26-11 12:03 PM   #15 
  - Me too, Mike  BeFree   Jul-26-11 12:13 PM   #18 
  - If you're goal is to see a 3rd party candidate split the Democratic vote.  cottonseed   Jul-26-11 12:04 PM   #17 
  - Nach Bachmann, Uns! n/t  Davis_X_Machina   Jul-26-11 12:14 PM   #19 
  - I can't answer that until I know what long-term damage a default will do.  reformist2   Jul-26-11 12:21 PM   #21 
  - Granted that could be the plan  BeFree   Jul-26-11 12:29 PM   #22 
     - I agree with you about Obama. I just don't know how far he should go...  reformist2   Jul-26-11 12:44 PM   #26 
  - If i recall correctly  MrDiaz   Jul-26-11 12:38 PM   #24 
  - I'm still trying to sort out Republican motivations.  sofa king   Jul-26-11 12:49 PM   #27 
  - There is a lot of money on the table  BeFree   Jul-26-11 01:01 PM   #32 
  - Washington politicians destroyed Social Security and Medicare.  Common Sense Party   Jul-26-11 12:54 PM   #31 
     - 10-4  BeFree   Jul-26-11 01:04 PM   #33 

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