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Reply #18: To quote the Italian men in my family [View All]

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Tsiyu Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jan-06-11 10:50 PM
Response to Original message
18. To quote the Italian men in my family

He's just puffing the ulcers of the two new women on the Court.

The brute knows he's being a doctrinaire ass. He wants to be an ass. it's what old, irrelevant men do for sport.

So every woman in America should stop paying taxes until we sort it out for Tony.

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  -ACLU refutes Scalia pokerfan  Jan-06-11 03:08 PM   #0 
  - Hopefully, some real lawyers will weigh in (I'm not a lawyer)  badtoworse   Jan-06-11 03:16 PM   #1 
  - Also from the link  pokerfan   Jan-06-11 03:20 PM   #2 
  - If that is true, then why was the 19th Amendment needed?  badtoworse   Jan-06-11 03:27 PM   #3 
     - ERA was and is considered necessary because women's rights are based on INTERPRETATION  no_hypocrisy   Jan-06-11 03:29 PM   #4 
     - So as it relates to the 14th Amendment, are womens' rights there or not?  badtoworse   Jan-06-11 03:40 PM   #6 
        - It depends on the majority interpreting the 14th Amendment and the fact pattern, and  no_hypocrisy   Jan-06-11 04:33 PM   #9 
     - Conservatives said for years that the ERA was unnecessary  pokerfan   Jan-06-11 03:39 PM   #5 
     - SCOTUS didn't think so in 1873  hfojvt   Jan-06-11 04:04 PM   #8 
        - Oh I agree  pokerfan   Jan-06-11 05:09 PM   #13 
     - Because of assholes like Scalia (nt)  Orangepeel   Jan-06-11 06:58 PM   #15 
  - Pick and Choose  dpibel   Jan-06-11 04:37 PM   #10 
  - Scalia's point is that, if the Constitution is silent on a given subject  COLGATE4   Jan-06-11 04:53 PM   #11 
     - Indeed  pokerfan   Jan-06-11 09:08 PM   #17 
  - this is what the Oxford Companion to SCOTUS says about Reed  hfojvt   Jan-06-11 03:51 PM   #7 
  - roberts mission is to overturn supreme court rulings from the 1800`s.  madrchsod   Jan-06-11 05:01 PM   #12 
  - Thank you to everyone who posted on this  badtoworse   Jan-06-11 06:46 PM   #14 
  - that we even are discussing this is admitting the u.s. is a...  tomp   Jan-06-11 08:16 PM   #16 
  - To quote the Italian men in my family  Tsiyu   Jan-06-11 10:50 PM   #18 
  - Ask them if he's a jadrool - nt  badtoworse   Jan-07-11 07:42 AM   #20 
  - I listened to Norman Goldman (an attorney) on the way home  Quantess   Jan-06-11 10:57 PM   #19 
  - Scalia legislates from the bench!  Enthusiast   Jan-07-11 07:48 AM   #21 
  - It didn't give the SCOTUS the right to interfere in Florida's vote recount---and yet Scalia thought  WinkyDink   Jan-07-11 07:51 AM   #22 
  - Activist judge!  pokerfan   Jan-07-11 03:20 PM   #24 
  - Unfortunately, fat Tony get's the final say.  progressoid   Jan-07-11 09:31 AM   #23 

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