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renate Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-06-11 02:51 PM
Response to Reply #16
33. yup.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed (less than 15 minutes till 4 pm EST) that he'll say exactly that and put the emphasis on how he didn't lie. (I'm getting a little anxious about the fact that he hasn't said that the pictures were sent to a long-ago girlfriend or to his wife... but even then, it's not as though getting caught having an affair necessarily ends careers... it's the lying about affairs that pisses people off. And as you said, he hasn't lied as far as we know.)

I hate suspense and I hate to see him in this situation. :(
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  -He's toast. CNN just said the last pic of Weiner Laura PourMeADrink  Jun-06-11 02:32 PM   #0 
  - So fucking what?  malaise   Jun-06-11 02:34 PM   #1 
  - and a dead madam  lame54   Jun-06-11 02:35 PM   #2 
  - and the dead madam' strange departure has never  malaise   Jun-06-11 02:36 PM   #4 
  - It's like MargaRET Atwood's "A Handmaid's Tale"  Generic Other   Jun-06-11 08:35 PM   #84 
  - Where there's one dead madam, there's usually a collection of dead hookers  slackmaster   Jun-06-11 02:54 PM   #40 
  - wrapped in republicon diapers (R)  SpiralHawk   Jun-06-11 02:56 PM   #44 
  - If you had been asked a month ago...  FBaggins   Jun-06-11 02:36 PM   #5 
  - good point. I would have to guess yes. We all tend to forgive  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:41 PM   #18 
  - totally true.....if Weiner's the same kind of guy - who can keep  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:38 PM   #12 
  - exactly. he loses the respect and appreciation for what he appeared he wanted to accomplish  seabeyond   Jun-06-11 02:44 PM   #23 
  - Hey, I'm pretty upset by this. This screws a lot of us. Kills a number of our talking points.  calimary   Jun-06-11 03:32 PM   #75 
     - he was so busy taking shirt off in office getting a hard on talking to these women.....  seabeyond   Jun-06-11 04:11 PM   #76 
  - A liar? What has he lied about? (n/t)  leftynyc   Jun-06-11 02:51 PM   #32 
     - Oh please.  FBaggins   Jun-06-11 02:54 PM   #39 
     - yup...assumed he didn't send them and his account being hacked  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:55 PM   #43 
  - and diapers  suffragette   Jun-06-11 03:01 PM   #53 
  - And Lee's out of the House because he sent a shirtless pic of himself  cali   Jun-06-11 08:31 PM   #83 
  - You mean the one of a man's chest? The horror!!  JoePhilly   Jun-06-11 02:35 PM   #3 
  - So?  KittyWampus   Jun-06-11 02:36 PM   #6 
  - I don't care what cnn thinks.  City Lights   Jun-06-11 02:36 PM   #7 
  - Any organization that would hire Andrew Britebart is worthless. Furthermore... any organization that  Erose999   Jun-06-11 03:30 PM   #74 
  - Picture of who's Weiner?  formercia   Jun-06-11 02:36 PM   #8 
  - Unless he sent it AFTER he got married it won't matter  Lucinda   Jun-06-11 02:37 PM   #9 
  - Who cares when he sent it?  malaise   Jun-06-11 02:38 PM   #13 
  - His wife  Renew Deal   Jun-06-11 02:43 PM   #22 
     - And my guess all along is that he took for his wife. Newly married and lots of time apart.  OmmmSweetOmmm   Jun-06-11 03:16 PM   #66 
     - Respectfully, she has no bearing on how I feel about anything.  tekisui   Jun-06-11 08:30 PM   #82 
  - truest statement I've read this afternoon !  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:39 PM   #15 
  - I do not give a damn what Fox "News" Jr. believes.  Dawson Leery   Jun-06-11 02:37 PM   #10 
  - The headless chest?  JuniperLea   Jun-06-11 02:37 PM   #11 
  - I think Jon Stewart already addressed CNN's lack of investigating  Fleshdancer   Jun-06-11 02:38 PM   #14 
  - What has he lied about?  soleft   Jun-06-11 02:39 PM   #16 
  - Yup, you are right (go Yankees). Guess jumping ahead...Maybe  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:42 PM   #21 
  - yup.  renate   Jun-06-11 02:51 PM   #33 
  - Yup...maybe that's the best case...say you sent them to your wife  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:58 PM   #50 
  - Oh well. Posted before all the facts were out.  soleft   Jun-06-11 08:29 PM   #81 
  - I am betting bed stories with women beside his wife come next.  bluestate10   Jun-06-11 08:36 PM   #85 
  - He should stay. If Vitter is still there, then  Skidmore   Jun-06-11 02:40 PM   #17 
  - Or for fuck sake!  Atman   Jun-06-11 02:41 PM   #19 
  - it would be an easy fix...if those are his family pics behind him  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:53 PM   #37 
  - I hope nobody finds old threads like this one  frazzled   Jun-06-11 02:41 PM   #20 
  - And why are women so moody and bitchy?  tkmorris   Jun-06-11 02:46 PM   #25 
  - We are moody and bitchy  benlurkin   Jun-06-11 02:52 PM   #35 
  - Name a female member in the House or Senate who has been caught ...  frazzled   Jun-06-11 02:55 PM   #42 
     - Far too many men as opposed to women in those positions  tkmorris   Jun-06-11 03:19 PM   #69 
  - that's what I have said....if it's the other side - the guy's a sleezebag  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 02:47 PM   #26 
  - Get your mind right  benlurkin   Jun-06-11 02:50 PM   #31 
  - Lee was married and trolling for  leftynyc   Jun-06-11 02:52 PM   #34 
  - It's because of our dicks.  SpankMe   Jun-06-11 02:54 PM   #38 
  - On that thread "he made up a whole story about being hacked."  Maru Kitteh   Jun-06-11 02:56 PM   #45 
  - Of course, there is that little detail...  ljm2002   Jun-06-11 02:57 PM   #47 
  - I wonder why SOME men do these things...  HereSince1628   Jun-06-11 03:01 PM   #56 
  - Did Weiner send pics to a transvestite prostitute?  devilgrrl   Jun-06-11 03:03 PM   #58 
  - Oh, I think he took the photos. Okey-dokey. Now, back to business...  nolabear   Jun-06-11 02:45 PM   #24 
  - And a Senator in diapers, and a Senator with a mistress, so fucking what.  DainBramaged   Jun-06-11 02:49 PM   #27 
  - So the fuck what? How many threads you gonna start, Laura?  Melinda   Jun-06-11 02:49 PM   #28 
  - And you think about stories like this  DainBramaged   Jun-06-11 02:50 PM   #30 
  - Well slap my ass and call me Spanky... your link explains so much!!  Melinda   Jun-06-11 02:56 PM   #46 
     - HI SPANKY!!!!  DainBramaged   Jun-06-11 07:32 PM   #80 
  - I spend a LOT of time at DU. Several hours a day.  Occulus   Jun-06-11 02:55 PM   #41 
  - Yah think!  malaise   Jun-06-11 02:57 PM   #49 
  - I've been here almost 10 years now; know a few, know of many, recognize a lot...  Melinda   Jun-06-11 03:00 PM   #52 
  - so what are you implying by that? I've been here since Nov 2004  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 03:06 PM   #61 
  - 2 threads with over 2800 views on the hotest topic of the hour - nt  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 03:08 PM   #62 
  - The shirtless Picture??  Broderick   Jun-06-11 02:49 PM   #29 
  - If you think this is all that there is, you don't know Breitbart  benlurkin   Jun-06-11 03:00 PM   #51 
  - Do you know Breitbart's history  Broderick   Jun-06-11 03:16 PM   #67 
     - Or his history of buggering animals and corpses...  Erose999   Jun-06-11 03:25 PM   #73 
  - If you think this is all that there is, you don't know Breitbart  benlurkin   Jun-06-11 03:01 PM   #55 
  - Seriously, what difference does it make?  KingFlorez   Jun-06-11 02:53 PM   #36 
  - CNN reporting he's to speak to media at 4:00 today. Uh-Oh. I smell a tearful apology -  lynne   Jun-06-11 02:57 PM   #48 
  - The story says it was sent 5/20/11  Aerows   Jun-06-11 03:01 PM   #54 
  - It's his personal business. It has nothing to do with his job.  buddysmellgood   Jun-06-11 03:05 PM   #60 
  - It looks bad  Aerows   Jun-06-11 03:13 PM   #64 
     - Yes, it does  Raine   Jun-06-11 03:23 PM   #71 
  - if my husband did that I would kill him. I think it would be interesting  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 03:16 PM   #68 
  - And?  devilgrrl   Jun-06-11 03:02 PM   #57 
  - What do these prove?  devilgrrl   Jun-06-11 03:04 PM   #59 
  - Oh boy!  xfundy   Jun-06-11 03:11 PM   #63 
  - CNN has been like dogs on this more than even Fox  Thrill   Jun-06-11 03:14 PM   #65 
  - I guess they're popping champagne on James O' Keefes RAPE BOAT right now.  Erose999   Jun-06-11 03:23 PM   #70 
  - According to NYTIMES City Blog - he won't resign.  Laura PourMeADrink   Jun-06-11 03:23 PM   #72 
  - This is bizarre. Newt is running for president and Weiner is fielding  buddysmellgood   Jun-06-11 04:42 PM   #78 
  - Laura nails it  Never Stop Dancin   Jun-06-11 04:14 PM   #77 
  - Wrong.  Rex   Jun-06-11 04:43 PM   #79 

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