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Reply #6: Did I say I was a fan of Andrew Sullivan?? [View All]

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kayla9170 Donating Member (370 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-22-09 09:54 PM
Response to Reply #4
6. Did I say I was a fan of Andrew Sullivan??
Edited on Tue Dec-22-09 09:55 PM by kayla9170
I did not here or anywhere else. I am also not a FANGIRL of Jane "I Made a Blackface Mistake" Hamster either. Nor will I never be. Try again.........
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  -Who is the Hamster and what does she REALLY stand for? kayla9170  Dec-22-09 09:28 PM   #0 
  - It's good to know who the  Cha   Dec-22-09 09:39 PM   #1 
  - sweet. take one mistake from years ago, and kahBLOOIE! TAINTED FOREVER!  ChairmanAgnostic   Dec-22-09 09:41 PM   #2 
  - Hmmm, one mistake three years ago displaying bigotry...  Spazito   Dec-22-09 09:46 PM   #3 
  - Agreed...There is a difference between a mistake  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 09:51 PM   #5 
  - yet they fawn over Andrew Sullivan who posted excerpts  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 09:50 PM   #4 
  - Did I say I was a fan of Andrew Sullivan??  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 09:54 PM   #6 
  - did i say i was referring to YOU? do you DENY many Obama  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 09:55 PM   #9 
     - You use the word "Stupid" and The person "Sullivan" to turn the debate...  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:01 PM   #16 
  - very true Sullivan a big fan of "The Bell Curve"  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 09:55 PM   #8 
  - he's one of the more popular bloggers with the Obama  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 09:57 PM   #11 
     - Not true - he is sometimes interesting because he is a Republican that  karynnj   Dec-22-09 10:26 PM   #36 
  - And some here praise Frank Schaeffer  bigwillq   Dec-22-09 09:56 PM   #10 
     - Obama supporters aren't concerned much about homophobes.,  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 09:58 PM   #12 
        - Yes, that "hardcore" crowd doesn't seem to  bigwillq   Dec-22-09 10:00 PM   #15 
        - Holy "O"......Now we stoop to.......  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:04 PM   #17 
           - Aww.  bigwillq   Dec-22-09 10:05 PM   #18 
              - Did you offend me?  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:08 PM   #19 
              - Would you step back for a moment and listen to yourself..  tridim   Dec-22-09 10:14 PM   #25 
        - Just for the record.. johnnyblitz does not speak for this Obama supporter.  tridim   Dec-22-09 10:10 PM   #21 
        - Well, if I were to use the same 'scale' as your post does....  Spazito   Dec-22-09 10:14 PM   #26 
           - I don't recall proclaiming myself a Jane Hamsher fan,.  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 10:19 PM   #30 
           - Yet you found this particular thread to use your 'set of scales' as judgment....  Spazito   Dec-22-09 10:23 PM   #33 
              - i barely paid attention to her until lately. this conversation is  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 10:25 PM   #35 
           - I can understand your opinion........  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:23 PM   #34 
              - Anyone who uses "Blackface" loses ALL credibility with me,....  Spazito   Dec-22-09 10:32 PM   #43 
                 - +1....indeed. nt  Bobbie Jo   Dec-22-09 11:18 PM   #92 
  - I didn't even know about this "Blackface" "mistake"  Cha   Dec-22-09 10:41 PM   #48 
  - Look! she called Hamsher a "hamster" because the two words sound alike! tee-hee-hee  mcablue   Dec-22-09 09:55 PM   #7 
  - How Original That You Dismiss Racism!!  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 09:58 PM   #13 
  - i think it was tacky as shit what she did myself, just for the  jonnyblitz   Dec-22-09 09:59 PM   #14 
  - No one is dismissing racism...but something is not being said here  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 10:14 PM   #24 
     - Marvelous post.  Kurt_and_Hunter   Dec-22-09 10:17 PM   #28 
     - Employing Blackface is just "poor judgment" now is it? LOL! What rank, arrant nonsense. n/t.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:21 PM   #32 
     - Yes and I also would have preferred Lamont to win over Lieberman  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 10:29 PM   #39 
        - I doubt if it was Limbaugh or Hannity who posted that you'd call it "poor judgment." Am I wrong?  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:46 PM   #49 
           - Yes, You are Wrong  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 11:07 PM   #73 
     - Thanks for your reply, but please read this in the Wiki Link...  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:28 PM   #38 
     - You're welcome, but I think you needed to clarify intent  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 10:38 PM   #46 
        - To Put It in Legal Terms "Intent Follows the Bullet"  PopSixSquish   Dec-22-09 10:55 PM   #56 
           - Thanks for your reply! I totally agree with your posting.  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:58 PM   #60 
           - So when will you be calling Andrew Sullivan out?  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 11:21 PM   #99 
           - I don't agree  girl_interrupted   Dec-22-09 11:35 PM   #119 
     - So? lieberman is phoney. So hamsher has  Cha   Dec-22-09 10:31 PM   #41 
  - Do You Know That the Same Person Who Posted the "Obama as a Witch Doctor" Image on the Web  PopSixSquish   Dec-22-09 10:17 PM   #29 
     - Oh please. You sound like Glenn Beck with another ACORN conspiracy.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 10:50 PM   #52 
  - Amazing the chums the Anti's cozy up to..good thing Glen Beck hasn't "reached out" yet,  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:09 PM   #20 
  - HUH? If there is a point to your reply......  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:12 PM   #22 
     - Uh, I Rec'd your post. Re-read mine and you'll see I'm in your corner. Thanks. n/t.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:16 PM   #27 
        - I stand corrected. Thanks, so much!!  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:32 PM   #42 
           - Not a prob - on reflection, I should have been clearer in my post, sorry about that. Excellent OP!  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:40 PM   #47 
  - kick and keep kicking  angee_is_mad   Dec-22-09 10:13 PM   #23 
  - Agree. Even as a Moderate Independent...  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:20 PM   #31 
  - Y'know... if I were a troll I would post precisely this sort of argument  Kurt_and_Hunter   Dec-22-09 10:27 PM   #37 
  - The ugly facts of the playmates Anti-HCR'ers like you have cozied up to just burns you up, does it?  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:30 PM   #40 
  - That's a bullshit sneaky way of calling somebody a "troll".  Cha   Dec-22-09 10:36 PM   #45 
  - Not sure if the ORer was attempting to call me a troll?  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:50 PM   #51 
     - Then that's tragic.  Kurt_and_Hunter   Dec-22-09 10:58 PM   #61 
     - Did you read my reply above?  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:14 PM   #85 
     - I know you're not but the poster  Cha   Dec-22-09 10:59 PM   #63 
  - It's quite the Palinesque tactic  jgraz   Dec-22-09 10:53 PM   #54 
     - So, you're a fan of Blackface, are you? How about Minstrel Shows? Like them too?  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:59 PM   #62 
     - I knew if pushed you'd pull out the overt race-baiting.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:07 PM   #74 
        - I suspected that you'd be the most vocal defender of the use of Blackface on this thread.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:50 PM   #125 
     - Hum, no! I live in Michigan.  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:04 PM   #68 
        - I bet you don't have the first clue about the circumstances that motivated that image.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:09 PM   #76 
           - "Civil Rights Crusader"......  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:17 PM   #89 
           - Right wing talking point.  jefferson_dem   Dec-22-09 11:23 PM   #102 
  - Rec'd! Excellent Post.... n/t  firedupdem   Dec-22-09 10:33 PM   #44 
  - Wow, I never thought the pro-Lieberman crowd would have the stones to show their faces here again  jgraz   Dec-22-09 10:49 PM   #50 
  - Pro Lieberman? Outrage over the despicable use of a Blackface photoshop...  Spazito   Dec-22-09 10:52 PM   #53 
  - It's Lieberman-ish. I'd be embarrassed to use such an obvious JoeMentum tactic.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 10:54 PM   #55 
  - LOL!  Spazito   Dec-22-09 11:01 PM   #66 
  - No you don't. Not even a little bit.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:03 PM   #67 
     - Excuse me, you have NO evidence of your contention, none at all...  Spazito   Dec-22-09 11:07 PM   #72 
     - Your posts on this thread are all the evidence anyone would need.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:11 PM   #78 
     - Amen.  Kurt_and_Hunter   Dec-22-09 11:13 PM   #83 
     - What's despicable is a dishonest poster who pimps long and hard for the use of Blackface.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:15 PM   #86 
     - Once again, the GREAT CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER, apocalypsehow  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:17 PM   #88 
        - Heavily invested now in defending the use of Blackface, are we "jgraz"? That's sad. n/t.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:19 PM   #95 
           - My guess is you're wearing blackface as you post this.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:21 PM   #97 
              - The *facts* show that you're the most vociferous defender of Blackface in this thread.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:24 PM   #104 
     - Lets get back to the issue, shall we...  Spazito   Dec-22-09 11:19 PM   #94 
     - That's its speciality: personal attacks and oodles & gobs of logical fallacies. Quite a cutie-pie!  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:12 PM   #80 
     - LOL! So says the defender of the use of Blackface! More fun with juvenile gibberish as an art form..  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:09 PM   #75 
        - More race-baiting.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:10 PM   #77 
           - More jejune dishonesty.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:13 PM   #84 
  - Defending Blackface is George Wallace-ish. I'd be embarrassed to defend such an odious tactic.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:04 PM   #70 
  - I know: the intellectual dishonesty and cognitive dissonance are quite stunning.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 10:56 PM   #57 
  - ooh, looks like somebody learned some new words today.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 10:58 PM   #59 
     - LOL! The second the personal attacks commence, I know the debate is over. You lose.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:01 PM   #65 
        - Here's your word-of-the-day for tomorrow: Projection.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:04 PM   #69 
           - Yay! Another childish personal attack. A gold star and smiley face pasty for you!  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:05 PM   #71 
           - Do you have a opinion on my posting?  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:13 PM   #82 
              - That poster is one of the most dishonest around here - it has no interest in anything but getting  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:16 PM   #87 
  - It is amazing...  jefferson_dem   Dec-22-09 11:21 PM   #98 
     - Yep, it is incredible!  Spazito   Dec-23-09 12:03 AM   #131 
  - Not sure if you actually read my posting above  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 10:57 PM   #58 
  - Then why are you using his tactics against a great progressive?  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:11 PM   #79 
  - A "great progressive" who's cool with Blackface? That's an oxymoron. Please try again. n/t.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:18 PM   #90 
     - Ok, you answer the question: why are you using the Lieberman playbook?  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:19 PM   #93 
        - Why are you defending the use of Blackface? Riddle us this - or answer the question. n/t.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:21 PM   #96 
        - I'm against your use of blackface to defend this pathetic healthcare bill.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:22 PM   #100 
           - You're FOR the use of Blackface all over this thread. You screech quite a bit defending it.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:26 PM   #106 
              - Uh huh. Name one black person you know personally.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:29 PM   #109 
                 - Why? So you can burn a cross on their lawn?  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:30 PM   #111 
                    - So that would be a ZERO.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:33 PM   #116 
                       - Defending Blackface is sooo transparent. Pathetic, actually. Please try again. n/t.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:34 PM   #117 
                       - Actually...  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:51 PM   #126 
                          - Nice to meet you, kayla. I hope so, too.  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:59 PM   #128 
        - Ok, you answer the question: why are you using the George Wallace playbook?  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:22 PM   #101 
        - You really think this line of attack is working for you, Bubba?  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:25 PM   #105 
           - Of course it is - besides being correct, it's also agitated you into a near frenzy. Always amusing  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:27 PM   #108 
        - Your efforts to turn the debate, is not working.....  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:38 PM   #121 
  - Don't be so sensitive  CoffinEd   Dec-22-09 11:13 PM   #81 
  - +1  Kurt_and_Hunter   Dec-22-09 10:59 PM   #64 
  - pro-Lieberman crowd?  jefferson_dem   Dec-22-09 11:18 PM   #91 
     - It's Lieberman's playbook. Not a single Hamsher attacker gives a shit about a 3-year-old image.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:23 PM   #103 
     - This is not about Lieberman. This is about discussing what may be motivating Hamsher's "outrage".  jefferson_dem   Dec-22-09 11:26 PM   #107 
        - It's pure Lieberman fake outrage. Nobody believes Hamsher is a racist.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:31 PM   #112 
           - Her use of Blackface images calls that assertion into question, and your fervid defense of same  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:33 PM   #115 
              - Uh huh. I'm just gonna sit back and watch your little poutrage get crushed.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:35 PM   #118 
                 - LOL! Are you like...twelve? "We've got the gravedancing thread all loaded up..."  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:40 PM   #123 
     - jgraz is A-Okay with the use of Blackface, you see, as long as it's in a "good cause"...  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:29 PM   #110 
        - Ok, Joementum. Say Hi to Hadassa for me.  jgraz   Dec-22-09 11:31 PM   #113 
           - Blah, blah, blah...another cute pile of silliness, raked up in neat order. Keep defending Blackface  apocalypsehow   Dec-22-09 11:38 PM   #120 
              - Sad indeed..but typical.........  kayla9170   Dec-22-09 11:47 PM   #124 
                 - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-22-09 11:56 PM   #127 
  - How about some actual policy analysis?  eridani   Dec-22-09 11:31 PM   #114 
  - And all her reasons have been debunked  frazzled   Dec-22-09 11:40 PM   #122 
     - No debunking has occured at all  eridani   Dec-23-09 12:16 AM   #133 
        - Read this. Jane is completely wrong.  tridim   Dec-23-09 12:19 AM   #134 
           - Where in fucking hell does that explain why forcing people to buy wortthless shit--  eridani   Dec-23-09 12:23 AM   #135 
              - You obviously didn't read it.  tridim   Dec-23-09 12:35 AM   #136 
                 - You skipped the part about being forced to buy a shitty product?  eridani   Dec-23-09 12:42 AM   #137 
  - Does anyone else smell ham and rice? n/t  QC   Dec-23-09 12:01 AM   #129 
  - It's funny  Prism   Dec-23-09 12:02 AM   #130 
     - It will be fun to see him get pizza twice. n/t  QC   Dec-23-09 12:03 AM   #132 
  - Dear me. Sexism AND racism. What a charming pair.  aquart   Dec-23-09 01:01 AM   #138 
  - I read it and it'll be the last post of yours I'll read.  snagglepuss   Dec-23-09 04:53 AM   #139 
  - Locking...  rasputin1952   Dec-23-09 04:54 AM   #140 

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