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Reply #27: The Lovely Diana Degette D-CO voted NO! [View All]

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donheld Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-02-11 12:02 AM
Response to Original message
27. The Lovely Diana Degette D-CO voted NO!
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  -Maxine Waters meet the bus. "..Possibly the WORST legislation ever from this institution." Armstead  Aug-01-11 04:21 PM   #0 
  - Am I not seeing what others are seeing? Why is this so bad?  Cali_Democrat   Aug-01-11 04:22 PM   #1 
  - open your eyes and you shall see the light.  boston bean   Aug-01-11 04:24 PM   #3 
  - No  Cali_Democrat   Aug-01-11 04:27 PM   #7 
     - that's cause they call em entitlements. you do know medicare and SS are now called entitlements by  boston bean   Aug-01-11 04:58 PM   #18 
     - Many programs for the poor & all entitlement benefits are exempt from current and trigger cuts.  ClarkUSA   Aug-01-11 07:22 PM   #24 
     - I thought this was the case also  onpatrol98   Aug-02-11 04:56 PM   #55 
     - For now  PVnRT   Aug-02-11 08:39 AM   #38 
        - I hope they DO...  damonm   Aug-02-11 11:16 AM   #46 
  - Big cuts to many other important ;programs coming  Armstead   Aug-01-11 04:26 PM   #4 
  - they could cut billions and you wouldn't know it. n/t.  okieinpain   Aug-01-11 07:08 PM   #23 
     - Take those cjuts, add in a stagnant economy....  Armstead   Aug-02-11 12:21 AM   #30 
     - yes i do, but you have to admit we're light years away from  okieinpain   Aug-02-11 05:19 PM   #58 
     - a rock thrown through  femrap   Aug-02-11 03:05 PM   #50 
        - oh here we go, if I don't think like yourself I have to leave or I  okieinpain   Aug-02-11 05:20 PM   #59 
           - Hope  femrap   Aug-03-11 03:11 PM   #60 
  - A) No revenue increases  jeff47   Aug-01-11 04:42 PM   #13 
  - Wrong on A, C, E, G, I and K.  damonm   Aug-02-11 11:24 AM   #47 
  - Excellent summary.  truedelphi   Aug-02-11 04:20 PM   #54 
  - What you are missing is this:  truedelphi   Aug-02-11 03:47 PM   #51 
  - its like an anti-obama religion  mkultra   Aug-02-11 04:56 PM   #56 
  - What does she propose instead?  treestar   Aug-01-11 04:23 PM   #2 
  - +1  CakeGrrl   Aug-01-11 04:26 PM   #5 
  - Oh maybe one of the many alternatives that have been suggested and ignored  Armstead   Aug-01-11 04:27 PM   #6 
  - What is Maxine's proposal?  treestar   Aug-01-11 04:29 PM   #8 
  - Crash.  jefferson_dem   Aug-01-11 04:34 PM   #11 
  - The Progressive Caucus  _ed_   Aug-02-11 08:28 AM   #34 
     - So, the real question is...  MrMickeysMom   Aug-02-11 04:00 PM   #52 
  - Progressive caucus calling for 14 amendment or Clean emergency bill  Armstead   Aug-01-11 04:43 PM   #14 
     - Where has she been, and has her plan be submitted as a bill?  treestar   Aug-01-11 04:49 PM   #17 
        - Like every Congressperson has to file their own bill, huh?  Armstead   Aug-01-11 06:23 PM   #19 
           - It is Maxine who claimed there is a better plan  treestar   Aug-01-11 10:52 PM   #26 
              - She probably favors a hefty increase in taxes from the very rich  donheld   Aug-02-11 12:07 AM   #28 
                 - Do you have proof she did, because your side of the debate is the one  treestar   Aug-02-11 10:13 AM   #40 
                    - A President doesn't file bills -- But he should be working with Representatives  Armstead   Aug-02-11 05:00 PM   #57 
  - She needs to tell that to  ProSense   Aug-01-11 04:31 PM   #9 
  - I know Nancy was apprehensive but she probably had an opportunity to review the details.  AtomicKitten   Aug-01-11 04:47 PM   #16 
  - Well Republicans were adamant that there be no new taxes or revenue, and there isn't.  elocs   Aug-01-11 04:33 PM   #10 
  - Maxine is my former Representative and still she represents my  Bluenorthwest   Aug-01-11 04:34 PM   #12 
  - It's sad what Maxine has become.  robcon   Aug-01-11 04:46 PM   #15 
  - One of the more creative ways to toss simeone under the bus  Armstead   Aug-01-11 06:24 PM   #20 
  - It's sad to see a real progressive thrown under the bus  _ed_   Aug-02-11 08:29 AM   #35 
  - It's sad to see your more beholden to the man Obama  _ed_   Aug-03-11 04:26 PM   #61 
  - How long before someone accuses her of being funded by the Koch Bros.?  Ignis   Aug-01-11 06:49 PM   #21 
  - Maxine Waters is an Obama hater!  Mimosa   Aug-01-11 07:00 PM   #22 
  - you say that like it's a bad thing. nt  tomp   Aug-02-11 05:18 AM   #31 
  - lol.  Jefferson23   Aug-02-11 11:36 AM   #49 
  - Senator Al Franken disagrees with Maxine Waters. He voted for it and he explains why --->  ClarkUSA   Aug-01-11 07:24 PM   #25 
  - But then, Franken isnt a True Progressive .  Ikonoklast   Aug-02-11 11:02 AM   #45 
  - So this is why Senator Franken voted for it...  MrMickeysMom   Aug-02-11 04:06 PM   #53 
  - The Lovely Diana Degette D-CO voted NO!  donheld   Aug-02-11 12:02 AM   #27 
  - K&R  vroomvroom   Aug-02-11 12:18 AM   #29 
  - Worse than the Fugitive Slave Act? The Indian Removal Act?  NYC Liberal   Aug-02-11 05:26 AM   #32 
  - If not the worst you are using a verrrrry low bar there  Armstead   Aug-02-11 08:32 AM   #36 
     - "Possibly the WORST legislation ever from this institution."  NYC Liberal   Aug-02-11 09:10 AM   #39 
        - Okay it was hyperbolie...But if she had said...  Armstead   Aug-02-11 10:27 AM   #41 
  - And that says a lot. DC is (mostly) oblivious.  blkmusclmachine   Aug-02-11 05:45 AM   #33 
  - The "worst legislation from ever from this institution." Really?  ProSense   Aug-02-11 08:36 AM   #37 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Aug-02-11 10:43 AM   #43 
  - Worse than the Volstead Act???!!!???  slackmaster   Aug-02-11 10:32 AM   #42 
  - Really?? What an idiot.  Phx_Dem   Aug-02-11 10:51 AM   #44 
  - The non-security discretionary budget is about 490 billion and 100 billion of that is stimulus  TheKentuckian   Aug-02-11 11:34 AM   #48 
  - Ms. Waters must not be a big history buff. nt  tritsofme   Aug-03-11 06:29 PM   #62 

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