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A farewell to my Obama Avatar [View All]

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sunnystarr Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-08-11 08:49 AM
Original message
A farewell to my Obama Avatar
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I still remember the feeling of hope and pride when I first supported Obama and changed my Avatar to one of his uplifting pics. I remember the sacrifices I made when I sent him $50 a month from my meager Social Security income. The meetings of local supporters, the yard signs, the bumper stickers, the phone calls. I had never been this involved in the political process. The tears of unbridled JOY when he won!

Then came the sticking up for my President. The excuses. He did campaign on bringing Washington together and ending the political divide after all. He had to make compromises. Look at what he walked into after Bush the Destroyer! I even stuck up for him when he failed to back the single payer option. He's a pragmatist I told his critics. I understood that. I so firmly believed that in his heart he supported the Democratic principles that I so intensely believed in.

No more.

Social Security being decreased - and for those of you who have been saying that the chained COLA is such a small amount and therefore acceptable, you're not understanding how this rises exponentially.

But those "small" reductions accumulate. After 5 years of the "chained COLA", benefits would be 1.5 % behind price increases; after ten years, 3%. After 20 years, the benefit reduction would be a whopping 6%.

This is a cut in benefits make no mistake about that. Offered up by a Democratic President so that the rich can keep their Bush tax cuts on the backs of the poorest most vulnerable among us. I am certain that in spite of the protests by the Democratic leadership they will capitulate and do Obama's bidding in the end. I'm just waiting for other shoe to drop in Medicare/Medicaid cuts as well.

The pundits noted this morning that Obama wasn't concerned about losing support from his Democratic base. After all where can they go? His concern is gaining Independent voters. We, his base, have no currency for him. He doesn't need our contributions - he can now rely on the corporations he's been pleasing. It's his last campaign. WE don't matter. He's betrayed us on every important campaign promise and now I feel personally like I've been conned.

So my new Avatar is The Scream since that's what I'm doing every day.

While we recognize that the Republican Party has been hijacked by right wing extremists, the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the old Republicans who needed a place to go.

It's time for a new party of US! The US Party. A place for Democrats to organize and fight for the people.
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