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Reply #20: Thank you. This was my understanding also until the past few weeks, when [View All]

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coalition_unwilling Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-22-11 07:26 PM
Response to Reply #13
20. Thank you. This was my understanding also until the past few weeks, when
Edited on Fri Jul-22-11 07:29 PM by coalition_unwilling
I started seeing the '14th Amendment' tossed around as somehow conferring upon Obama (or any Prez) quasi-monarchical powers like those of the European monarchs of the middle ages.

As juvenile as the current batch of Repukes in Congress are, conferring monarchical powers upon any President sets a dangerous and horrifying precedent, as the Bush Junta decisively proved.
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  -Could someone who knows the Constitution and the 14th Amendment coalition_unwilling  Jul-22-11 07:03 PM   #0 
  - Thank you...I've been wondering the same. nt  snappyturtle   Jul-22-11 07:05 PM   #1 
  - IIRC, only Congress has the power to authorize debt, articulated  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:09 PM   #4 
  - Thanks for asking this question. I don't know either.  Booster   Jul-22-11 07:08 PM   #2 
  - OK. Here's the relevant text of the 14th Amendment itself:  The Big Vetolski   Jul-22-11 07:09 PM   #3 
  - +1  DJ13   Jul-22-11 07:11 PM   #6 
  - Questioning the validity of existing debt is definitely not the same  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:12 PM   #7 
  - The one question I have is if Congress has approved a budget with "x" amount  madinmaryland   Jul-22-11 07:43 PM   #24 
  - I'm no process wonk by any means, but the mere approval of a  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:50 PM   #26 
     - That then begs the question, if Congress has approved the appropriations bills  madinmaryland   Jul-22-11 10:15 PM   #37 
  - You make a good argument. There may indeed be two legal  The Big Vetolski   Jul-22-11 08:12 PM   #34 
  - But even that argument would apply only to currently issued "public debt"...  PoliticAverse   Jul-22-11 07:19 PM   #14 
  - From Norm Goldman& several other attorney's, the President CAN invoke  napi21   Jul-22-11 07:09 PM   #5 
  - IMO - it is not that Obama "can't" use it -  DURHAM D   Jul-22-11 07:16 PM   #10 
  - "business of finding agreement on sweeping changes"???!!!  riderinthestorm   Jul-22-11 07:25 PM   #19 
  - No he can't  Yo_Mama   Jul-22-11 07:23 PM   #17 
  - As A Professor of law who was on the radio about a week ago, said  napi21   Jul-22-11 07:50 PM   #25 
  - Sorry your theory went out the window in 1803.  former9thward   Jul-22-11 07:59 PM   #29 
  - Article 1, Section 8 and possibly 7  safeinOhio   Jul-22-11 07:12 PM   #8 
  - The theory is simple. The treasury can just issue more debt to repay old debt/interest...  PoliticAverse   Jul-22-11 07:15 PM   #9 
  - Yeah, but we currently run annual deficits that require actual  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:18 PM   #12 
     - I don't think so...  PoliticAverse   Jul-22-11 07:22 PM   #15 
  - no one can explain right now...  CaptRandom   Jul-22-11 07:16 PM   #11 
  - OK. If we are willing to set Obama up as a monarch (I am not), then  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:22 PM   #16 
     - yup!...  CaptRandom   Jul-22-11 07:24 PM   #18 
        - I'm a layperson when it comes to global financial matters, but I have  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:36 PM   #21 
           - and that is what makes this thing so crazy....  CaptRandom   Jul-22-11 07:51 PM   #27 
  - It doesn't  Yo_Mama   Jul-22-11 07:19 PM   #13 
  - Thank you. This was my understanding also until the past few weeks, when  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 07:26 PM   #20 
  - Thank you. If that exhaustive explanation is not clear enough  Fool Count   Jul-22-11 07:42 PM   #23 
  - Yes, The President CAN invoke the 14th amendment under his 'emergency powers'. n/t  Tx4obama   Jul-22-11 08:01 PM   #30 
     - Obama alluded to this somewhat obliquely in his remarks, but also  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 08:04 PM   #32 
     - Yeah, but legally the 14th doesn't give him any authority to borrow money  Yo_Mama   Jul-22-11 08:28 PM   #35 
  - The Fourteenth may not be found to cover these spasmodic events with our debt....  suston96   Jul-22-11 07:42 PM   #22 
  - Here's a related article  Tx4obama   Jul-22-11 07:57 PM   #28 
  - Not a big fan of Cato ordinarily, but this article seems pretty  coalition_unwilling   Jul-22-11 08:02 PM   #31 
  - You're welcome. n/t  Tx4obama   Jul-22-11 08:08 PM   #33 
  - Yes, but since Congressional authorizations are made subject to the Debt Ceiling  Yo_Mama   Jul-22-11 09:06 PM   #36 
  - Section 4 of the 14th amendment  rustydog   Jul-22-11 10:28 PM   #38 
  - There is no magical "true" interpretation of the Constitution.  sudopod   Jul-22-11 10:33 PM   #39 

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