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Reply #29: I know him very well, and am very proud. Trust me, I pay close attention. [View All]

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Liberal_Stalwart71 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-11-11 04:03 PM
Response to Reply #28
29. I know him very well, and am very proud. Trust me, I pay close attention.
I do not have these knee-jerk reactions like many of you here on DU *before* any details have been presented.

I'm paying less attention to those who have emotional conniption fits over anything the man does (or doesn't do), and more attention to *actual* proposals that have been forth.

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  -President Obama Called The Republican Bluff on the Deficit, -they blinked, turned tail, cut and run- mikekohr  Jul-10-11 09:44 AM   #0 
  - Who the hell would unrec this???  Cereal Kyller   Jul-10-11 09:50 AM   #1 
  - Could it be Satan?  mikekohr   Jul-10-11 09:54 AM   #2 
  - Dick Cheney is on DU?  Cereal Kyller   Jul-10-11 09:58 AM   #4 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-10-11 09:55 AM   #3 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jul-10-11 11:20 AM   #11 
  - Recommended!  tallahasseedem   Jul-10-11 10:03 AM   #5 
  - Obama is being played like a cheap fiddle.  bowens43   Jul-10-11 10:42 AM   #6 
  - No, it's three dimensional chess.  polichick   Jul-10-11 10:43 AM   #7 
  - That is the pattern  Hand_With_Eyes   Jul-10-11 11:06 AM   #8 
  - Where are you getting this? Because it's Obama who seemed to come out on top in budget talks.  vaberella   Jul-10-11 11:11 AM   #9 
  - my guess would be that the poster got it from a place the sun don't shine >.> n/t  Bodhi BloodWave   Jul-10-11 11:17 AM   #10 
  - I can't share your cheerful assessment.  Jim Lane   Jul-10-11 04:29 PM   #15 
     - The payroll tax holiday has nothing to do with the funding of Social Security.  bornskeptic   Jul-10-11 06:27 PM   #18 
     - Those on the Extreme Right Wing Agree With You  mikekohr   Jul-10-11 10:59 PM   #19 
        - The extreme right wing will regard any raising of the debt ceiling as a defeat.  Jim Lane   Jul-10-11 11:32 PM   #20 
  - I take it that you're no fiddle player.  Palmer Eldritch   Jul-10-11 11:21 AM   #12 
  - He managed to pin 100% of the blame for any default on the debt on the Republicans.  toddwv   Jul-10-11 02:32 PM   #13 
  - But if there's a deal, there won't be a default, and no one will care. (n/t)  Jim Lane   Jul-10-11 04:30 PM   #16 
  - Rachel Maddow talked about this  Cali_Democrat   Jul-10-11 04:46 PM   #17 
  - K&R!  jenmito   Jul-10-11 03:13 PM   #14 
  - If that's even true then all it took was throwing medicare and social security under the bus  no limit   Jul-11-11 01:43 AM   #21 
  - No limit to your hyperbole that's for sure.  mikekohr   Jul-11-11 09:35 AM   #23 
     - If during this administration the retirement age is increased...  no limit   Jul-11-11 09:59 AM   #24 
        - I would vehemently oppose such a provision  mikekohr   Jul-11-11 10:28 AM   #25 
  - I don't see that Obama has called their bluff, looks like he folded with a royal flush, to me.  grahamhgreen   Jul-11-11 06:39 AM   #22 
  - Folded? Has the plan already been announced? I must be missing something... n/t  Liberal_Stalwart71   Jul-11-11 01:04 PM   #27 
     - If u don't know how to read this guy by now, you might want to pay closer attention.  grahamhgreen   Jul-11-11 03:54 PM   #28 
        - I know him very well, and am very proud. Trust me, I pay close attention.  Liberal_Stalwart71   Jul-11-11 04:03 PM   #29 
           - This is the same pattern and practice he employed before caving on the public option,  grahamhgreen   Jul-11-11 09:21 PM   #30 
  - But they can screw up the works by refusing to increase the debt ceiling. IMO, they  AlinPA   Jul-11-11 11:36 AM   #26 
     - McConnel Caves On Debt Ceiling  mikekohr   Jul-12-11 05:15 PM   #31 

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