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Reply #27: And "Ponies." Don't forget "the ponies" for God's sake. [View All]

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Dr Fate Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-12-09 06:33 PM
Response to Reply #10
27. And "Ponies." Don't forget "the ponies" for God's sake.
Remember when "the foxes" made fun of us "hedgehogs" for "wanting a pony"- right before they actually gave a "pony" to the insurance industry?

But seriously, what is this, fucking Farmville now?
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  -Liberals are foxes and Progressives are hedgehogs HamdenRice  Nov-12-09 04:52 PM   #0 
  - Using your definitions,  dflprincess   Nov-12-09 04:56 PM   #1 
  - I think a liberal, muddling through, would see there were never votes for a single payer  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 04:59 PM   #3 
  - We don't have many years  dflprincess   Nov-12-09 05:11 PM   #12 
     - The house bill passed by 5 votes. I dont see how Single Payer had any shot  MadBadger   Nov-12-09 05:22 PM   #16 
     - That's reality  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:33 PM   #17 
        - Im a Liberal and a fox.  MadBadger   Nov-12-09 05:38 PM   #19 
           - I tend toward foxiness, but I do think I have an overarching theory  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:39 PM   #20 
     - with all due respect, how many times must it be explained;  dionysus   Nov-13-09 10:05 AM   #45 
  - List for me the 218 current House members and 60 current Senators that would EVER vote for it...  Nicholas D Wolfwood   Nov-13-09 07:47 AM   #43 
     - how they refuse to grasp this simple, simple truth is beyond me.  dionysus   Nov-13-09 10:09 AM   #46 
        - I never do get a response to this.  Nicholas D Wolfwood   Nov-13-09 10:48 AM   #47 
  - Astute. K&R  lumberjack_jeff   Nov-12-09 04:57 PM   #2 
  - The unrec'ing crew is out in force for this one -- considering how it has been up and down in recs!  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:34 PM   #18 
     - Doesn't that also mean the rec'ing crew has been out in force as well? nt  ZombieHorde   Nov-13-09 10:55 AM   #50 
        - They never question the motives of the rec'ing crew.  Kaleva   Nov-13-09 02:56 PM   #53 
  - Barak Obama is a classic fox, and a liberal.  DJ13   Nov-12-09 05:01 PM   #4 
  - Triangulation is classic fox behavior  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:03 PM   #6 
  - One of the more creative rationalization I've seen yet for the FACT that most of Obama's policies  depakid   Nov-12-09 05:01 PM   #5 
  - Health care reform and the stimulus are not center right  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:03 PM   #8 
     - This bill is as center right as it gets!  depakid   Nov-12-09 05:16 PM   #14 
  - I guess that makes me a "Foxy Hedgehog" ;=D  MagickMuffin   Nov-12-09 05:03 PM   #7 
  - Democrats are conservatives. Republicans are reactionaries. Liberals are centrists. 'Progressives'  laststeamtrain   Nov-12-09 05:05 PM   #9 
  - And then there are blue dogs and pigs.  rug   Nov-12-09 05:06 PM   #10 
  - And "Ponies." Don't forget "the ponies" for God's sake.  Dr Fate   Nov-12-09 06:33 PM   #27 
  - Liberals are progressives with no balls/ovaries.  burning rain   Nov-12-09 05:07 PM   #11 
  - Have you noticed what happens  Truth2Tell   Nov-12-09 05:12 PM   #13 
  - AND REPUBLICANS ARE WEASELS.  Bitwit1234   Nov-12-09 05:19 PM   #15 
  - Some are sloths  Kablooie   Nov-13-09 12:50 AM   #35 
  - Rachel Maddow is a fox; Amy Goodman is a hedgehog  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:40 PM   #21 
  - Pat Buchanan is a fox; Rush Limbaugh is a hedgehog  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 05:42 PM   #22 
  - They try one thing, and if it doesn't work, they try another. - exactly  Sinti   Nov-12-09 05:54 PM   #23 
  - Centrists & conservatives have been wrong about nearly everything, while Liberals have been correct.  Dr Fate   Nov-12-09 06:20 PM   #24 
  - +1 n/t  Laelth   Nov-12-09 06:24 PM   #25 
  - Thanks. So where does "the pony" come into all of this?  Dr Fate   Nov-12-09 06:28 PM   #26 
     - Some people say there's a pony somewhere in that big ol' heap of bullshit.  Lilith Velkor   Nov-13-09 12:34 AM   #34 
  - +2  Prism   Nov-12-09 06:36 PM   #28 
  - I wonder if Joe Lieberman is a "Fox." He certainly is a "centrist" and a DLCer.  Dr Fate   Nov-12-09 06:41 PM   #29 
     - All animals are created equal . . . n/t  Prism   Nov-12-09 06:44 PM   #30 
        - LOL! Doubleplusgood! n/t  Dr Fate   Nov-12-09 06:45 PM   #31 
  - Yup, that's why Kucinich won the presidential primary and election and Obama didn't!!  HamdenRice   Nov-12-09 06:51 PM   #32 
  - So Bush was right about everything and Kerry was wrong about everything because Bush won?  Clintonista2   Nov-13-09 01:18 AM   #36 
     - Bush won?  HamdenRice   Nov-13-09 05:50 AM   #40 
  - Centrists are jellyfish.  Norrin Radd   Nov-13-09 05:29 AM   #37 
     - You're missing the point. "Liberals" are not centrists.  HamdenRice   Nov-13-09 06:49 AM   #41 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-12-09 06:52 PM   #33 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-13-09 05:36 AM   #39 
  - Obama is a liberal? n/t  spiritual_gunfighter   Nov-13-09 05:35 AM   #38 
  - Thank you for the definition.. As a proud liberal, I can embrace Progressives as just doing it  Peacetrain   Nov-13-09 07:40 AM   #42 
  - i thought this was gonna be about sonic and tails  NatBurner   Nov-13-09 07:52 AM   #44 
  - I am not so sure Obama is liberal or progressive, but if he is, I would label him a hedgehog.  ZombieHorde   Nov-13-09 10:54 AM   #48 
  - Are there any lemmings in this equation?  Beacool   Nov-13-09 10:54 AM   #49 
  - And lo, the cougars had a mighty feast!  Lilith Velkor   Nov-13-09 12:53 PM   #51 
  - It doesn't sound like foxes come off too well in Berlin's essay ...  Jim__   Nov-13-09 02:52 PM   #52 
  - k/r  snake in the grass   Nov-13-09 03:03 PM   #54 
  - too simplistic... there are way too many people who don't fully fit into either category  Blue_Tires   Nov-13-09 07:02 PM   #55 

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