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Reply #34: Jane Hamsher/Grover Norquist 2012!1!1!1!11 *woot woot* [View All]

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dionysus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-05-11 09:17 AM
Response to Reply #9
34. Jane Hamsher/Grover Norquist 2012!1!1!1!11 *woot woot*
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  -Norquist Tells GOP That Raising Taxes On The Middle Class Doesnt Count As A Tax Increase ProSense  Dec-01-11 05:12 PM   #0 
  - so much for intellectual purity.  WCGreen   Dec-01-11 05:15 PM   #1 
  - Well then, allowing Bush's tax cuts to expire is not raising taxes either.  SharonAnn   Dec-06-11 06:27 PM   #37 
  - If true - this tells you how centralized the control really is with them  underpants   Dec-01-11 05:23 PM   #2 
  - Grover is a Facist TOOL...... 49 pieces of Wealth bought his act by the GOPer High Command  opihimoimoi   Dec-01-11 05:28 PM   #3 
  - Oh it'd take more than several baths...  ellisonz   Dec-02-11 12:39 AM   #16 
     - The Lye Budget cannot afford the waste ... better to shoot the bastid  opihimoimoi   Dec-02-11 01:30 AM   #17 
        - With a bow...  ellisonz   Dec-02-11 01:49 AM   #18 
           - LOL... That would surely work..... :o)  opihimoimoi   Dec-02-11 09:31 AM   #21 
  - Well, it's not like they're really people you know  ThoughtCriminal   Dec-01-11 05:30 PM   #4 
  - No. Corporations are people, silly. Those little squawking meatbags called "humons"...  ClassWarrior   Dec-01-11 10:24 PM   #6 
  - Of course he doesn't. All he has to do now is get his friend Jane to convince liberals.  Tarheel_Dem   Dec-01-11 10:20 PM   #5 
  - Of course he doesn't need to waste a lot of effort convincing "centrists"...  ClassWarrior   Dec-01-11 10:26 PM   #8 
     - Too bad you guys can't actually elect anyone nationally. You're forever bound..  Tarheel_Dem   Dec-01-11 10:35 PM   #9 
        - Make up your mind. "Nationally" or "in the WH?" Nationally, there's...  ClassWarrior   Dec-01-11 10:41 PM   #10 
        - I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong suit? Since when is a  Tarheel_Dem   Dec-01-11 11:29 PM   #11 
           - Yeah, when we "went with someone who could appeal to the all important Independent"...  ClassWarrior   Dec-01-11 11:35 PM   #12 
              - Your hyperbole aside, please take a look in the archives. Some of the president's...  Tarheel_Dem   Dec-02-11 12:11 AM   #13 
                 - Yeah, the people who paid attention knew all along how Hillary-like Obama is...  ClassWarrior   Dec-02-11 12:28 AM   #14 
                    - President Obama has an impressive record on some very progressive issues.  Tarheel_Dem   Dec-02-11 12:35 AM   #15 
                       - I agree, he does have an impressive record on ~some~ very progressive issues.  ClassWarrior   Dec-02-11 07:25 AM   #20 
                          - ?  ClassWarrior   Dec-02-11 01:17 PM   #24 
                             - ?  ClassWarrior   Dec-02-11 06:37 PM   #25 
                                - So we agree then. Gore and Kerry lost running on whatever "centrism" is, and Obama...  ClassWarrior   Dec-03-11 08:00 AM   #29 
                                   - .  ClassWarrior   Dec-03-11 12:32 PM   #30 
                                      - .  ClassWarrior   Dec-04-11 12:17 PM   #31 
                                         - .  ClassWarrior   Dec-04-11 08:11 PM   #32 
        - Jane Hamsher/Grover Norquist 2012!1!1!1!11 *woot woot*  dionysus   Dec-05-11 09:17 AM   #34 
           - Heh-heh... Heh-heh...  ClassWarrior   Dec-05-11 04:53 PM   #35 
  - Operative GOP words.......  FrenchieCat   Dec-01-11 10:25 PM   #7 
  - The fucktard should look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary  davidpdx   Dec-02-11 05:15 AM   #19 
  - I am so tired of that asshole. I wish he would just up-and-fucking-drop-dead. nt  Ilsa   Dec-02-11 09:54 AM   #22 
  - Why the hell didn't he tell those political morons this years ago?  Cigar11   Dec-02-11 09:59 AM   #23 
  - Well at least they're all being incredibly blatent  high density   Dec-02-11 07:13 PM   #26 
  - This fully explains why the Republicans split today  underpants   Dec-02-11 07:59 PM   #27 
  - The gospel  donco   Dec-02-11 08:10 PM   #28 
  - Has anyone ever tried to dig up anything on this scum?,,,,,,,  benld74   Dec-04-11 08:37 PM   #33 
  - I'd like to drown his dumb ass in the bathtub (metaphorically speaking).  AtomicKitten   Dec-06-11 03:10 AM   #36 

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