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Reply #17: I don't blame you. [View All]

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rucky Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-15-11 11:37 AM
Response to Reply #12
17. I don't blame you.
But I have read his proposal to up the quality and lower the cost of Medicare, and it's pretty non-controversial and easy to support - especially when you look at the fraud & abuse that exists from providers.

That ups the trust a bit for me on that avenue, at least. Social Security I'm not sure what he's proposing or why, and it does make me nervous.
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  -You know something just occurred to me... Javaman  Jul-15-11 11:08 AM   #0 
  - Exactly. The health care plan that was passed was the Republican bill from the 90s.  originalpckelly   Jul-15-11 11:10 AM   #1 
  - At least someone's around to say "no" to stupid Republican ideas.  rucky   Jul-15-11 11:18 AM   #2 
  - No reason to flame you. But the thing is, that whole strategy enshrines  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:20 AM   #3 
  - He did offer a tip-off today...  rucky   Jul-15-11 11:23 AM   #7 
     - I have an instinctive distrust of any politician saying  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:31 AM   #12 
        - I don't blame you.  rucky   Jul-15-11 11:37 AM   #17 
        - Do you think a Republican House will do that?  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:44 AM   #25 
        - and then I just saw this...  rucky   Jul-15-11 11:40 AM   #20 
        - I have to get my mom on the phone today. LOL!  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:45 AM   #27 
        - A well-tested principle, first developed in Vietnam.  Jackpine Radical   Jul-15-11 11:48 AM   #30 
        - I hadn't recognized it but you're right.  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 12:20 PM   #43 
        - +1000. All we need to hear is "no cuts" that's all. We're still waiting and worried.  jtown1123   Jul-15-11 12:41 PM   #51 
  - That's exactly right...  JuniperLea   Jul-15-11 11:22 AM   #6 
  - Right, and now the whole country is focused on whether our programs  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:34 AM   #15 
  - You know that is nuts right?  Marrah_G   Jul-15-11 11:55 AM   #34 
     - It's only nuts if it backfires.  rucky   Jul-15-11 11:56 AM   #35 
        - yup  Marrah_G   Jul-15-11 12:00 PM   #40 
  - President Obama is Third Way/DLC material. It's not the Democratic Party in some bigger sense.  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 11:20 AM   #4 
  - Tell it to the congress.  jaxx   Jul-15-11 11:24 AM   #9 
     - Stifled by Democratic leadership because it gets in the way?  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 11:32 AM   #14 
        - Then why all the third way/dlc stuff?  jaxx   Jul-15-11 11:38 AM   #19 
        - I was referring to 1/3 of ALL the Democrats in the House, not the full house.  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 11:42 AM   #24 
           - Well since PBO isn't in the house his name doesn't belong there.  jaxx   Jul-15-11 11:47 AM   #28 
              - That's just silly.  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 11:56 AM   # 
                 - Why? Because it eliminates the labels?  jaxx   Jul-15-11 12:10 PM   #41 
                    - Pretending that the President, who is the Leader of the Democratic Party, should....  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 12:31 PM   #47 
                       - Yes, he is superman, isn't he?  jaxx   Jul-15-11 12:38 PM   #49 
                          - Again, you're having to resort to hyperbole because your argument doesn't hold water.  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 01:01 PM   #54 
                             - Whoever reads this will either be pro or anti Obama.  jaxx   Jul-15-11 03:04 PM   #59 
                                - Maybe there's a little more shades to it than pro or anti Obama?  Poll_Blind   Jul-15-11 03:52 PM   #61 
        - Nor Do I Fear Do They Have The POTUS Helping Them Push Forward  ChiciB1   Jul-15-11 12:29 PM   #46 
  - It just further proves that their opposition IS , indeed, personal. n/t  Fire1   Jul-15-11 11:21 AM   #5 
  - Indeed.  elleng   Jul-15-11 11:24 AM   #10 
  - Those who suggest the President is puzzled are the confused ones, imo.  elleng   Jul-15-11 11:23 AM   #8 
  - I think increasingly people are beginning to see that the  Fire1   Jul-15-11 11:28 AM   #11 
  - 'Wealthy,' yes, but more and more I think its about repugs own power,  elleng   Jul-15-11 11:32 AM   #13 
     - I can certainly see that. n/t  Fire1   Jul-15-11 11:40 AM   #21 
  - But at what cost? What people will remember from this circus  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:38 AM   #18 
  - Not if they actually "think" about what he said. n/t  Fire1   Jul-15-11 11:41 AM   #22 
  - Not very many people pour over the transcripts of his speeches  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:53 AM   #32 
  - Many don't pour over them here, either. n/t  Fire1   Jul-15-11 11:56 AM   #37 
     - So, how are people going to "think" about what he said  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 12:21 PM   #44 
        - What other resources do we have other than the media?  Fire1   Jul-15-11 12:25 PM   #45 
           - But that was my point, people don't do that.  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 12:33 PM   #48 
              - I gotcha the first time. My point is there is a remedy. I think  Fire1   Jul-15-11 12:38 PM   #50 
                 - Beside the point. They also choose at the ballot box. n/t  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 01:04 PM   #56 
  - Thanks, Fire, you said it for me.  elleng   Jul-15-11 11:56 AM   #36 
  - Speak for yourself. Republicans have been exposed fully  ecstatic   Jul-15-11 01:06 PM   #57 
     - I did speak for myself, gentle reader.  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 03:49 PM   #60 
  - Those who suggest the President is asking for Republican shopping items...  JuniperLea   Jul-15-11 11:41 AM   #23 
     - TRUE THAT!!!! n/t  Fire1   Jul-15-11 11:45 AM   #26 
     - Nope. The problem with Obama working solely in the Republican frame  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:47 AM   #29 
     - ...  elleng   Jul-15-11 11:58 AM   #39 
  - Because they learn fast that they can ask for yet more.  WinkyDink   Jul-15-11 11:35 AM   #16 
  - The real answer to your question is that since our party was taken over  EFerrari   Jul-15-11 11:52 AM   #31 
  - That is the trillion dollar question  Marrah_G   Jul-15-11 11:53 AM   #33 
  - The party is not bereft of new ideas...  JHB   Jul-15-11 11:58 AM   #38 
  - ;)  guruoo   Jul-15-11 12:17 PM   #42 
  - Default is the only way the Republicans can end the  alfredo   Jul-15-11 12:49 PM   #52 
  - Obama is as useless as his AG, Holder. Strictly a compromisor and no ideas of his own..  dmosh42   Jul-15-11 12:51 PM   #53 
  - Why do you assume he's puzzled? nt  ecstatic   Jul-15-11 01:03 PM   #55 
  - Why everyone should support Obama right now  Bragi   Jul-15-11 01:39 PM   #58 
  - Time to catch a tiny clue ...  JoePhilly   Jul-15-11 03:54 PM   #62 

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