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Reply #3: Dude, read your list and answer your own question. [View All]

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Arctic Dave Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-11-11 06:38 PM
Response to Original message
3. Dude, read your list and answer your own question.
Obama is not yours or my friend. He was slick advertising by the power brokers to think you changed the leadership and direction of the country.

This is the reason they are frothing at the mouth over OWS.
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  -Why is the Obama Administration cracking down on medical marijuana now? Cali_Democrat  Oct-11-11 06:32 PM   #0 
  - I totally agree, it's about as stupid as some of the shit that the Congress  teddy51   Oct-11-11 06:34 PM   #1 
  - The Obama Administration officially supports legal MMJ  tridim   Oct-11-11 06:37 PM   #2 
  - third base  frylock   Oct-11-11 06:50 PM   #9 
  - So then why are they cracking down on it? Seriously?  RandomKoolzip   Oct-11-11 07:14 PM   #14 
     - They're not. It's a false premise.  boppers   Oct-11-11 08:21 PM   #18 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-11-11 08:49 PM   #23 
     - OP tries to exploit 1/2 tales when it serves and anti Obama purpose n/t  Sheepshank   Oct-12-11 11:20 AM   #31 
  - Dude, read your list and answer your own question.  Arctic Dave   Oct-11-11 06:38 PM   #3 
  - This might explain it, to some extent  the other one   Oct-11-11 06:40 PM   #4 
  - Thanks for that  Cali_Democrat   Oct-11-11 06:44 PM   #7 
  - Marijuana based pharmaceutical products have been legal in all 50 states for many, many, years.  boppers   Oct-11-11 08:25 PM   #20 
  - "Follow the Money" n/t  PoliticAverse   Oct-11-11 10:23 PM   #27 
  - LOL! Good one! Is there anything you actually like about 'the  babylonsister   Oct-11-11 06:41 PM   #5 
  - "You never loved him!"  Cali_Democrat   Oct-11-11 06:43 PM   #6 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-11-11 06:47 PM   #8 
     - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Oct-11-11 06:51 PM   #10 
  - why not discuss the topic of the OP rather than discuss personalities?  frylock   Oct-11-11 06:52 PM   #11 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-11-11 08:24 PM   #19 
  - how much is the government spending on this?  Rosa Luxemburg   Oct-11-11 06:53 PM   #12 
  - I disagree with this stance, and do not understand why the DOJ is  FrenchieCat   Oct-11-11 07:06 PM   #13 
  - And a lot of people laughed at me when I said this puts CA in play  musiclawyer   Oct-11-11 07:15 PM   #15 
  - My best guess is that drug companies are an influence  tech5270   Oct-11-11 08:04 PM   #16 
  - They are not cracking down on anything that is legal  treestar   Oct-11-11 08:11 PM   #17 
  - But if I understand it correctly, selling MJ is against federal law  Bake   Oct-11-11 08:40 PM   #22 
  - Are they cracking down in ALL states where it is legal? Or just California?  sweetloukillbot   Oct-11-11 08:55 PM   #24 
  - That's a good question to ask  treestar   Oct-12-11 11:17 AM   #29 
  - At least the feds should be heard before being judged  treestar   Oct-12-11 11:16 AM   #28 
  - Trampling on states rights  Harmony Blue   Oct-11-11 08:57 PM   # 
  - Tell that to Abe LIncoln  treestar   Oct-12-11 11:17 AM   #30 
  - Trampling on states rights  Harmony Blue   Oct-11-11 08:57 PM   #25 
     - but states' rights are ok if  mitchtv   Oct-12-11 09:49 PM   #34 
  - EASY - Obama wants to help Big Pharma KILL THE COMPETITION!  vroomvroom   Oct-11-11 08:28 PM   #21 
  - excuse for a rant when the OP poses an incorrect situation?  Sheepshank   Oct-12-11 11:23 AM   #32 
     - please explain where the "situation posed by the OP"  paulk   Oct-13-11 07:57 AM   #35 
  - Because he figures if he gives a speech one way and takes action another way..  LetTimmySmoke   Oct-11-11 10:19 PM   #26 
  - *****VERY MISLEADING POST***** Obama admin not going after legal sellers  uponit7771   Oct-12-11 12:29 PM   #33 

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